Colonel Allen B. West, American Hero on Voices of Global Freedom Radio

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PLEASE SHARE: Episode #317: Backpack and Yoda hosts of Voices of Global Freedom were privileged and proud to interview Lt. Colonel Allen B. West U.S. Army (Ret.) on Saturday June 20, 2015 at 4pm PDST.

Colonel West will provide our audience up to date analysis of news you can use”,  said Janorama of our sister magazine, the millions circulated  “Colonel West provides factual evaluations not found in the main stream tabloid media.”

Colonel West will share his insider experience about national security, foreign policy and the global war against radical Islam and other threats to America. He is the President and CEO of Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis

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Patriot Veteran Takes The Heat For Defending Our Liberties

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By Yoda and Backpack, June 4, 2015

Patriot Veteran Takes The Heat For Defending Our Liberties

Former U.S. Marine, combat veteran, Staff Sargeant, Jon Ritzheimer was ambushed by  Anderson Cooper of CNN  ( Communist News Network) days before his rally  at the Muslim Mosque on May 29, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ.

The Liberal Press piled  on to destroy Ritzheimer’s purpose of defending our First Amendment Right of Free Speech.   The rally was held on a public street in front of the Muslim mosque where Jihadist terrorists had worshiped. The 2 terrorists assassins  killed at Garland, TX, prayed at this mosque.  The event attracted elements of crack pots  from both sides of the protest.  Some skinhead white supremacists  appear on Jon’s side and peacenik religious fanatics were among the counter-protests.

As a consequence of his patriotism, Ritzheimer’s identity was stolen, fraudulent  charges were made on his credit card, false Facebook entries and bogus $10 million appeal on Go Fund Me.

Ritzheimer, his lovely wife and delightful daughters  have been forced into hiding from Muslim, Jihadists, death threats to their life from the USA, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Listen, watch  and learn the real story of how Muslim Jihadists liberal press and gullible do-gooders swarmed against Ritzheimer.  Courageous patriotic effort to protect us from the Muslim Jihadist take over of the United States.


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Baltimore Rising

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It is our pleasure and privilege  to form an alliance with Rod Ecckles,  know as the  ‘Coolest, most politically incorrect, conservative black man on the planet”  and his agent Laura Stietz.  We are showcasing his articles and featuring his  exclusive guests appearances on our sister radio program,  In addition, Yoda and Backpack our included in the lineup of Rod’s Eccles Radio Show.
‘Rod tells it like it is’  Said Backpack, Editor-at-large of this magazine
Janorama Founding Editor-in-Chief

By Rod Eccles

Over the past weeks, I have watched with amazement, wonderment, awe and shock as the funeral of one rather dubious Mr. Gray resulted in the riots, burning, and pillaging of BGun Tim King Baltimore Risingaltimore, MD.

I was in greater amazement, by the statements of that great American city’s Mayor. I won’t go into detail about what she said but I will paraphrase her in accuracy.  She gave the rioters room to destroy and pillage.  She is on record, on tape and  on video as saying such.  Even as she later denied having said such a thing, it is without question that even the greatest of ultra left wing nuts could not deny.

What is it with some citizens that they feel justified in releasing their supposed anger by destroying private and public property?  How is it they feel they are fully justified in their rampage, their overt aggressive anger?  Simply put –  Liberalism.

You see, they haveSeminars Security Baltimore Rising been told by the left for over 50 years that “the man” has kept them down.  Kept them poor.  Kept them destitute of all sense of worth and ability.  That “man”, as it were, is none other than those with whom they feel an affinity.  That “man”, as it were, who deftly parlayed a simple statement “war on poverty”, to full fledged slavery.  Yes, I said slavery.

It’s a simple word that means a lot. And African Americans have bought into it, hook, line, and sinker. They bought the lie so much, so well, and internalized it so deeply that when they are faced with their oppressor, they act out by destroying their own neighborhoods. Neighborhoods in which their own family, friends and co-workers own businesses, property, homes, lives.

It means nothing to them once the evil that is called rage takes hold in their hearts and minds. Indeed, it consumes them down to their very core. I say that rage is due to the fact that they realize that they have been duped. Yet they cannot admit they have been duped by “the man” who is the left in this counBombing Freedom Collage 300x225 Baltimore Risingtry. The left tells African Americans that it is the right that oppresses them. Keeps them down. Robs them of the very dignity that was once the hallmark of the African American community. For those who would argue against my statement, I say, tell me what was the African American community like before the liberals decided to “help”?

It was a proud, clean and, bright community. Even though before Civil Rights, we were treated like second class citizens. We were treated like dogs. Less than dogs. Our lives were worth less than dogs. And all of that was the direct result of the left. History cannot lie and it is still fresh.

Yet those same leftist liberals were able to dupe an entire ethnic group of people into believing they were their deliverer. Their savior. And with Predictions 2 Immigration We March Baltimore Risingthat, over the last 50 years, we saw a progressive destruction of the Black family, the Black pride, the Black community, the Black pride.

The left passes law after law. They instituted policy after policy that has left the Black community in shambles. The Black family is now virtually nonexistent. We see many of our men under the age of 30 dead or in jail. It was all by design. But the architect of this grand design was not a member of the right or conservative line. No. This was all ushered in by those on the left, of the liberal bent.

Blacks look for someone to blame other than themselves for the mess and sorrow and grief and poverty that infects our community. But they cannot yet bring themselves to blame those who are truly responsible. So instead they create a demon. That demon often are the very agents the left gave rise and power to. Our nation’s police.

De Policing 2 300x168 Baltimore RisingNow to be fair, in most cases, it is not the fault of the police. Their job, their duty, is to enforce and uphold the law. The very law that the left have passed and instituted. In other words, the police are sworn to uphold the laws that cause the death of the black male at an early age, keep people in poverty, and show them on a daily basis that there is no hope at all. The laws put into action by the left. Yes, the left who said it was the right who is responsible for their plight.

So when they find that it is the left that is responsible, they find it hard to accept and swallow. So they do what humans have done since the dawn of civilization. They act out. They act out violently.

They see that great cities like Detroit, which have been ruled with an iron fist by the liberal left for decades are in total ruin. But they have been conditioned to think that it is the fault of “the man”. That “man” is always on the right. Never the left. Blacks may say, through BlacGun update Part 5 Newsweek Cover 229x300 Baltimore Risingk leaders who have not earned the respect of their community but have taken it, that it is still the fault of the right even though they have lived their entire life under the rule, under the thumb of the left.

So when you cannot fight a phantom, when you cannot accept that you have been duped, hoodwinked, lied to, you act out. Violently. This is human nature.

So when we look at the events in Baltimore, we should not say these people are thugs. We should say that these people do not know where to turn because they have been lead down a path of self-destruction by those in whom they totally trusted. We should not pity them either. We should stand firm and shout, it was not the right who did this to you. It was the left and we have history to back it up. Education is our greatest weapon against oppression and lies. It always has been and always will be. Which is why the left has taken control of the educational system all over the nation. By spreading their lies and by covering up their guilt, they keep those who they wish to be enslaved on the plantation. So, if you do not want another Baltimore, another Los Angeles, and if you don’t want another innocent police officer demeaned, degraded, defamed, and belittled then you need to demand as well as act to take back our educational system and continue to teach the truth. Teach history. Teach fact.De Policing 1 Baltimore Rising

But please do not denigrate those who are ignorant of the truth. It only serves to cement their false belief that the right is the monster in which they fight. Give them, instead, their true oppressor. Their true slave master. And when you have taught them well and true, watch as they do what slaves have done throughout history. Watch as they rise up and turn their anger to those who truly deserve it. Remember. Please remember. If nothing else, remember. Liberalism in this form is not a mental disorder. It is sinister, it is evil in its core. It is formed in the pits of hell itself and dispersed by the great Satan of lies and deceit. After all, we on the right know that liberals are the masters of deceit.

Remember that.

To read more by Rod Eccles Click Here!


The Dangers Of De-Policing-Will Cops Just Stand Down?

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San Diego, 5/9/15   By Yoda and Dauntless Don

“When seconds count, cops will be minutes away”, said Janarama, Editor-In-Chief.

“Our heroic men and women in blue under siege by President Obama and his new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch(ing), Janarama said, “The Magnified View is all in with Lt. Sutton, Las Vegas PD, ((Ret.), spokesman for the “Defending The Shield.”

Take a read!

Yoda, Content Editor

New York Post- The death of yet another NYPD officer, killed in the line of duty after an incident this weekend, offers more proof that police officers across America are undPredictions 2 Terrorism Bullseye On Flag The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?er siege.

They are under fire in the streets, in the media, in their own departments and from political leaders.

Understandably, their frustration has never been higher. In precinct locker rooms, police association meeting halls and whispered conversations between partners, the topic is the same: de-policing — that is, the conscious decision by cops to provide only minimum service.

The persecution of Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson for justifiably killing a man who attempted to take his weapon and shoot him was the first in a devastating chain of events touching the lives of police in ways that could have far-reaching consequences.Be Prepared Are you prepared The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?

That situation was followed by Eric Garner’s death while resisting arrest in Staten Island.

Now in Baltimore, six officers’ careers — and lives — are imploding as they face trial for the death of career criminal Freddie Gray.

These events have convinced law enforcement officers the threats to them have changed dramatically.

Not only are their lives in jeopardy every time they make a stop, but when they are forced to take a combative suspect into custody, they face the possibility of prosecution.

The dangers of VPD%2Bhorse The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?policing are increasing due to the false narrative that cops are racists, indiscriminately killing minority youths.

This is advanced by political leaders, negative media coverage and “activists” hungering for their 15 minutes of fame. It’s exacerbated by the abuse of social media.

That was illustrated by the recent events in Baltimore, when high school students were directed via social media to attack police, causing injuries to multiple officers.

The kids were em150427233401 16 baltimore clashes 0427 large 169 The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?boldened by the apparent stand-down orders of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

Concerned about overzealous prosecution or runaway civil liability, cops are understandably considering a logical option: de-policing. They’ll handle calls, write a ticket or two — but do nothing proactive.

It’s self-preservation from a physical, legal and administrative standpoint in an environment where police careers and lives appear to be expendable.

De-policing has occurred before within a few agencies but never on a national scale.

We saw a brief glimp The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?se of it in New York after the killings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, when the city saw a huge drop in “officer-initiated activity” and a resulting increase in violent crime.

Proactive policing is the standard by which good police supervisors, administrators and even the officers themselves judge the effectiveness and competency of police service.

Anybody can be “an empty suit” — a term police use for a cop who’s merely killing time until retirement. The pride that goes along with “policing with honor” is what generally motivates the vast majority of America’s police to do more.

It’s the desire to active The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?ly pursue criminal elements and to serve and protect neighborhoods that motivates much of law enforcement.

Undermine that pride and make them the enemy because of personal or political agendas and you will create a perfect storm that leads to de-policing.

Let’s face:  Any time an officer is required to use force,  there is a possibility of injury or death, whether to the suspect or the officer.

Last year 126 officers were killed, and an astonishing 50,000 were physically assaulted by combative suspects. Many were severely injured and permanently disabled and wiBe Prepared Panic on the Streets The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?ll suffer for the rest of their lives.

For that reason, police are trained to use “the force necessary to effect the arrest” — and sometimes that means injuries occur.

To then prosecute officers for using force when an inadvertent serious injury or death occurs is to display a gross disregard for the basic rights of our police — and to cripple law enforcement.

Our nation stands at a crossroads. De-policing would deal a win to thugs, vigilantes and criminal opportunism. The public must stand against the conditions that force cops to consider such a radical move.

Our belief in “justice for all” is what prevents tyranny and anarchy. Acknowledging that cops deserve justice and respect, no less than criminals do, will preserve a system that, while imp The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?erfect, keeps Americans safe. It’s time we defended the shield.

Police Lt. Randy Sutton (Ret.) is the national spokesman for the American Council on Public Safety, a 33-year law enforcement veteran and author.

ISIS Crisis Imminent Threat to America

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 General Vallely 300x168 ISIS Crisis Imminent Threat to America



PLEASE SHARE Episode #316: Major General Paul E. Vallely U.S. Army (Ret.) exposes multiple Islamic Jihadist terrorist threats to America’s homeland. He graduated US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961 serving a distinguished career of 32 years in the Army.

He is a military analyst on television and radio. General Vallely  is also a guest lecturer on national security, foreign policy and the global war against radical Islam and other threats to America.  He is the Chairman of Stand Up America and senior military analyst.

He and Lt. Gen.,Thomas McInerney, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) authored the book, “Endgame: Blueprint for Victory for Winning the War on Terror”, “Warfooting” and “Baghdad Ablaze”. He has served as a consultant to the Commanding General of Special Operations Command.

Don’t miss this lively, high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty, analysis of news you can use, actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.

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When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Voices of Global Freedom archives:

He graduated US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961 serving a distinguished career of 32 years in the Army.

He is a military analyst on television and radio. He is also a guest lecturer on national security, foreign policy and the global war against radical Islam and other threats to America.  He is the Chairman of Stand Up America and senior military analyst.

He and Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) authored the book, “Endgame: Blueprint for Victory for Winning the War on Terror”, “Warfooting” and “Baghdad Ablaze”.  He has served as a consultant to the Commanding General of Special Operations Command.

Don’t miss this lively, high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty, analysis of news you can use, actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.

Call in to ask questions(646) 652-4667

When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, May 9, 2015.

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Common Core Communist Islamic Curriculum Exposed By Dr. Peg Luksik

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Announcer on Radio3 Common Core Communist Islamic Curriculum Exposed By Dr. Peg Luksik


 “The Communist Common Core educational travesty will dumb down our youth for generations to come.” said Dr. Peg Luksik whose exclusive guest appearance will be on Voices of Global Freedom.

Dr. Luksik’s extensive research reveals Common Core to be right out of Joseph Engle’s Communist Manifesto and Mohammed’s Quaran.  She was scheduled to publicly debate senior pro common core education officials but they cowardly backed out at the last minute.

The Center for American Heritage was founded by Dr. Peg Luksik in 2010, dedicated to teaching political activists and interested citizens, about America’s history, the political process, and how to be an effective advocate for a return to limited government.  Learn more at: Core Apple Common Core Communist Islamic Curriculum Exposed By Dr. Peg Luksik

Don’t miss this lively, high energy, entertaining, informative show, covering current events, analysis of news you can use, actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.

Call in:  Speak your mind, make comments and ask questions: (646) 652-4667

When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, May 2, 2015.

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Muslim Jihadist Terrorists – America In The Crosshairs

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By  Janorama, Editor In Chief

April 26, 2015

Muslim Jihadist Terrorists

America In The Crosshairs

Imminent Threat:  Major letter Intelligence Agencies and senior Pentagon officials insiders discretely informing the Magnified View that an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is in final planning stages of multiple simultaneous attacks on the U.S. homeland.

Jihadist Doctrines:    The following video reveals clarity of intent of Al Quaeda and ISIS

Posted  by

Janorama, Editor In Chief


Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America

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 Breaking !   Developing

 Emp AD Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America
Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America
San Diego 2/01/2015
By: Backpack, Editor-At-Large Magnified View
Muslim Jihadist Terrorist Training Camps In America
Wars The Caliphate is Coming1 Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout AmericaPrivileged private and public sources reveal that hundreds of Muslim Jihadist Terrorists are training in remote compounds situated from sea to shining sea.
The security hardened armed guarded sequestered restricted access compounds feature bomb-making training, sniping, machine gun ranges, as part of their extreme Jihadist curriculum.  They operate under strict Sharia law.  Calls to prayer are blaring from their  Mosques five times a day.  Girls and women are covered head to foot.  Corporal punishments for minor infBoston Bombing Sleeper Cell Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout Americaractions of the Quran are severe. 
These compounds are a clever way to discretely infiltrate our society, training home grown  fanatical Muslims in planning, target selection, surveillance, trial probes, and executions of kidnappings, bombings, and assasinations throughout our homeland.
France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and England have allowed substantial “no go” zones (neighborhoods operating under severe Sharia Law) where infidels, including police, firefighters, and EMTs are forbidden to enter.
  Our home grown Islamist terrorists are clever and cunning, discreetly situating themselves from the eyes of the pThreat Camp Fema Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout Americaublic.
The FBI, DHS, and Joint Terrorism Task Force are under strict executive orders from President Barack Hussein Obama to mis-identify these terrorist compounds as “communal living” places.
This is part one of the Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America series.
 Threat Embassies Closing 4 Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America
We identified USA Islamic terror camps in the Magnified View crosshairs at this link.  We will continue to search out more camps. Watch for part two of the series.


For more details about Terror Camps in America, Click Here!
training camps terrorist camps Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America

A True Story – Terrorist Attack On America

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World Trade on Fire A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America    A TRUE STORY!



New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC,  bombed Simultaneously By Al Quaeda and  Muslim Brotherhood Sleeper Cells.

San Diego, CA – By Yoda and Dauntless Don

Islamic Terrorists Fanatics 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America

At 09:12 AM EST  (15:12 Zulu ) Monday morning, multiple terrorist teams of Islamic  terrorist fanatics, detonated powerful truck-bourne improvised explosive devices (IEDs) near city centers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles  and near the capital in Washington, D.C.



CaCasualties Numbering in the Tens of Thousands 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On Americasualties  numbering in the tens of thousands were mounting in  New York and Washington, DC, as bombings were timed to coincide with rush hours.  As the bombs detonated in Chicago and Los Angeles at 8:00 AM and 6:00 AM there were initially fewer casualties in those cities.  




Short Staffed Police and Firemen 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaAlready short-staffed police, fire and EMTs were individually effected by the blasts and were unable to respond.  The cities had laid-off first responders in equal numbers to librarians and park workers in a socialist equality like gambit to appease the powerful public service unions.  First responders presence on the street were at nominally 40% of pre-attack strengths.



Hospitals Overcrowded After 9 111 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaHospitals were overwhelmed from coast-to-coast.  Vehicle collisions, heart attack victims and hypochondriacs reacted. The mobs reacted hysterically to the worst attack on America in history, flooding hospitals and ER teams were forced to triage patients in hospital parking lots. 



Aircraft Crash After 9 111 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaAs after 9/11, within fifteen minutes following the first bombing in New York, thousands of commercial and private aircraft were ordered to land at nearest airports, stranding crews and passengers all over the world. Some inbound flights from Europe and Asia were escorted by US Air Force fighter jets.  A Lear jet struck a # 747 landing on a runway  at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Both aircraft burst into flames, killing an estimated 340 souls and closing the active runway for five hours.  



Obama Hushing 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaThe Commander in Chief,  (POTUS)  survived the attack as he had spent the weekend at Camp David.  He was transported in Air Force #1 to a secret underground continuation of government (COG) facility in West Virginia along with a skeleton staff and military, who happened to be meeting with POTUS.



President Declares Marshall Law 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaThe President instituted national emergency disaster plans and declared martial law, while aboard Air Force #1. US military and state national guard units were deployed to the cities attacked and throughout the country fearing further Muslim terrorist suicide bombers attacking cities, suburbs and even rural areas.      



Terrorists Burning Flags 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaThree hundred and eleven million people ground to a standstill, as life as they had known it, suddenly changed forever.  Roads in many areas throughout the country  were grid-locked and telephones were jammed.

FEMA AND DHS commandeered radio and television stations and broadcast spotty news and “be calm – don’t panic” messages interspersed with elevator music.  

Most store shelves emptied in two hours after the bombings as many people were totally unprepared for the disaster.      

Marshall Law and National Guard 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaA dusk to dawn curfew was put in force and streets were eerily empty.  Overcrowded refugee centers were hastily setup in the bombed cities. The Army and National Guard distributed MREs ( Meals Ready To Eat ) rations and water to needy unprepared households.      



Nightfall and Martial Law1 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaMilitary Tribunals were established to deal harshly with looters and gang violence. Travel beyond a few mile radius where people lived was extremely dangerous and passing roadblocks was impossible without a hard to get permit.      




Detention Camps All Over US A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America

Detention camps on military bases and camps previously discreetly constructed through the country were activated and filled with suspect dissidents. The Mexican and Canadian borders were closed.        




DEFCOM Status Raised1 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America

Unprecedented chaos prevailed throughout the land  and elsewhere in the world. Apprehensive that Russia, China or another potential enemy would exploit a vulnerable America, the US went to the second highest defense level ( DEFCON I I ), one level short of total war for the second time in history.


Islam Will Dominate the World 2 214x300 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaWithin hours of the attack, mobs of Muslims were photographed dancing in the streets from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan as they did after the 9/11 attack that destroyed the World Trade Centers in New York City.  The US and worldwide economy crashed. America will be decades  recovering from this disaster.      



This is a true story!





 Take Away A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America



 BE AWARE AND PREPARE:  Don’t be one of the “It can’t happen here”,  gullible people that will be waiting for government assistance in a major manmade or natural disaster.

  Question Mark Magnified A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaHOW COULD THIS HAPPEN HERE ?

You might ask how in hell the most powerful nation on earth could allow this country-crippling devastation to happen. The U.S. didn’t just allow it to happen.  In large part, we caused it to happen.



Take Away Sign 3 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America

President Barack Hussein Obama betrayed  his oath of office, deliberately installing the world’s oldest Islamic terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, in  power in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

Obama Record: The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t just threaten the Mideast. It threatens America.  Instead of protecting the nation from these Islamo fascists, the President has financed and embraced them.

Cause and Effect 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaAfter his election in Egypt, President Mosi has repeatedly stated his desire to “Wipe Israel off the face of the earth”.  The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, is closely allied to Iran and a direct dark line to Al Queda, Hezbollah, Hamas and the PLO.

Note: President Mosi was only in place for one year. He was replaced by Abdel el-Sisi.

It is an insult to logic to believe that Muslims would want a democracy that is strictly forbidden and harshly punished by the Quaran. In a recent large poll in Egypt, 85% of the people want Sharia law!

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Queda, Hezbollah and Hamas are conspiring with Iran and actively preparing to attack Israel and the United States of America and beyond.

 OBAMAMERICA 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaPresident Obama is egotistically and stubbornly insisting that he can charm and talk Iran’s fanatic leadership out of constructing nuclear bombs.

Since coming into office in January of 2009, Obama has taken a sit back and watch Iran’s ubiquitous progress in developing nuclear weapons. The threat seldom talked about is Iran’s furnishing Hezbollah and Hamas with a “suitcase” bomb to bomb Israel, Saudi Arabia or the United States of America.

At last count, he granted the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt a billion and a half U.S. dollars (U.S. $1,500,000,000.00) – that we know of.

The Muslim Brotherhood has instituted Sharia law in Egypt and has begun to crucify it’s opponents in Cairo, hanging  them naked  from trees.


The Israeli Air Force bombs the major Iranian nuclear sites, suffering heavy losses from Iran’s sophisticated anti-aircraft defense system furnished by their Russian and Chinese allies.

Iran retaliates by showering hundreds of misiles on Israel military and civilian population centers. Hezbollah and Hamas attack Israel with thousands of misiles causing heavy losses of life and destruction throughout the country.

Iran mines the Strait of Thorium, sinks an ultra large crude carrier, closing the strait for weeks.

Lacking experience or desire to make a military decision, President Obama procrastinates and leaves thousands of U.S. soldiers, marines and sailors in a defensive position throughout the Arabian peninsula and gulf states.

The world economy shuts down, with markets fearful of a regional or even world war.

Al Quaeda and Muslim Brotherhood sleeper cells who have been in place in mosques throughout the United States for decades, are activated and attack major cities.  Many Muslims in the U.S. support the Jihad providing safe havens for the shooters and bombers.

Thousands are killed and maimed in the major U.S. cities bombed and Muslim terrorists, The Black Panthers, MS-13, Crips, Bloods and Mexican street gangs run rampant from coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

The United States will be decades digging out of the catastrophe.


Please Note Sign 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaAuthor’s note: Our precious country is confronted with catastrophic consequences if our government continues to fail to act to protect it’s citizens.

The Magnified View does not sugar coat or water-down the analysis we provide you. Our intention is to fulfill our mission of providing you with “Analysis of News You Can Use” and “Helpful Tactics To Survive and Thrive in Troubled Times”. 

Thank you.   Yoda / Founding Content Editor

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Partners In Government Corruption. . .Fighting

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 Conservative Party USA Logo 150x150 Partners In Government Corruption. . .FightingRadio Mike Partners In Government Corruption. . .Fighting




The Magnified View and sister radio program Voices of Global Freedom are proud and privleged to join forces with the Conservative Party USA.

“The Conservative Party USA’s principles, standards and values to stop  America’s graveyard spiral, precisely parallels our mission,” Janorama, Editor-In Chief of the Magnified View, told Fox News’ Susan Wilson, yesterday. “Our partnership will exceed the sum of our separate efforts to inform our citizens of what they can do to protect their freedoms.”


Magnified View  Radio will interview CP-USA Chairman, H.M. Hervey on Saturday, 11/29/14 at 4 PM PST. This exclusive interview will explore how the Conservative Party was founded, why it’s needed to rectify the failures of the major two parties and its’ plans for 2015.


“We have interrupted our scheduled VIP guest lineup to bring you this important information in a timely fashion,” said Roy (“Backpack”) Baron, Founding host of this popular patriotic program. “This intelligence will not be found anywhere on the lame stream media.”


Please tune in: Global Freedom Radio on Saturday, 11/29 at 4 PM PST.

P.S.  President William Palumbo of coalition of American patriots will update his weekly news bulletin segment.

ISIS Crisis And The Courageous Kurds

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Internet Radio On Air e1350411898465 ISIS Crisis And The Courageous Kurds


President Barack Hussein Obama denys and diverts crucially needed weapons and essential military  gear renegaging on his promises to supply the Kurds in their fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
While Obama, the illegals pal, is executing amnesty for 5 million border jumpers the gutless Republicans are adding to their list of what they can’t do about it.
Meanwhile, back in Iraq and Syria, the heroic Kurds are willing to fight ISIS to the last man and woman to protect themselves and America from the barbaric Islamic State of Iraq and Syrian (ISIS) terrorists.
Listen and learn from the blockbuster Voices of Global Freedom Radio Show:   
Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, President of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria and his partner Brigadier General Ernest C. Audino, US Army (Ret), who was decorated while in-bedded with the Kurds  in Iraq  expose the facts not found on liberal or conservative lame-stream media.
Editor’s  note: Our insider high echelon major letter Intel agencies sources are preparing for ISIS terrorist attacks on America’s homeland.
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Janorama / Founding Editor-In Chief


Ebola-R-Us – Deadly Disease Without Borders

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“The definitive explanation of Ebola to date”,  said a senior CDC insider after reading a draft copy of this article.

All you needEbola Sign Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borders to know and how to best protect yourself and your family. Here are the deadly, unspun, unvarnished Ebola and infectious disease crisis conditions we are currently confronted with:

BREAKING!  The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted a page in their website stating that the Ebola virus was transmissible in air in a still room (airborne!) within 10 feet of a cough or sneeze from an infected patient.  In addition, the web page stated that the virus remains on hard surfaces,  (door knobs) for 50 hours.  In addition, the virus remains on damp linen and clothing for weeks.  The CDC mysteriously  took this page down after 30 hours.

The United Nations/World Health Organization (WHO) is officially estimating 15,000 deaths in the 3 primary countries (Liberia, Sierra Leon, Guinea) as opposed to the 5000 deaths routinely reported by the lame stream media. 

EBOLA HISTORY:  There have been 26 Ebola outbreaks since it`s discovery in 1976 in the Congo.  This is the first time that Ebola (Lassa, Marborg or other hemorrhagic’s ) has made it’s way out of small, remote,  jungle villages to major metropolitan areas now in 8 African countries – projected to 15 or more in the next 8 weeks.


Little is known about Ebola and hemorrhagic fevers as there has been minimal research.  Governments, uEbola Virus 5 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersniversities and pharmaceutical companies have spent little time and money on Ebola and the other hemorrhagics research as before now outbreaks were rare and limited to remote jungle villages.


The zoonotic (animal to human) transmission source is unknown. Monkeys and birds were previously flavors of the month.  The animal source is now thought to be bats which are a delicacy among W. African tribal’s.  Knowing where it comes from could help eradicate it. Personally, I miss my Hostess Twinkies.

Administration proEbola Virus in Costume Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borderspaganda spin dry guy, Dr. Frieden, head of CDC, is simply a mouthpiece for Obolabama. Frieden is deliberately deluding the public and the Obolabama is clueless. A confidential CDC source told the Magnified View that they wouldn’t let Frieden care for their pet hamster.


There are exactly 19 level IV bio containment beds in 4 hospitals in all the United States. Less than Level IV bio containment isolation and care, approaches a death wish for caregivers who are protected at Levels  II -and III.

The inmates are in charge of the institution: Forked-tongue Frieden states that Ebola is only infectious through exchange of body fluids. He says that while chasing secondary and tertiary contact individuals who have been on airplanes, subways, taxis and a bowling alley with an infected individual then placing them in an `honor system` quarantine. Note to Frieden:  `You can`t have it both ways!` If it’s only contagious thru African transvestites that shoot-up, then why worry about somebody who rode on a subway with Ebola patients?

Know The Facts1 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersGorgeous blonde TV anchors continue to talk about “treatment”.  There is no “treatment” for Ebola! – NONE!  Care consists of IV fluids, aspirin, prophylactic antibiotics, pain meds and mechanical ventilation when needed.  Some patients are taansfused with blood from patients who have survived. This is a Hail Mary unproven pseudo science desperate act with Ebola.  “Take two aspirin and don’t call me!”, says Frieden.

The monkeys are in charge of the bananas:  It’s about the economy – stupid! The fickle feds are more concerned with the economic impact of a pandemic than body counts. They publish nonsense under the guise of ‘not creating a panic’. “An ole rule of mine is when any government tells me not to panic, I elect to freak-out and go somewhere else”, warns Yoda.
It’s all about politics – stupid!  The administration stays with  Don`t worry – be happy, move along, nothing to see here while blaming Bush.  The gutless Republicans roll with maybe there is a problem while blaming it on the liberals political correctness.

FBe Prepared Panic on the Streets1 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersever pitch!   The Obolabama has appointed a figurehead Ebola Szar.  Ron Klain, a longtime political hack, served as chief of staff to Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden but has no medical or health care background. “This is like hiring a boot salesman for a muffler shop”,  said Janorama, Magnified View’s founding Editor in Chief.


Cabin fever!:   The quarantine conundrum. Obolabama is tearing-down our defenses. He has coerced the goveners of New York and New Jersey to “modify” their quarantine orders for health care workers (HCW) returning from West Africa. Both Cuomo and Christy folded Ebola Bring patients to America Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersunder the President and his press pressure in 24 hours.  Quarantines are the singular method to contain an outbreak.  The government of Liberia has quarantined a million people.  We have no idea who Obolabama is appeasing with this travesty.


Obolabama’s Dept of State (DoS) has written a position paper inviting infected nationals from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to come to America for treatment.  Where will they be treated?  This is an insane -make Africa feel good death wish for America!  While continuing the flap about one patient in Dallas, State is inviting scores more with the potential of spreading the infection throughout the land.


Ebola Sending Troops to Africa Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borders


Death from Above: Obolabama is grandstanding sending elements of the US Army`s 101st Airborne Division to Senegal and Liberia. These elite troopers will have deadly direct contact with Ebola patients where 17 trained Infirmarie sans frontiers ( Doctors without Borders) MD`s have died of the disease.  The troopers have precisely 4 hours of training and pathetically inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE) . There is 1 airplane capable of transporting infected troopers back to the US. What will Obolabama do with them when they rotate back ? Golf ? – attend fundraisers ?- Quarantine them for 6+ weeks ?  Where ?


Gun Update 6 What is a Whistleblower 300x115 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersDeveloping.  The Pentagon is equipping aircraft with quasi-isolation rooms for 8 patients in stretchers.
Confirming rumor: The Magnified View is confirming a whistleblowers information that Obolabama intends to import Ebola-infected indigenous VIP`s from the effected W. African countries.


Ebola Contagion Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersBombs away! While dropping a couple of bombs on ISIS in Iraq he is sending elements of the world`s finest fighting force on a suicide mission to West Africa. This is yet another example of his African-friendly affection for his birth continent.
The news anchors are ignorant, reading from prompters located behind the cameras written by leggy 20 year old interns. They bring on family physician guests who think asphalt is rectum trouble and talk trash about Ebola. One who frequently appears on Fox News changes his story with every appearance.  Were the star struck fools to spend 15 minutes on an internet search engine, it would vastly improve their 15 minutes of fame.

Gambling fever!  CDC has finally admitted that Ebola is `airborne` by any common-sense definition.  Droplets in still air, like in a room, are infectious when inhaled.  “Clinton would be in his element here (`I didn’t inhale` )”,  Observed senior columnist Dauntless Don.

UN/World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the virus remains active on surfaces (door knobs,  shopping basket handles ) for a stunning 50 days.  WHO is warning that the virus remains on damp fabrics ( clothes, bedding ) for weeks.

CDC is inundated with inquiries from hospitals with suspect patient cases. CDC is screening inquiries telephonically.  Their lab is overwhelmed and they are farming-out tissue and blood samples to NGO ( Non government organization ) labs. This adds to the time for lab testinEbola CDC Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersg tissue and blood samples and increases the risk of accidental infections in transit and in the labs.  UN/ WHO has doubled the incubation period from 21 -to-42 days.
UN/Who  has also discreetly published that Ebola is infectious at some (unknown) point during the incubation period -when a victim is infected but nor presenting with symptoms.  Fever spike!

CDC has finally acknowledged that the current Ebola ( Guinea) will mutate to a more deadly virulent disease as it did from Ebola (Ghana). This means that research will have to do a restart.  How scientific of them. Mutation is what viruses do, idiots.

Multiple simultaneous infectious disease threats! Ebola outbreak in the US is exacccerbated by 3 other lethal health threats:


Ebola Bring patients to America Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersSeasonal influenza is in the USA now. The symptoms exactly parallel Ebola. The severity of this years influenza can`t be predicted until mid-December. It will peak in Januray / February and will burn-out in April / May 2015. Triage of patients appearing at hospitals, clinics and physician offices infected with flu from Ebola is virtually impossible.
The Obolabama president continues to import thousands of W. Africans from the infected countries stubbornly refusing to close the border. He continues to say his responsibility to Africa equals protecting the United States of America. How loyal!
Enterovirus D-68. mostly infecting children is active in 48 states spread in a couple of months. This mysterious summer cold like virus is causing polio like paralysis.

Souvenirs from Mexico and Central America:


What You Need To Know Analysis Picture Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersTuburculosis, bacterial pneumonia, Chicken Pox, parasites and a host of other diseases are pouring over the non Southern border every day. The illegal’s are being sprinkled throughout the country from sea to shining sea in large and small cities.

Gambling fever! Predictions from the two scientist`s who have researched Ebola for almost 4 decades is that it will outbreak in US metropolitan areas in the near months to come. A coalition of 26 respected infectious disease scientists unanimously agree with this grim prediction.

Keep in mind that we are always 6 -to – 8 weeks behind the curve waiting to see the extent of the outbreak. This is due to (uncertain) incubation time, lags and inaccurcies in surveillance and reporting systems, bureaucratic bottlenecks and government deception.

Feed a cold-starve a fever!” Medical Martial Law: Magnified View government insiders report that Obolabama has inserted executive orders giving him unilateral authority to institute regional or national martial law from his golf cart or blackberry at fund raisers.
Conclusion: This unprecedented health nightmare is right out of the Sci Fi techno-thriller movies ‘Outbreak’ – ‘Hot Zone’ -and- Omega Man. There has been no similar threat since the ‘Spanish flu’ which killed an estimated 50+ million people worldwide almost 100 years ago.  The Spanish Flu killed 25% of it’s victims, whereas Ebola is approaching 90%.
Ebola Transporting patients in Africa Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersSpring fever? You will be on your own, however Ebola breaks in America.  However, the epidemic breaks you will be dependent on your own resources. First responders ( Coppers-Firefighters- EMT’s), hospitals and clinics will be overwhelmed. Physicians, nurses and aids will call-in sick fearful for their lives as they are doing now at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Emery in Atlanta, Presbyterian in Dallas and elsewhere. Already under staffed first responders won`t be able to respond.

Actionable preparation tactics and methods to protect yourself and your family:

Get your flu vaccine!

Black Friday, a little over 4 weeks out may take-on a new meaning.  Your most effective strategy is to avoid people and places that may be infected.

Ebola Scary Virus Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersAvoid crowds until you see where this is going.  Jostling-around frenetic Christmas shoppers in crowded malls is not a good idea.
Avoid air travel until you see where this is going. We aren`t worried about catching a disease on the airplane. We are worried about being stranded in a quarantine area a thousand miles from home and family.

Stock up on:

Food – You can’t eat gold or silver.  Water –  Lots of water.   Cash$ –  In small denomination bills.  In a pandemic, credit cards won’t  work.  Antibiotics -&- Antiviral’s.

Self protection hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, Crucial you learn how to put these on and as important, taking them off and dispose of them.

Face Masks –  N95 Particulate Respirator – 3M quality.  Compact and very effective.

Predictions 2 Terrorism Biological Weapons 2 300x191 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersAntimicrobial Wipes – Disinfectant wipes prevent spread of germs and maintain sanitary conditions.

Tissue Pack – Multi-task sheets.

Pair of Nitrile Gloves (standard surgical gloves)

Flashlights – You can never have enough flashlights.

Short wave radio: Inexpensive. You can often acquire news on your local conditions from far away stations.

Weapons to defend yourself and your family.

Your Magnified View will keep you informed as this nightmare develops.

Share with a friend or three.

May the force be with you

Yoda Avadar 1 150x150 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersYoda and Dauntless Don

Ebola – The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparedness

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 Editor in Chief’s note:  It is our proud privilege to feature award winning Kimberly Dvorak’s feature article, `Ebola – the deadly transnational terrorist  tests US border preparedness. `Dvorak is a distinguished Examiner web site national homeland security correspondent.

 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparedness

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson speaks during a news conference on human smuggling along the southwest border July 22, 2014 in Washington, DC. Secretary Johnson spoke on Operation Coyote, a 90-day surge operation which is currently conducted in th
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Be Prepared Are you prepared 150x150 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessThe twenty-one day incubation period for the Ebola virus allows it to cross international boundaries with complete impunity. Anxiety about the transnational spread of the Ebola virus shifts the spotlight to border security. This weekend in San Diego a West-African detainee being held in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Calexico complained of abdominal pain and was quickly transferred to a medical center. Like other Ebola patients in Dallas, Texas, the El Centro Regional Medical Center who received the patient was forced to admit communication failures between ICE and the public medical center when officials left patients and staff in the emergency room exposed to the ICE detainee. According to the public relations officer, Cathy Kennerson, once the correct information was obtained, the facility transferred the unnamed West African to an isolation room where he remains asymptomatic. Watch Kimberly’s San Diego 6 News TV segment here Watch Kimberly’s One America News TV segment here ISIS Crossing the Southern Border 150x150 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessReports that illegal aliens could cross the border with the Ebola virus are adding pressure to a growing list of border security concerns. Last week it was reported (article link) that several identified terrorists crossed the Mexican border into the Untied States. But how realistic is the concern that terrorists or illegal border crossers could bring the Ebola virus into America? (Watch Kimberly’s border crossing video report here and here) In fact American’s may be questioning how beltway politicians and the White House are handling the burgeoning Ebola virus, especially when countries like Belize and Mexico refused Carnival Cruise Line’s “Magic” cruise ship because a health care worker handled samples from the first Ebola patient that died in Texas. A British news outlet, UK Mail Online reported that the two countries’ cited “protecting its citizens” as a reason refusing the ship dockage. The UN commissioned an Ebola Advisory song, which explains the precautions and concerns about the disease further highlighting fears. The Center for DiseaFlu CDC Logo1 300x220 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparednessse Control and Prevention (CDC) has listed specific travel notices to keep travelers informed about current health issues related to specific destinations. Anyone traveling to Western Africa is encouraged to avoid the region and the website offers specific threats for certain regions. Currently CDC defines the Ebola virus this way: When an infection does occur in humans, the virus can be spread in several ways to others. Ebola is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes in, for example, the eyes, nose, or mouth) with blood or body fluids of a person who is sick with Ebola; Objects like needles and syringes that have been contaminated with the virus; Infected animals. Ebola is not spread through the air or by water, or in general, by food. However, in Africa, Ebola may be spread as a result of handling bush meat and contact with infected bats. There is no evidence that mosquitos or other insects can transmit Ebola virus. Only mammals (for example, humans, bats, monkeys, and apes) have shown the ability to become infected and spread Ebola virus. Illegal Aliens Beat the Bugs 300x120 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessHealthcare providers caring for Ebola patients and the family and friends in close contact with Ebola patients are at the highest risk of getting sick because they may come in contact with infected blood or body fluids of sick patients. Other immigration issues center on the reintroduction of TB, Whooping Cough, and polio into the U.S. by illegal immigrants since most do not undergo health screenings further fueling concerns of possible disease outbreaks. Last year, California schools mandated students to be “re-immunized” for Whooping Cough. Border security along the Arizona corridor Predictions 2 Immigration Border Patrol 300x283 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessLike other factually questionable reports from the Obama Administration, Border Patrol agents say the chances of contracting transnational Ebola are slim. However, a trip to the Arizona border suggests otherwise. With Arivaca, Arizona rancher Jim Chilton guiding the way this reporter got a dose of reality about the insecurity of America’s international border with Mexico. The Chilton Ranch is approximately 60,000 acres, and includes roughly 25 miles of U.S/Mexico border fence. The one thing that Mr. Chilton repeatedly emphasizes is the border isn’t secure. But unlike many border security complainers, Chilton has offered a chunk of his land to the government, for a dollar a year, to build a unit to house agents, horses and gear close to the border in an effort to tackle the Border Patrol agent proximity issue. Unlike many border sectors in California, New Mexico and Texas, agents in this part of Arizona operate a number of miles north of the border, leaving field agents to detect and apprehend drug cartels, scouts and human trafficker’s in a square mile “defense in depth” scenario rather than a “linear mile” scenario. “If you cover the actual border fence with 10 agents per mile of border fence, Border Patrol would be much more successful in ending the northbound traffic,” Chilton explained. Also with a propeThreat Alert Graphic e1355448198802 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparednessr border fence and frontage road, ranchers in Arizona have said America could really secure its international border, but admitted that politicians and environmentalists have blocked plans using every excuse to continue using a four-string barbed wire fence as a substitute for border security. The latest tactic to dodge building a proper border fence is a jaguar. “Yes it’s true, apparently someone spotted a ‘lone’ jaguar somewhere in southern Arizona and they say a fence would interfere with its habitat,” Chilton says with a grin. While the talking heads employ their latest two-step, the federal government will leave ranchers to battle illegal border crossers on a daily basis. Most Americans don’t realize the substantial property and environmental damage cartels or illegal aliens cause ranchers as they skirt U.S. immigration law. “Our fences are cut, they sever our waterlines and leave behind trash, like plastic water bottles,” Chilton explained. “Our cowboys must ride the fence lines every other day to monitor fence damage that could result in missing cattle.” Adding insult to injury the ranchers are responsible for the cost of the repairs. “No, the government doesn’t reimburse us.” The property damage has become such a problem many ranchers have built small gates on known trafficking routes equipped with signs in Spanish asking the illegal border crossers to please use the gate and to close it after they move through. The Chilton’s havNot for Ostriches Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparednesse also added water fountains to waterlines for humanitarian reasons, they too post signs in Spanish asking the illegals not to cut the waterlines. Another humanitarian group looking to help illegal aliens in need of water is Tucson Samaritan’s. Mr. Chilton said the group donated a couple hundred dollars to purchase water fountains to be strategically located on his Ranch. The group also places water in the desert to reduce the deaths of those seeking refuge in the United States. Last year they reported that 194 people died in Arizona crossing illegally into the state. Like many people the Chilton’s are concerned about the illegal traffic. “We really don’t interfere with the illegal aliens, we just want them to respect our property,” Chilton explains. However, there is a reason many ranchers do not confront illegal aliens or drug traffickers, Larry Krentz (article here) and Larry Link (article here) were both murdered by alleged drug cartel traffickers after the life-long ranchers reported drug loads to Border Patrol. Other ranchers have made headlines when they interfered with government agents’ lax enforcement policies. Roger Barnett was sued for $32 million for holding illegal aliens on his property at gunpoint until Border Patrol arrived to take custody. Barnett complained that illegal border crossers killed his calves, cut his water lines and fences as well as robbing him of his property. ISIS The fence across our Southern Border 300x166 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessNow cartel scouts are allegedly paid $2,000 per month to guide lucrative drug loads and “special people” from countries of interest, north of the border in an effort to avoid detection by locals on the ground. However, hidden cameras often capture the illegal traffic and recently caught a large group crossing near Arivaca, Arizona (link to video here). “Smuggling traffic is still moving through this 25 mile long unfenced section of border. Fully camouflaged groups move undetected, except for our cameras, dozens of miles north of the border,” a spokesperson for the group said. “Cartel scouts control the surrounding high points and drug packers can cross this line anywhere, anytime without detection. There is no border road, no security fence, no sensors, no cameras, and no Border Patrol Agents to be found.” Indeed a two-day trip to the region only netted four Border Patrol sightings on paved roads. Border Patrol’s Tucson sector did not respond to an interview request about the U.S/Mexico border strategies in the Arivaca, Arizona region. Amnesty on the horizon? ABombing Map of bomb areas 300x204 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparednessnother national security concern is the Obama administration’s elusive details as to what the president intends to do via executive action on legalizing a number of illegal aliens. However, the U.S Citzenship and Immigration Services released an “opportunities list” for vendors who can manufacture work authorization/green cards. The staggering number, 34 million, should capture headlines and turn heads. The entire request reads; “USCIS Contracting will be posting a solicitation for the requirement of Card Stock used by the USCIS Document Management Division. The objective of this procurement is to provide card consumables for the Document Management Division (DMD) that will be used to produce Permanent Resident Cards (PRC) and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) cards. The requirement is for an estimated 4 million cards annually with the potential to buy as many as 34 million cards total. The ordering periods for this requirement shall be for a total of five (5) years. This is a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) supply purchase for commercial items, utilizing North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 325211 and Product / Service Code (PSC) 9330. This requirement is for the acquisition of 100% polycarbonate solid body card stock with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and holographic images embedded within the card construction substrate layers, card design service, and storage.” With world health outbreaks of diseases it’s easy for political entities to point fingers,  but when America doesn’t know who is crossing into the country illegally, national security concerns must trump political correctness and political agendas. Last story: Congressman says Mexico facilitating terrorists’ entry into U.S. link here ISIS in Mexico means ISIS in US Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessThis week, California Congressman Duncan Hunter stunned the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by announcing on television that 10 Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists were apprehended trying to illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico. “I know that at least 10 ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border in Texas,” Hunter told Fox News. “If you really want to protect Americans from ISIS, you secure the southern border — it’s that simple.” The alleged revelation prompted DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to respond to a flurry of media requests about the nation’s border security. Previously article: Cluster bomblets smuggled along the Texas border A troubling storyline is developing along the U.S. southern border—more high-powered weaponry. Law enforcement agencies on America’s southern border have also confiscated a variety of military explosive devices– including sub-munitions. Link here And Absence of a bold plan for destroying ISIS costs another hostage his life ISIS In Mexico Near the US Border Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparedness“ISIL is not invincible,” according to the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Director Matthew Olsen. The radical Islamic group that easily crossed borders, disarmed U.S.-trained Iraqi army and successfully terrorized ethnic minorities can be decimated with swift action. But the Director said ISIS “poses a direct and significant threat to us, and to Iraqi and Syrian civilians in the region, and potentially to us here at home.” Link here Dvorak is a freelance national security investigative journalist based in San Diego. For more than 18 years,  she has focused on homeland security issues including foreign policy, Mexico drug cartels and border security. You can contact her at

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Obama Speech: Islam Is Peace?

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Editor in Chief’s note:  Our friend Marshall Frank, retired Dade County homicide captain, is an authorative author and astute conservative political analyst  who  crafted this  analysys of  President Barack Hussein Obama. He is a frequent guest author on the Magnified View.

 Marshall Frank appeared on the the Voice Of Freedom Radio on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 3:00 PM – PDST.   You can listen to it on Blog Talk Radio archives and Voice of Global Freedom Radio in the archives.
Take a read and/or listen in!     Janorama / Founding Editor in Chief
 Announcer on Radio Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?
 To hear the show Click Here!



Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?


Wars Obama Bows Before His King1 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?Millions of Americans are sick and tired of fork-tongued politicians telling us  that Islam is a religion of peace. With over 22,000 deadly acts of terror to their credit around the world in the thirteen years since 9/11 – nearly all in the name of Allah – that’s getting a little hard to swallow.   
President G.W. Bush regurgitated that propaganda within days after the 9/11 attack, flanked by Imams inside the National Cathedral while corpses and ruins smoldered, telling us that Islam is a religion of peace. I don’t think the wives, husbands, fathers and mothers of terror victims were impressed.
 In 2014, Islamic terrorism is still the scourge of planet earth. Radical Islamists are ravaging  the middle-east, Africa and Asia, and even Europe Predictions 2 Terrorism Terrorism 300x223 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?and the United States. They may be called al Qaeda, Boco Haram, Hamas, Anwar al-Sharia, Hezbollah, ISIS, ISIL, whatever, but they are all the same species with the same ideology. They are ubiquitous. We kill a few roaches now and then, but the nest is thriving. Politicians lied when they tried to convince us that al Qaeda had been decimated.
 In President Obama’s UN speech this week, we heard some tough talk about killing off the new terror group ISIL.(or ISIS) Then, he couched the entire speech with a couple of PC counter statements, i.e., “The United States will never be at war with Islam. Islam preaches peace.”       
Oh reallyBombing Map of bomb areas1 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?? Is that why multi-millions of Muslims around the globe not only engage in terrorism against the “infidels,” millions more provide aid, comfort and financial support to keep these barbarians in business? Clerics, ex-college professors and intellectuals occupy our prisons today, convicted of funneling money to Hamas and other terror groups. Terrorists are not just wearing bombs and face masks, they also wear suits and ties in western countries.  
Is that why every airport and airline in the entire globe collectively spends trillions of dollars , providing security for fear of radical Islamic terror attacks?     
Is that why so many Muslim nations are engaging in torture, beheadings, hangings, public executions of children and women, genital mutilation, kidnappings for ransom, and more, where young boys are indoctrinated in madrassas and inside mosques to hate and kill Jews and ChristiaBoston Bombing Behead Those Who Insult Islam 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?ns, or non-Muslims in general? Is that why millions of people, including Muslims, live in utter fear of violence and intimidation to their family members?
Peaceful?  Puhlease.
Then, the president imparted another gem, similar to his Cairo speech five years ago. “Millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.” In 2009, his words were, “…Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”
Oh really? Does that include the many decades of terror attacks by Muslims against American vessels in the Mediterranean until President Jefferson finally said enough and went to war, driving the Jihadists back to the “shores of Tripoli.”
Part of the fabric of this country?  Is that why there are two dozen Islamic enclaves in America where non-Muslims are unwelcome? Is that why Islamists in Predictions 2 Terrorism Muslims For Obama 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?Minnesota, Michigan and other parts of the country do not assimilate and are fertile recruiting grounds for future terrorists? Is that why identified terrorists have been associated with specific mosques and Imams in the U.S.? Is that why Islamic demonstrators took to the streets of Miami, New York and other cities with hate slogans in support of Hamas, and the denigration of Jews?  
Yes, there are peaceful Muslims throughout the world. But with rare exception, they live under a tacit gag order, afraid to speak out against other Muslims lest some family member goes missing.
 Peaceful?  With praise, the president cited a quotation from Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah, “We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.” The president tells us the sheikh is a moderate Muslim who can help combat the Islamic State (ISIS). Predictions 2 Terrorism Around the Globe 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace? 
Oh really?  Bayyah is the Vice President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, founded by Muslim Brotherhood leader, Yusuf Qaradawi. Now banned from the United States, Qaradawi called for the death of all Jews and Americans. Bayyah, himself, called for the killing of all American troops in Iraq and issued a fatwa in 2009 barring all forms of normalization with Israel. He remains a strong supporter of Hamas.   
Americans in general, are not aware that Islamics with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have been frequent invitees at the White House, some employed within our State, Justice and Homeland Security Departments.  
We need an unwavering president whose both feet are planted in the USA. We need a president who does not apologize for America. We need a Predictions 2 Terrorism Islam Will Dominate 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?president who will go all-the-way, at all costs, to destroy a vicious enemy hell bent on destroying us, even if it means all out war with combat troops. That’s why they exist. And we need a president who does not forecast our intent to the enemy.  
There is no halfway. If we don’t kill this dangerous cancer at the root, it will metastasize – throughout the world. Then, it will be too late.
Where is Harry Truman when you need him?  
It’s time for the world of Islam to stop talking and start proving they are a religion of peace. I’d be very happy to know that. Talk is cheap.
 Click here: General: Muslim Brotherhood inside Obama administration
Click here: History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government  
Click here: Center for Security Policy | The Muslim Brotherhood in America  
Click here: Obama Praises Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on Killing of U.S. Soldiers | Washington Free Beacon  
Click here: Permit Muslim-only Enclaves? :: Daniel Pipes  Click here: Muslim Enclaves U.S.A. | FrontPage Magazine


Muslim Brotherhood Official Calling-In From Egypt

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radio On Air Muslim Brotherhood Official Calling In From Egypt


Don’t  miss Wael El` Manzalawy,  Muslim Brotherhood official who  will be calling-in live to our sister radio program, Voices of Global Freedom, on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 4 PM Pacific from Egypt.


Wael reveals explosive facts about  Islamic Jihadist attrocities and  ambition to conquer America and the world with a Caliphate.
In Wael’s previous appearances Wael  predictions have materialized.  
We encourage callers (646) 652-4667

ISIS Crisis Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West on Voices of Global Freedom!

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Problem Solve ISIS Crisis Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West on Voices of Global Freedom!Our outstanding technical IT team has resolved the problem that prevented our sister The Voice of Global Freedom Radio show hosted by Roy (`Backpack`) Baron. from connecting with the esteemed Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West September 24, 2014.


We are rescheduling the good Colonel West’s  guest appearance consistent with his extensive travel schedule criss-crossing the country.

We anticipate scheduling the good Colonel with great excitement. 

We can land a man on the moon but we can`t get Podcast radio to work reliably!    Complained  Yoda.


Our patriotic conservative audience is eager to learn from Colonel West`s military and political expertise experience and wisdom.  Can we expect an Islamic Jihadist ISIS terrorist attack on our homeland in the near future ?


Are we at war ?


Is the US air attack on Syria a continuation of our Procrastinator in Chief`s pro Islam, soft on Muslims weak foreign policy buffoonery ?

Will we be stuck in the sand traps for another ten years ?

Here is Colonel West`s astute message on Facebook:

“I’m thrilled we’ve finally launched an assault against ISIS and the Obama administration no longer considers them a “JV” team.

However, I do have a constitutional concern — are we at war ?  If so, then who declared it ?

I think only Congress can do such – our Republic is not some imperial dictatorship, so does Obama get a pass ?

Besides, I thought there was no imminent threat to our homeland but now we’re told one does exist. Meanwhile, Obama is off to the UN to give a speech about climate change.

I understand multitasking, but what is the priority ?  Many confusing messages from the master of deceit and confusion — Barack Hussein Obama.”

8872f790bfee7820cf3d39805e4267f9 ISIS Crisis Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West on Voices of Global Freedom!




Thirteen Years Later and We Haven’t Forgotten What We Lost September 11

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Editor`s note: The following patriotic compelling `Thirteen years later, and we haven`t forgotten what we lost.` ( September 11th, 2014 )  article was posted today by
The author eruditely and accurately  reveals American apathy, the dire ISIS terrorist threat to our freedoms and the pathetic politically correct soft on Islam educational system.
The blockbuster article was thoughtfully furnished to the Mag View by Tim (`Sideband`) Kaelin, President of
Thank you Tim.  Janorama,  Editor in Chief, Mag View


9 11 Conservatve Round Up 1024x232 Thirteen Years Later and We Havent Forgotten What We Lost September 11

Welcome to the Conservative Roundup a list of the best daily news from premiere conservative news sources around the web.  Conservative Roundup is a  product of Punching Bag Media, a state of the art publisher.
 Conservative Roundup Exclusive  Thirteen years later, and we haven’t forgotten what we lost September 11, 2014  – Hannah, editor  |   Share on Facebook



Thirteen years later, and we haven’t forgotten what we lost September 11, 2014

Thirteen years have gone by since al-Qaeda attacked us on American soil, and not yet has a day gone by that I haven’t missed my brother. I was an eight year old child on 9/11/2001. He was just shy of seventeen.

My original plan today was to go into the classroom where a close friend of mine teaches children who weren’t even born on that tragic day to talk about my experience.  Every year since I was tall enough to see over a podium, I’ve gone somewhere to speak.

Speaking about 9/11, it’s long-lasting ramifications, and my brother is my way of keeping his memory alive. I also truly believe that it’s vitally important for American children to hear of their country’s history from firsthand sources. Seventy-five years from now there won’t be anyone alive who remembers 9/11, so time is of the essence in handing down our memories.

I say that was my original plan, not what I did, because once I found out what my friend and I would have to go through to before I would be allowed to set foot on campus, let alone address a group of students, I quickly realized that there wasn’t enough time to follow the correct procedures. I would have to submit to an extensive background check, go somewhere to be fingerprinted, and produce a precise description of what I intended to say at least a week in advance. It’s hard to speak honestly and from the heart when you can’t deviate from a script.

He would have had to prove that my speech lined up with the federally prescribed curriculum as outlined in Common Core. Unfortunately, the federal government doesn’t want students to study the terrorist attacks of 2001 this early in the year. It was a no-win situation.
If there’s one thing Americans don’t like, it’s being told to shut up.  Especially by “our” government. Especially if the only reason we’re being silenced is because the powers that be simply don’t want the message we have to get out.
Instead, this morning a local church held a mass in memory of my brother, and for all those who lost their lives, or lost a loved one. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life to hear a group of Americans, gathered together in the name of our religion, praying for me, for my family, for my brother, for the rest of you who are mourning today, and for the future of our country.  I felt that certain kind of comfort you can only get from God.

 My city has a 9/11 memorial, so I went there after the service.  I knelt in front of the wall where my brother’s name belongs, silently.  Like I do every year, I sat on the ground and wrote him a letter about where I am in life.  Every year I tell him in a letter that only he will ever read that I wish he could be here to see my little brother and me now. I reflect on how different my life would have been if he were alive.

I am not alone at the memorial. On the bench next to me, there is a firefighter staring at the fountain, across from me, an elderly couple sits quietly. We don’t speak to each other, but we share a deep bond. We all had something taken from us that we will never get back. Some lost more than others some how, but every American was affected.  We were afraid, we were uncertain, but most of all we were united.

Remember that day, politics went right out the window, at least for a short time, and we became simply Americans. Sitting there, I feel this unity again.
As I look over the names on the wall, at the burnt, twisted, piece of steel from the building my brother died in, I remember that we have enemies. It is a reminder that not everyone will embrace our way of life, that there are those out there who would see us destroyed- who would attack again.

While I can understand a policy of not letting simply anyone walk into a classroom, I see a far greater threat to American schoolchildren than a single guest speaker entering a classroom without being fingerprinted, a much greater threat than taking precious time away from whatever Common Core dictates that teachers nationwide do in class that day. I am not a school administrator, nor a parent, but the thought of the federal government having a very real presence in every last classroom and dictating what children should learn, and what messages are and aren’t acceptable for everyone’s children to hear is terrifying.  This denies children the right to learn their own history.

The real world is not a utopia where all negativity can be filtered out.  If you’re under 31 right now, it was probably a teacher who had to break the news to you that Tuesday morning.  Many of you had the duty of being the first to pass on the news to a loved one.  We could not be sheltered from the fact that we had been attacked.

Now, with the looming threat of ISIS over our heads,  we are doing our children a disservice if we shield them from the fact that terrorism is once again an active danger.

 The time is now to once again band together as Americans, because unlike the sucker-punch that 9/11 was, we know there is a threat, and we can defend ourselves. We can cut off the easy access any terrorist has to our country by closing the southern border.  We can give our military the resources it needs to deal with ISIS and defend our nation.

Today, we need to look back to remember what we lost, and what many people sacrificed.

We must also look forward.

9 11 Remember the Heros Thirteen Years Later and We Havent Forgotten What We Lost September 11


Obama Takes SEAL Team VI For A Deadly Ride!

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Obama Takes Seal TEAM VI For a Deadly Ride!


San Diego,  CA   By Yoda and Dauntless Don
Seal Team 6 Logo 150x150 Obama Takes SEAL Team VI For A Deadly Ride!INSIDER SCUTTLEBUT OF A GOVERNMENT SEAL TEAM VI HOAX!  Operation Extortion 17  suspiciously followed 93 days after the perplexing, peculiar  Bin Laden raid.
The ambush in Afghanistan  killed all 38 people on board the helicopter that was shot down – 25 American special operations personnel,  5  United States Army National Guard and Army Reserve crewmen, 7  Afghan commandos  and one Afghan interpreter – as well as a U.S. military working dog.
The murder of SEAL TEAM VI operators, including  25  Spec OPs personnel,  and  5 nationals in the helicopter shoot down in Afghanistan on August 6th, 2011 was the largest single loss of elite American commandos in history. The victims of this Talaban ambush included members of the Gold Squadron of SEAL Team VI who had participated in the mysterious Bin Laden raid 93 days earlier.
The shocking Michael Savage radio interview of courageous Charlie Strange, father of SEAL Team VI hero Michael Strange, who is the spokesman for the fatherless children, widows, siblings and parents of the fallen heros who sacrificed their lives so you and I may live free.
The stunning Michael Savage  interview heard here  is a prelude and introducion to a Mag View exclusive interview series of valorous Charlie Strange and his dauntless wife, Mary.
Cover Ups We Will Never Forget Obama Takes SEAL Team VI For A Deadly Ride!“The jaw-dropping publication of the stunning  facts of the Bin Laden raid and Extortion 17 will far overshadow “Benghazi”,  Said Janorama, Founding Editor in Chief of the Magnified View. “The Mag View exclusive series will disclose facts never revealed.”
Take a listen and check back for part #1  of Yoda’s the  Mag View stunning expose  interview series of Charlie and Mary Strange.

Obama’s WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Health

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Illegal Alien Stop Rally1 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Health




Family Preparedness Handbook No DHS Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthObama’s Health and Human Services Agency (HHS) orchestrating stealth bio weapons of mass destruction (WMD) coming in our Southern border with Mexico.

Obama’s immigration reform. By now everyone knows obama is importing hundreds of thousands of illegal future Democrat party voters from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.



What everyone doesn’t know because Obama’s news media is avoiding reporting it.  Alien illegals are bringing in deadly diseases. The dreadful souvenir gifts from the banana republics that keep on giving include Tuberculoses, polio,  Dengue fever, scabies, Swine flu (H1N1) HIV, Charges, previously eradicated chicken pox and parasites.

Illegal Aliens Infectios Disease1 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Health

Tens of thousands of illegal’s are being spread around America in small, medium and large cities from sea to shining sea. They are destitute, of the poorest hygiene, low and no skilled and many are illiterate in their mother-tongue Spanish. The children from infant to teenagers will act as ‘anchors’ to import parents and imposters posing as parents numbering in the millions. Hordes of single mothers are coming accross with 3, 4 and 5 children who require housing, food, medical care and education. There is no chance that these single mothers will contribute anything to our country except hungry mouths.


Illegal Aliens Beat the Bugs 300x120 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthAliens don’t know they are sick. The Incubation period of the diseases vary from a few days to weeks. ( Incubation period: the time from the moment of exposure to an infectious agent until signs and symptoms of the disease appear) Recently arrived illegals are infecting others from days to weeks while the illegal is unaware that they are infected. US citizens they infect will infect their families, friends and coworkers during their incubation period. Sophisticated Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) -and- National Institute of Health (NIH) computer models classified secret predict that millions of Americans will be sickened. This is an epidemic force multiplier nightmare pyramid from hell.


Illegal Aliens You dont need papers 300x196 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthBrave Border Patrol Agents who have been relegated to babysitting, changing diapers and making peanut butter and jelley sandwiches while narco terrorist cartels, MS-13, and Islamic Jihadist’s freely cross the non border. Inexplicably, the agents are stationed 45 miles inland from the border.





A Border Patrol inspector deliberGun Update 6 What is a Whistleblower2 300x115 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Healthately violating an Obama gag-order confidentially told Yoda that ” Agents in McAllen, Texas have tested positive infected with Tuberculosis and other life threatening diseases.” BP Agents in El Cajon, California have tested positive for Scabies – previously called ‘The Seven year Itch’ Their families are at highest risk of catching this difficult to treat disease.  Agents are staying in motels, fearful of going home and infecting their families.

Hospitals, clinics and physician offices near the border in Texas and Arizona are under siege overwhelmed by diseased illegals putting doctors, nurses and technicians at high risk.


Following moIllegal Alien Spineless Obama Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Healthnths of Obama ordered silence, the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly admitted that it has opened its’ emergency Operations Center (EOC) in response to the the diseases brought in by the alien invasion.  In flagrant violation of the 1st amendment, the Obama administration has threatened felony criminal prosecution if physicians speak with the news media.

Citizens in Murietta, California, a border patrol processing facility successfully turned bus loads of illegals away not having the resources to care for the aliens.  Oracle, Arizona and cities throughout the country are saying “not in my back yard”.  Pro amnesty demonstrators burned an American flag in Murietta on the 4th of July.  These wide spread conflicts have the potential of rioting with Obama over reach instituting Martial Law.

Threat Camp Fema 300x256 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthRefugee camps for children have been established in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and a US Navy base Northwest of Los Angeles, California. The condition of these refugee camps for children are appalling. United States Congressman and accredited journalists have been denied access to the camps.

Insider Border Patrol agent’s report to the Mag View that narco terrorist cartels, MS-13, and Hezbollah Jihadist terrorists are freely crossing the border. Jihadist Quaran’s, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) flags, prayer rugs and literature have been found on the Texas side of the border. We will leave this for an upcoming blockbuster feature article. ‘Elevated Terrorist Attack Threat To America’.

Illegal Aliens Obama Playing Pool 300x168 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Health

Bizzare, aloof, disengaged Obama plays golf, shoots pool in Denver, attends endless fund raisers and is a groupie for sports stars and show biz celebrities.  Amid the crisis chaos he is taking another 15 day vacation in Martha’s Vineyward in August. His incompetent team continues to encourage illegal immigration, Pelosi and his Democrat cronies are literally handing-out lollypops welcoming illegals at the border. He has attended  3 fund raisers in Texas but staying well away from the border.



Illegal Aliens Kerry Glides While Iraq Slides 300x214 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthHis plastic blow-dried Secretary of State, Kerry was splashing around the surf while Iraq and Syria collapse to a Calaphate and the Mexican border invasion ramps-up.

This stealth WMD attack on America has no end in sight for the foreseeable future. Conservative estimates of hundreds of thousands of diseased Typhoid Mary aliens are being dropped-off at Greyhound bus stations and transit system hubs from San Diego to Boston.

The Mag View will be closely following the stealth WMD threat to America and will publish as a Breaking -&- Developing series as conditions indicate.



Actionable disease prevention tactics and methods and what you can do:

•Avoid direct contact with illegal immigrants – SomIllegal Aliens Tuburculosis 198x300 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Healthe of these diseases are transmitted through airborne pathogens (meaning a cough or sneeze will do it).

•Avoid bus stations and gatherings of illegal aliens.

•Insure that your kids aren’t in schols among high perecentages of illegals.

•Insuret that your vaccines are current including the seasonal influenza.

•Avoid physician offices, hospitals and clinics if you are in an alien drop off location.

◦Postpone elective surgical procedures.

•Do not hire illegals for work or home chores.

•Wear a mask and gloves if you are around illegals.

•Be cautious with fast food restaurants that employ illegals.

•Seek medical attention quickly if you become ill.

•Wash your hands frequently.

May the force be with you and protect you. Yoda




A Mosaic: Obama, Islam, Communism

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Editor in Chief’s note:  Our friend Marshall Frank, retired Dade County homicide captain, is an authorative author and astute conservative political analyst  who  crafted this  accurate  biography description of  President Barack Hussein Obama.
Frank accurately exposes Obama as a uniquely narsisistic closet Muslim who has never been a room away from his communist mentors and masters. Ironically, Obama and the first lady couldn’t pass a basic background check to work as clerks in a  small American city hall.
Take a read.   Janorama / Founding Editor in Chief




By Marshall Frank on February 7, 2012 in Politics & Government, Radical Islam

I’ve made it no secret. I believe Barack Obama is a colossal fraud and that his true mission leading up to, and during his reign as president, is far more sinister than most people are willing to believe.


Arguing about the legitimacy of Barack Obama always gets mired in minutia — single issues – because people don’t stand back and look at the big picture. We argue Reverend Wright, or Bill Ayres, or socialism or the suspicious birth certificate, and so on. The left accuses the right of dirty politics.  The right accuses the left of protecting a non-patriot.


To understaBoston Bombing Map 300x204 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communismnd the real person behind that endearing facade is to know every segment of his life and look at him in a mosaic. Mosaic art is made of many tiles fitted together. Each tile has shapes and colors but no form. It’s those formless tiles that we waste time arguing about because none of them show the big picture. But in order to know the truth we must see all the tiles in place, for then they are no longer just shapes and colors, they show the entire mural of who and what Barack Obama really is.


So let’s start with one tile after another and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle.


1) Obama’s mother had an affair with and married an African-Kenyan, a Muslim.


2)There is also a plethora of literature to suggest that Obama’s father was a committed communist at the time he and Obama’s mother were involved in their relationship.


3) Obama’s mother divorced Threat Military evacuates Yemen 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communismhis father, and then remarried to another man who was also a Muslim and citizen of Indonesia.


4) Barack Obama lived mostly in environments dominated by Islam until he was ten years old.


5) Obama’s religion was listed in his Indonesian school as “Islam.” With an Islamic father and stepfather, and registered as an Islamic, it is reasonable to assume he was subjected to Islamic indoctrination and teachings.


6) He went by the name Barry Soetoro during the years he was adopted by his stepfather.


7) After age ten, his mother left the stepfather and Barry Soetoro returned to Hawaii where he was cared for by his maternal grandparents.

Boston Bombing Behead Those Who Insult Islam 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism

8) Obama’s grandparents were known to have strong political/socialist leanings


9) Obama’s close mentor during his high school years was Frank Marshall Davis, an ardent member of the CPUSA (Communist Party)


10) Obama’s roommates during his first two years at Occidental College, California, were Muslims from Pakistan.


11) In 1981, Obama traveled with his Muslim friends to Pakistan on vacation, when Pakistan was in political turmoil and most American visas were not accepted. (This was in addition to a leg of his journey to see his mother in Indonesia) This leaves open the yet unanswered question of what passport he traveled with. (Unlikely it was American)


12) I have found no evidence that Barack Obama ever legally changed his name back from Barry Soetoro


13) There is no evidence that Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama, changed his citizenship back from Indonesia to the United States or that he traveled and/or entered college with an American passport and/or I.D.


14) Following Occidental College, he enrolled in Columbia University and later Harvard. To this day, Obama does not explain why he — this “transparent” president — refuses to release any college/university records rBoston Bombing Sleeper Cell 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communismegarding his registration, finances, passports, birth records, school papers, writings, grades — nothing.


15) Despite many Columbia U. enrollees interviewed from that period, same major (political science), including George Stephanopolous, no one remembers Obama on campus or in class.


16) The former president of Manhattan Borough, Percy Sutton, a prominent attorney, (now deceased) revealed in 2008 that in the 1980′s, Obama was being supported and promoted by notorious radical Muslim cleric Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour who acted as an in-between for a wealthy Saudi named Al Waleed Bin Talal. The Saudi was interested in helping Obama get into Harvard. Sutton wrote a letter at the Al-Mansour’s request to help the Saudi, Bin Talal, get Obama into Harvard.


17) Raised by atheists and Muslims, never a Christian, Obama strangely becomes a Christian and joins the Trinity Christian Church headed by anti-American, Marxist, racist, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in 1988. Obama not only attended this church for 20 years, he was deeply involved in its activities. Note: Being labeled as a “Christian” strongly helps achieving political power, certainly more than atheist or Muslim.


Boston Bombing I Will Stand With the Muslims1 300x220 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism18) 1992, Wright presided over the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama. However, there is no record that can be found of a prior relationship Obama had with any other women, until Michelle. No past girl friends.


19) Obama becomes deeply involved in Chicago politics, primarily mustering blacks to register to vote.


20) In 1991, Obama graduated law school and began writing his biography, “Dreams Of My Father”, an autobiography which is published in 1995. But why? Curiously, he’s a young man who has yet to accomplish much of anything significant, but he writes and publishes an autobiography?


21) Obama was instrumental in assisting the Jew-hating leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrahkan, in formulating the Million-Man March on Washington in 1995.


22) With very little, or no experience as a practicing attorney, Obama decides to run for state senate. He is hand-picked by then state senator, Alice Palmer, D – Ill., to succeed her as she runs for the U.S. congress. Palmer wrote for the Communist Party newspaper, “People’s Daily World” and had appeared in the Soviet Union to attend the 27th congress of the Communist Party in 1986.


Be Prepared Thugs For Obama 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism23) 1995, Obama’s political career for the Illinois State Senate was launched by communist advocate Alice Palmer at the home of William Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, known anti-American Marxists/Activists, and past terrorists. Obama also shares a table and worked closely with terrorist Ayres on the board of directors of the Woods Foundation


24) During his seven-year tenure as a state senator, Obama voted “Present” 129 times, thereby avoiding a left/right stand on selected issues.


25) Obama developed a close relationship with radical Islamic professor, Palestinian, Rashid Khalidi, who he associated with at the U. Of Chicago. In 2000, Khalidi held a fund raiser for Obama during his failed bid for the U.S. Congress.


26) Obama runs for and wins U.S. Senate seat in 2004. Almost immediately, he hits the ground running for president.


27) During the campaign, Obama is endorsed by many radical organizations, including the American Communist Party, while Palestinians in the Middle-East form phone banks to raise money for his election. Gaddafi refers to Obama as a Muslim.


Wars Obama Bows Before His King1 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism28) Obama’s half brother Obongo “Roy” Obama is a Luo activist, militant Muslim and Marxist.


29) Obama’s Kenyan cousin, Odinga, whom Obama later supported in his quest for political power, is an avowed Marxist and militant Islamist dedicated toward establishing Sharia (Islamist) courts in Kenya.


30) After his election, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit says that Obama privately told him in confidence, “I am a Muslim.” (As reported in Israel Today, May 2010)


31) During his first trip as president to the Middle East, Obama speaks passionately to the Egyptian assembly, lauding his early life in a Muslim land….claiming that Islam has always been a great part of the American experience. (?)


32) During an interview on TV, Obama misspeaks: “John McCain has not made an issue of my Muslim faith.” To which George Stephanopolous corrects him, “You mean, your Christian faith.” (How many of us have made such a slip?)


33) Obama has hired one at least one devoted communist to be a part of his Czar team, Van Jones, who has since resigned. Many others are questionable. His 38 czars are not vetted by congress and supercede many of the functions normally within the purview of cabinet posts.


34) Obama has employed devout Muslims with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood in his White House staff and within the Department of Homeland Security. These people have access to the inner workings of our government and the highest of classified information. The top aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is a devout Islamic woman with family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood.


Boston Bombing They Are Not Muslim Terrorists 281x300 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism35) Obama ( and Eric Holder) do not permit the mentioning of Islam in any references to terrorism. Mentioning Islam in terrorist training for federal officers, is banned. The military’s Fort Hood massacre report — where 41 people were shot — does not mention Islam, or terror, or the Muslim shooter, Nidal Hassan, anywhere in the report, despite the obvious motivations. Eric Holder, when questioned in congress, will not acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorism. Janet Napolitano is under orders to avoid the use of terms like “war on terror” or “Islamic terrorism” and instead, call it “Man-Caused Disasters”


36) Every act/decision of Barack Obama before and during the so-called Arab Spring has been to the advantage and support of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, including the removal of Mubarak of Egypt, Gadaffi of Libya, the leader of Tunisia and now the effort toward removing Assad of Syria. In all these places, the Muslim Brotherhood is now rising to power. Interestingly enough, Obama did not call for regime change in Iran when their citizens took to the streets to demonstrate in 2009 and 2011.


The Muslim Brotherhood’s formative documents, and their many secret manifestos recovered by law enforcement agencies since, show — unambiguously — that their goals are to spread Islamic caliphates, and Sharia law, across the western world, to conquer from within, using deception and infiltration. This is a known fact to those who endeavor to pay attention.


Get the picture?


These are but the highlights, to keep it short. A more detailed list of horrors regarding Barack Obama could be found in any number of books, including:


1. The Manchurian President, by Aaron Klein


2. Radical-in-Chief, by Stanley Kurtz


3. Muslim Mafia, by P. David Gaubatz


4. Culture Of Corruption, by Michelle Malkin


These books are crammed with researched and documented facts, not off-hand right-wing opinions as some might claim. See for yourself.


In this article, I chose to omit any references to Obama’s legitimacy for holding the office of president in order to avoid distractions from the focus of this mosaic. There remains cause for many doubts in that areas as well, not limited to just the birth certificate.


Marshall Frank Photo 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, CommunismThe focus of this mosaic is simple: Obama’s highest of priorities are tied to a surreptitious socialist/communist revolution and his strong leanings toward Islamist causes, and perhaps, he is a non-acknowledging Muslim himself.


To those who are inclined to vote for this person in November, I ask:


Is he worth the risk to America?


I could list dozens of links to support all the items listed above, but that would consume another two pages or more.  People reading this who want to know, are welcome to use Google just like I do.


But, to highlight…here’s a few:

Archived-Articles:  Obama’s Man-Caused Disaster

Eric Holder Deep in Denial about Islamic Terrorists – YouTube

Fort Hood Report: No Mention of Islam, Hasan Not Named – TIME

Gaddafi Insists Barack Obama Is A Muslim | Sweetness & Light

“I am a Muslim,” Obama Tells Egyptian Foreign Minister

Obama: “My Muslim Faith” – YouTube

Archived Blog: Obama’s Good Friend Rashid Khalidi

Percy Sutton approached by Khalid A-Mansour – YouTube

Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood | FrontPage Magazine

Socialism, Marxism, Communism & Obama


Mexico, We Will Trade You These Five Americans

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Obama Trade Americans for Marine 300x300 Mexico, We Will Trade You These Five Americans

The US sends 20+ million dollars a year in military grade guns and sophisticated surveillance and counter-surveillance gear to the currupt Mexican government. While knowing full well that it ends-up in the hands of Narco Terrorist Cartels.

Our Procrastinator in Chief is shamefully leaving the border wide open to hundreds of thousands of  ‘illegal ‘ illiterate, no and low skilled,  with infectious diseases.   The current and future drain on our ‘entitlements’,  health care, education system and prisons is breathtaking,

A 10 minute phone call from the Obamanation would spring the hapless out of the Tijuana jail.

Obama’s Flat Footed Diplomatic Mistakes Legacy

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Obama Trade of terrorists2 300x194 Obamas Flat Footed Diplomatic Mistakes Legacy


President Barack Hussein Obama,  a procrastinating Commander in Chief who can’t spring an innocent US Marine out of a Tijuana jail but trades 5 mass murderous Muslim terrorist leaders for a traitorous US soldier in Afghanistan.

Watch the Mag View for breaking developments on both pathetic tragedies.

Obama’s Benghazi Cover-up in 3 1/2 Minutes

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“We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done in this terrible act in Benghazi. And make no mistake justice will be done,”  promised President Obama over a year ago.
For the past year, Obama has spared no effort in the elaborate cover-up of the TERRORIST ATTACK in Benghazi.


“No arrests, no prosecutions, no one has been brought to justice and government oversight committees are denied access to witnesses,”  reported Representative Trey Gowdy ( R.South Carolina).


Watch as Gowdy  exposes  the lame stream media’s deriliction of duty virtually ignoring the Benghazi tragedy.


          Video submitted by Magnified View Columnist Dauntless Don


Unforgettable VIDEO – 3 minutes 25 seconds


Obama, Clinton, Holder and their lackeys obfuscated the facts of their political self-serving malfeasance which killed four American heros.


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Crisis In The Ukraine – Balkans Doomsday?

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Gun Update 6 Fact 300x237 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?Yoda’s intelligence collection team is made up of senior members only, with advanced academic credentials based in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia. The street-savvy professionals come from diverse intelligence, law enforcement, economics and crisis management backgrounds.
Yoda’s predictions are provided here to the worldwide viewer family,  free of charge. The predictions are compiled using sophisticated computer modeling of trends that effect viewers directly or indirectly.
Janorama’s  Magnified View intelligence Team is diligently monitoring the contemporary  Ukrainian/Crimea,  conflicts, including:


We will report on President Obama’s grand standing in Japan, the Philippines,  Malaysia and visiting his old Muslim  Alma Mater, Indonesia while Balkan countries teeter on being taken over by Putin. 


We are closely monitoring Putin’s aggressive take over of the Crimea.   The team will analyze, evaluate and predict the outcome of this dangerous, travesty as the dynamic paradigms develop.  We will continue day to day to analyze and predict the near term destiny of the people of the Ukraine and Balkan countries.  We will continue to monitor the Ukraine and report breaking developments on the Mag View. 

Yoda will summarize the week’s events every Friday night as co-host of the popular Doctor Prepper radio program at 3:00 PDST, 4:00 MDST, 5:00 CDST and 6:00 EDST (2300 Zulu).  



BEST CASE PREDICTIONS:  Some miraculous divine intervention will limit Putin’s country grab to the Crimea.  His continuing to control a critical Russian Naval port in Sevastopol is essential to the strategic integrity of the Russian Armed Forces.  Putin will occupy the Crimea with the military force required.  Optimistically, there will be minimal loss of life.  Yoda opines there is a slim chance for this miracle to limit Putin’s Balkan adventures to the Crimea.


Scenario 1.  Putin will be emboldened from the warm welcome by the dominate ethnic Russian friendly population in the Crimea (e.g. 26% of the Ukraine is Russian indigenous).  The de facto  Supreme Commander of NATO, Procrastinator  In Chief, Obama, will issue ambiguous defense orders and the Russian army will occupy the Ukraine in strength.  A key condition of Putin’s takeover is that Ukrainian defense forces will not fire on their, however ethnically Russian friendly countrymen.

Scenario 2.  With an easy victory and the national army being weak due to lack of U.S. and NATO military commitment, the Russian army occupies the Ukraine.  The Russian army order of battle (OB) is overwhelming combination of ground, sea and air support. e.g. Where the U.S. and NATO doctrine is to reinforce a weak line, Russian military doctrine is to reinforce units, capturing real estate.   Yoda opines that Russian takeover of the Ukraine is inevitable.  The Russian people are enthusiastic about occupying the Ukraine “rescuing” their Russian brothers.  The American people have no appetite for another military conflict, while still engaged in the buffoonery of Iraq and Afghanistan.  While the Obama Administration has no identifiable foreign policy. 


Regional War!  Assuming and under-strength military response by the U.S. and lackadaisical commitment on the part of Western European NATO countries, Putin sees an opportunity to venture further in Latvia, Estonia, possibly Bulgaria and Romania in unknown order of attack.

Wars World War III4 300x198 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?Apocalyptic Potential:   World War III –  Should this escalate to include Poland or Turkey, the possibility of an all out Russian NATO war exists.  The potential for a nuclear exchange would prove devastating and catastrophic to Western and Eastern Europe. 

America’s other enemies (China, North Korea, Al Qaeda, and Hamas) exploiting America’s weakness is high.  The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has had it’s eye on Formosa for 70 years.  North Korea has wanted to invade South Korea for 60 years.  Iran, Syria, Hezbollah,  and Hamas may well attack Israel.  Al Qaeda sleeper cells could well bring the war to America.  We are proud of the Mag View’s accuracies of our predictions.

Wars Without End – Government and Merchants of Death – Remedy For Economic Depressions. MillionsWars Planet of the Apes Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday? of years ago, in the prehistoric dawn of man on the Serengeti in Tanzania, Africa, men fought over religion and resources. Cave men fought other clans over water holes and fig trees. Throughout the ages tribes who believed in sun gods clashed with tribes who believed in animal deities.

Nothing has changed throughout the millenniums except mankind has found more efficient ways to kill each other. We are now fighting wars over Islam ruling the world, oil and water resources.



Did yWars Obama War is Peace 198x300 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?ou know that there are 30+ wars going on around the globe at any one time? Did you know that the U.S. alone has been engaged in 27 wars and “military actions” since the year 2000?



High on the Obama broken promises meter was his 2008 campaign promise to end the war in Afghanistan shortly after he took office. Five years later and the U.S. is still losing precious lives and maiming our soldiers in Afghanistan with no real end in sight. So far, we have lost 2,257 men and women and wounded 17,674, as of this date. The Obama Administration cleverly hides the civilian contract gunslinger casualty statistics. Many of our young men and women are on their 4th and 5th tour in the sand land hell holes. Thousands of lives of our National Guard troups have been ruined financially. No one can articulate a rational reason why we are still in Afghanistan or why we ruined Iraq.

Wars Obama Nobel Prize 300x300 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?Peace Prize winner Obama is following the Democratic Party in their tradition of devastating the military and intelligence community and then committing to a huge war.  America entered World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam with reduced skeleton like armed forces and intelligence agencies. Inexplicably, Obama is deploying U.S. troops around several countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Where are the peaceniks who helped vote him into office?  Quiet as church mice, aren’t they?

A casual glance at history will reveal that society’s solution to economic recessions and depressions are fighting big wars. A major Middle East conflict is near on the horizon. This one will be about an Islamic Caliphate ruling over the Middle East and North Africa and ambitiously the world. The obvious resource is oil.

Martin Indryk, the former US Ambassador to Israel predicts that war with Iran is likely to occur in early 2013. U.S. and allied intelligence services are predicting a Middle East war in 2013. Wars Up Rising in the Muslim World Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?
The peaceful, moderate, tolerant Muslims that Obama (and the past five presidents have sold us on), have been sticking spears in each other and crucifying each other for centuries. They have been beheading Christian infidels since 630 A.D. Two years before Muhammad’s death of a fever, he launched the Tabuk Crusades in which he led 30,000 jihadists against the Byzantine Christians.


One out of four people on the globe are adherents to Islam.  About 1.6 billion or 25% of the world’s population, Islam is growing exponentially around the world, including in the United States of America. Islam has ruled the known world 4 times and their current fanatic Jihad goal is a Caliphate world domination under Sharia law.

Wars Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?

Closet Muslim President Oh Bow Ma proactively financed, overtly and covertly funded and supported the Arab Spring which has evolved to the bleak Arab winter. He established and maintains the world’s oldest Islamic terrorist group in draconian power in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.  Despite that, Egypt’s (brief) President Morsi publicly stated that he would eliminate Israel and the “Great Satan”, the United States of America.



Wars Obama Gives Egypt F16s Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?Obama had given Egypt’s radical Islamist President Morsi 1.5 billion dollars – that we know of. Unbelievably, he gave Egypt 22 F- 16 Fighting Falcon air superiority fighter planes. This adds a new modern air force to Egypt’s existing powerful air force. The F-16 runs more than $12 million a copy.  He later sent them and additional 4 more F-16s.



Astoundingly, Obama has given Egypt 200 M1 Abrams Main battle tanks. The M-1 Abrams is the most fearsome tank in the world and provides Egypt with a new armored division. At US $4.35 million a copy, that’s about $870 million. With maintenance and training, the tanks gift rounds-out to about a billion dollars.

Wars Obamas Agenda Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?While Obama is devastating our military and intelligence community, he gave a sworn enemy, the ‘Islamic Brotherhood’ terrorist government in Egypt, billions of dollars in the latest war hardware. The U.S. has equipped Egypt with the equivalent of a modern division of armor and an air force. Egypt has the largest military force in the region and one of the largest in the world.



This time the Mideast centered war may well go nuclear, as the U.S. sits on it’s thumbs and ‘negotiates’ with Iranian fanatics who are closer to atomic weapons of mass destruction every day. The possibility grows daily that Iran’s fundamental Islamist will turn Televiv into a smoldering ashtray.

Wars Procrastinator 300x114 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?It’s anybody’s guess how our procrastinator in chief will react to a Middle East war. He waited months playing golf to finally give the commanding general in Afghanistan about half the troops the general asked for.



A Middle East war is inevitable, with an excellent chance of it occurring within the next 24 months. The highly probable scenarios are: • Egypt and Iran, Syria, Jordan with Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda affiliate assistWars Islam Will Dominate the World Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?ance attacking Israel. • Israel attacking Iran, lacking U.S. support, to eliminate the nuclear threat.

Note: Russia, China and N. Korea are supporting Iran in their nuclear weapon development. When Iran acquires the bomb there is a probability that they will hand it off to Hezbollah to attack Tel Aviv and New York and other major U.S. cities. Iran can then deny involvement.  Please scroll down this site to the feature article “Terrorist Attack On America-A True Story”.  TIP: Be prepared to shelter in place as you learn of a war involving Israel, Iran, Egypt and other Islamic countries.



TIP: Iran’s closing the Straits of Hormuz will limit oil supplies and prices will sky rocket. Prepare alternative means of transportation for essential travel and errands.

TIP: Don’t believe for a minute that this war will be restricted to the Middle East. Israel and Iran’s use of nuclear weapons will cause radiation poisoning in the Northern hemisphere around-the-world.

TIP: Learn aboWars World War III 2 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?ut life under martial law. A Middle East war may trigger a worldwide great depression. Governments reaction to severe economic depressions is declaring martial law.  Note: The Magnified View has published an article about  “Life Under Martial Law” further down on the blog and will be writing a series of articles about Martial Law later in the year.


Martial Law declared across America.  2014 is the year things may break out into mass violence in America. Look for Obama to declare Martial Law and announce a mandatory nationwide gun confiscation measure.  This, of course, will lead to even more violence as armed citizens begin fighting back against an out-of-control federal government that attempts to seize power and nullify the entire U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.  Governments over reaction helps the terrorists.  The restrictions of living under Martial Law massively inconveniences the citizens, promoting additional civil disturbance.

An eye opening, shocking snapshot of 27 U.S. wars and “military actions” since the year 2,000:

Wars Siera Leone Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2000 Sierra Leone: On May 12, 2000 a U.S. Navy patrol craft deployed to Sierra Leone to support evacuation operations from that country if needed.

Wars Nigeria Flag Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2000 Nigeria: Special Forces troops are sent to Nigeria to lead a training mission in the country.

War Yemen Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2000 Yemen: On October 12, 2000, after the USS Cole attack in the port of Aden,Yemen, military personnel were deployed to Aden.[RL30172]

Wars East Timor Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2000 East Timor: On February 25, 2000, a small number of U.S. military personnel were deployed to support the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET).

Wars China Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2001 China: On April 1, 2001, a mid-air collision between a United States Navy EP-3E ARIES II signals surveillance aircraft and a People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) J-811 interceptor fighter jet resulted in an international dispute between the United States and the People’s Republic of China called the Hainan Island incident.  Did you ever notice that any country called “Peoples” isn’t for the people?

Wars Afghanistan Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2001 War in Afghanistan: The War on Terrorism begins with Operation Enduring Freedom. On October 7, 2001, U.S. Armed Forces invade Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 attacks and begin combat action in Afghanistan against Al Quaeda terrorists and their Taliban cohorts.

War Yemen Flag Gif1 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2002 Yemen: On November 3, 2002, an American MQ-1 Predator fired a Hellfire missile at a car in Yemen killing Qaeda Salim Sinan al-Harethi, an al-Qaeda leader is thought to be responsible for the USS Cole bombing.

Wars Phillipines Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2002 Philippines: OEF-Philippines, January 2002 U.S., “combat-equipped and combat support forces” have been deployed to the Philippines to train with, assist and advise the Philippines Armed Forces in enhancing their “counterterrorist capabilities.”

Wars Cote dIvoire Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2002 Côte d’Ivoire: On September 25, 2002, in response to a rebellion in Côte d’Ivoire, U.S. military personnel went into Côte d’Ivoire to assist in the evacuation of American citizens from Bouake.

Wars Iraq Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2003–2011 War in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, March 20, 2003, The United States leads a coalition that includes Britain, Australia and Spain to invade Iraq with the stated goal being to disarm Iraq in pursuit of peace, stability, and security both in the Gulf region and in the United States and we are still there.

Wars Liberia Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2003 Liberia: Second Liberian Civil War, On June 9, 2003, President Bush reported that on June 8, he had sent about 35 U.S. Marines into Monrovia, Liberia, to help secure the U.S. Embassy in Nouakchott, Mauritania and to aid in any necessary evacuation from either Liberia or Mauritania.

Wars Georgia Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?Wars djibouti Flag Gif2 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2003 Georgia and Djibouti: US combat equipped and support forces had been deployed to Georgia and Djibouti to help in enhancing their “counter terrorist capabilities.”

Wars Haiti Flag  Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2004 Haiti: 2004 Haiti rebellion occurs, the U.S. first sent 55 combat equipped military personnel to augment the U.S. Embassy security forces there and to protect American citizens and property in flight. Later 200 additional U.S. combat-equipped, military personnel were sent to prepare the way for a UN Multinational Interim Force, MINUSTAH.[RL30172] 2004 War on Terrorism: U.S. anti-terror related activities were underway in Georgia, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Eritrea. Wars Pakistan Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2004–Present: Drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afganistan and who knows where else.

Wars Pakistan Flag Gif1 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2005–06 Pakistan: President Bush deploys troops from US Army Air Cavalry Brigades to provide humanitarian relief to far remote villages in the Kashmir mountain ranges of Pakistan stricken by a massive earthquake.

Wars Lebanon Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2006 Lebanon: U.S. Marine Detachment, the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, begins evacuation of U.S. citizens willing to leave the country in the face of a likely ground invasion by Israel and continued fighting between Hezbollah and the Israeli military.

Wars Somalia Flag  Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2007 Somalia: Battle of Ras Kamboni. On January 8, 2007, while the conflict between the Islamic Courts Union and the transitional federal government continues, an AC-130 gunship conducts an aerial strike on a suspected al-Qaeda operative, along with other Islamist fighters, on Badmadow Island near Ras Kamboni in southern Somalia.

Wars South Ossetia Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2008 South Ossetia, Georgia: Helped Georgia humanitarian aid.  Helped to transport Georgian forces from Iraq during the conflict. In the past, the U.S. has provided training and weapons to Georgia

. Wars Iraq Flag Gif1 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2010-11 War in Iraq: Operation New Dawn. On February 17, 2010, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced that as of September 1, 2010, the name “Operation Iraqi Freedom” would be replaced by “Operation New Dawn”.  This coincides with the reduction of American troops to 50,000.

Wars Libya Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2011 Libya: Operation Odyssey Dawn. Coalition forces enforcing U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 with bombings of Libyan forces.

Wars Pakistan Flag Gif2 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2011 War on Terrorism: Osama Bin Laden is killed by U.S. military forces in Pakistan as part of Operation Neptune Spear.

Wars Somalia Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2011 Drone strikes on al-Shabab militants begin in Somalia: This marks the 6th nation in which such strikes have been carried out, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

Wars Uganda Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2011 Uganda: U.S. Combat troops sent in as advisers to Uganda.

Wars Jordan Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2012 Jordan: 150 U.S. troops deployed to Jordan to help it contain the Syrian Civil War.

Wars Turkey Flag Gif Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2012 Turkey: 400 troops and two batteries of Patriot missiles sent to Turkey to prevent any missile strikes from Syria.

Wars Chad Flag Gif1 Crisis In The Ukraine   Balkans Doomsday?   2012 Chad: 50 U.S. troops have deployed to the African country of Chad to help evacuate U.S. citizens and embassy personnel from the neighboring Central African Republic’s capital of Bangui in the face of rebel advances toward the city. This list does not include continuous covert actions conducted by the CIA, DIA and emerging joint services and the  Special Operations community including US Army Special Forces, Rangers, US Navy Seals, US Marines and US Air Forces. The time to prepare is before a disaster not during the emergency.  Watch for the upcoming report on the continuing Middle East crises.

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Alert: Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

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Are You Ready?

San Diego, CA   April, 2014,  By: Yoda and Dauntless Don

Be Prepared Are you prepared Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

Cowardly Congress Gives Obama License To initiate and enforce Martial Law, arrest and incarcerate Law-abiding Citizens.

Obama is keeping his campaign pledge to ‘transform America’ including ‘creating a domestic security force larger than the US military’.

Red flag indicators:  For Example, you can and should readily research and confirm these unprecedented threats on your own. Hope for some miracle but prepare for the worst.

Here are significant potential societal collapse conditions that Obama has created or exacerbated. The likely-hood of one of these conditions peaking and causing a cascading domino effect, impacting the others is guaranteed.
Prudent people who prepare will survive and thrive.  The ostriches among us will suffer and some will perish.

Be Prepared Panic on the Streets1 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodHere is a factual snapshot of what’s happening from sea-to-shining sea:


  • Got Work!  Sky High unemployment and underemployment is at about great depression levels (Check Dep’t of Labor U-6 statistics).
  • Obama is encouraging people to “escape and be liberated from their jobs, sit on the couch and compose poetry”.   Dauntless Don:  “This takes couch potatoes to new depths”. 
  • Many millions of workers are losing their jobs while millions of others are being reduced to 29 hour work weeks, losing 25% of their income.
  • Obamacare disaster: Has devastated the world’s finest healthcare, trashed 15+% of the entire economy, causing massive unemployment and costing individuals unaffordable premiums for crucial medical care. No one knows where this “dead on arrival” health care will end up. It will remain on life support for years to come.
  • Food Stamps (EBT):   A breathtaking 50M people on food stamps. More signing-on every day. Obama promising “illegals” tacos for votes.
  • Poverty level:  A stunning 50M+ people live below the poverty level (Dep’t Health & Human Service),13M (26%) more than when Obama took office.  Yoda:  ‘”Are we Venezuela yet?”
  • Gun control (Confiscation): Obama’s aggressive attempt to render the citizens defenseless is unprecedented in American history. Connecticut and New York are confiscating guns from law abiding citizens at the time of this writing. Maryland isn’t far behind Connecticut.  Factoid:  Every government throughout history that has disarmed their citizens have taken tyrannical despotic control, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc.
  • Relinquishing US sovereignty:  Pursuing a ‘New World Order’ global governance agenda through the United Nations trashing America’s geopolitical role as ‘unexceptional’,  U.N. Agenda 21 puts American citizens on a par with third world fever port countries. Yoda:  “Are we West Africa yet?”
  • Amnesty and Open Border:  Amnesty will attract and legalize 40 million Latinos from Mexico and Central America.  Many are illiterate ( in their mother tongue Spanish), criminals, low skilled and diseased. This will add an enormous drain on entitlements, health care, education and prisons.  Yoda:  Muchas gracias Senor el Presidente?
  • Effective 03/01/14:  Obama approved the release of 68,000+ ‘illegal’ criminals incarcerated for felonies.  They walk among us now.
  • Effective 04/01/14:  Obama is preventing the deportation of ‘illegal’criminals on deportation lists.  They walk among us as well.

728x90 banner static Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

  • Obama has his own Border Patrol agents virtually handcuffed releasing illegals on the U.S. side of the Southern border. Recently, a supervising Border Control Inspector told Yoda, “The border is like a catch and release sports fishing contest.  If we can’t immediately identify border jumpers as felons, we ordered to release them on our side of the border.  There is no way to identify them as felons in the dark of night on the desert.”
  • Closet Muslim Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamists  from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere under the guise of humanitarian asylum.  A significant percentage of these imports are radicalized Jihadists, terrorists and common criminals.
  • Income equalization: This is right out of the three stooges ( Engles, Marx, Lenin) Communist Manifesto. Yoda:  Please search Communist Manifesto on the internet.  Recently, a supervising Border Control Inspector told Yoda, “The border is like a catch and release sports fishing contest.  If we can’t immediately identify border jumpers as felons, we ordered to release them on our side of the border.  There is no way to identify them as felons in the dark of night on the desert.
  • Destroying the US Military: Commander In Chief, Obama has reduced U.S. Armed Forces to pre World War II levels.   Obama has fired 200+ Generals and Admirals who won’t subscribe to his communist ideology. Several well respected Generals and Admirals are authoring books and appearing on major media, exposing the high treason of incapacitating our military.
  • Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood: (Al Quaeda) The US started the Arab Spring and is overtly and covertly funding, equipping and providing military advisors and contract mercenaries to the world’s oldest Islamic terrorist organization (Muslim Brotherhood) in Tunisia, Libya, (failed in Egypt) and now Syria. Obama is actively supporting Al Quaeda in North Africa and The Middle East. He is adventuring militarily in the Congo.
  • Bankrupt States, counties and cities: Lack of tax revenue from high unemployment, exorbitant pensions paid to retired civil servants have pushed major municipalities. Detroit, Chicago and Omaha are among 20+ cities filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  Many more are getting in the Chapter 9 line.
  • Major retail chains are closing stores: Macys, Sears, J.C. Penny, Albertsons, Krogers, Staples, Barnes & Noble, Target, Office Depot, Radio Shack – more. These closings are a strong barometer of an approaching economic collapse.

728x90 banner static Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

  • Crime is skyrocketing:  Cities cook the books on crime statistics, furnishing the FBI with reduced crime numbers. The FBI publishes the National Crime Statistics and liberal media lulls the citizens in to a false sense of security. Learn how the cities do that on Yoda’s Safe House at the top of the opening page.
  • Coppers, Firefighters and EMTs are being laid off from small, medium, large-sized cities and counties across the country.  Cities communistically lay off 1 copper and 1 Librarian – 1 Firefighter and 1 parks worker – 1 EMT and 1 streets worker.  You get the idea. When a disaster occurs the first responders won’t be responding.  It might be a good idea to prepare to be self sustaining during a disaster.
  • CORE Education Communist Indoctrination: The Department of Education is forcing a communist/anti-Christian, pro Islam curriculum on K-through 12 schools.
  • A wealthy Saudi owns the major U.S. textbook publisher.  No more Jack and Jill. It’s Abdul and Arma who run up the sand dune now.  Also, Biffy has two mommies!  Your spoiled kids are being taught to “rat on their parents”.   After a soccer game, where everyone gets a trophy, better flip through your kids text books. How fun!
  • Labor Union alliances: The gigantic teachers, SEIU and other large unions have joined with Obama in exchange for favors, exemption from Obamacare and other privileges.  Ironically, these will be the first people rounded up by his take over.  He will be fearful of a counter revolution on him by the unions.

Be Prepared Unemployment Graphic1 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodConclusions:  Patriotic, conservative, God fearing, hard working, law abiding citizens are in Obama’s crosshairs. They see their money going to the free loaders and their jobs going away, while prices increase.  This better not make you sick because you can’t afford Obamacare.

Analysis of current threats clearly disclose a closet communist President, hell bent for autocratic control. His Department of Homeland Security is a major tool to accomplish his treasonous goals.

The sum of these extraordinary conditions present a much greater threat to our freedoms, liberties and lifestyle than the individual parts. If this trend line is destiny, and it appears to be, we are in for some rough roads for years to come.

We have seen the enemy and it’s us!

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood
Be Prepared No DOHS Sign 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS):  “If the concept is skewed it doesn’t matter how well you do it.”  Putting these diverse agencies under a pyramid matrix was a flawed organizational concept since it’s founding in 2002  after (and as a consequence) of the Islamic Terrorist attack on 9-11-01.

Bureaucracy Bufoonery:  The administrative disruption to the agencies was and in many cases still is colossal. The cost or re-organization is enormous. The morale of patriotic agents is at rock bottom and has started to dig.


The Enemy within:  Obama’s appointment of hyper liberal, Janet Napolitano ( ‘The Gals Pal’), emasculated and virtually shut down several cGun Update 6 Big Sister Is Watching You 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhoodomponents of DHS. Napolitono was the head of DHS who couldn’t come-up with a single rationale for her department purchasing billions of bullets and 2,700 SWAT type armored vehicles.

Positive interaction between these turf guarding agencies is virtually impossible. Several have their own security classifications and sharing information with other agencies is prohibited.

Imagine steely-eyed Secret Service agents sitting at the same table with the TSA incompetents.  Add heroic Coast Guard officers meeting with paper-shufflers from the Office of File Cabinets. How about brave Border Patrol gunslingers versus super clerks from the bureaucracy.

Threat Camp Fema1 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodPutting aside for a moment his decimating the US military to pre World War II levels, Obama is configuring his umbrella agency, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to enforce absolute control of the population through executing and enforcing martial law.

Components of the monolithic Department of Homeland Security’s 200,000+ employees include:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  The agency’s primary purpose is to coordinate the response to a disaster that has occurred in the United States and that overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities.  The governor of the state in which the disaster occurs must declare a state of emergency and formally request from the President that FEMA and the federal government respond to the disaster. Hurricane Katrina is an outstanding example.
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), This massive facility in Georgia has a $99M mock American city, complete with a Christian church, stores, restaurants, hospital, subway and train. Component agencies of DHS are being trained in riot control and detention of law-abiding citizens who disagree with the administration.
  •  Transportation Security Administration (TSA), The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) protects the nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. Yoda: The TSA is wildly overreaching it’s charter, setting up check points on interstate freeways with heavily-armed agents. What are they training for?
  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), promotes homeland security and public safety through the criminal and civil enforcement of federal laws governing border control, customs, trade, and immigration. Yoda: “This is the agency commonly known as ICE.  Many of the agents were former Border Patrol Agents.”
  • United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Department of Homeland Security agency charged with regulating and facilitating international trade, collecting import duties, and enforcing U.S. regulations, including trade, customs, and immigration. CBP is the largest law enforcement agency in the United States. It has a workforce of more than 45,600 sworn federal agents and officers. It has its headquarters in Washington, D.C.
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG), is one of the United States Armed Forces and one of the country’s seven uniformed forces of the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission (with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters) and a federal regulatory agency mission as part of its mission set. It is a branch of the uniformed services of the United States. The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service.  Yoda: The ‘Coasties’ are serving in a combat role in Iraq and other U.S. military conflicts.
  • United States Secret Service (USSS), safeguards the nation’s financial infrastructure and payment systems to preserve the integrity of the economy, and protects national leaders, visiting heads of state and government, designated sites, and National Special Security Events. Yoda: These are the brave men and women who are sworn to take a bullet for the president.
  • Management Directorate is responsible for Department budgets and appropriations, expenditure of funds, identification and tracking of performance measurements.
  • National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD,) works to advance the Department’s risk-reduction mission. Reducing risk requires an integrated approach that encompasses both physical and virtual threats and their associated human elements.
  • Science and Technology Directorate (S&TD) is the primary research and development arm of the Department. It provides federal, state and local officials with the technology and capabilities to protect the homeland.

728x90 banner static Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

  • Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), works to enhance the nuclear detection efforts of federal, state, territorial, tribal, and local governments, and the private sector and to ensure a coordinated response to such threats. Yoda: These are the men and women who search for the ‘dirty bombs’.
  • Office of Health Affairs (OHA), coordinates all medical activities of the Department of Homeland Security to ensure appropriate preparation for and response to incidents having medical significance. Yoda: These men and women work closely with the US Army and Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for preparation and mediation of a biological, chemical or radiation attack.
  • Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), is responsible for using information and intelligence from multiple sources to identify and assess current and future threats to the United States. Yoda:  This office has been at loggerheads with the major letter agencies (FBI-CIA-NSA) since day one.
  • Office of Operations Coordination and Planning, is responsible for monitoring the security of the United States on a daily basis and coordinating activities within the Department and with governors, Homeland Security Advisors, law enforcement partners, and critical infrastructure operators in all 50 states and more than 50 major urban areas nationwide.
  • Office of Policy, is the primary policy formulation and coordination component for the Department of Homeland Security. It provides a centralized, coordinated focus to the development of Department-wide, long-range planning to protect the United States.

The Facts:  DHS is in fact training and arming elements of the US Post Office to form riot control teams.  Yoda: this gives ‘Going postal” a new meaning.  Militarized teams from the above bureaus,agencies, directorates and offices are being armed and trained at the new $99M mock US city in Virginia. The fully functional fake city includes a Christian church, schools, medical clinic, restaurants, subway and railroad. Agent teams from the above agencies are being trained in riot control, apprehension and detention of citizens who resist tyrannical control under martial law.

BREAKING:  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) The National Weather Service is purchasing military grade weapons and 10s of millions of bullets.  Yoda:  What the Hell are the hurricane hunters going to do, shoot clouds?

DHS is building detention camps on military bases and elsewhere.  DHS has inexplicably purchased billions of bullets, military grade guns, body armor, armored SWAT vehicles, secure communications equipment, millitary gear, Meals Ready To Eat rations (MREs), potable water stores, blankets, and body bags.

Be Prepared Natural Disasters Graphic 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodThere is no natural disaster, or combination of simultaneous Biblical-scope natural disasters that would warrant this level of federal preparation. That leaves a terrorist attack of such scale that would shut down the nation or more likely, cause an economic collapse which would give the Obama administration justification to install martial law and confine citizens to camps.

Obama lap lackeys are rightfully worried that the US military, National Guard, city and county law enforcement officers will not enforce ‘illegal orders’ and is dependent on his DHS ‘domestic security force larger than the US military’ to take total control.

Obama has fired 200+ generals, admirals and field grade officers who disagree with his closet communism takeover.  Honorable military officers and soldiers are not going to kill Americans.

The Obamaites are using a Nazi propaganda ploy creating fear of ‘militarized’ municipal police which the (liberal and right wing) sensational media are promoting.  It is an insult to logic that the copper next door who is the soccer coace for your kids will shoot you.

The coppers will be transcended and replaced by the new Hitlerarian brown shirts – the DHS. Units made up of desensitizedCartoon Obama Guns 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood agents of DHS who will be transported thousands of miles away from home to confront, arrest, control, confiscate the guns of and confine demonstrating citizens that they don’t know.

High echelon government insiders have discreetly and confidentially told the Mag View ( on condition of anonymity), that Obama’s inner circle cadre is planning a false flag incident or incidents including inciting riots in major cities in order to order and enforce  martial law.

But it doesn’t take a brain surgeon or a senior crisis management executive ( likeYoda) to see that America is facing serious problems. And right now, we need individually to prepare for five contingencies:

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

Be Prepared Thugs For Obama 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood1.Economic collapse – Stocks crash -50+% unemployment, crime surge – Empty store shelves, hyper inflation – riots – martial law

2.Government takeover – Road blocks- check points – travel restrictions- communications (Internet) takeover – news blackouts -dusk to dawn curfews-martial law-gun confiscation

3.Natural disaster – casualties, hospitals overwhelmed-local and regional government dysfunction – electric grid failures -maurauding street gangs, looting – martial law-FEMA incompetent response

4.Large-scale terrorist attack, public panic – economy temporarily hits bottom – air travel curtailment – government overreaction – martial law

5.Personal crisis – loss of income, illness, accident. – Life happens – financial distress

As Obama’s feds are undertaking this unprecedented colossal magnitude of preparations, shouldn’t you be prepared to protect yourself and your family ?

Here is your single source encyclopedia to learn how to custom tailor preparations to your individual conditions to prepare yourself for natural and man caused disasters.  Yoda recently commented on Fox News that “It should be called the peace-of-mind- manual”

728x90 banner Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood
Making the Best of Basics

Making the Best of Basics is the comprehensive all you need to know definitive manual for disaster preparation from A -to Z. The easy to read, award-winning 500+ page handbook has sold 800,000+ copies since the author James Talmage Stevens published the first edition in 1974. The manual is in it’s 14th edition upgrade.

Preparing 5 minutes after a disaster occurs is too late.”  Dauntless Don:  “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

Don’t put this off.  Order now by clicking on the above ad.


There have been thousands of favorable highly complimentary book reviews of the Family Preparedness Handbook, posted on book sellers sites, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere on the WWW.

The essence of the reviews are that the handbook provides practical, economical, actionable preparation tactics, methods and strategies for prudent people.

# 1 “Had I bought this in the first place I would have saved a lot of money on nonsense prepper books.” J. Johnson NYC

# 2 “We are using this book as a manual in firefighter training classes.” J Hansen, Deputy Chief, Wellington FD

# 3 “This book provides real-world advice.” Cheryl W. Madison, WI

# 4 “I bought 5 books for my supervisors.”  P. Hollingsworrth, Seattle, WA

# 5 “If it’s not in this blockbuster manual, you don’t need it.”  Lat, host of the popular Poor Man Prepper radio show

Click below to purchase “Making the Best of Basics Family Preparedness Handbook”.
234x60 banner Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

Family Preparedness Handbook

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728x90 banner Family Preparedness Handbook

 Family Preparedness Handbook


James Talmadge Stevens (AKA – Dr. Prepper) literally wrote the book on prudent practical economical disaster preparation. The best selling 500+ page ‘Family Preparedness Handbook’ is the recognized encyclopedia for custom tailoring preparations to individual urban, suburban and rural conditions.

Co-host Yoda adds decades of worldwide crisis management experience to the popular program.

Every Friday night:   7:30 (PDST) at

Call in # (347)324-3704

For questions:  Telephone:  760-505-0417

I’ll Drink To That!

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 “ILL DRISecret Service Badge Ill Drink To That! NK TO THAT’!!…………..Said Yoda




San Diego, CA March 28, 2014 – By Yoda


3 agents from the Secret Service elite Counter Assault Team had too much alcohol to drink while off duty in The Hague, Holland on March 23, 2014. They have been sent back to Washington D.C. for disciplinary action. The President was not in Holland at the time of their happy hour. Story should end.

President Obama is leading the charge now against his own protection agents who are sworn to take a bullet for him………..Brilliant!  Of course, his lap-dog liberal goody two shoes media are piling on with him, demonizing the agents.

To hear Obama, listen to TV and radio and read the press and blogs, the agents burned down the orphanage and forever ruined the reputation of America. The entire service is demonized now because 3 guys had too much to drink.


Secret Service Obama Coke Ill Drink To That! Double standard Obama:  While publicly bragging about using marijuana, cocaine, and ‘other hard drugs’, Obama condemns his bodyguards for blowing-off some steam.

Conservative Right Wing, Bill O’ Reilly and Greta Van Sustern (Fox News) were emotionally indignant, on-air, that 3 Alpha males drank too much alcohol and wanted the agents severely punished.  You can count on everyone kicking you while you’re down.

The President was not at risk. In fact, no one was at risk. Maybe 3 agents were at risk of a hangover.

These unsung heroic men and women are quintuplet volunteers, graduate ardurous training curriculums, maintain the highest esoteric skill sets and live in an intense environment that few people can even imagine.

They frequently need to protect the President who from a security perspective are their own worst enemies and threats.

“I have been in the counter-terrorist community decades before it was fashionable,” said Yoda,  “I can imagine having to put up with the outrageous baggage and personal insults that comes with the likes of protecting President Obama, Michele, Carter, Slick Willy and Hillary.  Better them than me.”

Yoda continued, “I want real men and women protecting me. I don’t want politically correct, tea totaling wusses that Obama and Michelle prefer, covering me.”

Yoda, Janorama and the Mag View Team stand firmly with our Secret Service heroes.

Yoda at

Secret Service Happy Hour Ill Drink To That! P.S. The brave men and women of the Secret Service have an open invitation to stop by our office for cocktails.


Sky High Crime Coming To Your Community

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Poor Man Prepper Logo Sky High Crime Coming To Your Community


When seconds count, the first responders won’t be coming.  Coppers, firefighters and EMTs are being laid off from sea to shining sea.  Already short-staffed public safety officers are being let go in a communistic manner right out of a Marxist management  manual.   The city fathers fire one copper, one librarian.  One firefighter, one streets worker.  One medic, one parks clerk.  You get the idea.  The old axiom “there’s never a cop around when you need one”.

Many cities and counties are flat broke due to reduced tax revenues because of high unemployment, exorbitant pensions paid to retired civil servants and monies spent on illegal aliens.   38 cities and counties have filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy since 2010 and more are teetering on the edge. Detroit, Chicago and Omaha are examples of government insolvency.

Wars Are You Prepared Sky High Crime Coming To Your Community Learn how your city fathers force feed the FBI false crime figures.  The feckless feds publish the fraudulent figures found in the national crime statistics.  This causes you  to let your guard down, be complacent and a potential victim.

President Obama is keeping his pledge to ‘transform America’.  He is taking funding from municipal and county public safety, devestating the military, and giving the funds to entitlements.  He is encouraging his progressive freeloaders by offering free stuff favorites to ‘escape their jobs’ and be liberated from work, sit on the couch at home and compose poetry.   Roses are red, violets are blue and we are screwed too.

The ridiculous plastic blow-dried Republican politicians are now joining the Democrats for amnesty, open border, Obamacare, gun confiscation and other programs, hoping to get votes from the freeloaders. Whats the odds on that happening?

Obama’s liberal lap dog media are largely ignoring the public safety cutbacks and minimizing the crime statistics. The media is misdirecting  their viewers and readers about the  ‘militarization of the police’.  They hide that Obama’s fear tactics includes  incorporating,  arming and training the DHS, FEMA, TSA, EPA and now the US Post Office in preparation for total control of the population under martial law.  Picture Pauline, your 50 year old mail deliverer with her mail bag and an M-16 Assault Weapon.  What an image!

Obamas Scandals 4 Sky High Crime Coming To Your Community Listen and learn from Yoda’s guest appearance on the popular Poor Man Prepper radio show.  To listen to this podcast from March 1, 2014,  Click Here!

Exclusive: Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSD

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Gun Tim King Exclusive:  Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSD




The Magnified View is making an exception to our publishing policy of only featuring articles authored and corroborated by our staff.

Tim King and Jerry Freeman’s,   exclusive news article exposing the US government’s gun confiscation is vital to law abiding citizens defending ourselves and our families, freedom and liberties.

Kudos to Tim King and Jerry Freeman of

Janorama / Editor in Chief


Jan-09-2014 23:18


EXCLUSIVE: Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSD

Tim King and Jerry Freeman,

When did serving your country become a crime?

kirby then now 350 Exclusive:  Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSD
Pat Kirby during the Vietnam War, and today.


(MYRTLE CREEK, OR) – If Pat Kirby has his guns taken away by the federal government, then everyone else is probably going to eventually face the same thing.  The clock is ticking.  Pat Kirby is a decorated Oregon Vietnam Veteran with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  He never imagined he would receive a letter telling him he will have to turn over his guns, or face imprisonment.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.


Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.


Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.


Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.


    - Martin Niemöller


1389336160 Exclusive:  Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSDSue Kirby takes care the family finances.


Pat Kirby is the ultimate expression of a law abiding American citizen.  He served his country, worked hard to raise a family, and created a nice life in spite of his PTSD.  But his comfort zone was jerked away when he was told he had to give up one of his most basic rights for the most unbelievable reasons.

His crime?

There was no no crime. The Veterans Administration has deemed Mr. Kirby “incompetent” because his wife takes care of their finances. He has a good credit rating, he pays his taxes, he has never been arrested in his life, yet the federal government says he will have to surrender his firearms and give up his Second Amendment right due to the VA’s designation of “incompetent”.  His alleged incompetence is based on his own admission that he does not take care of his own finances.

He and Sue live in a wooded, rural area near Myrtle Creek, Oregon, where wild animals often threaten their property, but now this honorable Vet may be left defenseless.


The word “frustrating” may not be sufficient to describe this family’s feelings about the letter they recently received from the Portland, Oregon VA.

Pat Kirby served multiple tours in Vietnam in the U.S. Army, earning numerous decorations and medals for his service.  Among these are several Purple Hearts.  He was a sergeant in the Vietnam War who put all of his effort into saving the lives of his fellow soldiers, and on many occasions that is exactly what he did.

Meeting Pat, you get the sense you are meeting a hero; a man whose personal history is central to the very meaning of this country. Another Veteran who was heavily decorated from his service in the Vietnam War is Stuart Steinberg, a Bend, Oregon resident who was one of the first members of Vietnam Veterans of America.  He served with various explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams during his two tours in Vietnam.

There is no question that Pat’s life has been heavily affected by his military service.  He has medical issues like so many other Vietnam Veterans, but nothing has had the measurable impact that this ruling does.  According to the documents, the demand that Veterans in Pat Kirby’s shoes give up their firearms is based on the Brady Bill.  I spoke to Mr. Steinberg about Pat Kirby’s case, which he has been familiar with for several years.

1389337595 Exclusive:  Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSDStuart Steinberg


“The Brady Act does not, in fact, allow a person like Pat to be denied gun ownership rights. The VA, and, apparently, the Federal government, are using the section about being ‘adjudicated a mental defective’ to illegally deny men like Pat Kirby the rights he fought for during his 37 months in Vietnam. The key word, there, is ‘adjudicated.’ A finding by the VA that someone is incompetent to handle his money is not an adjudication. To adjudicate something is to hear and settle a case by judicial procedure. This is not a judicial procedure–it is a finding by a  bureaucrat who is not a mental health professional. This is something that needs to be resolved by litigation because what the VA is doing is illegal and unconstitutional.”

A personal friend of men like Sec. of Defense, John Kerry, and U.S. Congressman Ron Wyden, Stuart Steinberg is a former Georgetown University Law Professor.  From 1982 to 2003, he worked as a public defender and as a criminal defense investigator, specializing in capital murder cases.  Suffice to say, Mr. Steinberg’s opinion regarding this bizarre and unprecedented action of the VA to seize the guns of decorated Combat Veterans who have never so much as been arrested, has measurable significance.

PTSD is a killer, but experts like Dr. Phil Leveque in Oregon, who has battled PTSD personally since fighting in the Second World War, then went on to treat thousands of PTSD Vets as a physician, says that when managed, PTSD Veterans tend to live extremely successful lives.  That is Pat Kirby’s story.

1389337699 Exclusive:  Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSDDr. Phil Leveque on right, after interview with PBS Producer Ken Burns


Stuart Steinberg said, “The VA contends that because someone might have problems handling their money, somehow, this makes them unable to own guns. What’s next? Are they going to take guns from combat veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or a Traumatic Brain Injury, even if they have never committed a crime, never committed a violent act?”

It seems fair to assume that if the federal government takes Pat Kirby’s guns away, they are sending a message to all Veterans – if they admit they have PTSD from wartime service, they can’t talk about it or reveal it at all.  They can’t seek treatment, they can’t tell their VA doctor, because if they do, they will likely receive the same letter Mr. Kirby received.  In this scenario, their wounds will fester and terrible things will happen as a result. That is not alarmist, it is a simple fact based on the history of many cases.

It is important that Pat Kirby says he could take care of his family’s finances.  He leaves that up to his wife, Sue, and has legal documents with a game plan for Pat’s finances in case something happened to his wife.  In that event his daughter would take care of his financial matters, and his son-in-law would be next in line.  It seems more than adequate and risk free.  Sue Kirby stresses that her husband has a very good credit rating, all of this from the VA really took the family by surprise.

The Veterans Administration and U.S. Congressman, Ron Wyden, are holding a meeting in Roseburg, Oregon at the time of this writing.  Sue Kirby read a letter to the assembly of Veterans advocates telling Pat’s story, and asking for intervention.

To Read Sue Kirby’s letter and other articles by Tim King and Jerry Freeman Click Here

Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2

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 Gun Update 6 Citizens Hand Over Your Guns2 195x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2

Obama Gun Grab Critical Update For U.S. Vets And Families

Posted by Yoda and Dauntless Don

Our worldwide radio audiences have requested we re-run this feature article under the masthead. Since it was originally published (06/20/13) numerous affinity blogs have published the article. Here it is back by audience demand.

Obama and his minions have quietly escalated their gun confiscation crusade through back door tactics.

* Obama has issued a whopping 23 Executive Orders and 3 presidential memorandum restricting gun ownership.

* The feds are providing states with monetary incentives – $20 million in fiscal year FY 2013 and a proposed $50 million in FY 2014 – to share information so that records will prohibit individuals from gun ownership, including armed forces veterans.

* Department of Homeland Security (DHS) buying-up billions plus bullets choking-off the supply of bullets and inflating prices.

* Incasing tariffs and imposing import restrictions on small arms ammunition. e.g. Most small arms ammunition is manufactured overseas.

* Closing lead manufacturing plants through new restrictive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

* Classifying and prohibiting everything as an ‘assault weapon’

* Signing international treaties eliminating gun ownership.

* Supporting Article 21 at the United Nations depriving citizens of gun ownership worldwide.

* Implementing elaborate gun registration information compiling a data base for confiscation. e.g. Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung did this effectively.

Question:  Why are there background checks for gun ownership and not for the President of the United States of America?

The places with the strictest gun control have the most violent crime. Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Mexico.

The singular reason to render citizens defenseless is for the government to have total control.

Gun Update 6 Update 300x165 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and  Their Families.

Obama Puts Vets’ Guns In The Crosshairs

San Diego, Originally Posted 06/2013 Yoda  -&- Dauntless Don

Part 7 of the Magnified View’s Blockbuster,  “Government Grabbing Your Guns” Series.

Gun Update 6 Veterans Scam Alert3 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2News Flash,  2013:

This vitally important warning  is for the 22+ million  U.S. Veterans, their families, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and anyone who knows a veteran. It is equally imperative for all law-abiding US  citizens.


Gun Update 6 Celebration Time Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2The latest gun grab bill is  dead!

Law abiding citizens 1 – versus – Obama  0

Ms. FeinsteiGun Update 6 Feinstein Make Guns Illegal except mine 236x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2n suffered a defeat as decisive as it was personal when she watched her fellow senators vote her bill down, 40 to 60, as they scuttled a  broader package of gun control legislation.

Numerous White house sources report that President  Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Reid and Pelosi are personally affronted and outraged about their  resounding defeat.

“President Obama will institute gun control through executive order by the end of this year”, announced Vice President, Bungling  Biden on television twice in April of this year.

Down but not oGun Update 6 Warning Armed American Veteran Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2ut, Feinstein has an even broader gun  bill in the works with Obama’s full support.

First:  Our heartfelt thanks to each and every veteran, man and woman  for  their sacrifice, standing up to help save our Republic safe for  Democracy.

It is an indisputable fact of life (and death) that in societies where the citizens are armed, there is significantly fewer crimes to persons than where people are  forbidden to have guns.

Conversely, where thGun Update 6 Fact 300x237 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2e people are disarmed there is  considerably greater crimes to person.

Despite that President Obama and his staff  are well apprised of this fact, they  are zealously attempting to render the good citizens defenseless. The only  plausable reason for his systematic, methodical, diabolical attempt to disarm  the citizens is to acquire limitless draconian  control.

Gun  control isn’t about guns – it’s about control. The Commander in  Chief is implementing a tyrannical plan to specifically target every man  and woman who has ever served in the armed forces.

VA  whistleblowers have decided to speak  out.   APPLAUSE!

VA  Shrink Admits He Gets a $3K   Bonus Per Vet For Seizing Their guns.Gun Update 6 The Whistleblower 300x263 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2

A New York psychiatrist has opened-up,  revealing shocking and detailed  information, regarding a subtle, yet deliberate, concerted effort by the  Veterans Administration and other public entities to begin confiscating guns and  other weapons from U.S. Veterans Administration psychiatric evaluations records.

Read more:    FULL INTERVIEW:   VA Doctor (Psychiatrist)  Exposes National Gun Confiscation

If the irrefutable facts disclosed in this article doesn’t wake up the misguided, marginalized vets, that voted for Obama, it’s worse than I had hoped.

Gun Update 6 Background Checks 300x225 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2Throughout history, the first step in gun confiscation is the  government creating a comprehensive  gun registry acquired through a  ”complete background check”.

It would be helpful to run a  background check on candidates running for  President of the United States of  America.

Here are the core  intent and  purposes of Feinstein’s gun bill.  The gun bill  that no one was allowed to see. Discreetly obscured amongst thousands of pages  of legislature are provisions to deny all veterans the right to  keep and bear arms.

Here is the hidden flim  flam. The Bills presume that all vets have Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder ( PTSD ). The bills specify that any veteran who has received  psychological anGun Update 6 VA Madness 161x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2d/or psychiatric counseling while in the service or afterword at a  VA medical facility, will be prohibited from owning a  gun.

As you will recall, psychological questions were a routine component of your separation from service process (“Mustering out” for us  older vets).

Induction into the VA health care or  benefits system includes psychological-based questions. Therefore, Crimestein gets her exercise with a convenient leap to misrepresenting a couple of stock questions to be receiving  ”psychological  counseling”.

Okay!   No gun for you!  This  chicanery denies U.S. Vets (who make 7+% of  the entire U.S. population),  the ability to defend themselves and their  families.Gun Update 6 Beware Obamacare 300x280 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2

Crimestein’s quote:  Feinstein  (D-CA ) “All vets are  mentally ill and government should prevent them from owning firearms”.  For your hypocracy collection, Crimestein carries a pistol, has a  carrying concealed weapons permit and is surrounded by a heavily armed security detail.

Medication  generations:  Per the Center For Disease Control and Prevention,  an astounding 2 out of five women are (or have) taken prescribed antidepressants and/or anti anxiety meds. One out of five men have also taken antidepressants or anti anxiety meds.

The bills exclude Gun Update 6 NY Begins Gun Grab 300x200 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2anyone (Vet or not) who has ever been prescribed antidepressant or anti anxiety meds e.g.the IRS has gobbled-up 70,000+ citizen medical records as the start of something big. This  farce will knock out over a hundred million people, (nearly 32% of the entire population) from owning a firearm.

New  York is confiscating guns now.  David  Lewis, 35, of Amherst, New York,  received a notice that his permit was  revoked and he was to turn in his weapons or they would come and get them and  charge him with illegal firearms possession.

The  VA patient records data base is high among the finest in the world  and  Obamacare will provide the data base that discloses patients that have ever been prescribed antidepressants or anti anxiety meds.

Big Sis, Napolitano, of DHS  (AKA The Gals Pal) has included U.S. veterans in a list of potential terrorists while leaving out young Gun Update 6 Big Sister Is Watching You Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2bearded Middle Eastern Jihadist  males.

Big Sis cannot articulate why DHS has purchased an astounding  billion and a half  bullets and 2,700 SWAT type vehicles along with other weapons.  The obvious  reason is for DHS, FEMA and TSA to use weapons against U.S. citizens in times of  “civil disturbances”.  The writer, along with scores of savvy journalists, opines that a false flag and/or economic collapse such as a “bank holiday” will cause a civil disturbance. e.g. there is a bill in congress prohibiting DHS from buying even more bullets.

The  nefarious diabolic purpose of Complete Background Checks is:

1.  For the  federal government to compile a comprehensive data base identifying who has  the guns.

Gun Update 6 Citizens Hand Over Your Guns2 195x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 22.  To provide the federal  government with, however preposterous, probable cause to confiscate the  guns coincidental with the implementation of martial  law.

3.  To discourage law  abiding citizens from going through all the red tape of the background  check.  Hence, they will be disarmed.

4.  To give the federal government full control of the helpless, defenseless, citizens, destroying liberties and freedoms provided by the constitution.

Criminals, psychopaths, street gangs, Narco Cartels and terrorists buy their guns out of the trunks of cars, on the street and from sophisticated black market gun trafficking  channels.   It is preposterous that they will attempt to buy guns legally.

Besides Fast and Furious, ever wonder where the Mexican Narco Cartels get their weapons?  Did anyone ever really believe that .50 cal machine guns, grenades and  RPG 7′s could be purchased at Texas gun stores?  Picture a sombrero wearing Mexican pushing a heavy machine gun RPG laden shopping cart through the aisles of a gun store.  What an image!

Ever wander where the Narco terrorists cartels get their military weapons from?  For more than a decade, the U.S. government furnishes the Mexican  government with $20+ million dollars of military grade weapons, plus trick electronic communicaGun Update 6 Texas Gun Stores 300x165 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2tions and surveillance equipment every year.  The senior individuals in the corrupt Mexican government sells them to the cartels.  This is window dressing for the failed ‘war on drugs’.

The bills in  legislation include provisions to require that gun owners keep (unloaded) guns  locked in a safe. The Bills include surrender of your 4th Amendment rights, allowing authorities to make surprise visits to your home. When the burglars are coming in your window or home invaders are at the door, tell  them to wait a few minutes while you unlock your safe and get and load your  gun.

A  large percentage of vets surveyed, believe that Obama will create a  false flag incident to executive order a national martial law and consequential gun confiscation.

Gun Update 6 Now Turn In Your Guns2 300x196 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2Staid respected conservative news  publications (The WSJ, Atlantic, Forbes and others), along with  prestigious think tanks are speculating that Obama will order martial law to attain his Marxist New World Order goals.

The good guys won this battle, but Obama’s gun grab war will go on and on.  There are already plans in the works for a “modified”  bill.

Register for future veteran  updates.

Forward  to a vet  friend.

Stick to your guns and stay  safe!

Yoda, U.S.  Air Force -&- U.S.  Army  Veteran

Dauntless Don,  U.S.  Marine Corps Veteran

Janorama / Editor in Chief

USA ( 760 ) 505-0416

Gun Update 6 When Guns Are Outlawed Obama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and Their Families 2

P.S.   For patriotic,  committed conservatives:  To  learn how to survive and  thrive  under extremely restrictive martial law, scroll down to Yoda’s 10 part predictions for 2013 and  beyond on this  blog.

P.P.S. An outstanding idea from Jarhead Dauntless Don to limit the wars we engage in and save the lives of  countless men and women:  ”Draft every 10th Senator, Congressman, Cabinet  member and senior staffer. Draft their first born sons and daughters and assign them to a combat arms unit at the forward edge of battle (FEB).

“Watch the sudden drop in the number of wars and  military actions we engage in,”  said Don.

The Healthcare System is Down

Posted by Yoda | Posted in Government Healthcare Plan, Healthcare, Home, Magnified View, News Analysis, Strategies for Survival, Tactics and Training | Posted on 27-10-2013


Obamas Healthcare2 300x212 The Healthcare System is DownOBAMACARE IS GREAT!…………AS LONG AS YOU NEVER GET SICK

Why has almost no one observed that national health care has failed catastrophically in virtually every country it has been attempted?

The Mag View analytics team is closely watching this dangerous disaster unfold and will provide you with some actionable tactics, methods and strategies to survive this Obama attempt at communistic control of the good citizens.

Stay well!     Yoda

Gold Star Mother Susan Price Goes To Washington

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San Diego, CA 10/12/13 By Janorama



Susan Photograph1 150x150 Gold Star Mother Susan Price Goes To WashingtonBefore Benghazi there was Ganjgal. Courageous Gold Star mother, Susan Price, will take part in US Army Captain Will Swenson’s Medal of Honor ceremonies at the White House on Tuesday,  October 15, 2013  and the Pentagon on Wednsday October 16, 2013.

ThereSusan Medal Of Honor1 150x150 Gold Star Mother Susan Price Goes To Washington were 2 Congressional Medal of Honors in the “Ganjgal Ambush”.  Captain Swenson will be the second to receive the Medal of Honor  as his Merit Citations were lost in the computer twice during the last 3 of 4 years.  Captain Swenson and USMC Sergeant Dakota Meyer are the two warriors to receive the Medal of Honor, the highest medal awarded for valor, for their  heroic actions in the Ganjgal Ambush.  They earned this highest honor for rescuing the warriors in the Taliban ambush trap, near the Pakistan border  in Ganjgal, Afghanistan on September 8th, 2009.

“The bereaved families of our fallen heroes have been seeking closure for four long  years,”  Ms Price told Janorama, founding Editor in Chief of the Mag View,  “I will never give up in my pursuit of justice.”

Ms PriceSusan Gold Star Flag1 150x150 Gold Star Mother Susan Price Goes To Washington has lead the investigation of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of fallen warriors, to discover the truth about what really  happened to her son, USMC Sgt. Aaron Kenefick, in the ambush of our brave troops in “Operation Dancing Goat 11″.  The ambush has become infamously known as…..  before Benghazi there was Ganjgal.

Magnified View correspondents will cover the ceremonies live and report here and on our sister radio station, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

Susan AP Celebrity 150x150 Gold Star Mother Susan Price Goes To WashingtonView Susan’s site

To view the ceremonies go to the following links:  Whitehouse – Ceremony begins at 2:10 PM  EDST  Pentagon – Ceremony begins at 2:10 PM  EDST

Refuse To Be A Victim

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Seminars Security Refuse To Be A VictimWHAT: 

On-air Personal Safety and Security Seminar.  Learn on-air how to shield and protect yourself and your family and acquire peace of mind in these dangerous times.


Street savvy security,  defensive car maneuvers,  traveling safe,  home and workplace security, identity theft protection,  practical preparations for natural and manmade emergencies and much, much more.



Seminars Yoda 150x150 Refuse To Be A VictimYODA – penname of our seasoned, veteran, counter-terrorist team leader.  Yoda brings decades of experience consulting and training US and allied intelligence,  Law Enforcement,  Military field operations and SWAT teams.  Yoda is active in the field in counter-Narco terrorist cartel operations, so maintains a penname.


SENIOR INSTRUCTORS:  Doug and Joe Hagmann.  Father and son tag team with extensive experience in Seminars Detective1 150x150 Refuse To Be A Victimconducting complicated investigations and consulting US major letter law enforcement agencies.  The Hagmann’s are proprietors and hosts of the popular Hagmann and Hagmann Report radio program and affiliate web sites.  The Hagmanns are providing the radio platform for the seminar.

COST:  The Hagmann & Hagmann Report is a listener supported program. If you are able, please send donations to help pay for the seminar.  To donate, go to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report site and click on their donate button by clicking here –

We are clSeminars Tactical Talk1 Refuse To Be A Victimoser to a major disruption or societal collapse each and every day.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to cope with the current challenges, coping with food and water shortages and living under Martial Law.

Tell a friend!

WHEN:  Third segment,  Saturday, October 12th, 2013, USA 18:00 hours, Eastern Standard Time.


Seminars Testimonies2 Refuse To Be A Victim

“Superior seminar!  Happy to make my contribution and added you to my favorites list”,  Lt. LBW, NYPD.

“May God bless you for this information.  Our entire congregation will listen and learn from your next broadcast”,  Anglican Pastor, M. Round,  High Barnet, England.

“So happy we tuned in last night. Thank you for the seminar”,  Sue in Wisconsin.

“I have heard you a number of times on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, and I always enjoy your valuable information, your wry sense of humor, and your love for your audience”,  Mary Ann.

Developing Investigation

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Seal Team 6 Cover Up1 300x225 Developing InvestigationDEVELOPING INVESTIGATION!

Exposing Obama’s Cover-up Of The Death Of 22 Seal Team 6 Operators in Afghanistan

San Diego CA, 09/2013 by Yoda and Dauntless Don

Following years of deliberate government smokescreens and whitewashes from the highest echelons of the Obama administration, the spouses and families of the fallen are still screaming for the truth. The Magnified View has undertaken a comprehensive worldwide investigation of the of the tragic deaths of 22 SEAL Team 6 Operators in Afghanistan. “President Obama and the politicians came for a photo-op at the memorial, put their arms around our shoulders, told us a bunch of lies, then disappeared”,  said Charlie Strange, outspoken father of fallen Seal CRT Michael Strange.

Parallel with the SEAL Team 6 investigation, the Mag View team is exposing the government cover-up of the ambush of a Gold Star Mother, Cover Ups Left To Die4 Developing InvestigationSusan Price’s heroic son, USMC Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Kenefick  killed in the Ganjgal ambush that has become infamous as the pre-Benghazi – Benghazi. “This cover-up goes right to the top of the White House”,  said Susan Price on an appearance on 60 minutes.

“The widows and parents of our fallen heroes have been lied to personally by President Obama and his lackeys for too long,”  said Janorama, Editor in Chief of the Magnified View. “The families of these heroes have gone broke and are jobless as a consequence of their search for closure.  We will not allow this heartbreak tragedy to fade in to some dusty cold case file”.

The mass media news cycSeal Team 6 Benghazi Cover Up 300x160 Developing Investigationle has replaced the SEAL Team 6 tragedy with storys about Benghazi, NSA spying on Americans, IRS targeting conservatives, the Department of Justice (DoJ) Fast and Furious fiasco, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) unexplainable purchase of guns, billions of bullets and 2,700+ armored vehicles, Transportation Security Agency (TSA) GESTAPO like excesses, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ludicrous enforcements and other scandals emerging throughout this administration.

The Mag View’s Intel investigative arm (IPS Group) negotiated the release of hostages held aboard a bomb-packed Venezuelan Avenza airline, skyjacked by a Libyan Islamic Jihadist that landed in Guatemala. The team was instrumental in securing the release of the US hostages held in Beirut by Hezbollah and provided care to Threat Obama Hillary Blood On Their Hands Developing Investigationthe hostages’ families.

The team has investigated, negotiated and secured the release of US and foreign national hostages held by Narco Terrorist Cartels. Our work is done in hazardous environments in the world’s hot spots.

The Magnified View’s worldwide investigative team is made up of seasoned experts only with advanced degrees. These multilingual professionals come from multiple Intelligence, Special Operations, law enforcement and legal specialties.

We are working side-by-side with our exclusive affiliate radio program, the Hagmann and Hagman Report. The pre-eminent father and son Hagmann and Hagmann Report Promo1 Developing Investigationteam hosts, Doug and Joe Hagmann, bring extensive professional investigative experience to their popular six day per week program. The hosts personally connect with their worldwide audience with sardonic wit. They bring on contemporary attention-grabbing guests to their program.

“We are laser-focused on the suspicious circumstances surrounding the helicopter shoot down of Seal Team 6 (Extortion #17) and ambush of a composite unit known as Ganjgal, the pre-Benghazi-Benghazi. USMC Sergeant Cover Ups Dakota Meyer Developing InvestigationDakota Meyer was awarded the coveted Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in this ambush. US Army Captain Will Swenson will receive his CMH on October 15th,2013,”  said Mag View Editor in Chief, Janorama.

Early in our investigation the Mag View has come to the attention of US Special operations officers, senior government officials, major media journalists, TV anchors, policy-level Fortune 500 executives and other influential patriots with their offers of help.

We have already received two whistle blower tips directing us to follow-up research. “We will not disappoint the families of our fallen hero’s,” promised Janorama, founding partner of the Magnified View.  “ We will be reporting progress landmarks in our investigation over the air waves through the Hagmann and Hagmann Report  and here on this site.

Please share with friends.  Experience reveals that valid tips come from the patriotic public.

Gun Update 6 What is a Whistleblower 300x115 Developing Investigation

Please send tips, ideas, suggestions and comments to  We promise your confidentiality will be protected.

Janorama – Founding Editor in Chief  Telephone:USA (760) 505-0416

Yoda’s On Air Personal Safety & Security Training Seminar

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Hagmann and Hagmann Report Promo Yodas On Air Personal Safety & Security Training Seminar


The Premier Hagmann and Hagmann Report Hosts Counter-terrorist Yoda’s Virtual Training Seminar,  Set To Rock Worldwide Radio Audiences.


Honest, hard-working, patriotic Americans need to upgrade their security awareness and learn counter measures to meet and defeat the skyrocketing crime and prepare for  threats to their persons and property.

Hamann and Hagmann Report Tactical and Training2 300x178 Yodas On Air Personal Safety & Security Training SeminarListeners to this six part safety and security series will learn practical actionable tactics, methods and strategies to protect themselves, their families and associates on the street, in their homes and at their workplaces.

Don’t miss Yoda’s virtual, FREE, safety seminar on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Friday’s beginning, September 27th, 2013, at 8:00 PM EST. The six part series will air on Fridays,  9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, and 11/01.

Click here for live programs, every week day, from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM and for previous archived programs.

“We attended Yoda’s seminar in Pasadena and learned a lot.” Sergeant Jim B, LAPD

“It’s our pleasure and priviledge to broadcast Yoda’s seminar.”  Doug Hagmann, CoHost – The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

“The best security seminar out there – and it’s FREE!”    Deb Cummings – Women’s Day

“Yoda’s distinct voice, tongue-in-cheekness and Jedi master’s mind is our radio reality check.”   Kay P. on Chat Room Chatters.

Click on comments below to register today.

Janorama / Founding Editor in Chief
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We Have Been Warned

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Obamas Scandals 32 We Have Been Warned


This morning, the Muslim Brotherhood warned the United States that if the United States continued meddling in Egypt, Libya, and other potential hot spots in the Middle East, they intend to cut off America’s supply of 7-11 and Motel 6 managers.  If this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell, AT&T, and AOL customer service reps. Finally, if all else fails, they have threatened to not send us any more Presidents.

It’s gonna get ugly, people!

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning

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 Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning  –  by Alan Jackson


The Magnified View’s team sends condolences to all the families of the victims of the Islamist terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

Our heart felt sympathy to a fond friend, Gold Star Mother Susan Price, who lost her son Sergeant Aaron M. Kennfick USMC in suspicious circumstances in an enemy ambush in Ganjal, Afghanistan, September 8, 2009.

Our deepest condolences to our comrades, patriots Charles and Mary Strange, parents of Michael Strange, CTR 1,  one of twenty-two members of SEAL Team 6 who lost their lives when they were shot out of the sky in Afghanistan, August 6, 2011.

The Mag View is undertaking a professional, comprehensive investigation of both tragedies in order to expose the nefarious cover-up of both incidents.

Please send any tips to us if you have information of either of these incidents. We promise your anonymity.


Send your information to

Thank you. Janorama Founding Editor in Chief


One Red Line Too Many

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Obamas Red Line 17 300x198 One Red Line Too Many

Cartoon by A.F. Branco /

Posted by Janorama, Founding Editor in Chief


What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?

Posted by Yoda and Dauntless Don | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Home, Islamic Terrorists, Magnified View, News Analysis, Security, Strategies for Survival | Posted on 16-08-2013



By Yoda and Dauntless Don

What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?

Yoda breaks down the terrorist threat:  What it means to you. This report will benefit the Magnified View’s worldwide extended family by increasing their understanding about what is really happening, why it is happening, what will probably happen and how we are all directly and indirectly impacted. The report will help you personalize a plan to survive and thrive in these dangerous times.

Feel freYoda Avadar 1 267x300 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?e to share with friends and post on your sites.

Take a read!

San Diego, CA, August 15, 2013

Where did this story go in the media?  How did it suddenly disappear in the news cycle?  It went away in the lap dog media because it embarrassed their messiah.


The threat: This is by far the most serious threat since 9/11. The U.S. Department of State (DoS) has closed 20+ embassies and consulates throughout the Threat Terror Plot What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Muslim world from Saudi Arabia to Morocco and beyond. DoS has issued their strongest global warning to U.S. international travelers. This sweaping security upgrade measure is unprecedented. Numerous Western and global governments are discreetly closing their embassies and implementing maximum security measures.

“The threat was specific as to how enormous it was going to be and also that certain dates were given”,  Representative P. King, R-NY who chairs a house panel on counter-terrorism and intelligence, told ABC on Sunday 08/04/13.

Breaking! The U.S. has evacuated all non emergency personnel from our embassy in Yemen following four U.S. drone attacks on senior AQAP members in 72 hours as of 08/06/13. 

DoS has evacuated the U.S. Consulate in Lahore, Pakistan as of 09/08/13 after credible threats.  U.S. Dip staff was relocated to the U.S. Embassy, Islamabad.  “We have picked what we regard as a threat worthy of taking this action”, a senior official told CNN.

Why is the US reacThreats Embassy Closings Map1 300x166 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?ting so strongly?  The National Security Agency( NSA ) intercepted a conference call between 20 senior Al Quaeda leaders who were planning a specific spectacular attack.  The terrorist leaders were located in the Arabian Penninsula, the Middle East, N. and S East Asia. The enormity of the specific threat caused the closing of 20+ U.S. embassies and consulates throughout countries in the Muslim world and publishing the global travel warning. The U.S. intelligence community (NSA, CIA, FBI, CTU) have intercepted a spike in electronic chatter, corroborated by human intelligence sources ( HUMINT ).  U.S. Intel learned that the most vicious of Al Quaeda core affiliates, Al Quaeda in the Arabian Pennisula (AQAP), is planning a specific attack on U.S. facilities in the Muslim world. The elevated chatter has eminated from the highest echelon in Al Quaeda leadership levels for the past month.

Threat Yemen Threat1 300x225 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Who is making the threat?  Specific threats have been intercepted from Yemen-based AQAP, the current Islamist Jihad cadre of Al Quaeda affiliates. The intercepts disclose that AQAP is planning an attack on specific U.S. target (or targets) in the Muslim world. Intercepts reveal that U.S. interests throughout the world and in the United States may be targeted.  AQAP has assumed responsibility for major terrorist attacks previously coordinated by Bin Laden, based in Pakistan.


Fortune # 500 Terrorists:  A high placed intelligence source told the Magnified View that the intercepted conference call reminded him of a meeting of senior vice presidents of a large American multinational corporation.  During the meeting, Zawahiri (Successor to Bin LThreat al Zawahiri and al Wuhayshi 300x199 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?aden) announced the promotion of Wuhayshi to ‘Ma sul al-Am’ which translates Arabic -to – English as “General manager.” The promotion of Wuhatshi gives him control of Al Quaeda’s worldwide affiliates to carry out Osama Bin Laden’s diabolical plans.

How? Probably large-scale bomb or bombs. “Terrorism exists to terrorize”,  said Lenin.  AQAP and Al Quaeda are hard-pressed to accomplish an atrocity that eclipses the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Towers.  Muslim Jihadists prefer the big bangs over bio, chemical, and other more subtle weapons that require longer to take effect.

Suicide bombers acquire a lot of publicity for these moderate, peaceful, tolerant Islamists that Obama and the previous three presidents have sold us Predictions 2 Terrorism Suicide Bombers 300x226 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?on.   e.g.  AQAP has reinvented an improvised explosive that involves soaking articles of clothing or cloth that absorbs the explosive. This is impossible to detect with x-ray and other devices in common use.  Keep in mind that Zawahiri invented the “underwear bomb” device that failed to detonate over Detroit.



Where are the tePredictions 2 Terrorism Terror Groups Unite Against US What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?rrorist target(s)?  Terrorists always get to pick the timing, targets and weapon.  A glance at a map of countries where U.S. embassies and consulates are closing to determine who participated in the conference call and what US symbolic facilities may be targeted.  U.S. military bases, petroleum, construction companys and other U.S. corporations with operations in the region may be targeted as well.



Threat Prisoners Escape in Pakison 300x200 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Suspicious Islamist Prison Escapes:  A series of multiple large prison breaks have occured in North Africa and the Middle East releasing thousands of terrorists. The escape raids were led by Al Quaeda commando like teams. There were few staff or prisoner casualties in the raids, indicating that the prison staff were sympathetic to Al Quaeda.  Many of the escapees are known battle-hardened Al Quaeda and Taliban operators. Groups of these escapees are readily available to participate in terrorist attacks. Note that these prison breaks were barely covered by the media. Maybe the media believes in coincidences.  Yoda doesn’t believe in coincidences.


A bigger and better bang for the buck.  Bona fide counter-terrorist experts fear a simultaneous bombing attack on six American cities, New York, Threat Military evacuates Yemen What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Islamist terrorists historically target airports, trains, ships and transportation hubs because bombings kill and maim the maximum number of innocent victims resulting in sensational publicity.

Why is this happening. The primary goal of Muslim terrorists are to commit atrocities to create publicity. The news media has an unwitting symbiotic relationship with the Muslim terrorists whose primary goal is to acquire maximum worldwide media coverage.  Publicity makes the terrorist group appear larger and more powerful than they are. It aids them in recruiting new members and acquiring financing.  Jihadists hope that the target governments will overreact causing fear and disruptions further benefiting the terrorists.  Observe the worldwide notoriety that AQAP has achieved through this threat without even detonating a firecracker.

Threat Embassy Flags 300x177 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?The US Geopolitical policy disaster From Benghazi to Baghdad, the bufoonery of procrastinating President Obama’s closet Muslim policies is the stuff that statesmanship bufoonery legends are made of.  The current unprecedented embassy closings and travel warning categorically belie Obama’s self-serving propaganda campaign that he killed Bin Laden and castrated Al Queada.  “Al Quaeda is back on it’s heals” -and- “There is no war on terror” -and- “Al Quaeda is on the run”……..and the best quote the day before the terrorist threat warning story broke.  “Al Quaeda, in The Arabian Penninsula,  is retreating from it’s previously held position”,  said Obama . . . . . “Who is on the run now?  We are”,  said Yoda.

Threat Cartoon Obama 300x197 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Closet Muslim, Obama and his Chicago block party cadre of advisors, are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  They are scared witless of another Benghazi and were compelled to close 20+ embassies and consulates, maximize security and publish the severe global travel warning. This dramatic security action is diametrically opposed to Obama’s  5+ years of minimizing the Islamist  Jihadist threat.


Obama’s procrastinations:  While the highest echelon of US security (Directors of NSA, FBI, CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff) order pizza and drink stale coffee throughout the nights, Obama remains asleeThreat Pressure Cooker Cartoon 2 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?p in his bed, dreaming of his upcoming vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, golf, hoops, showbiz celebrities and sports stars and hob nobbing with the rich and famous  grupies obsession. The PC, PC, PC ( Politically Correct, Procrastinator in Chief on a Permanent Campaign) actually played golf on his birthday in spite of this bona fide terrorist threat crisis.



Obama gets an “F” for attendance:  Narcissist Obama has assiduously avoided daily national security briefings since he Threat Obama Reading Poetry2 300x207 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies? took office.  One would think that the inate curiosity of human nature would take him to the intriguing meetings. High level inside sources tell the Magnified View that Obama is uncomfortable and intimidated by the highly intelligent, strong A type personalities of the Directors of NSA, CIA, FBI and Joint Chiefs of Staff.  His continuous absences leaves the country leaderless or as his lap dog media has coined,  “Leading from behind.”  Yoda says,  “Ever tried to push a piece of string?” 

The State Department Diplomats’ dilemma:  U.S. diplomats learned at Georgetown and later confirmed in DoS training that offending the host government where they are stationed is a career killer.  Accordingly, they consistently hesitate and are late in implementing security measures and publishing travel warnings.

“I have personally been in civil wars in countries where no travel warning was published.  American tThreat Embassies Clossing 21 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?ourists arrive to the sound of small arms fire,”  Yoda tells his audiences.  Many RSO’s (Regional Security Officers) are forbidden to be armed while serving in embassies in extremely dangerous countries for fear they might cause an “international incident”,  embarrassing the host country while defending themselves and their families.  The Dips were hard-pressed to close the embassies and consulates, offending a dozen Muslim countries in one fell swoop.  This of course, emphasizes the seriousness of the AQAP threat.

International Travel Tip:  The foreign affairs ministries of Canada, England and Australia are much more forthright in publishing travel warnings than DoS. Read their websites before traveling overseas.

Obama’s defactPredictions 2 Terrorism The Arab Spring Partners 300x158 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?o support of Islamist Jihadist’s terrorism:  Here are some of the outrageous ways that Obama aids and abets Muslim terrorists. Connecting Obama and the Islamist mission dots:


• Arab Spring to Arab Winter:  Obama enthusiastically supported Jihadist’s take over of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and continues supporting the terrorist Suni Sharia law takeovers to this day.


• Syria:  Obama continues to fund/ furnish military grade weapons and order covert mercinary operations Wars Up Rising in the Muslim World2 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?supporting the known Al Quaeda rebels in Syria. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, CIA Deputy Director, Michael Morell, said that  the prospect of the Syrian government being replaced by Al Quaeda is his biggest worry.  Morell and other senior intel officials are concerned that Al Quaeda will acquire chemical and bio weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that can be used against Israel and America. “How in the hell can Obama aid Al Quaeda in taking over Syria?”, asks a bewildered Yoda.

• Egypt:  Despite the overthrow of the “elected” Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, Obama is commited to supporting the world’s oldest Islamist terrorist organization in the region’s largest country.  He continues to send them 20+ F-16 fighter planes, 200+ MI Abrams tanks and tens of millions of dollars. ObamThreat U.S. Emabassies of the Future2 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?a is hard over lobbying the U.N., back channeling regional influences, roughing-up bribe money and deploying covert paramilitary missions to re-install the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Quaeda) in power.

• Gone from Gitmo:  Obama continues to release high value targets (HVTs) from Guantanimo despite that nearly 40% of those released have been recaptured or killed on the battlefields in Afghanistan.  One assumed a leadership role in the Taliban’s organization.  One released Taliban terrorist assumed a command leadership role in the Taliban’s organization in Afganistan.  Seasoned soldiers on the ground characterize their mission as a “catch and release” futile fishing contest.

Predictions 2 Terrorism Nuclear Warning1 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?• Israel:  While furnishing Egypt, Syria, and other Arab Spring countries with military ordnance, money and covert operations, Obama interdicts Israel defending itself from Iran’s acquiring the atomic bomb. It is probable that Iranian government fanatics will furnish Al Quaeda and/or Hezbollah with an atomic bomb to attack New York or Washington, D.C.  This would allow Iran plausible deniability. ” It astonishes me that 90+% of Jewish Americans voted for Obama (twice!) after he continues to trash our only ally in the region.  Go figure!”, wanders Yoda.

• Democracy and nation building:  Though the Koran mandates a theocracy, strictly forbidding a democracy, Obama continues to export democracy to Muslim countries throughout North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in the Muslim world. “This nation building is incongruous”, said Obama. “Like trying to sell mufflers in a shoe store.”

• Obama’s Czars:  Obama identified, selected, appointed and supports two Czars with known Al Quaeda affiliation.

The Terrorist Welcome Wagon:  Obama is importing tens of thousands of Iraq, Afganistan, Somali, and now Syrian refugees for free housing food, medical care and education under the guise of asylum.  There is a substantial percentage of Al Quaeda and Taliban terrorists among the refugees that will enjoy the meals on wheels and join sleeper cells to attack American infrastructure. 

Predictions 2 Terrorism Muslims For Obama3 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?• The Muslim Impressario:  Oh Bow Ma holds lavish White House hospitality for Muslim leaders while keeping the White House closed to the public under the absurd sequestration.

There is not one Muslim leader of note who condemns Islamist terrorism,  yet, O Bow Ma courts, befriends, kow tows and literally bows to them.  There is not a scintilla of doubt and irrevocable proof that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer and avid supporter.



WhPredictions 2 Terrorism Islam Will Dominate 300x186 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?at’s next?  If you wonder what a donkey is going to do. . . . . . look at what a donkey does.  President Obama will continue on the wrong side of the Muslim equation.  He will continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Quaeda),  throughout the Muslim world, whether misguided in purpose or misplaced loyalties, doesn’t matter.  Our would be rock star president, will support the Muslim cause and continue to take endless lavish vacations, golf, shoot hoops, host showbiz celebrities and sports stars.

What comes next:  The new improved industrial strength super-sized Al Quaeda will fanatically seek to attack US and western government and civilian facilities to inflict maximum innocent casualties.

Israel versus Iran:  President Oh Bow MA has consistently short changed our only ally in the region since taking office.  He sits on his hWar in the Middle East 21 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?ands “negotiating” with fanatic terrorists while they come closer every day to acquiring nuclear weapons.  There could be a nexus between the current terror threat and the necessity of Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities with or without U.S. support and assistance.

A Jittery America:  The good patriotic hard working citizens in America have the jitters. There has never before been a cluster of a weak declining economy, out of control unemployment and massive underemployment, retirement benefits at risk, 50 milliion people on food stamps,  high percentage of the population living in poverty, an illegal Mexican invasion, crippling gas prices, cities laying-off coppers, firefighters and EMT’s, soaring crime, terrorist threats, looming wars, and a closet Muslim socialist administration.

Threat Camp Fema1 300x256 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?The fed preppers:  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) coupled with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other fed entities are super preppers. Department Homeland Security (DHS) has purchase billions of bullets and 2,700 SWAT type armored vehicles and is unable to state why.  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an open purchase order for mountains of meals ready to eat (MREs) survival rations, blankets and body bags.  FEMA has established enclosed, fenced (Camps) for refugees in U.S. military bases and on federal land throughout the country.  The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has gone off the reservation with heavily armed agents, establishing road block check points on interstate highways.  There is no natural disaster that could occur that would warrant this massive federal disaster preparation.  What are the feds prepping for?  Many senior federal agency officials tell the Mag View that the Obama government is preparing to implement Martial Law for complete control of the population.

The lit fuses:  Intelligent citizens are well aware that any one of the negative conditions could exaccerbate and provoke a chain reaction causing cascading civil Predictions 2 Terrorism How To Survive Martial Law What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?disturbances leading to martial law. Watch for the upcoming Magnified View featured article “LIFE UNDER THE JACK BOOT!”.

Preparing during an attack is too late.  There exists a cluster of threats against our liberty and lifestyle.  President Obama will continue his quest for communism and the New World Order as long as he is in office.  The failing economy, massive unemployment and underemployment, the Mexican and OTM (other than Mexican) invasion and looming amnesty.

From the Editor in Chief’s desk:  Generations before ours have been confronted with and overcome huge obstacles and threats from enemies, both domestic and foreign, government corruption, natural disasters, deap recessions and the Great Depression, world wars and regional wars.  We at the Magnified View are supremely confident that if conditions become sufficiently bad and it appears that they will, the strong silent majority patriots will stand up and right the wrongs.

Thank you for visiting with us. 

Janorama/Founding Editor in Chief

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P.S.  Please scroll down the site to peruse the blockbuster  “Terrorist Attack on America – a True Story” / “Sarin Attack” / “Cultures Clash and Civilizations Crash”.  You will find helpful tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous times.  Thank You. J/eic

P.S.S.  Observe that the Mag View does not clutter it’s articles with distracting links and accreditations.  Please do your own research in order to fulfill your responsibilities, make choices and enjoy or suffer the consequences.  J/eic

Counter-Terrorist Team Leader Rocks Worldwide Radio Audiences

Posted by Jan | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Home, Intelligence Organizations, Islamic Terrorists, Magnified View, News Analysis | Posted on 14-08-2013


San Diego, CA, Magnified View, 08/13/13, Yoda, moniker of the leader of an elite counter-terrorist team is re-appearing as a guest on the premier alternative news program on Friday, 08/16/13, at 9:00 P.M. EST.
Hagmann and Hagmann Report Graphic 300x40 Counter Terrorist Team Leader Rocks Worldwide Radio Audiences



In a previous appearance Yoda stunned the audience with real world stories of hostage rescue, and interdiction operations against Islamist Jihadist and narco cartel terrorists.

“Yoda, lit-up the telephone board with callers on his first compelling appearance.” Said Doug Hagmann, Co-founder of the popular program. “Yoda provided our audience with actionable tactics, methods and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous times.”

As he is active in counter-terrorist operations, Yoda uses his pen name to protect his safety and security.

Tune in Friday 08/16/13 at 9 PM EST (02:00 Zulu ) to listen to Yoda’s guest appearance.  Click on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Archives  to listen to  his prior archived interview. 

Janorama / Founding Editor in Chief

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