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The fears lots of of us had about Romney’s inability to frame the matters and to formulate responses sharply and concisely from a conservative viewpoint are now becoming realized. Directly and indirectly it is coming by means of from the frustration on this forum. Try and consider how Gingrich could be responding into the ignominious collapse of Obama’s international policy dreams. But alas, we really don’t have a prospect with Gingrich’s rhetorical abilities. So what do we do? I believe it absolutely was Burke who coined the phrase “little platoons” in reference to democratic governments with their radiant private institutions that support to prevent tyranny. So, let’s “march.” Visit a phone bank. Knock on doors. Distribute campaign literature. Donate. Unfortunately, we are not able to make Romney Gingrich. As Bill Bennett reported another day(away from frustration), he’s the only applicant we conservatives have. I am convinced I am going to keep gnash my teeth, vent my frustration on this forum, and always compare and contrast Romney to Bob Dole’s candidacy. But this month I am off to the Tea Bash meeting. How about you?

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