Counter-Terrorist Team Leader Rocks Worldwide Radio Audiences

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San Diego, CA, Magnified View, 08/13/13, Yoda, moniker of the leader of an elite counter-terrorist team is re-appearing as a guest on the premier alternative news program on Friday, 08/16/13, at 9:00 P.M. EST.
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In a previous appearance Yoda stunned the audience with real world stories of hostage rescue, and interdiction operations against Islamist Jihadist and narco cartel terrorists.

“Yoda, lit-up the telephone board with callers on his first compelling appearance.” Said Doug Hagmann, Co-founder of the popular program. “Yoda provided our audience with actionable tactics, methods and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous times.”

As he is active in counter-terrorist operations, Yoda uses his pen name to protect his safety and security.

Tune in Friday 08/16/13 at 9 PM EST (02:00 Zulu ) to listen to Yoda’s guest appearance.  Click on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Archives  to listen to  his prior archived interview. 

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Mag View Broadcast Team: Thanks for all you do and moreover, the way you do it. Our worldwide stats have literally gone off-the-charts thanks to your hard work.

Best to the best Yoda / With a face for radio

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