What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?

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By Yoda and Dauntless Don

What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?

Yoda breaks down the terrorist threat:  What it means to you. This report will benefit the Magnified View’s worldwide extended family by increasing their understanding about what is really happening, why it is happening, what will probably happen and how we are all directly and indirectly impacted. The report will help you personalize a plan to survive and thrive in these dangerous times.

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San Diego, CA, August 15, 2013

Where did this story go in the media?  How did it suddenly disappear in the news cycle?  It went away in the lap dog media because it embarrassed their messiah.


The threat: This is by far the most serious threat since 9/11. The U.S. Department of State (DoS) has closed 20+ embassies and consulates throughout the Threat Terror Plot What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Muslim world from Saudi Arabia to Morocco and beyond. DoS has issued their strongest global warning to U.S. international travelers. This sweaping security upgrade measure is unprecedented. Numerous Western and global governments are discreetly closing their embassies and implementing maximum security measures.

“The threat was specific as to how enormous it was going to be and also that certain dates were given”,  Representative P. King, R-NY who chairs a house panel on counter-terrorism and intelligence, told ABC on Sunday 08/04/13.

Breaking! The U.S. has evacuated all non emergency personnel from our embassy in Yemen following four U.S. drone attacks on senior AQAP members in 72 hours as of 08/06/13. 

DoS has evacuated the U.S. Consulate in Lahore, Pakistan as of 09/08/13 after credible threats.  U.S. Dip staff was relocated to the U.S. Embassy, Islamabad.  “We have picked what we regard as a threat worthy of taking this action”, a senior official told CNN.

Why is the US reacThreats Embassy Closings Map1 300x166 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?ting so strongly?  The National Security Agency( NSA ) intercepted a conference call between 20 senior Al Quaeda leaders who were planning a specific spectacular attack.  The terrorist leaders were located in the Arabian Penninsula, the Middle East, N. and S East Asia. The enormity of the specific threat caused the closing of 20+ U.S. embassies and consulates throughout countries in the Muslim world and publishing the global travel warning. The U.S. intelligence community (NSA, CIA, FBI, CTU) have intercepted a spike in electronic chatter, corroborated by human intelligence sources ( HUMINT ).  U.S. Intel learned that the most vicious of Al Quaeda core affiliates, Al Quaeda in the Arabian Pennisula (AQAP), is planning a specific attack on U.S. facilities in the Muslim world. The elevated chatter has eminated from the highest echelon in Al Quaeda leadership levels for the past month.

Threat Yemen Threat1 300x225 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Who is making the threat?  Specific threats have been intercepted from Yemen-based AQAP, the current Islamist Jihad cadre of Al Quaeda affiliates. The intercepts disclose that AQAP is planning an attack on specific U.S. target (or targets) in the Muslim world. Intercepts reveal that U.S. interests throughout the world and in the United States may be targeted.  AQAP has assumed responsibility for major terrorist attacks previously coordinated by Bin Laden, based in Pakistan.


Fortune # 500 Terrorists:  A high placed intelligence source told the Magnified View that the intercepted conference call reminded him of a meeting of senior vice presidents of a large American multinational corporation.  During the meeting, Zawahiri (Successor to Bin LThreat al Zawahiri and al Wuhayshi 300x199 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?aden) announced the promotion of Wuhayshi to ‘Ma sul al-Am’ which translates Arabic -to – English as “General manager.” The promotion of Wuhatshi gives him control of Al Quaeda’s worldwide affiliates to carry out Osama Bin Laden’s diabolical plans.

How? Probably large-scale bomb or bombs. “Terrorism exists to terrorize”,  said Lenin.  AQAP and Al Quaeda are hard-pressed to accomplish an atrocity that eclipses the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Towers.  Muslim Jihadists prefer the big bangs over bio, chemical, and other more subtle weapons that require longer to take effect.

Suicide bombers acquire a lot of publicity for these moderate, peaceful, tolerant Islamists that Obama and the previous three presidents have sold us Predictions 2 Terrorism Suicide Bombers 300x226 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?on.   e.g.  AQAP has reinvented an improvised explosive that involves soaking articles of clothing or cloth that absorbs the explosive. This is impossible to detect with x-ray and other devices in common use.  Keep in mind that Zawahiri invented the “underwear bomb” device that failed to detonate over Detroit.



Where are the tePredictions 2 Terrorism Terror Groups Unite Against US What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?rrorist target(s)?  Terrorists always get to pick the timing, targets and weapon.  A glance at a map of countries where U.S. embassies and consulates are closing to determine who participated in the conference call and what US symbolic facilities may be targeted.  U.S. military bases, petroleum, construction companys and other U.S. corporations with operations in the region may be targeted as well.



Threat Prisoners Escape in Pakison 300x200 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Suspicious Islamist Prison Escapes:  A series of multiple large prison breaks have occured in North Africa and the Middle East releasing thousands of terrorists. The escape raids were led by Al Quaeda commando like teams. There were few staff or prisoner casualties in the raids, indicating that the prison staff were sympathetic to Al Quaeda.  Many of the escapees are known battle-hardened Al Quaeda and Taliban operators. Groups of these escapees are readily available to participate in terrorist attacks. Note that these prison breaks were barely covered by the media. Maybe the media believes in coincidences.  Yoda doesn’t believe in coincidences.


A bigger and better bang for the buck.  Bona fide counter-terrorist experts fear a simultaneous bombing attack on six American cities, New York, Threat Military evacuates Yemen What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Islamist terrorists historically target airports, trains, ships and transportation hubs because bombings kill and maim the maximum number of innocent victims resulting in sensational publicity.

Why is this happening. The primary goal of Muslim terrorists are to commit atrocities to create publicity. The news media has an unwitting symbiotic relationship with the Muslim terrorists whose primary goal is to acquire maximum worldwide media coverage.  Publicity makes the terrorist group appear larger and more powerful than they are. It aids them in recruiting new members and acquiring financing.  Jihadists hope that the target governments will overreact causing fear and disruptions further benefiting the terrorists.  Observe the worldwide notoriety that AQAP has achieved through this threat without even detonating a firecracker.

Threat Embassy Flags 300x177 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?The US Geopolitical policy disaster From Benghazi to Baghdad, the bufoonery of procrastinating President Obama’s closet Muslim policies is the stuff that statesmanship bufoonery legends are made of.  The current unprecedented embassy closings and travel warning categorically belie Obama’s self-serving propaganda campaign that he killed Bin Laden and castrated Al Queada.  “Al Quaeda is back on it’s heals” -and- “There is no war on terror” -and- “Al Quaeda is on the run”……..and the best quote the day before the terrorist threat warning story broke.  “Al Quaeda, in The Arabian Penninsula,  is retreating from it’s previously held position”,  said Obama . . . . . “Who is on the run now?  We are”,  said Yoda.

Threat Cartoon Obama 300x197 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?Closet Muslim, Obama and his Chicago block party cadre of advisors, are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  They are scared witless of another Benghazi and were compelled to close 20+ embassies and consulates, maximize security and publish the severe global travel warning. This dramatic security action is diametrically opposed to Obama’s  5+ years of minimizing the Islamist  Jihadist threat.


Obama’s procrastinations:  While the highest echelon of US security (Directors of NSA, FBI, CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff) order pizza and drink stale coffee throughout the nights, Obama remains asleeThreat Pressure Cooker Cartoon 2 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?p in his bed, dreaming of his upcoming vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, golf, hoops, showbiz celebrities and sports stars and hob nobbing with the rich and famous  grupies obsession. The PC, PC, PC ( Politically Correct, Procrastinator in Chief on a Permanent Campaign) actually played golf on his birthday in spite of this bona fide terrorist threat crisis.



Obama gets an “F” for attendance:  Narcissist Obama has assiduously avoided daily national security briefings since he Threat Obama Reading Poetry2 300x207 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies? took office.  One would think that the inate curiosity of human nature would take him to the intriguing meetings. High level inside sources tell the Magnified View that Obama is uncomfortable and intimidated by the highly intelligent, strong A type personalities of the Directors of NSA, CIA, FBI and Joint Chiefs of Staff.  His continuous absences leaves the country leaderless or as his lap dog media has coined,  “Leading from behind.”  Yoda says,  “Ever tried to push a piece of string?” 

The State Department Diplomats’ dilemma:  U.S. diplomats learned at Georgetown and later confirmed in DoS training that offending the host government where they are stationed is a career killer.  Accordingly, they consistently hesitate and are late in implementing security measures and publishing travel warnings.

“I have personally been in civil wars in countries where no travel warning was published.  American tThreat Embassies Clossing 21 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?ourists arrive to the sound of small arms fire,”  Yoda tells his audiences.  Many RSO’s (Regional Security Officers) are forbidden to be armed while serving in embassies in extremely dangerous countries for fear they might cause an “international incident”,  embarrassing the host country while defending themselves and their families.  The Dips were hard-pressed to close the embassies and consulates, offending a dozen Muslim countries in one fell swoop.  This of course, emphasizes the seriousness of the AQAP threat.

International Travel Tip:  The foreign affairs ministries of Canada, England and Australia are much more forthright in publishing travel warnings than DoS. Read their websites before traveling overseas.

Obama’s defactPredictions 2 Terrorism The Arab Spring Partners 300x158 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?o support of Islamist Jihadist’s terrorism:  Here are some of the outrageous ways that Obama aids and abets Muslim terrorists. Connecting Obama and the Islamist mission dots:


• Arab Spring to Arab Winter:  Obama enthusiastically supported Jihadist’s take over of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and continues supporting the terrorist Suni Sharia law takeovers to this day.


• Syria:  Obama continues to fund/ furnish military grade weapons and order covert mercinary operations Wars Up Rising in the Muslim World2 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?supporting the known Al Quaeda rebels in Syria. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, CIA Deputy Director, Michael Morell, said that  the prospect of the Syrian government being replaced by Al Quaeda is his biggest worry.  Morell and other senior intel officials are concerned that Al Quaeda will acquire chemical and bio weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that can be used against Israel and America. “How in the hell can Obama aid Al Quaeda in taking over Syria?”, asks a bewildered Yoda.

• Egypt:  Despite the overthrow of the “elected” Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, Obama is commited to supporting the world’s oldest Islamist terrorist organization in the region’s largest country.  He continues to send them 20+ F-16 fighter planes, 200+ MI Abrams tanks and tens of millions of dollars. ObamThreat U.S. Emabassies of the Future2 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?a is hard over lobbying the U.N., back channeling regional influences, roughing-up bribe money and deploying covert paramilitary missions to re-install the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Quaeda) in power.

• Gone from Gitmo:  Obama continues to release high value targets (HVTs) from Guantanimo despite that nearly 40% of those released have been recaptured or killed on the battlefields in Afghanistan.  One assumed a leadership role in the Taliban’s organization.  One released Taliban terrorist assumed a command leadership role in the Taliban’s organization in Afganistan.  Seasoned soldiers on the ground characterize their mission as a “catch and release” futile fishing contest.

Predictions 2 Terrorism Nuclear Warning1 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?• Israel:  While furnishing Egypt, Syria, and other Arab Spring countries with military ordnance, money and covert operations, Obama interdicts Israel defending itself from Iran’s acquiring the atomic bomb. It is probable that Iranian government fanatics will furnish Al Quaeda and/or Hezbollah with an atomic bomb to attack New York or Washington, D.C.  This would allow Iran plausible deniability. ” It astonishes me that 90+% of Jewish Americans voted for Obama (twice!) after he continues to trash our only ally in the region.  Go figure!”, wanders Yoda.

• Democracy and nation building:  Though the Koran mandates a theocracy, strictly forbidding a democracy, Obama continues to export democracy to Muslim countries throughout North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in the Muslim world. “This nation building is incongruous”, said Obama. “Like trying to sell mufflers in a shoe store.”

• Obama’s Czars:  Obama identified, selected, appointed and supports two Czars with known Al Quaeda affiliation.

The Terrorist Welcome Wagon:  Obama is importing tens of thousands of Iraq, Afganistan, Somali, and now Syrian refugees for free housing food, medical care and education under the guise of asylum.  There is a substantial percentage of Al Quaeda and Taliban terrorists among the refugees that will enjoy the meals on wheels and join sleeper cells to attack American infrastructure. 

Predictions 2 Terrorism Muslims For Obama3 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?• The Muslim Impressario:  Oh Bow Ma holds lavish White House hospitality for Muslim leaders while keeping the White House closed to the public under the absurd sequestration.

There is not one Muslim leader of note who condemns Islamist terrorism,  yet, O Bow Ma courts, befriends, kow tows and literally bows to them.  There is not a scintilla of doubt and irrevocable proof that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer and avid supporter.



WhPredictions 2 Terrorism Islam Will Dominate 300x186 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?at’s next?  If you wonder what a donkey is going to do. . . . . . look at what a donkey does.  President Obama will continue on the wrong side of the Muslim equation.  He will continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Quaeda),  throughout the Muslim world, whether misguided in purpose or misplaced loyalties, doesn’t matter.  Our would be rock star president, will support the Muslim cause and continue to take endless lavish vacations, golf, shoot hoops, host showbiz celebrities and sports stars.

What comes next:  The new improved industrial strength super-sized Al Quaeda will fanatically seek to attack US and western government and civilian facilities to inflict maximum innocent casualties.

Israel versus Iran:  President Oh Bow MA has consistently short changed our only ally in the region since taking office.  He sits on his hWar in the Middle East 21 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?ands “negotiating” with fanatic terrorists while they come closer every day to acquiring nuclear weapons.  There could be a nexus between the current terror threat and the necessity of Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities with or without U.S. support and assistance.

A Jittery America:  The good patriotic hard working citizens in America have the jitters. There has never before been a cluster of a weak declining economy, out of control unemployment and massive underemployment, retirement benefits at risk, 50 milliion people on food stamps,  high percentage of the population living in poverty, an illegal Mexican invasion, crippling gas prices, cities laying-off coppers, firefighters and EMT’s, soaring crime, terrorist threats, looming wars, and a closet Muslim socialist administration.

Threat Camp Fema1 300x256 What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?The fed preppers:  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) coupled with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other fed entities are super preppers. Department Homeland Security (DHS) has purchase billions of bullets and 2,700 SWAT type armored vehicles and is unable to state why.  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an open purchase order for mountains of meals ready to eat (MREs) survival rations, blankets and body bags.  FEMA has established enclosed, fenced (Camps) for refugees in U.S. military bases and on federal land throughout the country.  The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has gone off the reservation with heavily armed agents, establishing road block check points on interstate highways.  There is no natural disaster that could occur that would warrant this massive federal disaster preparation.  What are the feds prepping for?  Many senior federal agency officials tell the Mag View that the Obama government is preparing to implement Martial Law for complete control of the population.

The lit fuses:  Intelligent citizens are well aware that any one of the negative conditions could exaccerbate and provoke a chain reaction causing cascading civil Predictions 2 Terrorism How To Survive Martial Law What Happened To The Terrorist Threat That Closed 20+ Embassies?disturbances leading to martial law. Watch for the upcoming Magnified View featured article “LIFE UNDER THE JACK BOOT!”.

Preparing during an attack is too late.  There exists a cluster of threats against our liberty and lifestyle.  President Obama will continue his quest for communism and the New World Order as long as he is in office.  The failing economy, massive unemployment and underemployment, the Mexican and OTM (other than Mexican) invasion and looming amnesty.

From the Editor in Chief’s desk:  Generations before ours have been confronted with and overcome huge obstacles and threats from enemies, both domestic and foreign, government corruption, natural disasters, deap recessions and the Great Depression, world wars and regional wars.  We at the Magnified View are supremely confident that if conditions become sufficiently bad and it appears that they will, the strong silent majority patriots will stand up and right the wrongs.

Thank you for visiting with us. 

Janorama/Founding Editor in Chief


Telephone:  USA (760) 505-0416

P.S.  Please scroll down the site to peruse the blockbuster  “Terrorist Attack on America – a True Story” / “Sarin Attack” / “Cultures Clash and Civilizations Crash”.  You will find helpful tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous times.  Thank You. J/eic

P.S.S.  Observe that the Mag View does not clutter it’s articles with distracting links and accreditations.  Please do your own research in order to fulfill your responsibilities, make choices and enjoy or suffer the consequences.  J/eic

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