I’ll Drink To That!

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 “ILL DRISecret Service Badge Ill Drink To That! NK TO THAT’!!…………..Said Yoda




San Diego, CA March 28, 2014 – By Yoda


3 agents from the Secret Service elite Counter Assault Team had too much alcohol to drink while off duty in The Hague, Holland on March 23, 2014. They have been sent back to Washington D.C. for disciplinary action. The President was not in Holland at the time of their happy hour. Story should end.

President Obama is leading the charge now against his own protection agents who are sworn to take a bullet for him………..Brilliant!  Of course, his lap-dog liberal goody two shoes media are piling on with him, demonizing the agents.

To hear Obama, listen to TV and radio and read the press and blogs, the agents burned down the orphanage and forever ruined the reputation of America. The entire service is demonized now because 3 guys had too much to drink.


Secret Service Obama Coke Ill Drink To That! Double standard Obama:  While publicly bragging about using marijuana, cocaine, and ‘other hard drugs’, Obama condemns his bodyguards for blowing-off some steam.

Conservative Right Wing, Bill O’ Reilly and Greta Van Sustern (Fox News) were emotionally indignant, on-air, that 3 Alpha males drank too much alcohol and wanted the agents severely punished.  You can count on everyone kicking you while you’re down.

The President was not at risk. In fact, no one was at risk. Maybe 3 agents were at risk of a hangover.

These unsung heroic men and women are quintuplet volunteers, graduate ardurous training curriculums, maintain the highest esoteric skill sets and live in an intense environment that few people can even imagine.

They frequently need to protect the President who from a security perspective are their own worst enemies and threats.

“I have been in the counter-terrorist community decades before it was fashionable,” said Yoda,  “I can imagine having to put up with the outrageous baggage and personal insults that comes with the likes of protecting President Obama, Michele, Carter, Slick Willy and Hillary.  Better them than me.”

Yoda continued, “I want real men and women protecting me. I don’t want politically correct, tea totaling wusses that Obama and Michelle prefer, covering me.”

Yoda, Janorama and the Mag View Team stand firmly with our Secret Service heroes.

Yoda at magnifiedview.com

Secret Service Happy Hour Ill Drink To That! P.S. The brave men and women of the Secret Service have an open invitation to stop by our office for cocktails.


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Our appreciation and gratitude to the brave men and women who risk their lives to kee[ our republic safe for democracy.

Yoda and the Mag View team

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