Mexico, We Will Trade You These Five Americans

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Obama Trade Americans for Marine 300x300 Mexico, We Will Trade You These Five Americans

The US sends 20+ million dollars a year in military grade guns and sophisticated surveillance and counter-surveillance gear to the currupt Mexican government. While knowing full well that it ends-up in the hands of Narco Terrorist Cartels.

Our Procrastinator in Chief is shamefully leaving the border wide open to hundreds of thousands of  ‘illegal ‘ illiterate, no and low skilled,  with infectious diseases.   The current and future drain on our ‘entitlements’,  health care, education system and prisons is breathtaking,

A 10 minute phone call from the Obamanation would spring the hapless out of the Tijuana jail.

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It is a myatery within an enigma that the proscrastinator in chief won’t place a ten minute call to the president of Mexico to spring our Marine out of the TJ jail. What is really going on here ?

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