Obama’s WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Health

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Illegal Alien Stop Rally1 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Health




Family Preparedness Handbook No DHS Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthObama’s Health and Human Services Agency (HHS) orchestrating stealth bio weapons of mass destruction (WMD) coming in our Southern border with Mexico.

Obama’s immigration reform. By now everyone knows obama is importing hundreds of thousands of illegal future Democrat party voters from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.



What everyone doesn’t know because Obama’s news media is avoiding reporting it.  Alien illegals are bringing in deadly diseases. The dreadful souvenir gifts from the banana republics that keep on giving include Tuberculoses, polio,  Dengue fever, scabies, Swine flu (H1N1) HIV, Charges, previously eradicated chicken pox and parasites.

Illegal Aliens Infectios Disease1 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Health

Tens of thousands of illegal’s are being spread around America in small, medium and large cities from sea to shining sea. They are destitute, of the poorest hygiene, low and no skilled and many are illiterate in their mother-tongue Spanish. The children from infant to teenagers will act as ‘anchors’ to import parents and imposters posing as parents numbering in the millions. Hordes of single mothers are coming accross with 3, 4 and 5 children who require housing, food, medical care and education. There is no chance that these single mothers will contribute anything to our country except hungry mouths.


Illegal Aliens Beat the Bugs 300x120 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthAliens don’t know they are sick. The Incubation period of the diseases vary from a few days to weeks. ( Incubation period: the time from the moment of exposure to an infectious agent until signs and symptoms of the disease appear) Recently arrived illegals are infecting others from days to weeks while the illegal is unaware that they are infected. US citizens they infect will infect their families, friends and coworkers during their incubation period. Sophisticated Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) -and- National Institute of Health (NIH) computer models classified secret predict that millions of Americans will be sickened. This is an epidemic force multiplier nightmare pyramid from hell.


Illegal Aliens You dont need papers 300x196 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthBrave Border Patrol Agents who have been relegated to babysitting, changing diapers and making peanut butter and jelley sandwiches while narco terrorist cartels, MS-13, and Islamic Jihadist’s freely cross the non border. Inexplicably, the agents are stationed 45 miles inland from the border.





A Border Patrol inspector deliberGun Update 6 What is a Whistleblower2 300x115 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Healthately violating an Obama gag-order confidentially told Yoda that ” Agents in McAllen, Texas have tested positive infected with Tuberculosis and other life threatening diseases.” BP Agents in El Cajon, California have tested positive for Scabies – previously called ‘The Seven year Itch’ Their families are at highest risk of catching this difficult to treat disease.  Agents are staying in motels, fearful of going home and infecting their families.

Hospitals, clinics and physician offices near the border in Texas and Arizona are under siege overwhelmed by diseased illegals putting doctors, nurses and technicians at high risk.


Following moIllegal Alien Spineless Obama Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Healthnths of Obama ordered silence, the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly admitted that it has opened its’ emergency Operations Center (EOC) in response to the the diseases brought in by the alien invasion.  In flagrant violation of the 1st amendment, the Obama administration has threatened felony criminal prosecution if physicians speak with the news media.

Citizens in Murietta, California, a border patrol processing facility successfully turned bus loads of illegals away not having the resources to care for the aliens.  Oracle, Arizona and cities throughout the country are saying “not in my back yard”.  Pro amnesty demonstrators burned an American flag in Murietta on the 4th of July.  These wide spread conflicts have the potential of rioting with Obama over reach instituting Martial Law.

Threat Camp Fema 300x256 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthRefugee camps for children have been established in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and a US Navy base Northwest of Los Angeles, California. The condition of these refugee camps for children are appalling. United States Congressman and accredited journalists have been denied access to the camps.

Insider Border Patrol agent’s report to the Mag View that narco terrorist cartels, MS-13, and Hezbollah Jihadist terrorists are freely crossing the border. Jihadist Quaran’s, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) flags, prayer rugs and literature have been found on the Texas side of the border. We will leave this for an upcoming blockbuster feature article. ‘Elevated Terrorist Attack Threat To America’.

Illegal Aliens Obama Playing Pool 300x168 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Health

Bizzare, aloof, disengaged Obama plays golf, shoots pool in Denver, attends endless fund raisers and is a groupie for sports stars and show biz celebrities.  Amid the crisis chaos he is taking another 15 day vacation in Martha’s Vineyward in August. His incompetent team continues to encourage illegal immigration, Pelosi and his Democrat cronies are literally handing-out lollypops welcoming illegals at the border. He has attended  3 fund raisers in Texas but staying well away from the border.



Illegal Aliens Kerry Glides While Iraq Slides 300x214 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your HealthHis plastic blow-dried Secretary of State, Kerry was splashing around the surf while Iraq and Syria collapse to a Calaphate and the Mexican border invasion ramps-up.

This stealth WMD attack on America has no end in sight for the foreseeable future. Conservative estimates of hundreds of thousands of diseased Typhoid Mary aliens are being dropped-off at Greyhound bus stations and transit system hubs from San Diego to Boston.

The Mag View will be closely following the stealth WMD threat to America and will publish as a Breaking -&- Developing series as conditions indicate.



Actionable disease prevention tactics and methods and what you can do:

•Avoid direct contact with illegal immigrants – SomIllegal Aliens Tuburculosis 198x300 Obamas WMD Foreign Imports Are Hazardous To Your Healthe of these diseases are transmitted through airborne pathogens (meaning a cough or sneeze will do it).

•Avoid bus stations and gatherings of illegal aliens.

•Insure that your kids aren’t in schols among high perecentages of illegals.

•Insuret that your vaccines are current including the seasonal influenza.

•Avoid physician offices, hospitals and clinics if you are in an alien drop off location.

◦Postpone elective surgical procedures.

•Do not hire illegals for work or home chores.

•Wear a mask and gloves if you are around illegals.

•Be cautious with fast food restaurants that employ illegals.

•Seek medical attention quickly if you become ill.

•Wash your hands frequently.

May the force be with you and protect you. Yoda




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