Obama Takes SEAL Team VI For A Deadly Ride!

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Obama Takes Seal TEAM VI For a Deadly Ride!


San Diego,  CA   By Yoda and Dauntless Don
Seal Team 6 Logo 150x150 Obama Takes SEAL Team VI For A Deadly Ride!INSIDER SCUTTLEBUT OF A GOVERNMENT SEAL TEAM VI HOAX!  Operation Extortion 17  suspiciously followed 93 days after the perplexing, peculiar  Bin Laden raid.
The ambush in Afghanistan  killed all 38 people on board the helicopter that was shot down – 25 American special operations personnel,  5  United States Army National Guard and Army Reserve crewmen, 7  Afghan commandos  and one Afghan interpreter – as well as a U.S. military working dog.
The murder of SEAL TEAM VI operators, including  25  Spec OPs personnel,  and  5 nationals in the helicopter shoot down in Afghanistan on August 6th, 2011 was the largest single loss of elite American commandos in history. The victims of this Talaban ambush included members of the Gold Squadron of SEAL Team VI who had participated in the mysterious Bin Laden raid 93 days earlier.
The shocking Michael Savage radio interview of courageous Charlie Strange, father of SEAL Team VI hero Michael Strange, who is the spokesman for the fatherless children, widows, siblings and parents of the fallen heros who sacrificed their lives so you and I may live free.
The stunning Michael Savage  interview heard here  is a prelude and introducion to a Mag View exclusive interview series of valorous Charlie Strange and his dauntless wife, Mary.
Cover Ups We Will Never Forget Obama Takes SEAL Team VI For A Deadly Ride!“The jaw-dropping publication of the stunning  facts of the Bin Laden raid and Extortion 17 will far overshadow “Benghazi”,  Said Janorama, Founding Editor in Chief of the Magnified View. “The Mag View exclusive series will disclose facts never revealed.”
Take a listen and check back for part #1  of Yoda’s the  Mag View stunning expose  interview series of Charlie and Mary Strange.

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