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“The definitive explanation of Ebola to date”,  said a senior CDC insider after reading a draft copy of this article.

All you needEbola Sign Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borders to know and how to best protect yourself and your family. Here are the deadly, unspun, unvarnished Ebola and infectious disease crisis conditions we are currently confronted with:

BREAKING!  The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted a page in their website stating that the Ebola virus was transmissible in air in a still room (airborne!) within 10 feet of a cough or sneeze from an infected patient.  In addition, the web page stated that the virus remains on hard surfaces,  (door knobs) for 50 hours.  In addition, the virus remains on damp linen and clothing for weeks.  The CDC mysteriously  took this page down after 30 hours.

The United Nations/World Health Organization (WHO) is officially estimating 15,000 deaths in the 3 primary countries (Liberia, Sierra Leon, Guinea) as opposed to the 5000 deaths routinely reported by the lame stream media. 

EBOLA HISTORY:  There have been 26 Ebola outbreaks since it`s discovery in 1976 in the Congo.  This is the first time that Ebola (Lassa, Marborg or other hemorrhagic’s ) has made it’s way out of small, remote,  jungle villages to major metropolitan areas now in 8 African countries – projected to 15 or more in the next 8 weeks.


Little is known about Ebola and hemorrhagic fevers as there has been minimal research.  Governments, uEbola Virus 5 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersniversities and pharmaceutical companies have spent little time and money on Ebola and the other hemorrhagics research as before now outbreaks were rare and limited to remote jungle villages.


The zoonotic (animal to human) transmission source is unknown. Monkeys and birds were previously flavors of the month.  The animal source is now thought to be bats which are a delicacy among W. African tribal’s.  Knowing where it comes from could help eradicate it. Personally, I miss my Hostess Twinkies.

Administration proEbola Virus in Costume Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borderspaganda spin dry guy, Dr. Frieden, head of CDC, is simply a mouthpiece for Obolabama. Frieden is deliberately deluding the public and the Obolabama is clueless. A confidential CDC source told the Magnified View that they wouldn’t let Frieden care for their pet hamster.


There are exactly 19 level IV bio containment beds in 4 hospitals in all the United States. Less than Level IV bio containment isolation and care, approaches a death wish for caregivers who are protected at Levels  II -and III.

The inmates are in charge of the institution: Forked-tongue Frieden states that Ebola is only infectious through exchange of body fluids. He says that while chasing secondary and tertiary contact individuals who have been on airplanes, subways, taxis and a bowling alley with an infected individual then placing them in an `honor system` quarantine. Note to Frieden:  `You can`t have it both ways!` If it’s only contagious thru African transvestites that shoot-up, then why worry about somebody who rode on a subway with Ebola patients?

Know The Facts1 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersGorgeous blonde TV anchors continue to talk about “treatment”.  There is no “treatment” for Ebola! – NONE!  Care consists of IV fluids, aspirin, prophylactic antibiotics, pain meds and mechanical ventilation when needed.  Some patients are taansfused with blood from patients who have survived. This is a Hail Mary unproven pseudo science desperate act with Ebola.  “Take two aspirin and don’t call me!”, says Frieden.

The monkeys are in charge of the bananas:  It’s about the economy – stupid! The fickle feds are more concerned with the economic impact of a pandemic than body counts. They publish nonsense under the guise of ‘not creating a panic’. “An ole rule of mine is when any government tells me not to panic, I elect to freak-out and go somewhere else”, warns Yoda.
It’s all about politics – stupid!  The administration stays with  Don`t worry – be happy, move along, nothing to see here while blaming Bush.  The gutless Republicans roll with maybe there is a problem while blaming it on the liberals political correctness.

FBe Prepared Panic on the Streets1 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersever pitch!   The Obolabama has appointed a figurehead Ebola Szar.  Ron Klain, a longtime political hack, served as chief of staff to Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden but has no medical or health care background. “This is like hiring a boot salesman for a muffler shop”,  said Janorama, Magnified View’s founding Editor in Chief.


Cabin fever!:   The quarantine conundrum. Obolabama is tearing-down our defenses. He has coerced the goveners of New York and New Jersey to “modify” their quarantine orders for health care workers (HCW) returning from West Africa. Both Cuomo and Christy folded Ebola Bring patients to America Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersunder the President and his press pressure in 24 hours.  Quarantines are the singular method to contain an outbreak.  The government of Liberia has quarantined a million people.  We have no idea who Obolabama is appeasing with this travesty.


Obolabama’s Dept of State (DoS) has written a position paper inviting infected nationals from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to come to America for treatment.  Where will they be treated?  This is an insane -make Africa feel good death wish for America!  While continuing the flap about one patient in Dallas, State is inviting scores more with the potential of spreading the infection throughout the land.


Ebola Sending Troops to Africa Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borders


Death from Above: Obolabama is grandstanding sending elements of the US Army`s 101st Airborne Division to Senegal and Liberia. These elite troopers will have deadly direct contact with Ebola patients where 17 trained Infirmarie sans frontiers ( Doctors without Borders) MD`s have died of the disease.  The troopers have precisely 4 hours of training and pathetically inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE) . There is 1 airplane capable of transporting infected troopers back to the US. What will Obolabama do with them when they rotate back ? Golf ? – attend fundraisers ?- Quarantine them for 6+ weeks ?  Where ?


Gun Update 6 What is a Whistleblower 300x115 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersDeveloping.  The Pentagon is equipping aircraft with quasi-isolation rooms for 8 patients in stretchers.
Confirming rumor: The Magnified View is confirming a whistleblowers information that Obolabama intends to import Ebola-infected indigenous VIP`s from the effected W. African countries.


Ebola Contagion Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersBombs away! While dropping a couple of bombs on ISIS in Iraq he is sending elements of the world`s finest fighting force on a suicide mission to West Africa. This is yet another example of his African-friendly affection for his birth continent.
The news anchors are ignorant, reading from prompters located behind the cameras written by leggy 20 year old interns. They bring on family physician guests who think asphalt is rectum trouble and talk trash about Ebola. One who frequently appears on Fox News changes his story with every appearance.  Were the star struck fools to spend 15 minutes on an internet search engine, it would vastly improve their 15 minutes of fame.

Gambling fever!  CDC has finally admitted that Ebola is `airborne` by any common-sense definition.  Droplets in still air, like in a room, are infectious when inhaled.  “Clinton would be in his element here (`I didn’t inhale` )”,  Observed senior columnist Dauntless Don.

UN/World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the virus remains active on surfaces (door knobs,  shopping basket handles ) for a stunning 50 days.  WHO is warning that the virus remains on damp fabrics ( clothes, bedding ) for weeks.

CDC is inundated with inquiries from hospitals with suspect patient cases. CDC is screening inquiries telephonically.  Their lab is overwhelmed and they are farming-out tissue and blood samples to NGO ( Non government organization ) labs. This adds to the time for lab testinEbola CDC Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersg tissue and blood samples and increases the risk of accidental infections in transit and in the labs.  UN/ WHO has doubled the incubation period from 21 -to-42 days.
UN/Who  has also discreetly published that Ebola is infectious at some (unknown) point during the incubation period -when a victim is infected but nor presenting with symptoms.  Fever spike!

CDC has finally acknowledged that the current Ebola ( Guinea) will mutate to a more deadly virulent disease as it did from Ebola (Ghana). This means that research will have to do a restart.  How scientific of them. Mutation is what viruses do, idiots.

Multiple simultaneous infectious disease threats! Ebola outbreak in the US is exacccerbated by 3 other lethal health threats:


Ebola Bring patients to America Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersSeasonal influenza is in the USA now. The symptoms exactly parallel Ebola. The severity of this years influenza can`t be predicted until mid-December. It will peak in Januray / February and will burn-out in April / May 2015. Triage of patients appearing at hospitals, clinics and physician offices infected with flu from Ebola is virtually impossible.
The Obolabama president continues to import thousands of W. Africans from the infected countries stubbornly refusing to close the border. He continues to say his responsibility to Africa equals protecting the United States of America. How loyal!
Enterovirus D-68. mostly infecting children is active in 48 states spread in a couple of months. This mysterious summer cold like virus is causing polio like paralysis.

Souvenirs from Mexico and Central America:


What You Need To Know Analysis Picture Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersTuburculosis, bacterial pneumonia, Chicken Pox, parasites and a host of other diseases are pouring over the non Southern border every day. The illegal’s are being sprinkled throughout the country from sea to shining sea in large and small cities.

Gambling fever! Predictions from the two scientist`s who have researched Ebola for almost 4 decades is that it will outbreak in US metropolitan areas in the near months to come. A coalition of 26 respected infectious disease scientists unanimously agree with this grim prediction.

Keep in mind that we are always 6 -to – 8 weeks behind the curve waiting to see the extent of the outbreak. This is due to (uncertain) incubation time, lags and inaccurcies in surveillance and reporting systems, bureaucratic bottlenecks and government deception.

Feed a cold-starve a fever!” Medical Martial Law: Magnified View government insiders report that Obolabama has inserted executive orders giving him unilateral authority to institute regional or national martial law from his golf cart or blackberry at fund raisers.
Conclusion: This unprecedented health nightmare is right out of the Sci Fi techno-thriller movies ‘Outbreak’ – ‘Hot Zone’ -and- Omega Man. There has been no similar threat since the ‘Spanish flu’ which killed an estimated 50+ million people worldwide almost 100 years ago.  The Spanish Flu killed 25% of it’s victims, whereas Ebola is approaching 90%.
Ebola Transporting patients in Africa Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersSpring fever? You will be on your own, however Ebola breaks in America.  However, the epidemic breaks you will be dependent on your own resources. First responders ( Coppers-Firefighters- EMT’s), hospitals and clinics will be overwhelmed. Physicians, nurses and aids will call-in sick fearful for their lives as they are doing now at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Emery in Atlanta, Presbyterian in Dallas and elsewhere. Already under staffed first responders won`t be able to respond.

Actionable preparation tactics and methods to protect yourself and your family:

Get your flu vaccine!

Black Friday, a little over 4 weeks out may take-on a new meaning.  Your most effective strategy is to avoid people and places that may be infected.

Ebola Scary Virus Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersAvoid crowds until you see where this is going.  Jostling-around frenetic Christmas shoppers in crowded malls is not a good idea.
Avoid air travel until you see where this is going. We aren`t worried about catching a disease on the airplane. We are worried about being stranded in a quarantine area a thousand miles from home and family.

Stock up on:

Food – You can’t eat gold or silver.  Water –  Lots of water.   Cash$ –  In small denomination bills.  In a pandemic, credit cards won’t  work.  Antibiotics -&- Antiviral’s.

Self protection hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, Crucial you learn how to put these on and as important, taking them off and dispose of them.

Face Masks –  N95 Particulate Respirator – 3M quality.  Compact and very effective.

Predictions 2 Terrorism Biological Weapons 2 300x191 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersAntimicrobial Wipes – Disinfectant wipes prevent spread of germs and maintain sanitary conditions.

Tissue Pack – Multi-task sheets.

Pair of Nitrile Gloves (standard surgical gloves)

Flashlights – You can never have enough flashlights.

Short wave radio: Inexpensive. You can often acquire news on your local conditions from far away stations.

Weapons to defend yourself and your family.

Your Magnified View will keep you informed as this nightmare develops.

Share with a friend or three.

May the force be with you

Yoda Avadar 1 150x150 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersYoda and Dauntless Don

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