ISIS Crisis And The Courageous Kurds

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Internet Radio On Air e1350411898465 ISIS Crisis And The Courageous Kurds


President Barack Hussein Obama denys and diverts crucially needed weapons and essential military  gear renegaging on his promises to supply the Kurds in their fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
While Obama, the illegals pal, is executing amnesty for 5 million border jumpers the gutless Republicans are adding to their list of what they can’t do about it.
Meanwhile, back in Iraq and Syria, the heroic Kurds are willing to fight ISIS to the last man and woman to protect themselves and America from the barbaric Islamic State of Iraq and Syrian (ISIS) terrorists.
Listen and learn from the blockbuster Voices of Global Freedom Radio Show:   
Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, President of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria and his partner Brigadier General Ernest C. Audino, US Army (Ret), who was decorated while in-bedded with the Kurds  in Iraq  expose the facts not found on liberal or conservative lame-stream media.
Editor’s  note: Our insider high echelon major letter Intel agencies sources are preparing for ISIS terrorist attacks on America’s homeland.
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Thank you Dr. Abbas and Brigadier General Ernie Audino for an informative and enjoyable show.

The Mag View team

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