Patriot Veteran Takes The Heat For Defending Our Liberties

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By Yoda and Backpack, June 4, 2015

Patriot Veteran Takes The Heat For Defending Our Liberties

Former U.S. Marine, combat veteran, Staff Sargeant, Jon Ritzheimer was ambushed by  Anderson Cooper of CNN  ( Communist News Network) days before his rally  at the Muslim Mosque on May 29, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ.

The Liberal Press piled  on to destroy Ritzheimer’s purpose of defending our First Amendment Right of Free Speech.   The rally was held on a public street in front of the Muslim mosque where Jihadist terrorists had worshiped. The 2 terrorists assassins  killed at Garland, TX, prayed at this mosque.  The event attracted elements of crack pots  from both sides of the protest.  Some skinhead white supremacists  appear on Jon’s side and peacenik religious fanatics were among the counter-protests.

As a consequence of his patriotism, Ritzheimer’s identity was stolen, fraudulent  charges were made on his credit card, false Facebook entries and bogus $10 million appeal on Go Fund Me.

Ritzheimer, his lovely wife and delightful daughters  have been forced into hiding from Muslim, Jihadists, death threats to their life from the USA, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Listen, watch  and learn the real story of how Muslim Jihadists liberal press and gullible do-gooders swarmed against Ritzheimer.  Courageous patriotic effort to protect us from the Muslim Jihadist take over of the United States.


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