Weather Forecast Mushroom Clouds Across America?

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San Diego CA,  July, 2015
by Yoda and Dauntless Don

Procrastinator in Chief Obama and bicyclist Kerry have given the farm away, the country and $150 Billion to Iran to build nuclear bombs, acquire intercontinental ballistic missiles  and fund Islamic Jihad Terrorism against our homeland and around the world.

Your Magnified View Magazine and sister Radio program, Voices of Global Freedom has unconditionally joined patriotic VIPs in the “Stop Iran Now” movement.

A rally at Times Square in New York City on July 22, 2015, attracted an estimated 12,000 Conservatives and Liberals alike supporting the “Stop Iran Now Movement”.  “New York Governor Pataki, Center for Security Policy,  Claire Lopez, former Director CIA, James Woolsey, Major General Vallely, Fox News Monica Crowley,  Lt. Col. Allan B. West, New York radio personality Kevin McCullough were among other VIP speakers who condemned  the Iran deal as an egregious, treasonous threat to our life, limb and liberty,” said Janorama, Founding Editor-in-Chief of your magazine.

Stop Iran Rally 4 300x204 Weather Forecast Mushroom Clouds Across America?A caller to the Voices of Global Freedom radio program, asked co-host Backpack, ‘What does the deal mean  to our average, live-a-day citizens?”  Backpack answered, “An inevitable nuclear bomb attack of New York, Washington, D.C. Tel Aviv and bombings and active shooter attacks on our homeland.”

Be prepared and join us in blocking this unmitigated surrender to terrorist Iran.

Yoda and Dauntless Don

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P.S.  Is this surrender to terrorism a foolish attempt for Obama’s legacy, his indelible  persistent ideology or something more nefarious  and diabolical?  Send Tips to




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