Obama Grabbing Your Guns

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San Diego, CA   August 9, 2015,   by Janorama and Backpack     Please Share


Michael Connelley, Esq.,  2nd Amendment Constitution authority and Executive Director, United States Justice Foundation, ( http://www.usjf.net ),  clearly exposes stunning details of Obama’s treasonous  effort to render us defenseless,” said Yoda, Content Editor of your magazine. “At no time in our history has any administration been so aggressive in rendering the population defenseless.  Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Castro,  Pol Pot, took total control of their countries through gun confiscation on the road to instituting  Marshall Law.”

Listen and learn how to keep your guns and defend your families.  Acquire peace of mind.

Are we Venezuela yet?

P.S.  Connelley’s office was recently burglarized with only the files taken and the computer hard drive erased.  In addition, his popular radio program has mysteriously been taken off air, an  obvious  attempt to silence Connelley. (www.americaswebradio.com/showpagesourconstitution.php.



Gun Update 6 Update 300x165 Obama Grabbing Your GunsObama Gun Grab Critical Update for US Veterans and  Their Families.

Obama Puts Vets’ Guns In The Crosshairs

San Diego, 06/2013 Yoda  -&- Dauntless Don

Part 7 of the Magnified View’s Blockbuster,  “Government Grabbing Your Guns” Series.

Gun Update 6 Veterans Scam Alert3 Obama Grabbing Your GunsNews Flash,  2013:

This vitally important warning  is for the 22+ million  U.S. Veterans, their families, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and anyone who knows a veteran. It is equally imperative for all law-abiding US  citizens.


Gun Update 6 Celebration Time Obama Grabbing Your GunsThe latest gun grab bill is  dead!

Law abiding citizens 1 – versus – Obama  0

Ms. FeinsteiGun Update 6 Feinstein Make Guns Illegal except mine 236x300 Obama Grabbing Your Gunsn suffered a defeat as decisive as it was personal when she watched her fellow senators vote her bill down, 40 to 60, as they scuttled a  broader package of gun control legislation.

Numerous White house sources report that President  Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Reid and Pelosi are personally affronted and outraged about their  resounding defeat.

“President Obama will institute gun control through executive order by the end of this year”, announced Vice President, Bungling  Biden on television twice in April of this year.

Down but not oGun Update 6 Warning Armed American Veteran Obama Grabbing Your Gunsut, Feinstein has an even broader gun  bill in the works with Obama’s full support.

First:  Our heartfelt thanks to each and every veteran, man and woman  for  their sacrifice, standing up to help save our Republic safe for  Democracy.

It is an indisputable fact of life (and death) that in societies where the citizens are armed, there is significantly fewer crimes to persons than where people are  forbidden to have guns.

Conversely, where thGun Update 6 Fact 300x237 Obama Grabbing Your Gunse people are disarmed there is  considerably greater crimes to person.

Despite that President Obama and his staff  are well apprised of this fact, they  are zealously attempting to render the good citizens defenseless. The only  plausable reason for his systematic, methodical, diabolical attempt to disarm  the citizens is to acquire limitless draconian  control.

Gun  control isn’t about guns – it’s about control. The Commander in  Chief is implementing a tyrannical plan to specifically target every man  and woman who has ever served in the armed forces.

VA  whistleblowers have decided to speak  out.   APPLAUSE!

VA  Shrink Admits He Gets a $3K   Bonus Per Vet For Seizing Their guns.Gun Update 6 The Whistleblower 300x263 Obama Grabbing Your Guns

A New York psychiatrist has opened-up,  revealing shocking and detailed  information, regarding a subtle, yet deliberate, concerted effort by the  Veterans Administration and other public entities to begin confiscating guns and  other weapons from U.S. Veterans Administration psychiatric evaluations records.

Read more:    FULL INTERVIEW:   VA Doctor (Psychiatrist)  Exposes National Gun Confiscation

If the irrefutable facts disclosed in this article doesn’t wake up the misguided, marginalized vets, that voted for Obama, it’s worse than I had hoped.

Gun Update 6 Background Checks 300x225 Obama Grabbing Your GunsThroughout history, the first step in gun confiscation is the  government creating a comprehensive  gun registry acquired through a  “complete background check”.

It would be helpful to run a  background check on candidates running for  President of the United States of  America.

Here are the core  intent and  purposes of Feinstein’s gun bill.  The gun bill  that no one was allowed to see. Discreetly obscured amongst thousands of pages  of legislature are provisions to deny all veterans the right to  keep and bear arms.

Here is the hidden flim  flam. The Bills presume that all vets have Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder ( PTSD ). The bills specify that any veteran who has received  psychological anGun Update 6 VA Madness 161x300 Obama Grabbing Your Gunsd/or psychiatric counseling while in the service or afterword at a  VA medical facility, will be prohibited from owning a  gun.

As you will recall, psychological questions were a routine component of your separation from service process (“Mustering out” for us  older vets).

Induction into the VA health care or  benefits system includes psychological-based questions. Therefore, Crimestein gets her exercise with a convenient leap to misrepresenting a couple of stock questions to be receiving  “psychological  counseling”.

Okay!   No gun for you!  This  chicanery denies U.S. Vets (who make 7+% of  the entire U.S. population),  the ability to defend themselves and their  families.Gun Update 6 Beware Obamacare 300x280 Obama Grabbing Your Guns

Crimestein’s quote:  Feinstein  (D-CA ) “All vets are  mentally ill and government should prevent them from owning firearms”.  For your hypocracy collection, Crimestein carries a pistol, has a  carrying concealed weapons permit and is surrounded by a heavily armed security detail.

Medication  generations:  Per the Center For Disease Control and Prevention,  an astounding 2 out of five women are (or have) taken prescribed antidepressants and/or anti anxiety meds. One out of five men have also taken antidepressants or anti anxiety meds.

The bills exclude Gun Update 6 NY Begins Gun Grab 300x200 Obama Grabbing Your Gunsanyone (Vet or not) who has ever been prescribed antidepressant or anti anxiety meds e.g.the IRS has gobbled-up 70,000+ citizen medical records as the start of something big. This  farce will knock out over a hundred million people, (nearly 32% of the entire population) from owning a firearm.

New  York is confiscating guns now.  David  Lewis, 35, of Amherst, New York,  received a notice that his permit was  revoked and he was to turn in his weapons or they would come and get them and  charge him with illegal firearms possession.

The  VA patient records data base is high among the finest in the world  and  Obamacare will provide the data base that discloses patients that have ever been prescribed antidepressants or anti anxiety meds.

Big Sis, Napolitano, of DHS  (AKA The Gals Pal) has included U.S. veterans in a list of potential terrorists while leaving out young Gun Update 6 Big Sister Is Watching You Obama Grabbing Your Gunsbearded Middle Eastern Jihadist  males.

Big Sis cannot articulate why DHS has purchased an astounding  billion and a half  bullets and 2,700 SWAT type vehicles along with other weapons.  The obvious  reason is for DHS, FEMA and TSA to use weapons against U.S. citizens in times of  “civil disturbances”.  The writer, along with scores of savvy journalists, opines that a false flag and/or economic collapse such as a “bank holiday” will cause a civil disturbance. e.g. there is a bill in congress prohibiting DHS from buying even more bullets.

The  nefarious diabolic purpose of Complete Background Checks is:

1.  For the  federal government to compile a comprehensive data base identifying who has  the guns.

Gun Update 6 Citizens Hand Over Your Guns2 195x300 Obama Grabbing Your Guns2.  To provide the federal  government with, however preposterous, probable cause to confiscate the  guns coincidental with the implementation of martial  law.

3.  To discourage law  abiding citizens from going through all the red tape of the background  check.  Hence, they will be disarmed.

4.  To give the federal government full control of the helpless, defenseless, citizens, destroying liberties and freedoms provided by the constitution.

Criminals, psychopaths, street gangs, Narco Cartels and terrorists buy their guns out of the trunks of cars, on the street and from sophisticated black market gun trafficking  channels.   It is preposterous that they will attempt to buy guns legally.

Besides Fast and Furious, ever wonder where the Mexican Narco Cartels get their weapons?  Did anyone ever really believe that .50 cal machine guns, grenades and  RPG 7’s could be purchased at Texas gun stores?  Picture a sombrero wearing Mexican pushing a heavy machine gun RPG laden shopping cart through the aisles of a gun store.  What an image!

Ever wander where the Narco terrorists cartels get their military weapons from?  For more than a decade, the U.S. government furnishes the Mexican  government with $20+ million dollars of military grade weapons, plus trick electronic communicaGun Update 6 Texas Gun Stores 300x165 Obama Grabbing Your Gunstions and surveillance equipment every year.  The senior individuals in the corrupt Mexican government sells them to the cartels.  This is window dressing for the failed ‘war on drugs’.

The bills in  legislation include provisions to require that gun owners keep (unloaded) guns  locked in a safe. The Bills include surrender of your 4th Amendment rights, allowing authorities to make surprise visits to your home. When the burglars are coming in your window or home invaders are at the door, tell  them to wait a few minutes while you unlock your safe and get and load your  gun.

A  large percentage of vets surveyed, believe that Obama will create a  false flag incident to executive order a national martial law and consequential gun confiscation.

Gun Update 6 Now Turn In Your Guns2 300x196 Obama Grabbing Your GunsStaid respected conservative news  publications (The WSJ, Atlantic, Forbes and others), along with  prestigious think tanks are speculating that Obama will order martial law to attain his Marxist New World Order goals.

The good guys won this battle, but Obama’s gun grab war will go on and on.  There are already plans in the works for a “modified”  bill.

Register for future veteran  updates.

Forward  to a vet  friend.

Stick to your guns and stay  safe!

Yoda, U.S.  Air Force -&- U.S.  Army  Veteran

Dauntless Don,  U.S.  Marine Corps Veteran

Janorama / Editor in Chief


USA ( 760 ) 295-4912

Gun Update 6 When Guns Are Outlawed Obama Grabbing Your Guns

P.S.   For patriotic,  committed conservatives:  To  learn how to survive and  thrive  under extremely restrictive martial law, scroll down to Yoda’s 10 part predictions for 2013 and  beyond on this  blog.

P.P.S. An outstanding idea from Jarhead Dauntless Don to limit the wars we engage in and save the lives of  countless men and women:  “Draft every 10th Senator, Congressman, Cabinet  member and senior staffer. Draft their first born sons and daughters and assign them to a combat arms unit at the forward edge of battle (FEB).

“Watch the sudden drop in the number of wars and  military actions we engage in,”  said Don.

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