Obama’s War On America’s Law Enforcement

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Lt Randy Sutton challenges the Black Lives Matter movement. If you agree, please share.

Posted by Randy Sutton on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

 PAXP deijE Obamas War On Americas Law Enforcement

San Diego, CA August 20, 2015 by Janorama & Dauntless Don

Lt Randy Sutton, Las Vegas P.D., (ret), spokesman for the “Defending the Shield” organization, exposes the adminstration’s war on coppers.  Sutton shines a bright light on the  diabolical dark corners of the “BLACK LIVES MATTER ” movement.

Watch this 5 minute revelation from Las Vegas’s most decorated copper.

“President Obama’s Administration has added Black Lives Matter to their war on women, war on guns, war on Christianity, war on education and war on the Constitution, ” said ‘Backback’, anchor host of Voices of Global Freedom Radio. “Obama’s wars grow and grow while he is tepid about his  showboat war on ISIS and surrendering to Iran’s nuclear weapons development program.

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