Your Magazine And Radio Program Are Under Powerful Liberal Attack

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Your Magazine and Radio Program Under Powerful Liberal Attack 

San Diego, CA  August 2015  by Janorama and Backpack

Your magazine and radio program are being cyber stalked by the Soros like powerful liberal media.

Yoda Avadar 1 150x150 Your Magazine And Radio Program Are Under Powerful Liberal AttackSeminars Security Your Magazine And Radio Program Are Under Powerful Liberal AttackYour sources for “Analysis of News  you can use” are in the liberal crosshairs again. 

The progressive outlets feature “I’m a victim – he’s a victim – she’s a victim – wouldn’t you like to be a victim too.?”  The liberal jingle.

“Let’s see if the Progressives have the courage to defend their convictions,” said Yoda, who was singled out as the target in their current attack.

Two well funded progressive internet sites are publishing the same old dreary, tired, shop-worn falsehoods, being the victims.  They promote Obama’s “Black Lives Matter”  government gun grab,  sanctuary cities, inner sanctums for criminal illegals,  communist common core curriculum mis-education and their Pro Choice, Planned Parenthood, butchering babies.

Threat Obama Reading Poetry2 300x207 Your Magazine And Radio Program Are Under Powerful Liberal AttackWe have challenged  “Forward Progressives” and “Right Wing Watch” to an on- air debate.  We have boldly  stipulated that the Liberals can choose the subjects, format, and  moderator, including their  activist rabble-rousing cleric, the Rev. Al Sharpton.  We have conceded  that the debate can  air on their home turf, their  pathetic  MSNBC channel for the faint of heart.

We have called the editors of the Liberals, leaving several messages. We hope they will eventually return our calls.

“What are the chances that they are fearful of an open debate with me?” asks Yoda, Founding Content Editor of your magazine, co-host of the sister radio show, Voices of Global Freedom.

Check yoForum Ad Join Us 150x127 Your Magazine And Radio Program Are Under Powerful Liberal Attackur magazine frequently and listen to Voices of Global Freedom Radio on every Saturday, at 4:00 PM  (PDST) for developments in this melodrama.

Janorama, Founding Editor In Chief


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