Potus vs US

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 Undermining Christianity, Capitalism, And Culture

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Voices of Global FrThreat Embassies Closing 4 Potus vs USeedom radio,  Yoda and Backpack exclusive interview with internationally syndicated Conservative Talk Show host, Judd Dunning.

Dunning’s stunning collective, political entertainment news mission is informing our audience via his popular talk show.  “A funny, hip, intelligent and cool show”, says Backpack, anchor host, Voices of Global Freedom, News Editor of Magnified View magazine, and author Looking Glass Shattered.  Judd loves the US, God, His Family, Right Of Center Politics and Comedy. Learn more about Judd at his website:

www.conservaPredictions 2 Terrorism Bullseye On Flag Potus vs UStivelyunplugged.com

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