Anchors Away Admiral James (‘Ace’) Lyons

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Published on Sep 29, 2015

Welcome aboard Voices of Global Freedom exclusively featuring Four Star Admiral “Ace” Lyons U.S. Navy (Ret.).  The good Bombing Benghazi 300x300 Anchors Away Admiral James (Ace) LyonsAdmiral will address the following questions. What are your views on the Iran nuclear weapon agreement? With Hillary’s e-mails and her private server being exposed will we get the true story on Benghazi?  What is the impact of sequestration on our national security? What about our strategy to defeat ISIS? What’s the impact on our military making them “submit” to Islam’s 7th century traditions? What do we do about China’s aggressive moves in the South China Sea? What do we do to counter Russia’s aggressive moves in Syria

Now Hear This! – Now Hear This!

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