Tarantino Trashes Coppers – Law Enforcement Retaliates

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November, 2015, San Diego

By Janorama and Backpack

In order to promote his latest gratuitous ultra  violence packed movie, Tarantino took to the podium in October  in New York City, pandering to a crowd of Black Lives Matter, Crips, Bloods and misguided Liberals, accusing our brave men and women of murder.

“Our Sister Radio Program, Voices of Global Freedom will be featuring,  Tarantino’s father, Tony Tarantino who loudly condemns his son’s, hateful actions, ” said Yoda, co-host of the program.

Threat Alert Graphic e1355448198802 Tarantino Trashes Coppers   Law Enforcement RetaliatesBoycott Quentin Tarantino !  Join us, law enforcement and patriot citizens in boycotting the Tarantino’s upcoming violence, porn film, The Hateful Eight, to be released to take away from everyone’s Christmas cheer.

Our conservative, patriotic, magazine visitors and syndicated radio program listeners, often asked what they can do to help save the republic safe for Democracy.  A positive action will be boycotting Tarrentino and telling a friend or two.

Thank you.


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