If You See Something . . . . Run For Your Life

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Please Share San Diego, CA – December 2015 By:  Janorama and Backpack



Be Prepared Are you prepared If You See Something . . . . Run For Your Life Two days before the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) declares the San Bernardino, CA massacre a Terrorist Incident.  The Islamic Idealog  Obamnation put the country at risk again, alluding to the incident as “work place violence”. Our Yoda is bringing the force here to patriotic U.S. citizens.

RUN – HIDE – FIGHT Here is a way to save your life.  Should you be so unlucky to be involved in an Isamic Jihad active shooter incident, the following may save your life.  The run for your life applies as well to fire, earthquake and mob violence.


Yoda’s actionable, individual, security tactic.  When entering public venues, shopping malls, theaters, sport stadiums, churches, concerts, other soft targets, observe and mentally note the location of exits. In addition to the Gun update Obamas assault weapon 300x211 If You See Something . . . . Run For Your Life well known adrenal fight or flee urge. Most people freeze.  Do not be one of those people.  Do not wait for someone else who is a leader who takes action.

RUN:  In the event of fire, earthquake or on entrance of an Islamic Jihad, active shooter(s), immediately run for an exit.  Put as much distance between you and the shooter(s) as quickly as you can. The odds of an active shooter hitting you with a rifle past 20 feet are in your favor. Run in a zigzag pattern.

HIDE:  Cover and conscealment.  Should you be unable to run for any reason, hide behind something that would stop a bullet (this is called cover) Go to a closet.  Put your cell phone on vibrate – a cell phone ringing will disclose your location.  Turn the lights off and lock the door.  On encountering a lock door,  the terrorist will move on to a softer target.  Lacking cover, find concealment behind a chair, bush of anything that might conceal you from a shooter.

FIGHT:  If youCriminals Love Gun Control If You See Something . . . . Run For Your Life are  unable to run, hide, or  find cover and concealment, attack the shooter with any impact weapon  available.  A chair, cup/saucer, telephone or ball point pen.  Pepper Spray would be handy at this time as would hair spray or other aerasols, women carry in their purses. A pocket knife under 3 inch blade (legal in most states) is a good weapon.   A  small, sturdy flashlight in pocket or purse is a handy improvised impact weapon.   If possible, wait until the shooter is reloading his/her pistol, rifle or shot gun before attacking the shooter.

Take immediate action.  Do not sit like a duck in a pond waiting to be slaughtered.  Despite logic and law enforcements  experts  opinion to the contrary, schools across the nation are ‘locking down’, pinning their kids up in their classroom in neat orderly fashion, waiting for the active shooter.  Were the kids to scatter outside, running different directions would save most of them. The only thing that would save victims from assault by active shooters are good guys/girls armed with guns.

When seconds count, cops are 5 minutes away.  Cops can’t be everywhere.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona is promoting a novel but effective idea to defend his citizens.  There are 250,000 active, carrying concealed weapons permits in his county. He is encouraging these citizens to engage Islamic Jihadists terrorists in a fire fight when they envade a public venue.  Had there been one or more armed citizens in Paris, France or San Bernardino, CA, the out come of these incidents would of been different.

Please see Sheriff Arpaio’s video below. (The only thYoda Avadar 1 267x300 If You See Something . . . . Run For Your Life ing to beat a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun), says Backpack, anchor host of our sister radio program, Voices of Global Freedom.com.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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