Powerful Wisdom For Patriots From Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn US Army (Ret.)

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FROM  Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn US Army (Ret.)

San Diego, CA, January, 2016,  By Janorama and Backpack


Inspirational Motivation For Conservatives From an American War Hero.

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, US Army Retired.

Retired  from a distinguished career as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, (DIA).

Flynn’s career spanned 33 years.

The DIA is the military component of major letter intelligence Agencies,  including NSA, FBI and about 1/3 larger than the CIA.  It’s mission is to collect,  analyze, evaluate  and disseminate foreign military intelligence to it’s customers, including the National Security Council (NSC) and President of the United States (POTUS).

Here are Flynn’s words of wisdom.


“Those TV appearances are for one purpose, ensuring our nation and citizens can achieve what our founding fathers envisioned when they described the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone deserves these. 

We are in a global struggle with radical Islamists and their allies and must get the American people and our next president ready to take these challenges on, and many more. 
Happy New Year!
Flynn Insignia 2 150x150 Powerful Wisdom For Patriots From Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn US Army (Ret.)Words of wisdom to assimilate and live by to help save our republic safe for democracy.
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