Learn To Know The Way To Go To Own Your Zone In Investments

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San Diego, CA, January, 2016, by Janorama and Backpack

Power Broker Todd (Bubba) Horwitz Tells How To Profit in Bull Markets and Lose Less In Bear Markets

“Bubba is our exclusive financial advisor, frequently appearing on our internationally syndicated radio program, Voices of Global Freedom radio,” said Backpack, anchor host of the show.  Bubba gives strait talk, avoiding boring, mind bending, ambiguous, financial jargon for our blue and white collar audience.”

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Meet the Average Joe


For more than thirty four years, Todd “Bubba” Horwitz has enjoyed a successful career in the financial industry. He began his profession in 1980 as was one of the original market makers in the OEX Trading Pit at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He has traded at all of the major exchanges in Chicago and is currently a member of the CBOT. In addition to his trading, for the past five years he has concentrated on writing, education, and a media career.

Currently Mr. Horwitz has a number of educational and media ventures. As the moderator of his daily sixty minute radio broadcast, the “Bubba Show” he specializes in dissecting the news and educating average investors. The show brings a unique perspective, not only on the financial markets, but also the geo-political and social events that are influencing today’s world. The eclectic nature of the broadcast allows Mr. Horwitz to interview a wide range of personalities from championship football coach Philip Fulmer to ex-Fed governor Andrew Huzar, as well as personalities from the financial community that include many household names such as Terry Savage, Liz Claman and David Asman.

In addition to his media career, he teaches them the ins and outs of a professional trader that continues to concentrate on the education and training of would-be investors, seen it all in the past thirty plus years. He is also developing an educational program for High School seniors that will allow them to make the transition from the school yard to the business world.


Savings Cartoon Learn To Know The Way To Go To Own Your Zone In Investments

Bubba has generously agreed to speak with our magazine members and radio program listeners and he is a regular guest on Neil Cavuto, Fox Business News.

If you have an investment portfolio of US $5,000 or US $5,000,000, don’t hesitate a heartbeat in contacting Bubba personally.  We recommend Bubba unconditionally, without reservation.

Janorama, Founding-Editor-in-Chief

Email: radio@magnifiedview.com

Telephone:  (760) 295-4912

To Contact Todd “Bubba” Horwitz, click here !



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