Stop The Bleeding. . . . . LITERALLY!

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San Diego, CA, February, 2016 By Janorama and Backpack

Doom And Bloom logo 3   Copy1 150x150 Stop The Bleeding. . . . .  LITERALLY! Doom and Bloom Bleeding Control 2 150x150 Stop The Bleeding. . . . .  LITERALLY! Our natural or terrorist disaster medical experts, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, have a new kit that will literally  save your life in any emergency.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have assembled a kit with clear instructions that non-medical savvy laymen will find easy to use.

The ” First Aid Bleeding Control Kit” should be in every office, plant, hotel, restaurant, home, car and  school classroom.

For more information  Click here

P.S. Prize !  Voices of Global Freedom Radio heard every Wednesday and Saturday at 4:00PM Pacific will be awarding a kit to a contest winner.  Don’t miss the internationally syndicated show at

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