Active Shooters – IEDS – Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

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Active Shooters- IEDs-Empty

Store Shelfs

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.

San Diego, CA , February, 2016 by Janorama-Founding-Editor-in-chief

Poison Gas Massacre Graphic e1355451735811 Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near YouOn Monday February 3, 2016, the heads of our major letter intelligence  agencies testified before a congressional committee that American will be under frequent active shooter, IED, Cyber and potential chemical WMD attack.  This directly contradicts President Obama who in a TV appearance last week said, “there is no existential terrorist threat to America.”

The Directors of the National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Intelligence Ageny (DIA), and National Intelligence Agency, in sworn testimony singlely and unamesly agreed that America will be under frequent Islamic terrorist attacks by the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, ISIS and elements of Al Qaeda operators.

Analysis of News You Can Use for your safety and security from your Magnified View Academy Think Tank follows here.


Bombing Breaking News Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near YouFormer U.S. Intel Chief Warning about a Chemical Attack

San Diego, CA February, 2016 – By Janorama, Backpack, Dauntless Don

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, US Army (Ret.) Former Commander of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  warns the Magnified View Academy Think Tank Team of the High Probability of a chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) on a major U.S. city.

The DIA is a  major U.S. intelligence agency made up of all branches of the US military.  It serves, along with the National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and is approximately a third larger than the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  It’s mission is to overtly and covertly collect through overt (open source) and covert human intelligence (HUMINT)  analyzes  evaluate and disseminate crucial information to it’s customers, including the President of the United States (POTUS).

Interactive Intelligence Graphic Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near YouGeneral Flynn is an outstanding patriot warrior who left a stunning 33  year career abruptly after his forthright threat analysis sworn testimony before a U.S. congressional committee.  Flynn is one of the many military career casualties who varied from President Obama’s Muslim friendly,  absurd,  minimization  of the Islamic threat  narrative.

Here are Flynn’s words of wisdom:

“Those TV appearances are for one purpose, ensuring our nation and citizens can achieve what our founding fathers envisioned when they described the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone deserves these. 

We are in a global struggle with radical Islamists and their allies and must get the American people and our next president ready to take these challenges on, and many more. FLYNN”

As a frequent correspondent on your Magnified View magazine and guest on his Team Flynn  Series on Voices of Global Freedom Radio.

Ed Note:  The following feature article is a re-write update on “POTENTIAL SARIN GAS ATTACK ON MAJOR AMERICAN CITIES”,  published on 10/16/12 and heard on air on our internationally syndicated sister radio program, aired every Wednesday and Saturday on Voices of Global Freedom Radio, at 4:00 PM Pacific.

The possibility of the Islamic State of Iraq  and Syria (ISIS), state sponsoring terrorist government of Iran and their affiliate Islamic terrorist groups (HezSyria Map e1355450312178 Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near Youbollah, Hamas, others),  acquiring Sarin gas during the continuing Syrian uprising is ever escalating.  The Syrian conflict including Russia, Iran, Al Qaeda, the Taliban supporting the tyrannical Assad who has murdered countless thousands on citizens is an incubation chamber for attacks on Europe, Israel and America.

Syria will eventually lead a  domino-effect, of Iraq, Libya  and Afghanistan and a potential ground zero for world War III.  The current US administration is paying a heavy price for it’s initiating and funding the so-called Arab Spring five years ago. Obama’s sudden withdrawal of US forces from Iraq left the door wide open for Vladimir Putin take over of Syria and Iraq inserting Iran’s Republican Guard Army.

General Flynn warns that in addition to Islamists, Jihadists, active shooters and vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VIED) and suicide bombers, the possibility of a chemical attack on a major US city is attractive to ISIS, Al Quaeda elements, including Al Qaeda in the Arabian Pennisula (AQAP) and Hezbollah.

Threat Embassies Closing 4 Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near You“Terrorism exists to terrorize”, said Lenin. A Sarin gas attack on a US city would cost tens of thousands lives and cause chaos and near collapse through the country.  Terrorists attacks are all about getting publicity from a symbiotic news media.  Publicity, especially now with a the internet, makes the terrorist organization bigger and more powerful than they are, acquire funding from supporting Islamists organization and aids recruitment of  fanatics.  ??

Sarin gas kills within minutes through ingestion, inhalation or contact with skin.  It is a colorless, tasteless, oderless weapon of mass destruction.

History of the use of Sarin gas on innocent populations:

On March 16th, 1988, Iraq’s Sadam Hussein murdered  thousands  Kurds in Halabja, Iraq, using this horrendous weapon of mass destruction.

Aum Shinrikyo, aIslamic Terrorists Fanatics 300x204 Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near You Japanese terrorist group, killed and maimed hundreds of innocent victims on a Tokyo subway with this weapon on March 20th, 1995.

Credible rumors indicate that Sarin gas also killed thousands during the Iraq/Iran war.

The fanatic Islamic terrorist groups are eager to create a spectacular mass casualty attack on Israel and America.

In the event an Islamic terrorist group attacks an American city exceeding 9/11 killing 3,000 at the World Trade Center in New York City.  There will be an instantaneous near shut down of society from coast to coast.

Please scroll-down to the feature article, “Terrorist Attack On America – A True Story”.

WhileObama Playing Golf 2 Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near You this dire threat grows and grows, our fearless Commander In Chief, President Barrack Hussein Obama, will be in denial, minimizing the threat, further surrendering to Iran, acquiezing to North Korea, supporting Castro’s Communist regime in Cuba, closing Gitmo, further descimating the US Military and denigrating our police in his war against law enforcement.  How fun!

Plastic Blow-dried Kerry, current Secretary of State, has reached in to his crayola box and boldly threatened Bashar al-Assad, the tyranical President of Syria, with a “red line” if he activates their Sarin gas, which he will defiantly ignore.  After Assad activated the gas, Incompetent Kerry, drew another “red line”,  threatening Assad if he deploys the terrifying weapon, which he likely will.

Assad has killed an estimated hundreds of thousands of his citizens.  To date, the US government has taken no direct action other than creating pale “red lines”.  US and allied intelligence analysis reveals that Assad will use some of his 700 plus missiles with Sarin warheads against his own people.

US (NATO) military intervention to take control or eliminate Syria’s Sarin gas stockpiles is necesary but problematical. Syria’s Russian supplied air defense system is one of the most sophisticated in the world making special forces insertions by air extremely difficult.  A US (NATO) missile attack is in the cards.  Israel Intelligence officials have stated that no one knows what the usually procrastinating Obama factor wilDisasters Affect all of US Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near Youl do.

In the event an Islamic terrorist group attacks an American city with Sarin gas, there will be an instantaneous shut down  of society, resulting in empty store shelves and the possibility of Marshall Law from coast to coast.

A US military intervention to take control of the Sarin gas is possible but no one can accurately predict President Obama’s action or inaction.

Not for Ostriches Active Shooters   IEDS   Empty Store Shelfs Coming To A Neighborhood Near YouThe Magnified View analysts evaluate a high probability of an attack on a major US city if the current trend line becomes destiny.

The time to prepare for a societal collapse is before – not during – the apocalyse.

Be aware and prepare! / Founding Content Editor

P.S.  Don’t miss Timely updates on our internationally syndicated Voices of Global Freedom Radio Program at 4:00 PM Pacific every Wednesday, and Saturday.  Call in and speak directly with Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Clare Lopez (22 years CIA) Sherif Airpaio Generals McInery and Vallely, Dr. Bones and other high profile guests.


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