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Organized in the Spring of 2010, the Magnified View is fulfilling a need dedicated to assisting it’s subscribers and clients by providing  helpful  strategies  on how to survive and thrive in these uncertain, intimidating times.

The United States of America is on a trend line of conditions which, if not dealt with, will continue to effect everyone’s livelihood, lifestyles and freedoms. Individuals need to protect themselves by being informed, contingency planning, cipating  and taking action to avoid pitfalls.

Executive Summaries:

• Founder, Publisher, Editor in Chief.  Janet Arrigo is the leading futurologist, charting trends and providing helpful advice to her subscribers to survive and thrive in troubled times. Born and raised in the Midwest, Janet has earned an outstanding professional reputation for predictive analytics. She has traveled globally and lives with her husband in San Diego County, California.

• Founder, Content Editor.  “Yoda”  Is the penname of a founding member of the Magnified View.  He works closely with U.S. and allied intelligence, military and law enforcement agencies and consulting counter-terrorist subjects. For his safety, his identity will remain undisclosed on the MV forum, open to the general public on the MV.

• MAGNIFIED VIEW GOLD TEAM:  The MV Gold Team  is made up of senior member’s only, seasoned multilingual experts with advanced academic credentials from diverse professional and esoteric disciplines.  The contributing advisors include:

o International Fortune # 100 executives o Crisis Management officials o Former Intelligence Officers o Leading Economist o Financial analysts. o Prominent civil and criminal attorneys. o Business Consultants o Policy-level news media executives .   Contact the Magnified View for NEWS YOU CAN USE – FROM BOOM TO BUST SHOCKS AND AFTER SHOCKS.   The Magnified View provides you with up to the minute snap shots of current events and trends in ever expanding government controls, financial bubbles, bailouts and stimulus implosions, business scale backs, prolonged unemployment, tax rebellions, disintegration of medical care, increasing gang activity, cross-border narco cartels, Islamic terrorist attacks, the disintegration of medical care and escalating healthcare insurance costs, natural disasters, pandemic threats and select topics that effect everyone’s daily life.

In addition, the Magnified View offers Business Continuity Consulting Services for Business. We assist our business clients in the early stages of comprehensive contingency planning and training. We prepare small businesses, corporations, individuals and families with skills and tactics for coping with economic chaos, caused by both natural and man made  threats.

We conduct assessments and evaluations to identify market paradigms, sales declines and profit loss before they occur.  Our objective analysis often produces actionable measures that our client’s have not perceived.  Then we provide emergency planning, crisis intervention and disaster resolution tactics and strategies by providing our clients with specific plans.

Custom Tailored Training:

The Magnified View provides on site, video conferencing and telephonic training, custom tailored to the actual conditions that our clients are confronted with.  

We take them through a risk assessment process to identify the types of threats the organization may face, to ensure the continuity of business.

An evaluation is done of the organization’s broad policy needs (i.e. negotiation with hostage takers, payment of ransom, evacuations, establishing a Crisis Management Team, etc.).

Identification and implementation of specific contingency plans iare created for the client. 

The Magnified View assists its clients in the early stages of contingency planning, training and meaningful preparation.

FEAR NO MORE – FAILING TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL   Call for FREE further information without obligation ( 760 ) 505-0417 or email the MV at info@Magnifiedview.com