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pickets at flint city hall protest police fire cuts Yodas Safe HouseYODA – CRIME FIGHTER BEHIND THE MAGNIFIED VIEW CURTAIN 


Yoda Is the pen name of a founding member of the Magnified View. He has worked closely with counter-terrorist operations around the world for decades and will write, on the record, for the MV. He comes with decades of experience in combating crime and fighting terrorism.  For his safety and security, his identity will remain undisclosed on  the Magnified View forum with the general public. He will remain our man behind the curtain in future issues of the MV.

 Hostages held by terrorists aboard  a bomb-packed Avensa Airplane are rescued.   After instructing multiple Guatemalan intelligence and military organizations in terrorist crisis management,  Yoda was called on to negotiate the release of an Avensa Venezuelan 727 airplane which had landed in Guatemala’s capital city to refuel. After a seven hour negotiation, Yoda was awarded Guatemala’s and Venezuela’s highest award given to a foreigner for valor, after successfully securing the release of the passengers held captive by Lybian Islamic terrorists  from the  bomb-packed 727 airplane. 

Negotiating Mexican narco terrorist gangs and cartels kidnappings.  Yoda is currently active combating cross-border violence. He consults US and allied intelligence, military and law enforcement agencies, providing comprehensive, counter-terrorism strategies, tactics and training.

 WHEN SECONDS COUNT – THE COPS ARE MINUTES AWAY.  You are much less protected than you are led to believe.  Learn where the cops aren’t.  Cutting back on cops contributes to escalating crime.  Bad news for the good guys.  "When seconds count – the police are minutes away!" Says Yoda.  Ostrich city councils with heads in the sand predictably react to reduced budgets by cutting police funding . They do this socialistically  by making employment cuts across-the-board.   They cut as many police, firefighter and medic jobs as they do librarians, park clerks and other bureaucrats. "Next time you are in trouble……call the library!"  Yoda recently told anjersey city police cuts Yodas Safe House audience.  

Cities putting their citizens at risk.  As in the blockbuster movie "Jaws", The Mayor stubbornly insists, "There ain’t no Great White Shark."  A medium-sized, 362MI,  bedroom community of San Diego, has a reported population of 145,000 – about half Caucasian and half Latino. (Note: Conservative estimates have the population at about 180,000 because no one can catch the "illegal’s" to count them.)  In the best of times the city falls far short of the recommended 1.5 officers per 1,000 population.  The city has 150 sworn coppers -or – about 70% of what is required to keep you and the cops, safe.  Between 2AM and 6AM this city has precisely 6 coppers on the street! 

Here is how the city councils cheat the crime stats.  Picture this!

  • Shrink felonies to misdemeanors:  A busy beat cop is covering calls for service, chasing the radio. He/She is constantly triaging calls through four priority categories.  So, the beat cop responds to a call from a citizen whose car has been vandalized with a broken rear window.  Under normal times, this would constitute a felony, attempted car burglary.  As the copper needs to get on to a more urgent call, he gives the victim an incident report number for insurance purposes, therefore reducing the crime to an "incident".  Similarly, the copper is often forced to reduce incidents to "advisements".  No crime is reported. The statistics are published as less crime!
  • Non Reported Crimes to Person and Property:  Millions of “illegals”  rarely report crimes because: 
  1. They avoid any and all contact with law enforcement fearing deportation.
  2. They are fearful of further victimization retaliation from gangs and cartels if they report crime.  
  3. Were the ( non-reported) crime included in the stats, El Paso’s crime stats would exceed Baghdad, Iraq.                                                              
  • Discounting value of loot: Another method is to reduce the dollar amount of stolen items.  Anything under $400 is a misdemeanor; over $400 is a felony.  If a crook steals items that cost $410 to replace, it would obviously  be a felony. The coppers are urged  to "estimate" the depreciated,  cost, so instead of $410, the report cites $200.  This causes the  felony theft statistics to drop like an anchor. 
  • Disappearing Graffiti:  Reduced police numbers on-the-street virtually eliminate reports of graffiti crimes. Graffiti reports are relegated to civilian employees therefore no crime reports are filed.
  • Shell gaming the patrol beats:   The city fathers employ other deceptive methods to game the crime stats as well. Example: Chicago’s McCormick Place, one of the largest convention centers in the world, geographically belongs in the city’s high crime ridden first district. To lure high spending conventioneers, the city placed the center in the less crime, Second District, which skews the numbers lulling the fears of visitors.
  • Cop cutbacks and boots on the desk:  Coppers are required to spend almost half of their time on paperwork, required training and in meetings instead of conquering crime. The coppers are virtually handcuffed to their desks instead of being on the streets where they are needed.

Now, more than ever, your lifestyle demands that you identify threats wherever and whenever they present themselves. The Magnified View will help you be ready to avoid and cope with any emergency.

BY REDUCING POLICE NUMBERS  FORCING THEM TO BE EVERYWHERE THEY CAN NO LONGER BE EFFECTIVE ANYWHERE  "I would rather have a gun in my hand than a cop on the phone", Quipped Yoda, at a Tea Party assembly in Los Angeles in April of this year. Whatever side of gun ownership you fall on, resolve that you need to take measures to assure you and your family’s security. Economists and crisis managers predict that the coming year will be the most perilous in history. Learn about your neighborhood.  Next time you see a cop on the street (NOT if he’s writing you a speeding ticket!),  at *$’s or elsewhere, ask him how many cops are currently on the street.  The answer will amaze you. 

It is useless to get indignant about woefully insufficient cops, firefighters and emergency medical technicians on the street unless you take action:

     • Complain to  your city council or county supervisors that you won’t tolerate reducing police, fire and emergency medical services.

     • Network with your neighbors to put eyes on the street.

     • Make yourself known to local emergency services staff and inform them you will help as you are able.

     • Home security tip:  Stop by a Goodwill or Salvation Army store and buy the largest pair of used work boots you can find.  Place the boots   outside your front door.  The sight of the work boots will give the burglar or home invader pause to reflect on who lives there.


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