Obama Gun Grab Critical Update

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Gun update Updated 300x195 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update 

Obama Gun Grab Critical Update

San Diego, 02/07/13 Yoda -&- Dauntless Don

Part IV of the Magnified View’s Blockbuster Government Grabbing Your Guns series

Yoda Avadar 1 150x150 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update“I have been a Certified ( Rifle-Pistol-Shotgun ) and law enforcement instructor since 1963.  I have seen the anti-gun fanatics emotionally surge after each and every mass shooting incident. I have never seen a sitting President of the United States exploit a tragedy to crusade to cause his law abiding citizens to be helpless,” said Yoda addressing a San Diego law enforcement audience in 2012.

It is an insult to logic, even for the most fuzzy, fanatic, liberal, to believe that any anti-gun law would have prevented Sandy Hook, Aurora, Ft. Hood, the Alabama 5 year old kidnapping or any mass shooting atrocity. The only scenario that would have saved the victims is an armed citizen, armed guard or off-duty officer on the scene who would engage, deter and defeat the murderer. Period!

gun update yes we will 300x232 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateWhy would President Obama be zealously campaigning to disarm law abiding citizens? Every society in history that has disarmed it’s citizens has devolved to communism and/or fascism.

Gun laws serve only to discourage and dissuade the “God fearing, Bible believing, law abiding, gun packing, America loving citizens” that Obama complained and warned us about during his election campaign. He clearly wants to deprive us from having a firearm to protect ourselves and our families.

Criminals acquire guns on the black market and hold gun laws in contempt as the crimes they commit carry long imprisonment penalties. They could care less about a hypothetical couple of year imprisonment for violating a firearms law.

gun update keep them off the streets1 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateCriminals, psychopaths, street gangs and Narco Cartel members righteously perceive strict gun law areas as open invitations to prey on defenseless victims. Chicago, New York, and Washington DC’s strictest gun laws prove conclusively that gun laws are simply ineffective.

Chicago murders exceed Iraq and Afghanistan combined. It is incongruous that the mayors of Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. even stricter gun laws. Please think about that!

Pop Quiz: What is the most dangerous assault weapon ever used against Americans on American soil?

gun update box cutter 300x171 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateAnswer . . . .The box cutter! The Islamist terrorists used box cutters to skyjack the airplanes they flew into the World Trade Centers, killing nominally 3,000+ souls.

Assault Rifle and/or Assault Weapon, a practical working definition to be used in future articles in this series: Here is the essential component of an assault weapon nomenclature as used by the ordinance, firearms industries, military and law enforcement communities.

Gun update Stop Feinsteins Gun Ban 300x143 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateObama and his point girl, Feinstein, have been successful in creating confusion among the uninitiated by using and mis-using the term, "Semi-Automatic". The uninitiated readily confuse "Semi-Automatic" with "Fully-Automatic – machine gun".

Point of Interest: Did you know that anti-gun Senator Dianne Feinstein has a current carrying concealed permit and arms herself with a pistol.

gun update assault weapon 300x90 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateAn "Assault Weapon" is not a "Semi-Automatic" anything. It is a machine gun. When the shooter pulls the trigger the gun continues to fire until the replaceable clip or built-in magazine is empty. Many modern assault weapons include a switch that allows the shooter to select a single shot, 3 round burst or fully automatic feature. This is still an assault weapon as it can be used as a machine gun that can be shot with one pull of the trigger until the clip or magazine is empty.

gun update in case of government tyranny Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateSemi Automatic means that one bullet is fired every time the trigger is pulled.

Here, for your bemusement, is a partial list of the pseudo assault weapon features that Obama and his point girl, Feinstein, are zealously attempting to outlaw as military style weapons.

The following cosmetic nonsense is part of Obama’s agenda to disarm the citizens.  He takes exception to guns that look like guns:

Military appearance - Dangerously looks scary. What the hell should a gun look like and what difference does it make ?

Gun update crossed rifles 267x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateCarry Handle - Dangerously allows owner to carry the gun around.



Gun update crossed rifles 267x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateCollapsable stock – Dangerously allows the rifle to be smaller in length. This is a feature to adjust the length of the gun to fit individual body sizes.



Gun update crossed rifles 267x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateHeat shield on barrel – Dangerously allows shooter not to burn hands.



Gun update crossed rifles 267x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateRifle with a pistol grip – Dangerously allows better control of the weapon. How could this be a bad thing?



Gun update crossed rifles 267x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateRifle that accepts clips or magazines – Dangerously allows law abiding citizens to have as many bullets as they may need to defend themselves or others.



Gun update crossed rifles 267x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateTelescopic Site - Dangerously allows the shooter better accuracy at greater distances to keep bad guys at bay.




Grip on guns oyster fork 300x100 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateOyster Fork - If Obama’s current anti-gun crusade becomes destiny, he will outlaw oyster forks as lethal weapons. Smile

It is, at best, ominious and sinister that the President of the United States of America is aggressively attempting to cause his citizens helpless to defend themselves.

gun update these tyrants agree Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateAn historical fact is that every country in history that has disarmed it’s citizens became oppressive and tyrannical.

Watch for part 5 of the series coming soon.

"Speak softly and carry an assault weapon"

Yoda / God fearing, Bible believing, law abiding, gun packing America loving citizens

Gun update executive orders 300x300 Obama Gun Grab Critical UpdateHere are Obama’s 23 Executive Orders. A subtle ulterior purpose of the Executive Orders is to provide the government with a roster of gun owners.  As with other gun control laws these do nothing except discourage law-abiding citizens from owning a gun:





Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system. Yoda:  Relevant data means name and address of gun owners.


Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background-check system.  Yoda:  This trashes HIPA and medical records privacy.


 Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system.
Yoda:  Puts pressure on states to comply with yet another
federal regulation.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update4. Direct the attorney general to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.  Yoda:  "Categories of individuals"  means anyone that the Attorney General doesn’t want to have a gun.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update5. Propose a rule giving law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun. Yoda:  If your gun is seized you will never see it again.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update6. Publish a letter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to federally licensed gun dealers and private sellers.  Yoda:  The system is overwhelmed now with background checks. Who is going to run the background checks This is an effective method to delay approvals nearly indefinitely.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update7. Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.  Yoda:  Responsible gun ownership means not owning a gun.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update8. Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes (Consumer Product Safety Commission). Yoda:  Gun locks and safes guarantee that you won’t get to the gun in time to defend yourself.



 Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update9. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations.  Yoda:  This already exists at the city, county and state levels.


Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update
10. Release a Department of Justice report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement. Yoda:  Already exists.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update11. Nominate an ATF director.  Yoda:  I nominate Diane Feinstein.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update12. Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations.  Yoda:   Already exists. Columbine changed active shooter response tactics throughout the country.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update 13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.   Yoda: Yeah – Right!



 Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.  Yoda:  CDC published a study clearly revealing that anti-gun laws do nothing to surpress crime.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update15. Direct the attorney general to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun-safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies.  Yoda:  Law abiding gun owners don’t need "innovative technologies" to practice gun safety.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.   Yoda:  It’s simply none of the doctors business. Tyrants create snitches all over the place.



  Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update17. Release a letter to healthcare providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.  Yoda:  This is ominous and has police state all over it.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.   Yoda:  Good idea!



 Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update19. Develop model emergency-response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education. Yoda:  This already exists in the private and public sectors.



 Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update20. Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover.  Yoda:  It is nearly impossible to commit someone "involuntarily".  That’s a bad thing and a good thing.



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update21. Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within Affordable Care Act exchanges.   Yoda:  I have no clue what this means.



 Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update 22. Commit to finalizing mental-health parity regulations.  Yoda:   What’s a "mental health parity?



Gun update Obamas assault weapon1 300x211 Obama Gun Grab Critical Update23. Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health.  Yoda:  Just what we need. Another dialogue.

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Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda

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Future Graphic 2 e1356979834237 Daredevil Cliff Diving With YodaDaredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda

Yoda’s Predictions For 2013 And Beyond

Yoda’s practical predictions to prepare you to navigate through the perils and take advantage of the opportunities of 2013. Yoda’s previous (published) threat condition forecasts have been within 84% ( +/- 4% ) accuracy.   The Magnified View’s goals for the 2013 predictions are for the benefit of our valued 1 million plus visitors from 100+ countries. Our predictions are free and our purpose is to inform you of the current situation and warn you of what is coming around the corner. The predictions are for intellectually mature and emotionally secure viewers. Our guidelines and Wuss No Wussies Allowed 300x86 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodareports are not for those Wussie Mama’s Boy’s and helpless Daddy’s girls who choose to stick their heads in the quick sand.

It’s not for those denying reality and repressing and postponing taking appropriate action to protect themselves and their family.

The report is compiled by our staff of senior members from diverse disciplines who are strategically located in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It is a sophisticated computer generated model derived from professional comprehensive research.

The report covers the critical areas of :Fact 2 150x150 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda 1. ) Employment

2. ) Here’s To Your Health . . . Care

3. ) Personal Finance -&- Investments 4. ) Taxing  Taxes 5. ) Prime Crime Time 6. ) Energy Double Jeopardy 7. ) Education Stagnation 8. ) Illegal Stimulation and Amnesty Apathy 9. ) Terrorist Threat Bet 10.) Wars Without End Bonus Topic 10a.) The Gun Run Number 6.) through 10a.) will be posted on February 1, 2013 The report is not candy-coated by Yoda as the administration and media does. It reveals a rough road for the next few years. No dinner times without dinner.  47+ million Americans are on food stamps or 1 out of every 6.5 of us are being fed by the government.  There were 17 million in the year 2000 and only 1 out of 50 in the 1970s.  As I write this, President ObaObama Food Stamps Graphic 300x225 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodama and his minions are publicly advertising on radio and by display ads on subways and buses, inviting more people to join the ranks of the dependent. The Nanny staters are bringing illegal aliens on to the Food Stamp rolls and other free stuff programs, encouraging more border jumping.   The paradox is inviting more people into government dependence and control as opposed to assisting them out of poverty. Though no one I know would see anyone go hungry in America, as with all pseudo socialist and communist society, the rampant fraud with the entitlement (free stuff) programs is incalculable and colossal. Meanwhile, Media Public News Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaback at the White House, 70+ percent of the media are propagandizing that “things are getting a lot better”.   What things? Who are they getting better for?   Things are getting worse every day. The world’s economic engine is sputtering. Fasten your seat belts, put your tray tables in the upright locked position, place your oxygen mask over your right ear and take a read. This report will cover topics #1 through #5.  We will publish #6 through #10 on  01/14/2013.  Okay! FORWARD!  That’s the dictum of the omnipotent, omniscient President Obama. Coincidentally it was Vladimir Lenin’s slogan in 1920 and the communist motto ever since. 1.)  EMPLOYMENT – UNEMPLOYMENT – UNDER-EMPLOYMENT. Got work! Lamentably, the job picture will continueEmployment Under 8 Picture 300x214 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda bleak.  The current 7.7%?  unemployment number is deceptive. When DoL ( Dep’t of Labor) G-6 report adds under-employed, part time wanting full time work and workers who have dropped off the rolls or are giving up, the real number is nominally 25% or Great Depression levels. It is an insult to logic that the government drops workers from the unemployment rolls when they receive their last unemployment check whether they have a job or not. Unemployment Rate Graph e1357095606716 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda The percentage of working age Americans with a job has been under 59% for 40 months in a row. Good jobs are diminishing at an alarming rate.  Corporations will continue to downsize and outsource good jobs overseas to show a profit.  Fortune 1000 company’s are planning massive layoffs in January. The United States has lost an average of approximately 50,000 manufacturing jobs a month since China entered The World Trade Organization in 2001. This trend is likely to continue. AccordinImmigration Immigration Travel Caution Sign Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodag to the Economic Policy Institute the United States is losing half a million jobs to China every single year. This does not include Mexico, India and other developing countries.  Developing countries are the politically correct code words for third world hell hole countries used by the DoS (Department of State). Does this look like the short term success that President Obama brags about and his liberal media promotes? POP QUESTION: What do you call a big, white, SUV, parked on a side street that sleeps 6? ANSWER:  A city street repair truck. Construction and trades jobs will continue to be taken over byI Got a Green Card Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda legal and illegal Mexicans and OTMs (Other Than Mexicans). The border brothers currently hold 26%+ of all trade jobs throughout the country.  The previously powerful, now merely noisy, trade unions do nothing to ameliorate this except collect monthly dues from their hapless members. Personal Note:  I would do almost anything for a Hostess Twinkie but the union shut the company down, losing 18,000+ jobs. GovernmentEmployment Government Worker Bailout 300x239 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Work:  High paying federal government gigs are growing and a good place to hide for the foreseeable future. Nearly 500,000 federal government employees now make at least $100,000 a year. In 2006, only 12% of all federal government workers made $100,000 or more per year.  Now approximately 22% of all federal workers do. TIP:  Avoid state, county and city jobs as the  bureaucrats are broke and individual officials are hoping to be the last guy to turn the lights off at City Hall. TIP FOR TEACHERS:  The Obamanation will suck you inSocialism Democratic sign 300x198 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda to  his base for votes then cut you off at the knees when you have served his purpose.  Ask the teachers in Venezuela how they made out after their support for Chavez.  Sorry!  I forgot! Socialism will be different here. Retail, hospitality, restaurant and transportation jobs will degrade from low-paid full time to lower paid part time work as corporations take measures to avoid the usurous Obamacare taxes.  Reduced hours for retail workers mean their already meager wages will be reduced by 10%. employment Will Work for Love Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda As I write this, an astounding one out of every 4 American workers earn $10.00 per hour or less. Do you want fries with that ? TIP: Retail and Hospitality Workers should choose companies that provide essential goods and services, not luxuries. TIP:  Trucking, delivery and vehicle repair companies are good places to work in bad times. People and stuff need to  move around and vehicles require maintenance and repair. TIP:  If you are older than 25 and are still required to wear a nametag, you probably need career counseling. TIP:  Medical and Healthcare related jobs are a good bet but will be Obamacare Ambulance1 300x232 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodacorrupted as Obamacare comes on.  Equipment, disposables, consumables manufacturers and pharmaceutical formulators are laying off now. Physicians, clinics, rehabilitation nursing homes and hospitals are holding their collective breaths believing Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill before we find out what’s in it."  Medical and healthcare are worthwhile employment, presuming you have the required training, degree and certifications. TIP: Veterinary, animal grooming, squeaky toy sales and other pet related gigs are good.  Animal lovers will always spend their money on Fido, Fidette or psychotic Felines. TIP:  Financial accounting, auditing, bookkeeping and bean counter jobs  will continue to be in demand as there will be an increasing need for accountants to look off the back of the boat to tell us that we have run aground. Report Card Grade F 300x294 Daredevil Cliff Diving With YodaWhen you total-up all working age Americans that do not have a job today it comes to more than 100 million.  As companies continue in distress they will need more people to count things. TIP: If you have a modicum of math aptitude, find a company in the services sector with things to count. Small business owners are struggling with fewer staff. They are saddled with more work which had previously been done by others who were laid off.  You didn’t build that . . . .Obama did!Obama Obama On Obama 150x150 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Many small businesses are closing while others are hoping to keep their doors open. Note: The number of jobs at new small businesses continue to decline. According to economist, Tim Kane, the following is the decline in the number of startup jobs per 1000 Americans broken down by: · Bush, Sr.        11.3 · Clinton          11.2 · Bush, Jr         10.8 · Obama            7.8 Are you getting this?Welcome Got Work e1357007565496 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda It’s still a good bet to work for Uncle Charlie in his garage presuming Aunt Martha will tell Uncle Charlie to hire you. TIP:  Don’t annoy Uncle Charlie after he hires you.  Don’t annoy Aunt Martha. . .especially Aunt Martha. Agricultural, Farming and Food Processing:  The food, beverage and tobacco products industries are huge from growing products through processing to delivery to the stores. The Magnified View team is made up of urban business technologyUrban Survival 150x150 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda and intelligence professionals. We know very little about these occupations except that a lot of laid-off workers are going to live with Aunt Agnes on her farm in Minnesota. Personal Note:  Yoda smokes cigarettes, drinks coffee and believes that broccoli is one of nature’s mistakes.  He makes a point of always being in close proximity to a bar, restaurant,  coffee shop and grocery store. Entrepreneurial Types:  Leaving this job drear on a positicomputor airbag e1357006276570 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodave note, if you have computer skills, take a hard look at creating a small service-oriented internet business. TIP:  99% of "Work At Home on Your Computer" are confidence games.  Avoid them! TIP:  Go North young man. Young women  too.  Eh!  Our Northern neighbor, Canada, is booming,  especially in the energy sector. Engineers, welders, roughnecks, oil field,  pipeline, transporation, logistics, hydroelectric trades and much more.   Pay is over US$100,000/year. Canadians are interviewing in select U.S. cities In grim conclusion, the economy can’t pull out of the graveUnemployment Graph e1357002453512 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodayard spiral until companies and small businesses have a need to hire staff. We don’t see any motivation on the horizon for companies to hire except for the possibility of a big Middle East regional or larger war. TIP:  If you have a job, hold on to it with your eyelashes and fingernails.  It’s not the time to look for greener pastures and be the employee with the lowest tenure in a new job. TIP:  Back to school and additional training have their downside.  Don’t go back to school to learn carriage lamp manufacturing management or buggy whip repair.Help Wanted Smiley Face e1357008589219 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Avoid  training in a skill base that is being laid-off now or working for a degree in a field that is not hiring or that you hate.  If you’re making the effort, take this opportunity to work towards something that you like. TIP:  Be personable in the interview.  Bosses hire people that are likeable and that they like. Scroll down to the "Got Work" feature article on this site for more information.


Light Blinking 5 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda


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    2.)  HERE’S TO YOUR HEALTH. . . . . CARE! The megObamacare Obamacare is Killing My Business 300x264 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaalomaniacal Obamanation healthcare is an unmitigated catastrophe that will screw-up the world’s finest healthcare for years to come. I am utterly baffled that people fail to look at all the countries where national health care has been implemented. It is a disaster.  “National healthcare is great . . .as long as you don’t’ get sick.” Said a luminary surgeon friend of mine. Oh! I forgot! Obama says it will be different here. That’s what Castro and Chavez said about introducing socialism/communism as had all their despotic predecessors.  The lure of free stuff is irresistable to Obama’s base.Fact Obamacare 212x300 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda TIP:  Find and befriend a family physician you have a rapport with. It is vital for communications.  A good physician friend can keep you out of trouble despite the Obamanation’s disaster. 3.)  PERSONAL  FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS: Respected conservative and liberal economists alike are predicting a stock market crash in the 3rd or 4th quarter of next year.  The brokers who rough-up your money call this a “ market adjustment”.  Yoda calls it, “losing your money”.  Conservatives will blame Obama and liberals will blame Bush. ·  If you are not in the market this is clearly not the time to enter it. ·  Gold and silver will dramatically increase as the dollar weakens and the market crashes. TIP:  Silver is an excellent buy for those whose budget won’t afford gold. ·  Surreal Estate:   “There will never be anymore land”  is the mantra of the guys and gals in the ridiculous powder blue blazers flogging real estate. “So what?"  says Yoda. Foreclosures will continue and banks will lower prices.  The lowereWelcome Shrinking Dollar 150x150 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodad price will result in more home owners over-the-cliff (underwater). Approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents. Do not buy your dream house if there is a good chance you or your spouse will be laid off. TIP:  If you suddenEvacuation Route Sign Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaly see a bunch of people in ridiculous blue blazers in your neighborhood, it’s a good time to call Aunt Agnes on her farm in Minnesota. TIP:  It takes about 24 months from the first missed mortgage payment to throw you out on the street.  Many near desparate people are defaulting and banking the mortgage payments to have a kicker before they go to work for Uncle Charlie or go live with Aunt Agnes on the farm in Minnesota. 4.)  TAXING TAXES:  Here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax tax. Our closet communist, comrade Obama will continue to raise taxes past the breaking point for us working stiffs.Predictions The Other Fiscal Cliff 300x202 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Obamacare’s Happy New Year’s day, 2013, will bring an astounding one trillion dollar tax increase.  This increase has nothing to do with the “Fiscal Cliff” nonsense. The shovel-ready Obamacare brings 20 new or increased taxes of which 5 will ring in the new year.  The Congressional Budget Office projects a trillion dollar increase in the next nine years.  The Obama worshipers still believe that this is free healthcare. He will continue to raise taxes for additional entitlements (free stuff) pandering to his base of 47% of the population who don’t pay taxes. According to the Tax Policy Center, going over the “cliff” meTax Graphic 300x225 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaans: ·  88 percent of U.S. taxpayers will have an increase of taxes rising by an average of $3,500 a year. ·  Taxes would jump $2,400 on average for families with incomes of $50,000 to $75,000. People will have less money to spend so businesses will generate less revenue and employ fewer workers. How fun! eg: By taking more tax money from the wealthy (5 1/2% for indivuals earning $400,000.00/year or more and for families earning $450,000.00/year or more), it will take more money out of the economy and put it in the hands of the government. This means that you and I will have minimum disposable income. Restaurants, movies, other entertainment venues will close like the Taliban was in Arizona. The bottom line, if the fat cat bureaucrats let the economy fall off the cliff, it will cost you on average, an additional $3,700 for this year’s (2012) taxes. That means your hard earned $308 bucks a month will go to free stuff for Crip’s gang night basketball, Muslim mosque refurbishment, protection of owls, 7,000 new IRS agents to chase you around and other worthwhile liberal causes. TIP:  Home eDigital Media Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodantertainment like TV channel movies, video games, parties at home will grow. TIP:  Please create a family budget if you don’t already have one.  A budget shouldn’t punish you, it should provide a tool for you to get the things you really need or want. 5.)  PRIME TIME CRIME:  Escalating crime threat in 2013. Crime is down from sea to shining sea. . . RIGHT?  That’s what the media, Holder of "Fast and Furious" fame and our commander in chief tell us. . . WRONG! Crimes to person and property are skyrocketing all over the land Criminals Gone Wild 293x300 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaparalleling the continuing recession as it always has in tough times. Coppers and deputies are being laid off in small, medium and large-sized cities.  The bad guys read about this in the newspapers and have a grand time. City bureaucrats routinely provide falsified data to the FBI, who publish the National Crime Statistics. The National Crime Stats are where the media gets their data. TIP:  It’s nigh time to upgrade your personal, family, home and workplace security. QUESTION:  Did you know that commando Obama led the Seal team that killed Bin Ladin in Pakistan? . . . I saw on NBC News.  If I see it on NBC News, it has to be news. . . .Kidding! TIP:  Your best home alarm is a dog or a sound actuated barking recording that sounds like Cujo. Overworked coppers are responding to priority calls and may take awhile to get to your home.  Like car alarms, in the majority, home alarms are false alarms that cause complacency. TIP:  A hidden "cutout Switch" is an effective car – truck – RV – boat – anti-theft device.  It’s a tiny pin switch hidden somewhere on the car which needs to be in the on position to start the vehicle – costs about $50.00 at your local audio shop. The cutout switch is better than The Club, which slows the bad guys down but you can use it as an impact weapon. Discover how the bureaucrats gaff the crime statistics by scrolling down this site to “Yoda’s Little Known Tactics To Avoid Being A Target". We are all goJobless Graphic 300x216 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaing FORWARD facing at least four more years of the new normal of having less money in our pockets.  Obama’s “redistribution of wealth” (That’s an Obama and three stooges quote, Marx-Lenin Engles). “Obama is bringing you an equal distribution of poverty” Says Yoda.  Please don’t waste your time wondering if we could be inaccurate or dead wrong.  Rather, think about what if we are right and how any one category may trigger a domino effect in other topics.Preppers are Crazy 300x222 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. TO BE CONTINUED. . . . The Magnified View will publish categories # 6 through # 10 on 02/01/2013. We are postponing the publishing date to February 1, 2013 in order  to wait for some important information regarding the potential for war.


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Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American City

Posted by Yoda and Dauntless Don | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Home, Intelligence Organizations, Iraq War, Islamic Terrorists, Magnified View, News Analysis, Politics, Recession, Tactics and Training | Posted on 14-12-2012


Threat Alert Graphic e1355448198802 Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American CitySat, Dec 8, 2012 6:27 pm


The possibility of Al Quaeda and their affiliate Islamic terrorist groups (Hezbollah, Hamas, others),  acquiring Sarin gas during the continuing Syrian uprising is ever escalating.  Syria’s takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s oldest Islamic terrorist organization, founded in 1928, is inevitable.Syria Map e1355450312178 Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American City

Syria will follow, in the domino-effect, of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.  The US government has outrageously installed and maintained these countries and we will pay a heavy price for our involvement in their take-over by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sarin gas kills within minutes through ingestion, inhalation or contact with skin.  It is a colorless, tasteless, oderless weapon of mass destruction.

History of the use of Sarin gas on innocent populations:

On March 16th, 1988, Iraq’s Sadam Hussein murdeIslamic Terrorists Fanatics 300x204 Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American Cityred 50 thousand Kurds in Halabja, Iraq, using this horrendous weapon of mass destruction.

Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese terrorist group, killed and maimed hundreds of innocent victims on a Tokyo subway with this weapon on March 20th, 1995.

Credible rumors indicate that Sarin gas also killed thousands during the Iraq/Iran war.

The fanatic Islamic terrorist groups are eager to create a spectacular mass casualty attack on Israel and America.Poison Gas Massacre Graphic 150x150 Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American City

In the event an Islamic terrorist group attacks an American city there will be an instantaneous collapse of society from coast to coast.

Please scroll-down to the feature article, “Terrorist Attack On America – A True Story”.

WhileObama Playing Golf 2 Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American City this dire threat grows and grows, our fearless Commander In Chief, President Barrack Hussein Obama, will be chasing golf balls, vacationing in Hawaii, for the next three weeks.  How fun!

His former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has reached in to her crayola box and boldly threatened Bashar al-Assad, the tyranical President of Syria, with a “red line” if he activates their Sarin gas, which he defiantly ignored.  After Assad activated the gas, former Secretary Clinton created another “red line”,  threatening Assad if he deploys the terrifying weapon, which he likely will.

Assad has killed an estimated 40,000+ of his citizens.  To date, the US government has taken no direct action other than creating pale “red lines”.  US and allied intelligence analysis reveals that Assad will use some of his 700 plus missiles with Sarin warheads against his own people.

US (NATO) military intervention to take control or eliminate Syria’s Sarin gas stockpiles is necesary but problematical. Syria’s Russian supplied air defense system is one of the most sophisticated in the world making special forces insertions by air extremely difficult.  A US (NATO) missile attack is in the cards.  Israel Intelligence officials have stated that no one knows what the usually procrastinating Obama factor wilDisasters Affect all of US Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American Cityl do.

In the event an Islamic terrorist group attacks an American city with Sarin gas, there will be an instantaneous collapse of society, as we know it, from coast to coast.

A US military intervention to take control of the Sarin gas is possibSarin Chemical Weapons Sites Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American Cityle but no one can accurately predict President Obama’s action or inaction.

The Magnified View analysts evaluate a high probability of an attack on a major US city if the current trend line becomes destiny.

The time to prepare for a societal collapse is before – not during – the apocalyse.

Be aware and prepare!

Yoda@magnifiedview.com / Founding Content Editor

P.S. Attention worldwide viewers!  Your participation through comments is the lifeblood of the Magnified View. Please hit on any graphic image and comment.

Comment Graphic 300x300 Potential Sarin Gas Attack on Major American City


Obama Annihilating America’s Middleclass Lifestyle

Posted by Yoda and Dauntless Don | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Democrats, Economy, Healthcare, Home, Illegal Immigration, Magnified View, Natural Disasters, News Analysis, Politics, Recession, Republicans, Security, Socialism Movement, Unemployment | Posted on 16-11-2012


What Happened Election 300x225 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyle


 Confirmed Multiple Source Intelligence Evaluation! 


Obama’s win – America’s loss. A misguided, deluded voting public, re-elected a communist leaning, closet Muslim, President Barack Hussein Obama. The consequence of the re-eHow Did This Happen Election3 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestylelection is 4 more years of the economic grave yard spiral, lost jobs, third world country healthcare, soaring crime and a devastated armed forces. See:  “what’s next” at the end of the article.

“The government you elect is the government you deserve”, said  Thomas Jefferson. “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard”, said H.L. Mencken. So, yes, the people of a democracy are responsible for its government and it’s policies. Further, if those policies are atrocious, then the people of a state have the capacity to change those policies of government. If they do nothing about it, then they should not complain when retribution ensues.

Hopeless change – An unprecedented change in the traditions, morals, mores and culture were brought on by an enhanced, politically correct, free loading oriented, Democrat Party base.

Fox is foolish! You can totally disregard Fox News and  all the conservative media’s nonsense about Romney. Forget all of the second guessing, Romney should have, would have and could haves.  For your collection of ironies, millions of Republicans failed to vote.  Miami based Cubans voted for Obama and more Mormons voted for McCain in 2008 than voted for Romney this time.

It’s simplReady for the Fudge Packing Romney Election1 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyley about the Democrat party voters believing Obama will grant them less work and more free stuff than the Republicans. The self-centered, free stuff seekers could care less about the economy, Benghazi, nuclear Iran, the fiscal cliff or energy crisis. They care about free gas, free grass and free sex.

However, righteous and virtuous, everything Romney or any other Republican candidate said is against the selfish interest of the free loaders.

Inexplicably millions of Republicans failed to vote. 2+% more voted in 2008 than in 2012.

Evangelicals were praying instead of voting (I would rather have 1000 Evangelicals voting compared to 1,000,000 praying).

Marshall Frank Quote:

“Entitlements are the opiate of the people” Unknown. Our great leader is all in, addicting the populace to the free stuff, to buy four more years.

www.marshallfrank.com/articles/2012/07/fallout-from… – Cached

It ain’t your haObama 2012 Racist Election Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestylerd-working, mother and father’s ole Democrat Party.  The new Democrat Party is the hearth and home of blacks, Latinos, CP/USA (Communist Party/USA), WSP (World Socialist Party), Jews, Muslims, Hollywood celebrities, groupies, single and married homosexuals, LAMDBA, atheists, near and far left leaning liberals.

Throughout the past 2 year marathon political campaign, the billion dollar budget Obama hate machine has emphasized soliciting Latinos,Trade Unions and young single women. These less work, more free stuff and idealog categories, along with Republican apathy pushed Obama to a win.

Obama invited millions of Latino’s here for a “better life” (read free stuff), and gave 2 million plus de facto amnesty.  Obama won the herd mentality, trade, mioptic teacher and bureacratic bound SEIU unions over by promising them less hard work and more pay (Less work–more pay defines the unions purpose). It is a conundrum how he won young single women over but I suspect they wanted free birth control pills and they were seeking security and safety they can’t find in the current crop of wussy, effeminized, momma’s boy men.

With ObamaAmerica Entitlement Election Graphic 300x242 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyle’s spend thrift  entitlement give aways, he extended unemployment benefits, transitioning to fraudulent disability payments, food stamps, free healthcare and other entitlements.  Many people make more money doing nothing than they would if they were working.

Communist-leaning, nanny-state, Obama, has eliminated any incentive to work and made scores of millions dependent on the government for everything.  After all, Marx, Lenin, Engels, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Castro and now Chavez couldn’t be wrong.

“Are we Venezuela yet?” asks Yoda.

A problematic condition of human nature is avoidance of low paid, dead-end,   monotonous jobs, repititious robotic factory jobs, mind-numbing office jobs, silly retail jobs. If workers can get enough handout from the government, it’s tempting to stay home on the couch watching football or Dancing with the Stars. In addition, the more ambitious will  acquire a suplementary, off the pad, gig.Freedom is not Free Election GRaphic 300x300 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyle

The system manipulators have mastered how to work the system and maximize their benefits, including suspicious disability, food stamps, first rate medical care, and other “entitlements” too numerous to list here.

I understand completely and reluctantly accept the average Joe and Jane’s desire to stay home or go fishing as opposed to working day after day in a dreadful dead end job under intermittant threats of layoffs. The writer has accurately predicted the election results, based on tracking collossal, cultural and permanent demographic trend.

Check  back on Saturday, December 1, 2012 for Part 2 of the series:Whats Next Graphic Election Graphic3 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyle

Yoda for the economy, jobs, healthcare, crime, Middle East Conflicts and more.

Part # 3 will provide you with Yoda’s Little known actionable tactics and methods to protect yourself, family and friends.



Terrorist Attack On America!

Posted by Yoda and Dauntless Don | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Drug Cartels, Economy, Home, Illegal Immigration, Intelligence Organizations, Islamic Terrorists, Law Enforcement, Magnified View, News Analysis, Police Cuts, Politics, Recession, Security, Strategies for Survival, Tactics and Training | Posted on 13-09-2012


Flashing Light Terrorist Attack On America!






World Trade on Fire Terrorist Attack On America!A TRUE STORY!




San Diego, CA 08/13/12  Yoda and Dauntless Don 

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC,  bombed Simultaneously By Al Queada and  Muslim Brotherhood Sleeper Cells.



Islamic Terrorists Fanatics 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!

At 09:12 AM EST  (15:12 Zulu ) Monday morning, multiple terrorist teams of Islamic  terrorist fanatics, detonated powerful truck-bourne improvised explosive devices (IEDs) near city centers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles  and near the capital in Washington, D.C.




CaCasualties Numbering in the Tens of Thousands 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!sualties  numbering in the tens of thousands were mounting in  New York and Washington, DC, as bombings were timed to coincide with rush hours.  As the bombs detonated in Chicago and Los Angeles at 8:00 AM and 6:00 AM there were initially fewer casualties in those cities.  






Short Staffed Police and Firemen 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!Already short-staffed police, fire and EMTs were individually effected by the blasts and were unable to respond.  The cities had laid-off first responders in equal numbers to librarians and park workers in a socialist equality like gambit to appease the powerful public service unions.  First responders presence on the street were at nominally 40% of pre-attack strengths.





Hospitals Overcrowded After 9 111 Terrorist Attack On America!Hospitals were overwhelmed from coast-to-coast.  Vehicle collisions, heart attack victims and hypochondriacs reacted. The mobs reacted hysterically to the worst attack on America in history, flooding hospitals and ER teams were forced to triage patients in hospital parking lots. 






Aircraft Crash After 9 111 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!As after 9/11, within fifteen minutes following the first bombing in New York, thousands of commercial and private aircraft were ordered to land at nearest airports, stranding crews and passengers all over the world. Some inbound flights from Europe and Asia were escorted by US Air Force fighter jets.  A Lear jet struck a # 747 landing on a runway  at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Both aircraft burst into flames, killing an estimated 340 souls and closing the active runway for five hours.  




Obama Hushing 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!The Commander in Chief,  (POTUS)  survived the attack as he had spent the weekend at Camp David.  He was transported in Air Force #1 to a secret underground continuation of government (COG) facility in West Virginia along with a skeleton staff and military, who happened to be meeting with POTUS.





President Declares Marshall Law 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!The President instituted national emergency disaster plans and declared martial law, while aboard Air Force #1. US military and state national guard units were deployed to the cities attacked and throughout the country fearing further Muslim terrorist suicide bombers attacking cities, suburbs and even rural areas.      





Terrorists Burning Flags 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!Three hundred and eleven million people ground to a standstill, as life as they had known it, suddenly changed forever.  Roads in many areas throughout the country  were grid-locked and telephones were jammed.

FEMA AND DHS commandeered radio and television stations and broadcast spotty news and “be calm – don’t panic” messages interspersed with elevator music.  

Most store shelves emptied in two hours after the bombings as many people were totally unprepared for the disaster.      




Marshall Law and National Guard 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!A dusk to dawn curfew was put in force and streets were eerily empty.  Overcrowded refugee centers were hastily setup in the bombed cities. The Army and National Guard distributed MREs ( Meals Ready To Eat ) rations and water to needy unprepared households.      





Nightfall and Martial Law1 Terrorist Attack On America!Military Tribunals were established to deal harshly with looters and gang violence. Travel beyond a few mile radius where people lived was extremely dangerous and passing roadblocks was impossible without a hard to get permit.      





Detention Camps All Over US Terrorist Attack On America!

Detention camps on military bases and camps previously discreetly constructed through the country were activated and filled with suspect dissidents. The Mexican and Canadian borders were closed.        





DEFCOM Status Raised1 Terrorist Attack On America!

Unprecedented chaos prevailed throughout the land  and elsewhere in the world. Apprehensive that Russia, China or another potential enemy would exploit a vulnerable America, the US went to the second highest defense level ( DEFCON I I ), one level short of total war for the second time in history.




Islam Will Dominate the World 2 214x300 Terrorist Attack On America!Within hours of the attack, mobs of Muslims were photographed dancing in the streets from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan as they did after the 9/11 attack that destroyed the World Trade Centers in New York City.  The US and worldwide economy crashed. America will be decades  recovering from this disaster.      





This is a true story!






 Take Away Terrorist Attack On America!



 BE AWARE AND PREPARE:  Don’t be one of the “It can’t happen here”,  gullible people that will be waiting for government assistance in a major manmade or natural disaster.


  Question Mark Magnified Terrorist Attack On America!HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN HERE ?

You might ask how in hell the most powerful nation on earth could allow this country-crippling devastation to happen. The U.S. didn’t just allow it to happen.  In large part, we caused it to happen.


  Take Away Sign 3 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!





President Barack Hussein Obama betrayed  his oath of office, deliberately installing the world’s oldest Islamic terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, in  power in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

Obama Record: The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t just threaten the Mideast. It threatens America.  Instead of protecting the nation from these Islamo fascists, the President has financed and embraced them.

Cause and Effect 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!After his election in Egypt, President Mosi has repeatedly stated his desire to “Wipe Israel off the face of the earth”.  The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, is closely allied to Iran and a direct dark line to Al Quaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and the PLO.

It is an insult to logic to believe that Muslims would want a democracy that is strictly forbidden and harshly punished by the Quaran. In a recent large poll in Egypt, 85% of the people want Sharia law!

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas are conspiring with Iran and actively preparing to attack Israel and the United States of America and beyond.


 OBAMAMERICA 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!President Obama is egotistically and stubbornly insisting that he can charm and talk Iran’s fanatic leadership out of constructing nuclear bombs.

Since coming into office in January of 2009, Obama has taken a sit back and watch Iran’s ubiquitous progress in developing nuclear weapons. The threat seldom talked about is Iran’s furnishing Hezbollah and Hamas with a “suitcase” bomb to bomb Israel, Saudi Arabia or the United States of America.

At last count, he granted the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt a billion and a half U.S. dollars (U.S. $1,500,000,000.00) – that we know of.

The Muslim Brotherhood has instituted Sharia law in Egypt and has begun to crucify it’s opponents in Cairo, hanging  them naked  from trees.



The Israeli Air Force bombs the major Iranian nuclear sites, suffering heavy losses from Iran’s sophisticated anti-aircraft defense system furnished by their Russian and Chinese allies.

Iran retaliates by showering hundreds of misiles on Israel military and civilian population centers. Hezbollah and Hamas attack Israel with thousands of misiles causing heavy losses of life and destruction throughout the country.

Iran mines the Strait of Thorium, sinks an ultra large crude carrier, closing the strait for weeks.

Lacking experience or desire to make a military decision, President Obama procrastinates and leaves thousands of U.S. soldiers, marines and sailors in a defensive position throughout the Arabian peninsula and gulf states.

The world economy shuts down, with markets fearful of a regional or even world war.

Al Quaeda and Muslim Brotherhood sleeper cells who have been in place in mosques throughout the United States for decades, are activated and attack major cities.  Many Muslims in the U.S. support the Jihad providing safe havens for the shooters and bombers.

Thousands are killed and maimed in the major U.S. cities bombed and Muslim terrorists, The Black Panthers, MS-13, Crips, Bloods and Mexican street gangs run rampant from coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

The United States will be decades digging out of the catastrophe.

Check back soon for Part # 2 of the “ATTACK ON AMERICA” series.

Please Note Sign 150x150 Terrorist Attack On America!Author’s note: Our precious country is confronted with catastrophic consequences if our government continues to fail to act to protect it’s citizens.

The Magnified View does not sugar coat or water-down the analysis we provide you. Our intention is to fulfill our mission of providing you with “Analysis of News You Can Use” and “Helpful Tactics To Survive and Thrive in Troubled Times”. 

Thank you.   Yoda / Founding Content Editor


Obama Pledges Billion Dollars to Islamic Terrorist Organization

Posted by Yoda | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Home, Intelligence Organizations, Islamic Terrorists, Magnified View, News Analysis, Politics, Security | Posted on 28-07-2012



Yoda Avadar 11 267x300 Obama Pledges Billion Dollars to Islamic Terrorist OrganizationObama Pledges Billion Dollars to Islamic Terrorist Organization 


“Jihad Is Our Path & Death in the Name of Allah Is Our Goal,”  newly elected president of Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi said in his election speech.

The U.S. supported Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most sinister organizations operating in the Middle East, the United States and around-the-world.

The concept of an Islamic Democracy is an oxymoron. Islamic law is absolutely incompatible with Democracy.  It is a Theocratic system with Allah alone at its head.  Allah’s law is interpreted by a ruling body of clerics.  There is no room for a secular political system in which all people are treated as equals.

There are no adherents to the fanatic faith practicing with a small “m” (for Muslims) as Catholics and Protestants practice their faith with small c’s and small p’s or on a sliding scale.

Unlike other faiths, Islam is not just a religion but a political system as well.  The state is intended to be inseparable from religious rule.  Islamic law, or Sharia, is complete and not designed to coexist with or be subordinate to other legal systems.

Qur’an (4:141)  “…And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers.”

Despite that Morsi is threatening to “eliminate Israel” and attack the “Great Satan” (That would be the land of the free), President Obama is granting Egypt a billion and a half dollars for “military assistance”.The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood 150x142 Obama Pledges Billion Dollars to Islamic Terrorist Organization

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction,”  wrote President Obama in his Audacity of Hope.  His active support of the Muslim Brotherhood is a promise that he is keeping.

Watch for the continuation of ” Cultures Clash and civilizations Crash” series, coming August 10th 2012.

Iran vs. Israel – No Fear

Posted by Jan | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Home, Islamic Terrorists, Magnified View, News Analysis, Politics, Security, Strategies for Survival | Posted on 24-04-2012


By:  thelandofisrael.com

Iran is probably the greatest threat to the freedom of the United States today.  Pass this video on to all of your friends and family members so that everyone understands the problem with Iran and why Israel  may not be able to wait any longer.  Remember that the United States is Iran’s next target after they destroy Israel.

Posted by Jan | Posted in Border Control, Counter Terrorism, Crime, Cross Border violence, Drug Cartels, Economic Recovery, Economy, Escalating Crime, Foreclosures, Healthcare, Home, Illegal Immigration, Intelligence Organizations, Iraq War, Islamic Terrorists, Kidnapping, Law Enforcement, Magnified View, Natural Disasters, News Analysis, Personal Security, Police Cuts, Politics, Recession, Security, Socialism Movement, Strategies for Survival, Tactics and Training, Tactics and Training, Tax Rebellion, Tea Party Movement, Trend Forecasting, Unemployment | Posted on 06-11-2011


Coming Soon Sign e1320542069419 Forum Magnifying Glass
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Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood

Posted by Yoda | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Crime, Democrats, Economy, Escalating Crime, Home, Illegal Immigration, Islamic Terrorists, Law Enforcement, Magnified View, News Analysis, Politics, Recession, Republicans, Security, Strategies for Survival, Tax Rebellion, Unemployment | Posted on 18-10-2011


 Shouting Mindless Monotonous Communist Slogans

Hammer and sickle Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodSan Diego, CA  10/18/2011   “Occupy Wall Street” 

Uprisings and the Arab Spring revolutions have sprung to America.  The protests feature counter-culture, fuzzy causes, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Warning Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodThe Magnified View is steadfastly dedicated to informing grownups of regional, national and world events and conditions that effect them personally.  It is not a clarion for far left liberals, intent on denying and repressing threats, blaming the “establishment” for their plights.



disclaimer1 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodAll characters appearing in this feature are real. Any resemblance to fictitious persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  The opinions expressed on this site are Yoda’s personal views and clearly reflect the position ot the Magnified View.  Content may be too mature for some viewers.

Magic Ball Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood   The Uprisings Yoda Predicted are happening.  On July 25th, 2010, The Magnified View’s, Yoda, accurately predicted that seriously subversive, revolutionary pressure groups, would be actively spreading throughout America. They are!


Obama Communist1 e1318450607857 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodThese are the damndest times.  The President of the United States of America, senior-level Democratic Party officials,  Major union officers and the ubiquitous show-biz celebrities, all in direct support of a communist revolution, (known as OWS) in our land of the free.

  Occupy Wall Street Protest 150x150 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodSex, drugs and criminals: Occupy Wall Street getting ugly. A story today, revealed the Occupy Wall Street protests have devolved into a shameless display of moral depravity – with shocking (or perhaps not) interviews of protesters claiming to be getting high every day and having sex in a tarp, out in plain view.


Washed-out lefty radical throwbacks to the 60’s have a new cause and have rediscovered their meaning of life – marijuana and free sex. These professional victims are gathering to protest, with names like Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Chicago and in cities big and small  staging in front of Federal Reserve buildings and city halls this week, around the world. 

These pitiable, well-intentioned, naive, disingenuous  hippie retreads  are not cohesive in their purpose  and unable to articulate a common cause. While chanting communist slogans out of Marx’s book, “Capitalism doesn’t work!”,  it’s working good for them with free food, medical care and sex. 

The hold-over lefties of the 60’s are not cohesive and are unable to clearly articulate a cause.  Numbed by mesmerizing drums, their senses are dulled in the haze of marijuana and the quest for free sex.  Global warming, marijuana, anti-war, gas prices –  comprise their laundry-list of demands.

Zealot devious organizers, Democratic party leadership, labor union members and impractical  idealists, have heard the communist call in major cities from New York City, to  Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver and elsewhere in the USA.

Far away metropolises like Adelaide (Australia), Cork (Ireland), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Cologne (Germany) are acting in consort with their American comrades. The revolutionary pressure group movement has spread to 2000+ cities in the US and accountless overseas municipalities in a four short weeks.

State of the Union e1318375270442 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodThese  rebellious dissidents are starting down the same path that killed countless of millions of people since the Russian revolution  95 year ago last month.  The People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, and recently Venezuela have suffered the scourge.  Can it happen here- of course it can. It’s starting now.


It is happening here: In my ( 100 + Countries ) globe-trotting, I  have personally survived the cruel callousness  of communism and suffered the drab dullness of socialism. The hapless citizens of the communist and socialist countries believed it couldn’t  happen to them, too.


Trade Unions e1318376731366 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodThe rout-step union march:  The bullying union leadership, are arrogantly supporting the Occupiers as they have throughout all the previous Marxist revolutions in history. Were the ignorant tradesmen, uneducated teachers and naive nurses to spend a few minutes researching the world wide web, they would learn that they will be  prosecuted, persecuted and purged when their usefulness has expired. As Mao and Stalin did and as Castro does, fearful of a counter revolution, Venezuela’s Chavez and Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff have betrayed the unions that helped elect them.

Obama Winking e1318377699359 Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood  A WINK TO THE PROTESTERS.  Obama has declared himself to be in support of the protests. Occupy Wall Street “Stands In Solidarity” with Obama Front Groups.  Subversive gangs and criminal and revolutionary trade union groups are instigating the protests, providing sophisticated Internet networking, training cadre and leadership for the hapless demonstrators.

  pixel Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood

MoveOn.org Pelosi e1318443065844 Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood MoveOn.org is a Wall Street backed lobby for Commissar Obama’s  administration.  They state that they will “stand in solidarity” with the “OWS” movement.  Read Democratic Party is aggressively attempting to take over the out and out anti-capitalist communist movement to garner votes.

VIVA LA REVOLUTION SIGN AT OCCUPY LOS ANGELES  Where does it go from here? Now, protests have spread to hundreds of cities across the country   and beyond. The comparisons to the Arab Spring uprisings and other counter-culture movements are stark.  The potential for this being a catalyst for a violent culture.


Assemblies are crowds that  become mobs which evolve to riots after a single individual throws a punch or a brick through a window.  People get hurt and are killed as currently throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Violence is occuring now in hundreds of cities.


Sanitation Becoming Concern

Sacramento Protesters Unsure Of Why There, Lash Out At Basic Reporter Questions

Rand Paul: Obama’s Rhetoric Could Turn ‘Occupy’ Protests Violent

NYC TOP COP: Protesters To Be ‘Met With Force’ If They Target Police

LA Mayor Villaraigosa Hands Out Ponchos

Occupy Tampa protesters crowd park, then go home to sleep

Dallas Federal Reserve Targeted

Battle on Wall Street Party in Times Square DENVER  POLICE MOVE ARRESTED IN SEATTLE

Considering the worldwide OWS (Occupy Wall Street) everywhere, demonstrations of last week, the road to massive disruptions and violence has begun. 

 pixel Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood


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Up to the Minute Recession Overview Critical
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We are pleased you chose to  join us and excited about providing you with a tool kit to ensure your security, independence  and self-sufficiency in the perilous days ahead. Back in business and isn’t it grand?   Let the good times roll!  Yesterday thing were out of hand,   Now they are under control! Welcome Missed THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMES We were mightily missed!  Throughout our eight month publishing hiatus we were besieged by our readers in the blogosphere, exhorting us to resume providing  "Analysis of News You Can Use and Helpful hints to Survive and Thrive in These Troubled Times". Back in business and overnight, in demand! Well, allright! Business is just dynamite!  Let the good times roll and make the best of the bad times. What happened ?   Our illustrious Editor in Chief, Janet  Arrigo, has been  incapacitated, recovering from a life-threatening exotic medical adrenal crisis that began  in late autumn last year.  Jan’s medical argosy included emergency admission to a hospital,  a rehab facility that tried to kill her, breakout back to the hospital, then another rehab facility that didn’t do rehab.  Jan’s courage and determination with the assistance of a battery of good physicians and crack in-home professional therapists, pulled her through.
WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT FROM THE MAGNIFIED VIEW?  What will FREE registration on the Magnified View do for me ? How will I benefit ? How can I access the information?   YOU CAN ANTICIPATE ACTIONABLE INFORMATION ON EVENTS THAT WILL PROVIDE YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES WITH SAFETY AND SECURIWelcome Dancing Questions THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESTY. The Magnified View provides timely accurate forecasts to prepare you for future threats. The Magnified View is the only blog of  it’s kind that provides practical solutions, methods and techniques to counter identifiable threats.   In addition, the Magnified View provides a virtual interactive telephonic and Internet  platform to discuss and provide successful resolution for specific problems that you are confronted with.
    OKAY!  BACK TO OUR BUSINESS OF HELPING YOU PLOT A COURSE TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THE ROUGH SEAS AHEAD.   The irony of Obama’s “transforming America" shouldn’t’ be lost on us. America is factually being altered right in front of our eyes. STOP AND THINK The NASA, Intelligence and law enforcement communities are discreetly mandating their personnel to undertake unusual personal disaster preparedness.  As NASA is virtually mandating Welcome Red Flag THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESpersonal emergency preparation by it’s employees and other federal agencies and are, however more discreetly, urging preparedness by their employees, what should you be doing.  View Mr. Bolden’s video and read the entire article for more information on preparation.  The bureaucrat insiders are individually scared stiff because they are privy to intelligence predicting an economic disaster.  UNPRECEDENTED PERSONAL EMERGENCY PREPARATIONS IN THE FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL BUREAUCRICIES HAVE OMINOUS UNDERTONES.   Excerpt: "NASA recently participated in a FEMA exercise called Eagle Horizon that was a part of a continuity of operations of government exercise that we do annually.  I became aware of some things that concerned me about family preparedness," said Charles Bolden, head of the conservative agency.
 Welcome Graph Man THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESThroughout Jan’s convalescence we watched the American dream becoming a migraine nightmare as the recession deepened and intensified.  We tracked our standard of living’s decay as the preposterous "hope for change" bubbles burst.  GOT ATTITUDEUnrelenting High Employment (9.1%) combined with skyrocketing prices at the gas pump, supermarket and everywhere else plus the stimulus shams, have caused a widespread skepticism.  Luminary economists are opining that a worldwide economic collapse is a mathematical certainty. The hope for change that won the election for President Barack Hussein Obama and his "shovel-ready stimulus programs" have hit bottom and they keep on digging.
 Welcome Magnifying the View THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESMAGNIFYING THE VIEW: The graveyard spiral of the recession will continue with economic collapse a certainty.  We are carefully monitoring worldwide tipping points. The moments of critical mass of mysterious cultural changes that have and will individually effect our everyday life.

POTENTIAL TIPPING POINTS: Current potential flash points are at a critical crossroads that will bring about crisis, further eroding our lifestyle. Here are the catalysts that are likely to cause major change in our entire way of life.    

Tipping Point #1: Syria – The New Lybya
Welcome Syria Flag(1) THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESThe law of Syria is hanging in the balance as are the other countries of the Arab Spring protests.  President Bashar al-Assad is hanging-on to autocratic power by his fingernails and eyelashes. The Muslim Brotherhood, raised to power in Syria, sets-up an attack in force on Israel. A war with Israel may involve massive U.S. military deployments and mega deaths unseen since Vietnam. Nobel Peace Prize Obama will make the decision on committing US forces to the defense of Israel – or not.

Tipping Point #2: Iran

Welcome Iran Flag THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESMahmoud Ahmadinejad’s passion to acquire nuclear weapons comes to the fore when the news channels aren’t obsessed with feeding their audiences  purient  appetite for Florida infant homicide cases.   A new report by RAND Corporation researcher Gregory S. Jones claims that Iran could have a nuclear weapon within 2 months. His report is based on recent findings by the International Atomic Energy Agency. According to Jones, air strikes alone would be incapable of stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons program at this point. Instead, Jones says that a "military occupation" would be required.  Would  Spectator in Chief Obama find the will, and if so, where would  the US and NATO get the troops to successfully invade and occupy Iran?
Tipping Point #3: Libya

Welcome Libya Flag THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMES Under US pressure, NATO has committed to Moammar Gadhafi’s  demise.  In fact, continuous bombings have killed untold thousands of citizens and there are current plans for a ground invasion by the US. Britain and France in the next few months. The US and NATO are literally the tip of the spear causing the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quaida terrorists to come to power in Libya.

Tipping Point #4: Muslim Revolutions:


More Massive Muslim Revolutions in the Middle Ea , spreading Worldwide.



Colossal disturbances and revolutions continue to sweep North Africa and the Middle East, in countries from Morocco to Somalia. Halfway around the world Muslim Maylasia exploded recently with thousands protesting, police firing tear gas and arrested 1.400.

 Tipping Point # 5:
Welcome%20Fukshima%20Nuclear THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMES Nuclear Crisis in Fukshima, Japan. The mainstream news has relegated the Fukashima disaster to twenty second coverage along with Saturday night house fires. The unprecedented Fukushima disaster is worsening by the hour. Japan’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters admitted on Monday that three reactors experienced "full meltdowns" in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in March.  As with Chernobyl, oncologist’s business will be booming for decades to come.
Tipping Point #6:  Oil Prices
 Welcome Oil Prices THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESGas prices at the pump are up over 100%! The escalating crippling price of oil will continue to impact everything through the summer and autumn, 2012 and beyond. The administration will obstruct drilling and energy independence while trying to sell us on 15th Century windmills.  The last time U.S. energy expenditures were over 9 percent of GDP was in 2008 and we quickly plunged into the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

 Tipping Point #7: Government Gone Wild 

Welcome Govt Gone Wild THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESRunaway entitlements for everything are a narcotic for the American people and recommendations for reductions in social security, Medicare and assistance for unwed mother cats  are tantamount to political suicide for Democrats and Republicans alike. The majority of states, counties and cities are simply broke and huge previously unseen lay-offs will occur throughout the balance of the year.

Tipping Point #8: The European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Welcome European Debt Crises THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESThe Greek theater in the round tragedy is merely the first of the European dominos to fall. Moody’s downgraded Greek debt again last Wednesday.  This time Moody’s downgraded Greek debt by three levels all the way down to Caa1.  At this point, the yield on 10-year Greek bonds is over 15 percent. The EU has been in a frenzy trying to ameliorate the Greek debt crisis.  The truth is that a default by the Greek government would be absolutely catastrophic. If you do not understand the kind of chaos a Greek default would set off on world financial markets, just read this editorial.

Tipping Point #9: The shrinking US Dollar
Welcome Shrinking Dollar THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESOn April 18th, Standard & Poor’s altered its outlook on U.S. government debt from "stable" to "negative" and warned that the U.S. could soon lose its prized AAA rating.   The sad truth is that faith in the U.S. dollar and in U.S. Treasuries is rapidly declining.  The mainstream news is not reporting on it much, but right now the Chinese are rapidly dumping U.S. government debt. (Since the writing of this article Standard and Poor’s has downgraded the U.S. debt to AA+.)

Tipping Point #10: Drought

  Welcome Drought THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESA worldwide drought and additional anomalous weather conditions are causing a global food crisis.  Numerous third-world countries are having food riots at the time of this writing due to a worldwide  drought not seen since the 1930’s.
THE MAGNIFIED VIEW IS MONITORING OTHER CONDITIONS AND TRENDS:  There are additional worldwide events and trends that are of global significance,
specifically impacting our safety and security.
Wars without end:   The wars that Commander in Chief Obama calls "Overseas contingency operations" have the potential of causing a third world war.   In addition to the longest wars in our country’s history in Iraq and Afghanistan,  we are once again on the wrong side of the equation, officially backing Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Egypt and  Libya. We are bombing hell out of Lybia, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and creating hate and discontent in Palestine …….that we know of. 
The War Next Door:    Mexico’s 90 million are approaching a civil war with the possibility of Narco Terrorist Cartel’s taking-over the government. Ironically, the US doesn’t have a contingency operation in Mexico.
The Non-border:    While the USA is protecting other people’s borders in Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, the current and past five Presidents have only showboated and done window dressing defending our southern border.  Narco Cartel Terrorists continue to pour over our southern border creating mayhem, while less sinister "illegal’s" suck-up our medical, educational and entitlement resources.
The Magnified View Maintains a sophisticated surveillance system of potential disasters including:     Economic meltdown, Nuclear incidents,  Epidemics, Hurricanes, Floods, Wildfires,  Megaquakes, Tsunamis, Solar flares ( communications disruptions ) Water shortages, Famine, and Cultural wars.
  Welcome Whats Next THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESWe tailor timely information to the specific needs, conditions and needs that our client’s are faced with. The Magnified View has a full agenda for the coming months including keeping you concisely informed about how to survive and thrive in these troubled times.  Squirt us over a note indicating which subject series that you have a specific interest in.  We wlll  send you pertinent information, customed to your conditions.
Register on this page and send emails to Yoda@magnifiedview.com
WHAT INFLATION:  Gasoline is up over 100%  and food is up on average 26%.  The Magnified View will keep you current with rising housing, utility, food and fuel costs while proviWelcome What Inflation(1) THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESding you with effective money management methods  to budget and cut your best deals.  Write for  details: yoda@magnifiedview.com 
THIRD WORLD HEALTHCARE IS COMING TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU”:   President Barack Hussein Obama’s healthcare scheme was dead on arrival. The shameful systematic decimation of the world’s finest health care is a near certainty.  The MV will keep you current advising you on how to cope with the draconian bureaucratic changes and secure best case medical care for your family. Write for specific help on managing your healthcare. 
CRIMES TO PERSON AND PROPERTY ARE HEADED OVER THE TOP:  As the economy tanks, government budgets are reduced and cops are laid off.  The wiley politicians fudge the statistics deluding the good citizens with a false sense of security.  The Magnified View series "VICTIMS AREN’T US" will provide you with the skills to protect your family, home and business.
GOT WORK?  Week after week shocking ( unexpected ) high  unemployment stats are crushing hopes of a turnaround in the jobs market.  ( What in the hell are the government  economists thinking when they continue to say the high numbers are “unexpected? ) Watch for the Magnified View  "WILL WORK FOR PAYCHECK"  series.  Learn how to safeguard your job in the downsizing economy and how to make your skills transferable to new viable career opportunities.
FAILING TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL:    What are the  solutions to surviving disasters ?  There is little, as individuals, we can do to prevent natural and manmade disasters but we can, of course, prepare for them.  We will continue to provide you with practical, actionable advice on how to dare to prepare.   Register now and tell us what you are confronted with and we will help.


Welcome to Magnified View – Analysis of News you can Use

Posted by Jan | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Economy, Home, Natural Disasters | Posted on 20-08-2010


reporter with mag glass Welcome to Magnified View   Analysis of News you can UseWelcome to the introductory issue of The Magnified View, the future of forecasting which begins where the news ends and  provides helpful strategies  on how to survive and thrive in these uncertain, intimidating times.  A smart move is to stay informed about events that might effect you. Then be prepared to take action when warranted.

FROM BOOM TO BUST – SHOCKS AND AFTER SHOCKS - As we go to press, our country is deep in the summer of it’s cultural and financial discontent.  A confluence of conflicting factors are coming to a head:

GOT WORK!   First, the economic disaster effecting virtually all segments of society. For the first time since the Great Depression, a majority of famiies are concerned about keeping their jobs and their homes.  Unemployment is stubbornly high, approaching double-digits and exceeding 20% in some blighted urban areas. Cops, firefighters and teachers are getting  their pink slips.  The jobless face fierce competition for work and they are taking part time work if they can find it.

THIS OLE  HOUSE ?  Next –  those with paychecks are watching their paychecks shrink. Foreclosures are at an all time high and a growing number of people are at risk of losing their homes.

THE GOLDEN YEARS!  Grandpa is flipping hamburgers at McDonalds because “retired” people are worried about surviving on lower incomes, due to the shrinking financial markets. Baby Boomers are slipping into retirement and less than 20% of them believe they will have the financial assets to actually retire.