Backpack Earns Amazon Best Seller Award For “Looking Glass Shattered”

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San Diego, CA, November, 2015

by Janorama

Jiggy Jaguar famous  host of the popular radio show, (The Jiggy Jaguar Show) proclaimed Backpack’s blockbuster book, “From Cubicle Commando to Constitution Leader” to his Syndicated North American’s radio station’s audience. “Backpack earned his nickname leaving the security and safety of comfortable  corporate cubicle cocoons,  crisscrossing the continent with his worldly goods stuffed in a backpack,” said Yoda, Founding Editor of your magazine and co-host of the popular Voices of Global Freedom show.   He interviewed panhandlers,, coppers, politicians  and presidents, compiling real life stories for his block buster book and radio program, dangerous, dreary, exciting and dramatic.

Readers around the world have been impressed and intrigued with Backpack’s deep under cover expose of a violent criminal Sudanese gang operating out of Atlanta, GA.

Find his page turner,  “Looking Glass Shattered”,  blockbuster on Amazon Kindle,  

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P.S.  Listen to the book review interview on Jiggy’s radio show here: