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Grip on guns Breaking News Voices of Global Freedom Radio Doubles Air Time


San Diego, CA, January, 2016

By Janorama and Backpack



The show wFact 2 300x300 Voices of Global Freedom Radio Doubles Air Timeill feature exclusive VIPs  from diverse F.B.I., C.I.A., DoS, Economics, Crisis Management and  Counter-Terrorism Seasoned Experts.

The shows will analyze   and evaluate news that every-day Americans can use for their piece of mind.  The show hosts Backpack and Yoda will provide innovative actionable tactics, methods and strategy to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubling times.

Don’s miss these blockbuster shows every Wednesday and Saturday.  Shows will be available on demand,  in archives and YouTube.

Come to the lively chat room and/or  call in and join the conversation with seasoned experts.

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Alert: Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

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Are You Ready?

San Diego, CA   April, 2014,  By: Yoda and Dauntless Don

Be Prepared Are you prepared Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

Cowardly Congress Gives Obama License To initiate and enforce Martial Law, arrest and incarcerate Law-abiding Citizens.

Obama is keeping his campaign pledge to ‘transform America’ including ‘creating a domestic security force larger than the US military’.

Red flag indicators:  For Example, you can and should readily research and confirm these unprecedented threats on your own. Hope for some miracle but prepare for the worst.

Here are significant potential societal collapse conditions that Obama has created or exacerbated. The likely-hood of one of these conditions peaking and causing a cascading domino effect, impacting the others is guaranteed.
Prudent people who prepare will survive and thrive.  The ostriches among us will suffer and some will perish.

Be Prepared Panic on the Streets1 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodHere is a factual snapshot of what’s happening from sea-to-shining sea:


  • Got Work!  Sky High unemployment and underemployment is at about great depression levels (Check Dep’t of Labor U-6 statistics).
  • Obama is encouraging people to “escape and be liberated from their jobs, sit on the couch and compose poetry”.   Dauntless Don:  “This takes couch potatoes to new depths”. 
  • Many millions of workers are losing their jobs while millions of others are being reduced to 29 hour work weeks, losing 25% of their income.
  • Obamacare disaster: Has devastated the world’s finest healthcare, trashed 15+% of the entire economy, causing massive unemployment and costing individuals unaffordable premiums for crucial medical care. No one knows where this “dead on arrival” health care will end up. It will remain on life support for years to come.
  • Food Stamps (EBT):   A breathtaking 50M people on food stamps. More signing-on every day. Obama promising “illegals” tacos for votes.
  • Poverty level:  A stunning 50M+ people live below the poverty level (Dep’t Health & Human Service),13M (26%) more than when Obama took office.  Yoda:  ‘”Are we Venezuela yet?”
  • Gun control (Confiscation): Obama’s aggressive attempt to render the citizens defenseless is unprecedented in American history. Connecticut and New York are confiscating guns from law abiding citizens at the time of this writing. Maryland isn’t far behind Connecticut.  Factoid:  Every government throughout history that has disarmed their citizens have taken tyrannical despotic control, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc.
  • Relinquishing US sovereignty:  Pursuing a ‘New World Order’ global governance agenda through the United Nations trashing America’s geopolitical role as ‘unexceptional’,  U.N. Agenda 21 puts American citizens on a par with third world fever port countries. Yoda:  “Are we West Africa yet?”
  • Amnesty and Open Border:  Amnesty will attract and legalize 40 million Latinos from Mexico and Central America.  Many are illiterate ( in their mother tongue Spanish), criminals, low skilled and diseased. This will add an enormous drain on entitlements, health care, education and prisons.  Yoda:  Muchas gracias Senor el Presidente?
  • Effective 03/01/14:  Obama approved the release of 68,000+ ‘illegal’ criminals incarcerated for felonies.  They walk among us now.
  • Effective 04/01/14:  Obama is preventing the deportation of ‘illegal’criminals on deportation lists.  They walk among us as well.

728x90 banner static Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

  • Obama has his own Border Patrol agents virtually handcuffed releasing illegals on the U.S. side of the Southern border. Recently, a supervising Border Control Inspector told Yoda, “The border is like a catch and release sports fishing contest.  If we can’t immediately identify border jumpers as felons, we ordered to release them on our side of the border.  There is no way to identify them as felons in the dark of night on the desert.”
  • Closet Muslim Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamists  from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere under the guise of humanitarian asylum.  A significant percentage of these imports are radicalized Jihadists, terrorists and common criminals.
  • Income equalization: This is right out of the three stooges ( Engles, Marx, Lenin) Communist Manifesto. Yoda:  Please search Communist Manifesto on the internet.  Recently, a supervising Border Control Inspector told Yoda, “The border is like a catch and release sports fishing contest.  If we can’t immediately identify border jumpers as felons, we ordered to release them on our side of the border.  There is no way to identify them as felons in the dark of night on the desert.
  • Destroying the US Military: Commander In Chief, Obama has reduced U.S. Armed Forces to pre World War II levels.   Obama has fired 200+ Generals and Admirals who won’t subscribe to his communist ideology. Several well respected Generals and Admirals are authoring books and appearing on major media, exposing the high treason of incapacitating our military.
  • Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood: (Al Quaeda) The US started the Arab Spring and is overtly and covertly funding, equipping and providing military advisors and contract mercenaries to the world’s oldest Islamic terrorist organization (Muslim Brotherhood) in Tunisia, Libya, (failed in Egypt) and now Syria. Obama is actively supporting Al Quaeda in North Africa and The Middle East. He is adventuring militarily in the Congo.
  • Bankrupt States, counties and cities: Lack of tax revenue from high unemployment, exorbitant pensions paid to retired civil servants have pushed major municipalities. Detroit, Chicago and Omaha are among 20+ cities filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  Many more are getting in the Chapter 9 line.
  • Major retail chains are closing stores: Macys, Sears, J.C. Penny, Albertsons, Krogers, Staples, Barnes & Noble, Target, Office Depot, Radio Shack – more. These closings are a strong barometer of an approaching economic collapse.

728x90 banner static Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

  • Crime is skyrocketing:  Cities cook the books on crime statistics, furnishing the FBI with reduced crime numbers. The FBI publishes the National Crime Statistics and liberal media lulls the citizens in to a false sense of security. Learn how the cities do that on Yoda’s Safe House at the top of the opening page.
  • Coppers, Firefighters and EMTs are being laid off from small, medium, large-sized cities and counties across the country.  Cities communistically lay off 1 copper and 1 Librarian – 1 Firefighter and 1 parks worker – 1 EMT and 1 streets worker.  You get the idea. When a disaster occurs the first responders won’t be responding.  It might be a good idea to prepare to be self sustaining during a disaster.
  • CORE Education Communist Indoctrination: The Department of Education is forcing a communist/anti-Christian, pro Islam curriculum on K-through 12 schools.
  • A wealthy Saudi owns the major U.S. textbook publisher.  No more Jack and Jill. It’s Abdul and Arma who run up the sand dune now.  Also, Biffy has two mommies!  Your spoiled kids are being taught to “rat on their parents”.   After a soccer game, where everyone gets a trophy, better flip through your kids text books. How fun!
  • Labor Union alliances: The gigantic teachers, SEIU and other large unions have joined with Obama in exchange for favors, exemption from Obamacare and other privileges.  Ironically, these will be the first people rounded up by his take over.  He will be fearful of a counter revolution on him by the unions.

Be Prepared Unemployment Graphic1 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodConclusions:  Patriotic, conservative, God fearing, hard working, law abiding citizens are in Obama’s crosshairs. They see their money going to the free loaders and their jobs going away, while prices increase.  This better not make you sick because you can’t afford Obamacare.

Analysis of current threats clearly disclose a closet communist President, hell bent for autocratic control. His Department of Homeland Security is a major tool to accomplish his treasonous goals.

The sum of these extraordinary conditions present a much greater threat to our freedoms, liberties and lifestyle than the individual parts. If this trend line is destiny, and it appears to be, we are in for some rough roads for years to come.

We have seen the enemy and it’s us!

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood
Be Prepared No DOHS Sign 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS):  “If the concept is skewed it doesn’t matter how well you do it.”  Putting these diverse agencies under a pyramid matrix was a flawed organizational concept since it’s founding in 2002  after (and as a consequence) of the Islamic Terrorist attack on 9-11-01.

Bureaucracy Bufoonery:  The administrative disruption to the agencies was and in many cases still is colossal. The cost or re-organization is enormous. The morale of patriotic agents is at rock bottom and has started to dig.


The Enemy within:  Obama’s appointment of hyper liberal, Janet Napolitano ( ‘The Gals Pal’), emasculated and virtually shut down several cGun Update 6 Big Sister Is Watching You 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhoodomponents of DHS. Napolitono was the head of DHS who couldn’t come-up with a single rationale for her department purchasing billions of bullets and 2,700 SWAT type armored vehicles.

Positive interaction between these turf guarding agencies is virtually impossible. Several have their own security classifications and sharing information with other agencies is prohibited.

Imagine steely-eyed Secret Service agents sitting at the same table with the TSA incompetents.  Add heroic Coast Guard officers meeting with paper-shufflers from the Office of File Cabinets. How about brave Border Patrol gunslingers versus super clerks from the bureaucracy.

Threat Camp Fema1 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodPutting aside for a moment his decimating the US military to pre World War II levels, Obama is configuring his umbrella agency, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to enforce absolute control of the population through executing and enforcing martial law.

Components of the monolithic Department of Homeland Security’s 200,000+ employees include:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  The agency’s primary purpose is to coordinate the response to a disaster that has occurred in the United States and that overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities.  The governor of the state in which the disaster occurs must declare a state of emergency and formally request from the President that FEMA and the federal government respond to the disaster. Hurricane Katrina is an outstanding example.
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), This massive facility in Georgia has a $99M mock American city, complete with a Christian church, stores, restaurants, hospital, subway and train. Component agencies of DHS are being trained in riot control and detention of law-abiding citizens who disagree with the administration.
  •  Transportation Security Administration (TSA), The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) protects the nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. Yoda: The TSA is wildly overreaching it’s charter, setting up check points on interstate freeways with heavily-armed agents. What are they training for?
  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), promotes homeland security and public safety through the criminal and civil enforcement of federal laws governing border control, customs, trade, and immigration. Yoda: “This is the agency commonly known as ICE.  Many of the agents were former Border Patrol Agents.”
  • United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Department of Homeland Security agency charged with regulating and facilitating international trade, collecting import duties, and enforcing U.S. regulations, including trade, customs, and immigration. CBP is the largest law enforcement agency in the United States. It has a workforce of more than 45,600 sworn federal agents and officers. It has its headquarters in Washington, D.C.
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG), is one of the United States Armed Forces and one of the country’s seven uniformed forces of the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission (with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters) and a federal regulatory agency mission as part of its mission set. It is a branch of the uniformed services of the United States. The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service.  Yoda: The ‘Coasties’ are serving in a combat role in Iraq and other U.S. military conflicts.
  • United States Secret Service (USSS), safeguards the nation’s financial infrastructure and payment systems to preserve the integrity of the economy, and protects national leaders, visiting heads of state and government, designated sites, and National Special Security Events. Yoda: These are the brave men and women who are sworn to take a bullet for the president.
  • Management Directorate is responsible for Department budgets and appropriations, expenditure of funds, identification and tracking of performance measurements.
  • National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD,) works to advance the Department’s risk-reduction mission. Reducing risk requires an integrated approach that encompasses both physical and virtual threats and their associated human elements.
  • Science and Technology Directorate (S&TD) is the primary research and development arm of the Department. It provides federal, state and local officials with the technology and capabilities to protect the homeland.

728x90 banner static Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

  • Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), works to enhance the nuclear detection efforts of federal, state, territorial, tribal, and local governments, and the private sector and to ensure a coordinated response to such threats. Yoda: These are the men and women who search for the ‘dirty bombs’.
  • Office of Health Affairs (OHA), coordinates all medical activities of the Department of Homeland Security to ensure appropriate preparation for and response to incidents having medical significance. Yoda: These men and women work closely with the US Army and Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for preparation and mediation of a biological, chemical or radiation attack.
  • Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), is responsible for using information and intelligence from multiple sources to identify and assess current and future threats to the United States. Yoda:  This office has been at loggerheads with the major letter agencies (FBI-CIA-NSA) since day one.
  • Office of Operations Coordination and Planning, is responsible for monitoring the security of the United States on a daily basis and coordinating activities within the Department and with governors, Homeland Security Advisors, law enforcement partners, and critical infrastructure operators in all 50 states and more than 50 major urban areas nationwide.
  • Office of Policy, is the primary policy formulation and coordination component for the Department of Homeland Security. It provides a centralized, coordinated focus to the development of Department-wide, long-range planning to protect the United States.

The Facts:  DHS is in fact training and arming elements of the US Post Office to form riot control teams.  Yoda: this gives ‘Going postal” a new meaning.  Militarized teams from the above bureaus,agencies, directorates and offices are being armed and trained at the new $99M mock US city in Virginia. The fully functional fake city includes a Christian church, schools, medical clinic, restaurants, subway and railroad. Agent teams from the above agencies are being trained in riot control, apprehension and detention of citizens who resist tyrannical control under martial law.

BREAKING:  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) The National Weather Service is purchasing military grade weapons and 10s of millions of bullets.  Yoda:  What the Hell are the hurricane hunters going to do, shoot clouds?

DHS is building detention camps on military bases and elsewhere.  DHS has inexplicably purchased billions of bullets, military grade guns, body armor, armored SWAT vehicles, secure communications equipment, millitary gear, Meals Ready To Eat rations (MREs), potable water stores, blankets, and body bags.

Be Prepared Natural Disasters Graphic 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your NeighborhoodThere is no natural disaster, or combination of simultaneous Biblical-scope natural disasters that would warrant this level of federal preparation. That leaves a terrorist attack of such scale that would shut down the nation or more likely, cause an economic collapse which would give the Obama administration justification to install martial law and confine citizens to camps.

Obama lap lackeys are rightfully worried that the US military, National Guard, city and county law enforcement officers will not enforce ‘illegal orders’ and is dependent on his DHS ‘domestic security force larger than the US military’ to take total control.

Obama has fired 200+ generals, admirals and field grade officers who disagree with his closet communism takeover.  Honorable military officers and soldiers are not going to kill Americans.

The Obamaites are using a Nazi propaganda ploy creating fear of ‘militarized’ municipal police which the (liberal and right wing) sensational media are promoting.  It is an insult to logic that the copper next door who is the soccer coace for your kids will shoot you.

The coppers will be transcended and replaced by the new Hitlerarian brown shirts – the DHS. Units made up of desensitizedCartoon Obama Guns 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood agents of DHS who will be transported thousands of miles away from home to confront, arrest, control, confiscate the guns of and confine demonstrating citizens that they don’t know.

High echelon government insiders have discreetly and confidentially told the Mag View ( on condition of anonymity), that Obama’s inner circle cadre is planning a false flag incident or incidents including inciting riots in major cities in order to order and enforce  martial law.

But it doesn’t take a brain surgeon or a senior crisis management executive ( likeYoda) to see that America is facing serious problems. And right now, we need individually to prepare for five contingencies:

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

Be Prepared Thugs For Obama 150x150 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood1.Economic collapse – Stocks crash -50+% unemployment, crime surge – Empty store shelves, hyper inflation – riots – martial law

2.Government takeover – Road blocks- check points – travel restrictions- communications (Internet) takeover – news blackouts -dusk to dawn curfews-martial law-gun confiscation

3.Natural disaster – casualties, hospitals overwhelmed-local and regional government dysfunction – electric grid failures -maurauding street gangs, looting – martial law-FEMA incompetent response

4.Large-scale terrorist attack, public panic – economy temporarily hits bottom – air travel curtailment – government overreaction – martial law

5.Personal crisis – loss of income, illness, accident. – Life happens – financial distress

As Obama’s feds are undertaking this unprecedented colossal magnitude of preparations, shouldn’t you be prepared to protect yourself and your family ?

Here is your single source encyclopedia to learn how to custom tailor preparations to your individual conditions to prepare yourself for natural and man caused disasters.  Yoda recently commented on Fox News that “It should be called the peace-of-mind- manual”

728x90 banner Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood
Making the Best of Basics

Making the Best of Basics is the comprehensive all you need to know definitive manual for disaster preparation from A -to Z. The easy to read, award-winning 500+ page handbook has sold 800,000+ copies since the author James Talmage Stevens published the first edition in 1974. The manual is in it’s 14th edition upgrade.

Preparing 5 minutes after a disaster occurs is too late.”  Dauntless Don:  “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

Don’t put this off.  Order now by clicking on the above ad.


There have been thousands of favorable highly complimentary book reviews of the Family Preparedness Handbook, posted on book sellers sites, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere on the WWW.

The essence of the reviews are that the handbook provides practical, economical, actionable preparation tactics, methods and strategies for prudent people.

# 1 “Had I bought this in the first place I would have saved a lot of money on nonsense prepper books.” J. Johnson NYC

# 2 “We are using this book as a manual in firefighter training classes.” J Hansen, Deputy Chief, Wellington FD

# 3 “This book provides real-world advice.” Cheryl W. Madison, WI

# 4 “I bought 5 books for my supervisors.”  P. Hollingsworrth, Seattle, WA

# 5 “If it’s not in this blockbuster manual, you don’t need it.”  Lat, host of the popular Poor Man Prepper radio show

Click below to purchase “Making the Best of Basics Family Preparedness Handbook”.
234x60 banner Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

 Alert:  Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2-Public Education Stagnation

Posted by Yoda and Dauntless Don | Posted in Border Control, Drug Cartels, Education, Home, Illegal Immigration, Magnified View, News Analysis, Politics, Security, Socialism Movement, Trend Forecasting, Unemployment | Posted on 10-03-2013


seiu thugs for obama Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education Stagnation7.)Public Education Stagnation – School Days Ain’t What They Used to Be!
As everyone knows (evidently except the pushover teachers and their coercive unions), the U.S. public education system has hit rock bottom and started to dig.  Our precious kids will be paying a price for the buffoonery for the rest of their lives. 
Officials: 80% of Recent N.Y.C. High School Graduates Cannot Read – CBS New York reported today.  Can it get worse?  If the current dismal public education trend line is destiny, it will get worse.
Astoundingly, the U.S. ranks 37th in education, behind countries including Latvia and Panama.  
Despite the mind-boggling expense of education, US students continue to fall further behind their peers in other civilized and back water countries.  
bully teacher Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationThe real bullies in schools are the politically correct control freak teachers and their trade unions. 
wisconsin teacher union moron protestor member democrat thug sad hill news Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationTeflon teachers. The teachers’ unions bombproof contracts provide, "fire proof" for life protection to pedophiles, thieves, drug addicts and the mentally ill. The teacher felons sit in a room five days per week, watching porno and playing games on the Internet – on full pay and benefits.
 8923578 high cost of education Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationThe average cost per student, per annum, accross America is an astounding $11,000+ per annum but is as high as $20,000 in NYC and Washington, DC.  Remember it costs $20,000 per year to not teach NY high school students to read.
Take $11,000 times 20 students. Now imagine the quality of education you could provide the kids with a budget of $220,000.00 per year.
chicago teachers union Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationA report recently published by Harvard University’s program on Education Policy and Governance, found that students in Latvia, Chile and Brazil are making gains in academics three times faster than American students.  In fact, our kids are two grades behind the kids in these third and fourth world republics.
What gains U.S. students posted in recent years are "hardly remarkable by world standards," according to the report.   
Just 6 percent of U.S. students performed at the advanced level on an international exam administered in 56 countries in 2006. That proportion is lower than those achieved by students in 36 other countries.  
LatinosForObama 300x200 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationMore illegal aliens are down grading our classrooms. Teachers and their administrators financialy benefit from promoting and supporting what they call "diversity". Diversity is their code word for encouraging open borders and illegal alien student attendence. The system is compensated handsomely for every illegal alien in their classes.
President Obama has been the beneficiary, throughout his political career, of support from teachers’ unions. In 2008, these unions poured over $50 million into efforts to elect President Obama and Democratic members of Congress.
56637cef0409bcdd2dfdc8f79f114822 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationThis is simply about the weak hug a union thug teachers. You will recall from your school days that teachers are skilled in haughty, hands-on-hips, finger pointing. They blame the kids, the district, the curriculum, the parents, the moon phases and say they are helpless victims of their thug unions. How sad. Somebody said, “A schoolroom is four walls with the future inside”.  Not here!
Stories break daily of absurd abuses and ineffective micro mismanagement of our kids. For example:
 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationEight year-old “Jenny” was suspended from her third-grade class for two days for bringing a pair of cuticle scissors to open the wrapper on her school breakfast.
 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationA 10-year-old girl found a small knife in her lunchbox, placed there by her mother, for cutting an apple. She immediately gave the knife to her teacher, but was expelled from school for possessing a weapon. 
 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationA teen student in Columbus, GA, was expelled for violating school rules by talking to his mother on a cell phone with whom he had not spoken in 30 days, as she was a soldier depolyed in Iraq.
 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationAn 11-year-old at a middle school in Highlands Ranch, CO, took a lollipop from a jar on the teacher’s desk and was charged with theft. The boy was convicted of a misdemeanor and put on junior probation.
 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationIn Florida, a five-year-old girl was arrested and forcibly removed from her elementary school who called the local police for having a temper tantrum in class.
 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationYoda’s current favorite:
James was dealing with severe emotional and behavioral disturbances. Over a two-month period, other students harassed him multiple times.  James reported the harassment to school officials, to no avail. A week after being choked by a student, James was knocked to the ground by the same student while others watched and laughed.  Frustrated, angry and frightened, James jumped to his feet shouting, “I could kill you.” When school officials called the police, James was removed from the school in handcuffs, placed alone in the back of a police van, and charged with making "Terrorist threats".
Predictions 2 Education Teacher Cant Explain Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationImagine the mentality of the teachers who would abuse their kids and their pea brain supervisors who approve it.
We are the laughing stock of the rest of the world, including our fanatic Islamic enemies.
Teachers and their principals defend this bufoonery as "Zero  Tolerance".   We had better develop a zero tolerance policy for imbicillic teachers and their management.

This intellectual and emotionsl growth-stunting nonsense has gone on for decades and will not stop. The only hope for American kids is a full on parent revolt.   Predictions 2 Education Home Schooling 300x228 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationHome schooling is highest on the teachers’ and their unions’ enemy list.  When asked if her kids won’t be deprived of “socialization” if they are schooled at home, a young mother said,  "Oh yeah, they will sure miss socializing with the gangs, drugs, sex in the hallways, violence and brainwashing by their far left liberal teachers”. i.e. a recent national survey revealed that 60+% of middle school students are engaging in sex in and out of school.

Predictions 2 Education Freedom To Choose1 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationA stunning point of interest: The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education owns and operates the publishers who publish US textbooks for grades K thru 12. The textbooks glorify Islam and denegrate America. They promote solicalism and communism and villify Christianity and our Democracy.     


tips Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education Stagnation Flip through your kids textbooks, being vigilant for socialist, communist and Islamic propaganda.

tips Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education Stagnation If your children are enrolled in one of the ridiculous public schools, consider a good private school or home schooling.

tips Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationBe proactive in your children’s school. Tell the school marms what you expect and threaten them with media exposure.







P.S. Unlike in my day,  60+% of 7th grade students are engaging in sex.  How about the parade of gorgeous female teachers seducing their male middle school students. Educate your kids about the consequences of sex. 


teacher union Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Part 2 Public Education StagnationPREDICTION: The pathetic miseducation system will continue it’s dumb-down spiral as long as the wuss teachers support their unions that provide exorbitant funding and misdirected loyalty for their mesianic professor Obama. 





Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda – Part 2-Energy Double Jeopardy

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Predictions2 energy Obama Wants You 212x300 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double Jeopardy
Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda – Volumn 6 –  Energy Double Jeopardy-Obama and his EPA
Volumn 1 thru 5 posted on 01/02/13 was received with approval and keen enthusiastic interest from fans and friends around-the-world.
Continuation of Yoda’s Predictions for 2013 And Beyond.  Take a read!
6.)  Energy double jeopardy-Obama and his EPA

7.)  Public Education stagnation 

8.)  Immigration stimulation & Amnesty apathy

9.)  Bet On Terrorist Threats 

10.) Wars Without End

Bonus topic 10-A.)  The run on your guns.
We delayed publishing Yoda’s Predictions Volumn 6  thru  Volumn 10 awaiting critical intelligence from U.S.A. and international based sources.

The President arrogantly continues his agenda of gun control (disarming law-abiding citizens) immigration reform  (amnesty for tens of millions of illegals to add to the Democratic Party voting base) and  redistribution of wealth (A Marxist tax ideology – in fact total government control and an equal distribution of poverty.)

Predictions 2 energy Don Quixote2 300x211 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double Jeopardy
6.) Energy Double Jeopardy-Obama and His EPA – Got Windmills! 

Obama’s disastrous, leftist energy policies will continue like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning. On an ever spinning wheel as the images unwind like the circles that he finds in the windmills in his mind.
Obama’s anti-energy policies are needlessly hurting each and every American, risking our national security and teleporting us back to the mid 18th century.
The irony is that there are more oil reserves on the U.S. mainland  and offshore than in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait combined.


Predictions 2 energy Environmental Recycled Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double JeopardyThere is no rational explanation for Obama’s passionate anti-oil, anti-gas, anti-coal, anti-energy crusade. The environmental wackos who would have us starve and freeze in the dark will vote for a Democrat no matter who is on the ticket. Obama was assured of their vote no matter what he did or didn’t do.
However a communist leaning ideologue, why would he stubbornly move us back to dipping candles, buggy whips and carriage lanterns? Obama’s energy policy failure is an important component of his itenary of dismantling America piece by piece.
Predictions 2 Map Natural Pipelines 300x209 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double Jeopardy

The President’s denial of the Keystone XL Pipeline project would have brought much needed oil from Canada to be refined and consumed in the U.S. This cost approximately 20,000 jobs during these times of sustained high unemployment.

The U.S. is crisscrossed with safe, efficient underground pipelines. Obama and his green freaks are unable to articulate a reason for denying the Keystone pipeline.
Predictions 2 energy Tree Hugger Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double JeopardyObama’s weak, pea green energy  policies have restricted access to the huge domestic energy resources and leaves us dependent on the hostile Muslim Middle East suppliers for years to come.
A paltry 2% of offshore areas are leased for oil and gas exploration and production. Obama has restricted 98% of oil exploration. He fraudulently takes personal credit for private sector production in North Dakota for which he has nothing whatsoever to do with.

Spendthrift Obama lavishly funds Brazil and Mexico’s exploration and production while prohibiting our own. How stupid!  We are paying Brazil and Mexico to produce the oil that we will then buy from them.
President Obama arrogantly acknowledges that electricity prices will have to increase under his proposed policies and regulations.  Why would he do this?  To further his socialist/communist agenda, that’s why.
Predictions 2 energy Predictions1 300x199 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double JeopardyWe have proven conclusively that renewable energy is a fairy tale, yet Obama enthusiastically continues to fund billions for Solyndra-like debacles.  His cronies milk the grants for tens of millions and then declare bankruptcies.

Predictions 2 energy Don Quixote3 300x189 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double JeopardyObama will continue his extreme left liberal agenda like a circle in a spiral listening to the windmills in his mind.



Predictions 2 energy Gas Pump1 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double JeopardyGasoline prices will continue to soar. As everything is delivered by truck, consumer prices will continue to be punishing and consequently the good citizens will have much less disposable income.
We should brace ourselves for a preposterous energy policy for the next four years. Perhaps Predictions 6 10 Tipping Points 300x162 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double Jeopardylonger!
Obama will continue to aggressively prosecute his war on oil, gas and coal.
Obama will continue to arbitrarily fund hundreds of millions of dollars on fairy tale wind, solar, algae, foreign hybrid cars and other arcane technologies proven not to work.
Obama will continue to fund and support burning up our food for fuel. No civilization in history has been sufficiently stupid to burn up it’s food.
Intermittent power outages are coming to your neighborhood in 2013 and the forseeable future.

Predictions 2 Candle Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double JeopardyTIP: Learn how to save 50% and more on your ever escalating electric bill. Hit on
www.osnsllc.com to learn how to save an astonishing percent of your electric bill.  Use code phrase, “Yoda is the light”, in your communicating with OSNS.  Information is FREE!

Note Please:  This service is not for residences.  It is exclusively for small, medium and large size private sector businesses and public sector agencies.

Predictions 2 Candle Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double JeopardyTIP: Acquire some battery-operated lanterns. Solar and wind-up are good ideas.  It’s a long night without light. Before Edison’s invention of the lightbulb, people slept 10 and 12 hours a day.

Predictions 2 Candle Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda   Part 2 Energy Double JeopardyTIP: Make preparations to stay warm during power outages, camping stove gear, warm clothing and bedding. Use caution and observe the safety features of camping stoves, heaters and lanterns especially indoors.
Scroll down to the feature article, “Got Gas  Pains”, for helpful hints on reducing your vehicles fuel cost.
As events transpire, we will be continuously monitoring and vetting the results of Yoda’s predictions and publishing the results.
Thank you  

To our Family, Friends, Fans and Followers:

Please check back for the comprehensive analysis, evaluation and predictions for the following subjects on the dates indicated:

Monday, March 11, 2013 - Public Education Stagnation. This prediction is important for you if you have kids or even know anyone who has kids.

Monday, March 18, 2013 – Bet on Terrorist Threats. The next major terrorist attack is coming to a large U.S. City.  The consequences of the attack will be  chaos, mayhem and the possebility of anarchy throughout the country.

Monday, March 25, 2013 - Wars Without End.  A multiple country combatant Middle East war is coming closer every day.  The possibility of this escalating to World War III is a reality.  A major Middle East war will personally effect each and every one of us here in America.

Thanks for being with us.

Janorama, Editor in Chief


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Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda

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Future Graphic 2 e1356979834237 Daredevil Cliff Diving With YodaDaredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda

Yoda’s Predictions For 2013 And Beyond

Yoda’s practical predictions to prepare you to navigate through the perils and take advantage of the opportunities of 2013. Yoda’s previous (published) threat condition forecasts have been within 84% ( +/- 4% ) accuracy.   The Magnified View’s goals for the 2013 predictions are for the benefit of our valued 1 million plus visitors from 100+ countries. Our predictions are free and our purpose is to inform you of the current situation and warn you of what is coming around the corner. The predictions are for intellectually mature and emotionally secure viewers. Our guidelines and Wuss No Wussies Allowed 300x86 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodareports are not for those Wussie Mama’s Boy’s and helpless Daddy’s girls who choose to stick their heads in the quick sand.

It’s not for those denying reality and repressing and postponing taking appropriate action to protect themselves and their family.

The report is compiled by our staff of senior members from diverse disciplines who are strategically located in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It is a sophisticated computer generated model derived from professional comprehensive research.

The report covers the critical areas of :Fact 2 150x150 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda 1. ) Employment

2. ) Here’s To Your Health . . . Care

3. ) Personal Finance -&- Investments 4. ) Taxing  Taxes 5. ) Prime Crime Time 6. ) Energy Double Jeopardy 7. ) Education Stagnation 8. ) Illegal Stimulation and Amnesty Apathy 9. ) Terrorist Threat Bet 10.) Wars Without End Bonus Topic 10a.) The Gun Run Number 6.) through 10a.) will be posted on February 1, 2013 The report is not candy-coated by Yoda as the administration and media does. It reveals a rough road for the next few years. No dinner times without dinner.  47+ million Americans are on food stamps or 1 out of every 6.5 of us are being fed by the government.  There were 17 million in the year 2000 and only 1 out of 50 in the 1970s.  As I write this, President ObaObama Food Stamps Graphic 300x225 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodama and his minions are publicly advertising on radio and by display ads on subways and buses, inviting more people to join the ranks of the dependent. The Nanny staters are bringing illegal aliens on to the Food Stamp rolls and other free stuff programs, encouraging more border jumping.   The paradox is inviting more people into government dependence and control as opposed to assisting them out of poverty. Though no one I know would see anyone go hungry in America, as with all pseudo socialist and communist society, the rampant fraud with the entitlement (free stuff) programs is incalculable and colossal. Meanwhile, Media Public News Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaback at the White House, 70+ percent of the media are propagandizing that “things are getting a lot better”.   What things? Who are they getting better for?   Things are getting worse every day. The world’s economic engine is sputtering. Fasten your seat belts, put your tray tables in the upright locked position, place your oxygen mask over your right ear and take a read. This report will cover topics #1 through #5.  We will publish #6 through #10 on  01/14/2013.  Okay! FORWARD!  That’s the dictum of the omnipotent, omniscient President Obama. Coincidentally it was Vladimir Lenin’s slogan in 1920 and the communist motto ever since. 1.)  EMPLOYMENT – UNEMPLOYMENT – UNDER-EMPLOYMENT. Got work! Lamentably, the job picture will continueEmployment Under 8 Picture 300x214 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda bleak.  The current 7.7%?  unemployment number is deceptive. When DoL ( Dep’t of Labor) G-6 report adds under-employed, part time wanting full time work and workers who have dropped off the rolls or are giving up, the real number is nominally 25% or Great Depression levels. It is an insult to logic that the government drops workers from the unemployment rolls when they receive their last unemployment check whether they have a job or not. Unemployment Rate Graph e1357095606716 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda The percentage of working age Americans with a job has been under 59% for 40 months in a row. Good jobs are diminishing at an alarming rate.  Corporations will continue to downsize and outsource good jobs overseas to show a profit.  Fortune 1000 company’s are planning massive layoffs in January. The United States has lost an average of approximately 50,000 manufacturing jobs a month since China entered The World Trade Organization in 2001. This trend is likely to continue. AccordinImmigration Immigration Travel Caution Sign Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodag to the Economic Policy Institute the United States is losing half a million jobs to China every single year. This does not include Mexico, India and other developing countries.  Developing countries are the politically correct code words for third world hell hole countries used by the DoS (Department of State). Does this look like the short term success that President Obama brags about and his liberal media promotes? POP QUESTION: What do you call a big, white, SUV, parked on a side street that sleeps 6? ANSWER:  A city street repair truck. Construction and trades jobs will continue to be taken over byI Got a Green Card Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda legal and illegal Mexicans and OTMs (Other Than Mexicans). The border brothers currently hold 26%+ of all trade jobs throughout the country.  The previously powerful, now merely noisy, trade unions do nothing to ameliorate this except collect monthly dues from their hapless members. Personal Note:  I would do almost anything for a Hostess Twinkie but the union shut the company down, losing 18,000+ jobs. GovernmentEmployment Government Worker Bailout 300x239 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Work:  High paying federal government gigs are growing and a good place to hide for the foreseeable future. Nearly 500,000 federal government employees now make at least $100,000 a year. In 2006, only 12% of all federal government workers made $100,000 or more per year.  Now approximately 22% of all federal workers do. TIP:  Avoid state, county and city jobs as the  bureaucrats are broke and individual officials are hoping to be the last guy to turn the lights off at City Hall. TIP FOR TEACHERS:  The Obamanation will suck you inSocialism Democratic sign 300x198 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda to  his base for votes then cut you off at the knees when you have served his purpose.  Ask the teachers in Venezuela how they made out after their support for Chavez.  Sorry!  I forgot! Socialism will be different here. Retail, hospitality, restaurant and transportation jobs will degrade from low-paid full time to lower paid part time work as corporations take measures to avoid the usurous Obamacare taxes.  Reduced hours for retail workers mean their already meager wages will be reduced by 10%. employment Will Work for Love Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda As I write this, an astounding one out of every 4 American workers earn $10.00 per hour or less. Do you want fries with that ? TIP: Retail and Hospitality Workers should choose companies that provide essential goods and services, not luxuries. TIP:  Trucking, delivery and vehicle repair companies are good places to work in bad times. People and stuff need to  move around and vehicles require maintenance and repair. TIP:  If you are older than 25 and are still required to wear a nametag, you probably need career counseling. TIP:  Medical and Healthcare related jobs are a good bet but will be Obamacare Ambulance1 300x232 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodacorrupted as Obamacare comes on.  Equipment, disposables, consumables manufacturers and pharmaceutical formulators are laying off now. Physicians, clinics, rehabilitation nursing homes and hospitals are holding their collective breaths believing Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill before we find out what’s in it."  Medical and healthcare are worthwhile employment, presuming you have the required training, degree and certifications. TIP: Veterinary, animal grooming, squeaky toy sales and other pet related gigs are good.  Animal lovers will always spend their money on Fido, Fidette or psychotic Felines. TIP:  Financial accounting, auditing, bookkeeping and bean counter jobs  will continue to be in demand as there will be an increasing need for accountants to look off the back of the boat to tell us that we have run aground. Report Card Grade F 300x294 Daredevil Cliff Diving With YodaWhen you total-up all working age Americans that do not have a job today it comes to more than 100 million.  As companies continue in distress they will need more people to count things. TIP: If you have a modicum of math aptitude, find a company in the services sector with things to count. Small business owners are struggling with fewer staff. They are saddled with more work which had previously been done by others who were laid off.  You didn’t build that . . . .Obama did!Obama Obama On Obama 150x150 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Many small businesses are closing while others are hoping to keep their doors open. Note: The number of jobs at new small businesses continue to decline. According to economist, Tim Kane, the following is the decline in the number of startup jobs per 1000 Americans broken down by: · Bush, Sr.        11.3 · Clinton          11.2 · Bush, Jr         10.8 · Obama            7.8 Are you getting this?Welcome Got Work e1357007565496 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda It’s still a good bet to work for Uncle Charlie in his garage presuming Aunt Martha will tell Uncle Charlie to hire you. TIP:  Don’t annoy Uncle Charlie after he hires you.  Don’t annoy Aunt Martha. . .especially Aunt Martha. Agricultural, Farming and Food Processing:  The food, beverage and tobacco products industries are huge from growing products through processing to delivery to the stores. The Magnified View team is made up of urban business technologyUrban Survival 150x150 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda and intelligence professionals. We know very little about these occupations except that a lot of laid-off workers are going to live with Aunt Agnes on her farm in Minnesota. Personal Note:  Yoda smokes cigarettes, drinks coffee and believes that broccoli is one of nature’s mistakes.  He makes a point of always being in close proximity to a bar, restaurant,  coffee shop and grocery store. Entrepreneurial Types:  Leaving this job drear on a positicomputor airbag e1357006276570 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodave note, if you have computer skills, take a hard look at creating a small service-oriented internet business. TIP:  99% of "Work At Home on Your Computer" are confidence games.  Avoid them! TIP:  Go North young man. Young women  too.  Eh!  Our Northern neighbor, Canada, is booming,  especially in the energy sector. Engineers, welders, roughnecks, oil field,  pipeline, transporation, logistics, hydroelectric trades and much more.   Pay is over US$100,000/year. Canadians are interviewing in select U.S. cities In grim conclusion, the economy can’t pull out of the graveUnemployment Graph e1357002453512 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodayard spiral until companies and small businesses have a need to hire staff. We don’t see any motivation on the horizon for companies to hire except for the possibility of a big Middle East regional or larger war. TIP:  If you have a job, hold on to it with your eyelashes and fingernails.  It’s not the time to look for greener pastures and be the employee with the lowest tenure in a new job. TIP:  Back to school and additional training have their downside.  Don’t go back to school to learn carriage lamp manufacturing management or buggy whip repair.Help Wanted Smiley Face e1357008589219 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Avoid  training in a skill base that is being laid-off now or working for a degree in a field that is not hiring or that you hate.  If you’re making the effort, take this opportunity to work towards something that you like. TIP:  Be personable in the interview.  Bosses hire people that are likeable and that they like. Scroll down to the "Got Work" feature article on this site for more information.


Light Blinking 5 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda


Your place for peace of mind.  Talk through your current financial, job, career and medical tight spots with professional subject matter experts.  Exchange ideas with like minded old friends and make new friends from around the world. First Month Free 3 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda First month FREE!  Click Register!Here To Register 


    2.)  HERE’S TO YOUR HEALTH. . . . . CARE! The megObamacare Obamacare is Killing My Business 300x264 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaalomaniacal Obamanation healthcare is an unmitigated catastrophe that will screw-up the world’s finest healthcare for years to come. I am utterly baffled that people fail to look at all the countries where national health care has been implemented. It is a disaster.  “National healthcare is great . . .as long as you don’t’ get sick.” Said a luminary surgeon friend of mine. Oh! I forgot! Obama says it will be different here. That’s what Castro and Chavez said about introducing socialism/communism as had all their despotic predecessors.  The lure of free stuff is irresistable to Obama’s base.Fact Obamacare 212x300 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda TIP:  Find and befriend a family physician you have a rapport with. It is vital for communications.  A good physician friend can keep you out of trouble despite the Obamanation’s disaster. 3.)  PERSONAL  FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS: Respected conservative and liberal economists alike are predicting a stock market crash in the 3rd or 4th quarter of next year.  The brokers who rough-up your money call this a “ market adjustment”.  Yoda calls it, “losing your money”.  Conservatives will blame Obama and liberals will blame Bush. ·  If you are not in the market this is clearly not the time to enter it. ·  Gold and silver will dramatically increase as the dollar weakens and the market crashes. TIP:  Silver is an excellent buy for those whose budget won’t afford gold. ·  Surreal Estate:   “There will never be anymore land”  is the mantra of the guys and gals in the ridiculous powder blue blazers flogging real estate. “So what?"  says Yoda. Foreclosures will continue and banks will lower prices.  The lowereWelcome Shrinking Dollar 150x150 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodad price will result in more home owners over-the-cliff (underwater). Approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents. Do not buy your dream house if there is a good chance you or your spouse will be laid off. TIP:  If you suddenEvacuation Route Sign Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaly see a bunch of people in ridiculous blue blazers in your neighborhood, it’s a good time to call Aunt Agnes on her farm in Minnesota. TIP:  It takes about 24 months from the first missed mortgage payment to throw you out on the street.  Many near desparate people are defaulting and banking the mortgage payments to have a kicker before they go to work for Uncle Charlie or go live with Aunt Agnes on the farm in Minnesota. 4.)  TAXING TAXES:  Here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax tax. Our closet communist, comrade Obama will continue to raise taxes past the breaking point for us working stiffs.Predictions The Other Fiscal Cliff 300x202 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Obamacare’s Happy New Year’s day, 2013, will bring an astounding one trillion dollar tax increase.  This increase has nothing to do with the “Fiscal Cliff” nonsense. The shovel-ready Obamacare brings 20 new or increased taxes of which 5 will ring in the new year.  The Congressional Budget Office projects a trillion dollar increase in the next nine years.  The Obama worshipers still believe that this is free healthcare. He will continue to raise taxes for additional entitlements (free stuff) pandering to his base of 47% of the population who don’t pay taxes. According to the Tax Policy Center, going over the “cliff” meTax Graphic 300x225 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaans: ·  88 percent of U.S. taxpayers will have an increase of taxes rising by an average of $3,500 a year. ·  Taxes would jump $2,400 on average for families with incomes of $50,000 to $75,000. People will have less money to spend so businesses will generate less revenue and employ fewer workers. How fun! eg: By taking more tax money from the wealthy (5 1/2% for indivuals earning $400,000.00/year or more and for families earning $450,000.00/year or more), it will take more money out of the economy and put it in the hands of the government. This means that you and I will have minimum disposable income. Restaurants, movies, other entertainment venues will close like the Taliban was in Arizona. The bottom line, if the fat cat bureaucrats let the economy fall off the cliff, it will cost you on average, an additional $3,700 for this year’s (2012) taxes. That means your hard earned $308 bucks a month will go to free stuff for Crip’s gang night basketball, Muslim mosque refurbishment, protection of owls, 7,000 new IRS agents to chase you around and other worthwhile liberal causes. TIP:  Home eDigital Media Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodantertainment like TV channel movies, video games, parties at home will grow. TIP:  Please create a family budget if you don’t already have one.  A budget shouldn’t punish you, it should provide a tool for you to get the things you really need or want. 5.)  PRIME TIME CRIME:  Escalating crime threat in 2013. Crime is down from sea to shining sea. . . RIGHT?  That’s what the media, Holder of "Fast and Furious" fame and our commander in chief tell us. . . WRONG! Crimes to person and property are skyrocketing all over the land Criminals Gone Wild 293x300 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaparalleling the continuing recession as it always has in tough times. Coppers and deputies are being laid off in small, medium and large-sized cities.  The bad guys read about this in the newspapers and have a grand time. City bureaucrats routinely provide falsified data to the FBI, who publish the National Crime Statistics. The National Crime Stats are where the media gets their data. TIP:  It’s nigh time to upgrade your personal, family, home and workplace security. QUESTION:  Did you know that commando Obama led the Seal team that killed Bin Ladin in Pakistan? . . . I saw on NBC News.  If I see it on NBC News, it has to be news. . . .Kidding! TIP:  Your best home alarm is a dog or a sound actuated barking recording that sounds like Cujo. Overworked coppers are responding to priority calls and may take awhile to get to your home.  Like car alarms, in the majority, home alarms are false alarms that cause complacency. TIP:  A hidden "cutout Switch" is an effective car – truck – RV – boat – anti-theft device.  It’s a tiny pin switch hidden somewhere on the car which needs to be in the on position to start the vehicle – costs about $50.00 at your local audio shop. The cutout switch is better than The Club, which slows the bad guys down but you can use it as an impact weapon. Discover how the bureaucrats gaff the crime statistics by scrolling down this site to “Yoda’s Little Known Tactics To Avoid Being A Target". We are all goJobless Graphic 300x216 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yodaing FORWARD facing at least four more years of the new normal of having less money in our pockets.  Obama’s “redistribution of wealth” (That’s an Obama and three stooges quote, Marx-Lenin Engles). “Obama is bringing you an equal distribution of poverty” Says Yoda.  Please don’t waste your time wondering if we could be inaccurate or dead wrong.  Rather, think about what if we are right and how any one category may trigger a domino effect in other topics.Preppers are Crazy 300x222 Daredevil Cliff Diving With Yoda Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. TO BE CONTINUED. . . . The Magnified View will publish categories # 6 through # 10 on 02/01/2013. We are postponing the publishing date to February 1, 2013 in order  to wait for some important information regarding the potential for war.


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Obama Annihilating America’s Middleclass Lifestyle

Posted by Yoda and Dauntless Don | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Democrats, Economy, Healthcare, Home, Illegal Immigration, Magnified View, Natural Disasters, News Analysis, Politics, Recession, Republicans, Security, Socialism Movement, Unemployment | Posted on 16-11-2012


What Happened Election 300x225 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyle


 Confirmed Multiple Source Intelligence Evaluation! 


Obama’s win – America’s loss. A misguided, deluded voting public, re-elected a communist leaning, closet Muslim, President Barack Hussein Obama. The consequence of the re-eHow Did This Happen Election3 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestylelection is 4 more years of the economic grave yard spiral, lost jobs, third world country healthcare, soaring crime and a devastated armed forces. See:  “what’s next” at the end of the article.

“The government you elect is the government you deserve”, said  Thomas Jefferson. “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard”, said H.L. Mencken. So, yes, the people of a democracy are responsible for its government and it’s policies. Further, if those policies are atrocious, then the people of a state have the capacity to change those policies of government. If they do nothing about it, then they should not complain when retribution ensues.

Hopeless change – An unprecedented change in the traditions, morals, mores and culture were brought on by an enhanced, politically correct, free loading oriented, Democrat Party base.

Fox is foolish! You can totally disregard Fox News and  all the conservative media’s nonsense about Romney. Forget all of the second guessing, Romney should have, would have and could haves.  For your collection of ironies, millions of Republicans failed to vote.  Miami based Cubans voted for Obama and more Mormons voted for McCain in 2008 than voted for Romney this time.

It’s simplReady for the Fudge Packing Romney Election1 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyley about the Democrat party voters believing Obama will grant them less work and more free stuff than the Republicans. The self-centered, free stuff seekers could care less about the economy, Benghazi, nuclear Iran, the fiscal cliff or energy crisis. They care about free gas, free grass and free sex.

However, righteous and virtuous, everything Romney or any other Republican candidate said is against the selfish interest of the free loaders.

Inexplicably millions of Republicans failed to vote. 2+% more voted in 2008 than in 2012.

Evangelicals were praying instead of voting (I would rather have 1000 Evangelicals voting compared to 1,000,000 praying).

Marshall Frank Quote:

“Entitlements are the opiate of the people” Unknown. Our great leader is all in, addicting the populace to the free stuff, to buy four more years.

www.marshallfrank.com/articles/2012/07/fallout-from… – Cached

It ain’t your haObama 2012 Racist Election Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestylerd-working, mother and father’s ole Democrat Party.  The new Democrat Party is the hearth and home of blacks, Latinos, CP/USA (Communist Party/USA), WSP (World Socialist Party), Jews, Muslims, Hollywood celebrities, groupies, single and married homosexuals, LAMDBA, atheists, near and far left leaning liberals.

Throughout the past 2 year marathon political campaign, the billion dollar budget Obama hate machine has emphasized soliciting Latinos,Trade Unions and young single women. These less work, more free stuff and idealog categories, along with Republican apathy pushed Obama to a win.

Obama invited millions of Latino’s here for a “better life” (read free stuff), and gave 2 million plus de facto amnesty.  Obama won the herd mentality, trade, mioptic teacher and bureacratic bound SEIU unions over by promising them less hard work and more pay (Less work–more pay defines the unions purpose). It is a conundrum how he won young single women over but I suspect they wanted free birth control pills and they were seeking security and safety they can’t find in the current crop of wussy, effeminized, momma’s boy men.

With ObamaAmerica Entitlement Election Graphic 300x242 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyle’s spend thrift  entitlement give aways, he extended unemployment benefits, transitioning to fraudulent disability payments, food stamps, free healthcare and other entitlements.  Many people make more money doing nothing than they would if they were working.

Communist-leaning, nanny-state, Obama, has eliminated any incentive to work and made scores of millions dependent on the government for everything.  After all, Marx, Lenin, Engels, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Castro and now Chavez couldn’t be wrong.

“Are we Venezuela yet?” asks Yoda.

A problematic condition of human nature is avoidance of low paid, dead-end,   monotonous jobs, repititious robotic factory jobs, mind-numbing office jobs, silly retail jobs. If workers can get enough handout from the government, it’s tempting to stay home on the couch watching football or Dancing with the Stars. In addition, the more ambitious will  acquire a suplementary, off the pad, gig.Freedom is not Free Election GRaphic 300x300 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyle

The system manipulators have mastered how to work the system and maximize their benefits, including suspicious disability, food stamps, first rate medical care, and other “entitlements” too numerous to list here.

I understand completely and reluctantly accept the average Joe and Jane’s desire to stay home or go fishing as opposed to working day after day in a dreadful dead end job under intermittant threats of layoffs. The writer has accurately predicted the election results, based on tracking collossal, cultural and permanent demographic trend.

Check  back on Saturday, December 1, 2012 for Part 2 of the series:Whats Next Graphic Election Graphic3 Obama Annihilating Americas Middleclass Lifestyle

Yoda for the economy, jobs, healthcare, crime, Middle East Conflicts and more.

Part # 3 will provide you with Yoda’s Little known actionable tactics and methods to protect yourself, family and friends.



EBT Cards

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Communist recruiting film for the parasitical  99% Occupiers  who believe in free lunches. Chapter discusses EBT cards and how they are used.  The intention of the cards was to make sure that people with low incomes can acquire their basic needs. In actuallity it made it easy for people to abuse the system.


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