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Grip on guns Breaking News Voices of Global Freedom Radio Doubles Air Time


San Diego, CA, January, 2016

By Janorama and Backpack



The show wFact 2 300x300 Voices of Global Freedom Radio Doubles Air Timeill feature exclusive VIPs  from diverse F.B.I., C.I.A., DoS, Economics, Crisis Management and  Counter-Terrorism Seasoned Experts.

The shows will analyze   and evaluate news that every-day Americans can use for their piece of mind.  The show hosts Backpack and Yoda will provide innovative actionable tactics, methods and strategy to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubling times.

Don’s miss these blockbuster shows every Wednesday and Saturday.  Shows will be available on demand,  in archives and YouTube.

Come to the lively chat room and/or  call in and join the conversation with seasoned experts.

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Alert: ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

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In the wake of simultaneous Muslim Jihad terrorist attacks on 3 continents last week,  the Federal Bureau of  Investigation (FBI) and Depart of Homeland Security (DHS) have issued an unprecedented high alert to law enforcement agencies warning of a 4th of July holiday terrorist attack on our homeland.

The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed credit for inspiring and/or directing the Jihad murders in Tunisia, France and Kuwait.  ISIS is leveraging these atrocities to inspire fanatic Muslims in America to commit active shooters and vehicle born improvised explosive device (VBIEDs) over the upcoming holiday on our homeland. While the FBI/DHS law enforcement sensitive alert claims no credible threat, Magnified View insider sources have identified military bases, police stations and parades as high probability targets.

The former Director of the FBI, Michael Morell, has publicly stated that home grown Muslim fanatic attacks are eminent.  ” I don’t want to tell Americans what to do or what not to do but I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend, in the United States. That’s how serious this is.”

Ed. note:  So called home grown terrorist are being imported by the current administration, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia by the 10’s of thousands under specious asylum.  They are raised among us at home and in mosques under virtual Sharia Law.  They are rarely the all American lad next store radicalized by ISIS social media propaganda.

Take a read of the article re-published here.  Be vigilant and don’t hesitate in reporting suspicious persons or activities to local law enforcement. 

Happy 4th, 5th and forever.

Bombing Warning1 300x225 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

This premier news outlet is NOT approved by the Center For American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), The Muslim Brotherhood or the Obama administration.







Bombing Tsarnaev Brothers 300x226 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayNow that the shrapnel fragments have settled, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, Muslim terrorist, was killed in a firefight with police.   Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, the younger brother, is in custody in a Federal prison hospital.  It’s time for a thumbnail snapshot of what happened and what is coming to America.



This cameo overview will help you in understandingand assimilating the essential facts of the Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist bombing.       Bombing Map of bomb areas1 300x204 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday




More importantly, this briefing will also provide you with steps to take to prepare for future attacks on America and how to protect yourself and your family. Yoda accurately predicted the “Boston Bombing” on March 30, 2013 in the blockbuster feature article, read by millions around the world:  

Predictions 2 Terrorism Terrorism 300x223 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayYODA’S TERRORIST ATTACK ON AMERICA  PREDICTIONS FOR BALANCE OF 2013 AND BEYOND PLEASE SCROLL DOWN our site for the entire Yoda’s Predictions for the Balance of 2013 and Beyond Series.



Bombing Joint Task Force 300x300 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayKudos to our courageous, tireless joint terrorism task force (JTTF), patriotic professionals. A heartfelt thanks to the loyal dedicated men and women who make up the 30+ Intelligence and law enforcement bureaus agencies and departments of the task force.




Bombing Breaking News Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayIT’S BROKEN! The lame frame spin stream media has been spectacularly, sensationally and hysterically incompetent in their coverage of this atrocity. The network and cable channels talking heads immediately aligned with their political allegiance, further compromising their biased and prejudiced reportage.



Bombing Freedom Collage 300x225 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayCNN, NBC and others, joined at the hip with Obama, spinning the incident, speculating it was perpetrated by a domestic right wing Lone Wolf terrorist.





Bombing Fox News Logo 300x237 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayFox News has accurately favored the Al Quaeda connection and has been marginally more objective than the liberal left media.




HERE ARE THE KNOWN FACTS OF THE EVIL ATTACK: Bombing Facts magnifier 300x234 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayAnyone who wasn’t in a coma on April 15, 2013, or is a goat herder in outer Mongolia, is aware of the facts. A ruthless terrorist attack on innocent men, women and children civilians by two Cheznyan-born Muslim Jihad fanatics, using improvised explosive devices (IED’s), killed three victims, injured 200+ and caused 10+ amputations.  A college police officer was killed in a fire fight and another officer who suffered gunshot wounds is recovering in a hospital.



Bombing Who What When Graphic 300x243 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday Two bombs were detonated seconds apart at 2:55 PM ( 17:55 Zulu) Monday, April 15th, 2013, at the Copley Square finish line of the Boston Marathon.



In the ensuing days, members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), killed the elder Muslim brother immigrant, in a fire fight and an elite FBI Swat Team captured the other brother, after an exchange of gun shots. The younger brother was discovered by a home owner, hiding in a boat, in the backyard of a residence in Watertown, Massachusetts. Bombing Pressure Cooker Bomb Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

The elder brother trained approxomately six months in Russia and Kazakhastan, by Iranian-based Al Quaeda instructors, in advanced IED bomb making and terrorist tactics and tradecraft.  Kazakhastan is an incubator for Muslim Jihad terrorists.



The JTTF found 6 additional bombs after the incident.  Had one or more of these been detonated, they would have caused untold additional mass casualties.  The terrorist brothers had spoken of a planned follow on attack in Times Square in New York City. Bombing Friends Neighbors Husbands Pictures 202x300 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayThe JTTF is searching for a 12 member strong Kazakhastan terrorist sleeper cell (10 males and 2 females), at the time of this report.   The Magnified View executive team opines that there are, at minimum, four additional Iranian-based Al Quaeda Khaszkastan sleeper cells, totaling 40 -to- 50 young, male and female, caucasian terrorists that are operating in the United States. Cheznya is an incubator for radical Jihadists.  The Terrorists have earned a reputation of the most ruthless and brutal of Al Quaeda affiliates, with operators in Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, the United States, Canada and elsewhere.


BREAKING!  3 college student cohorts of the bombing brothers were arrested today (May 1) and will be charged with obstruction of justice and lying to federal authorities.  These 3 individuals were alleged to knowingly destroying evidence from the younger brother’s dorm room after the attack. Bombing They are not Muslim Terrorists Obama 281x300 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday


The closet Muslim President, Obama, has and will continue to lull the public in to complacency, proclaiming that Al Quaeda has been decimated and the threat of Muslim terrorism is exaggerated. Nothing can be further from the truth.  Al Quaeda elements and affiliates grow and grow around the globe.


Bombing Muslims for Obama 300x200 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayObama’s Attorney General, Fast and Furious Holder, has interferred with the interrogation of the terrorist in custody.  In an unprecedented move, a federal magistrate and defense attorney, in an unexpected political move,  appeared in the terrorist’s hospital room, reading him his Miranda rights. This premature intrusion truncated the interrogation, putting the public at needless risk.  The terrorist was legally undergoing  interrogation under the Enemy Combatant laws, to learn if there are pending follow-on attacks in the U.S. and American assets around the world.

As PC-PC-PC (politically correct-permanent campaign-procrastinator in chief) Obama, and his liberal team prevailed, the Muslim terrorist has  lawyered up and clammed up. The liberals and their media are already characterizing the young terrorist as a brainwashed victim. Bombing Obama Napolitano Picture Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

Obama’s Secretary of Homeland  security, Janet Napolitano, (The gal’s pal), continued to embarrass herself, claiming that the Boston bombing perpetrators were fanatic, right wing, lone wolves, without international terrorist affiliations.




Bombing Islamic Terrorist Picture Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayA flashback of the Ft. Hood, Texas Massacre, Obama and his minions are still stubbornly classifying Major Hassan’s murdering and maiming mass casualties, screaming,  “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great), as a “workplace incident”.  This denied the victims the Purple Heart Award and substantial benefits that come with the award.



Bombing Behead Those Who Insult Islam Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday



The Boston terrorists are affiliated with Chechen cells, Operating out of Mosques in the United States.   There are an estimated 2.6 million regular participants in 2,000+ known Muslim Mosques throughout the U.S. It is notable that Mosques have grown exponentially 75+%  throughout the USA in the past decade.

Bombing Mosques 300x225 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayAn unknown number of Mosques operate clandestinely in homes, apartments, store fronts and businesses.




Counter-terrorist experts opine that an overwhelming percentage of the Mosques have a cadre of Jihadist leaders who recruit members for Jihad and terrorism.

Bombing Sleeper Cell 2 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayThe Boston terrorists are affiliated with Cheznyan sleeper cells,  operating out of Mosques in the United States.

President Obama inexplicably continues to fast track the importation of hundreds of thousands of Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalian, Libyan, Syrian and Yemen refugees under the rationale of humanitarian political asylum. A substantial percentage of the young male immigrants are fanatic Muslim Jihadist terrorists


.     Bombing Bomb Mom 300x218 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayThe  Tsarnaev  family including the bomb mom (with a felony shoplifting warrant), fatuous father, angry aunt, and Muslim convert wife were in the U.S. on this program to the tune of $100,000+ in free Massachusets benefits. 




Your tax dollars hard at work.   It is noteworthy that after the 9/11 attack, the Cole attack, embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanazania and now the Boston Marathon Bombing, no Muslim leader has condemned the attack, while many have blamed the U.S.A.

Bombing Islamic Leaders 300x191 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

    Where are the Women’s Libbers and feminists?  Not a peep out of them condemming the bombing as they down play it in lock-step with Obama.  They will soon be shopping at Michelle’s “Burkas are us”  store.  As with their Democrat leadership, they are all about confiscating your guns, avoiding confronting the real Muslim terrorist threat.

Bombing Womens Liberation Movement 300x104 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

    Hard on the heals of his outrageous Benghazi coverup, Obama persists in obfuscating Muslim terrorism with his “Don’t rush to judgement” about the Boston bombing.

Conservative spokesman Glen Beck has given the Obama administration an ultimatum to come clean with the facts about what’s being hidden from the American public or he (Beck) will expose them. Beck is refering to a coverup surrounding a Saudi Arabian’s National INVOVEMENT IN THE BOSTON BOMBING. 

ABDUL RAHMAN ALI ALHARBI, a Saudi national, initially questioned by police following the bombing, but since released.

Bombing Saudi with Obama 300x217 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday


he Saudi is on the terrorist watch list and has known Al Queada associations. 6 of Ali Alharbi’s direct blood relations are in custody in Guatanamo, captured in Afganistan.  Oh Bow Ma is hustling Ali Alharbi out of the country, deporting him for “national security” reasons. (Whose security?  Ask the Magnified View’s Editor in Chief, Janorama.) It is obvious that the administration is deporting him to prevent further interrogation by the FBI.

Oh Bow Ma spares no effort in avoiding embarrasing the Saudi’s, whose nationals have been integral in all previous terrorist attacks. Bombing Ambassador died Obama Lied 297x300 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayThe highest echelon of the U.S. counter-terrorist community have given-up on guessing why Obama consistently defends Islam and anonymous senior White House staffers are mystified why he downplays Muslim terrorism even assiduously avoiding the term “terrorism”.

In fairness, the past four Presidents have sold the American public the preposterous “peaceful, moderate, tolerant  Muslim” falsehood. Islam adherents can’t be Muslims with a small “m”.  Muslims support of jihad is mandatory.

Al Quaeda and their affiliate organizations’ attacks on America are inevitable. High placed intelligence sources anticipate that the attacks resulting in mass casualties will increase at shorter intervals. Bombing Alquaeda coming to New York Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday





While the people of New York and Boston will maintain a heightened awareness of the threat, many Americans will quickly revert to Monday Night Football, Dancing With The Stars and sticking their heads in the sand as they did after 9-11.

Bombing Paul Revere 224x300 Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayHere is a reprint of actionable tactics and methods from Yoda’s predictions of 03/30/13. The probability of sleeper cells and copy cat terrorist attack on America is high. The growing probability of a major Middle East war will provide inspiration to the terrorists to attack the U.S., coincidental with the conflict.




Bombing Target Pictures Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday



You observed that Watertown and most of Boston was on lockdown while law enforcement searched for the younger terrorist. You need to be prepared to shelter in place during and after the next incident and possibly longer under martial law.


Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayTactical Tip: Prepare for an economic collapse when a  major terrorist incident occurs in the U.S.A. The time to prepare is before the incident – not after. www.redcross.org/prepare

Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

Tactical Tip: Prepare an emergency “Go Bag” with essential items for your home, car and place of business. Custom make up of the bags, tailored to your individual needs are better than store bought and less expensive. Don’t forget the kids and pets. Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

Tactical Tip: Prepare yourself physically, intellectually and emotionally, for life under martial law. Your movements will be severely restricted, making work, school, shopping and everyday life difficult. Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

Tactical Tip: Upgrade your physical security in your home and place of business. Street gangs and indivdual criminals exploit emergencies to perpetrate robberies, car theft, car jackings and burglaries.

Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayTactical Tip: Decide on buying and being trained with a gun. Prices of guns and ammunition will continue to increase and be gradualy less available. The necessity of defending yourself and your family grows exponentially, coincidental with “civil disturbances”.

Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayTactical Tip: Anticipate avoiding riots. Be vigilant for gatherings which become crowds that evolve to mobs who then riot. Avoid being attracted to protests and gatherings. The U.S. government is undertaking extensive preparations to deal with “civil disturbances”. If the U.S. government is preparing, shouldn’t you?

Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

Tactical Tip: Medical patients who are on daily “maintenance meds” (Diabetics, heart patients, blood pressure, pain meds and others) should have a backup medicine supply to tide them over during the time of closed drug stores and overwhelmed hospitals.

Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th HolidayTactical Tip:Following a major terrorist attack the government will disable the cell phone system. Cell phones are the major means of communications for the terrorists. Also, cell phones are the detonator of choice for terrorist bombs. You need a plan to communicate with your family.( i.e. 2 way radio) Add a safe place to meet, not your home, business or school in the event of an emergency. Predictions 2 Terrorism Survival Guide Alert:  ISIS Threatens Homeland Attacks Over July 4th Holiday

Tactical Tip: Dare to prepare for a societal shutdown. For a start, reference www.ready.gov for a plan.

Note: Please scroll down to view “Sarin Gas Attack on America” -and – “Terrorist Attack On America – A true story.” Terrorism is the most significant threat to our national security. In the international terrorism arena, over the next five years, it’s believed that the number of state-sponsored terrorism will increase exponentially. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

We will publish a comprehensive report on the consequences of the Boston Bombing at a future date to be determined by events. Like this article? Please share with friends. Stick to  your guns! Respectfully, Janorama, Editor in Chief Bostonbombing@magnifiedview.com Telephone:  USA (760) 505-0416         

Partners In Government Corruption. . .Fighting

Posted by Yoda and Dauntless Don | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Home, Intelligence Organizations, Islamic Terrorists, Magnified View, News Analysis, Politics, Republicans, Tea Party Movement | Posted on 27-11-2014


 Conservative Party USA Logo 150x150 Partners In Government Corruption. . .FightingRadio Mike Partners In Government Corruption. . .Fighting




The Magnified View and sister radio program Voices of Global Freedom are proud and privleged to join forces with the Conservative Party USA.

“The Conservative Party USA’s principles, standards and values to stop  America’s graveyard spiral, precisely parallels our mission,” Janorama, Editor-In Chief of the Magnified View, told Fox News’ Susan Wilson, yesterday. “Our partnership will exceed the sum of our separate efforts to inform our citizens of what they can do to protect their freedoms.”


Magnified View  Radio will interview CP-USA Chairman, H.M. Hervey on Saturday, 11/29/14 at 4 PM PST. This exclusive interview will explore how the Conservative Party was founded, why it’s needed to rectify the failures of the major two parties and its’ plans for 2015.


“We have interrupted our scheduled VIP guest lineup to bring you this important information in a timely fashion,” said Roy (“Backpack”) Baron, Founding host of this popular patriotic program. “This intelligence will not be found anywhere on the lame stream media.”


Please tune in: Global Freedom Radio on Saturday, 11/29 at 4 PM PST.

P.S.  President William Palumbo of coalition of American patriots will update his weekly news bulletin segment.

A Mosaic: Obama, Islam, Communism

Posted by Jan | Posted in Counter Terrorism, Democrats, Home, Intelligence Organizations, Iraq War, Islamic Terrorists, Magnified View, News Analysis, Politics, Republicans, Tea Party Movement | Posted on 21-06-2014


Editor in Chief’s note:  Our friend Marshall Frank, retired Dade County homicide captain, is an authorative author and astute conservative political analyst  who  crafted this  accurate  biography description of  President Barack Hussein Obama.
Frank accurately exposes Obama as a uniquely narsisistic closet Muslim who has never been a room away from his communist mentors and masters. Ironically, Obama and the first lady couldn’t pass a basic background check to work as clerks in a  small American city hall.
Take a read.   Janorama / Founding Editor in Chief




By Marshall Frank on February 7, 2012 in Politics & Government, Radical Islam

I’ve made it no secret. I believe Barack Obama is a colossal fraud and that his true mission leading up to, and during his reign as president, is far more sinister than most people are willing to believe.


Arguing about the legitimacy of Barack Obama always gets mired in minutia — single issues – because people don’t stand back and look at the big picture. We argue Reverend Wright, or Bill Ayres, or socialism or the suspicious birth certificate, and so on. The left accuses the right of dirty politics.  The right accuses the left of protecting a non-patriot.


To understaBoston Bombing Map 300x204 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communismnd the real person behind that endearing facade is to know every segment of his life and look at him in a mosaic. Mosaic art is made of many tiles fitted together. Each tile has shapes and colors but no form. It’s those formless tiles that we waste time arguing about because none of them show the big picture. But in order to know the truth we must see all the tiles in place, for then they are no longer just shapes and colors, they show the entire mural of who and what Barack Obama really is.


So let’s start with one tile after another and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle.


1) Obama’s mother had an affair with and married an African-Kenyan, a Muslim.


2)There is also a plethora of literature to suggest that Obama’s father was a committed communist at the time he and Obama’s mother were involved in their relationship.


3) Obama’s mother divorced Threat Military evacuates Yemen 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communismhis father, and then remarried to another man who was also a Muslim and citizen of Indonesia.


4) Barack Obama lived mostly in environments dominated by Islam until he was ten years old.


5) Obama’s religion was listed in his Indonesian school as “Islam.” With an Islamic father and stepfather, and registered as an Islamic, it is reasonable to assume he was subjected to Islamic indoctrination and teachings.


6) He went by the name Barry Soetoro during the years he was adopted by his stepfather.


7) After age ten, his mother left the stepfather and Barry Soetoro returned to Hawaii where he was cared for by his maternal grandparents.

Boston Bombing Behead Those Who Insult Islam 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism

8) Obama’s grandparents were known to have strong political/socialist leanings


9) Obama’s close mentor during his high school years was Frank Marshall Davis, an ardent member of the CPUSA (Communist Party)


10) Obama’s roommates during his first two years at Occidental College, California, were Muslims from Pakistan.


11) In 1981, Obama traveled with his Muslim friends to Pakistan on vacation, when Pakistan was in political turmoil and most American visas were not accepted. (This was in addition to a leg of his journey to see his mother in Indonesia) This leaves open the yet unanswered question of what passport he traveled with. (Unlikely it was American)


12) I have found no evidence that Barack Obama ever legally changed his name back from Barry Soetoro


13) There is no evidence that Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama, changed his citizenship back from Indonesia to the United States or that he traveled and/or entered college with an American passport and/or I.D.


14) Following Occidental College, he enrolled in Columbia University and later Harvard. To this day, Obama does not explain why he — this “transparent” president — refuses to release any college/university records rBoston Bombing Sleeper Cell 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communismegarding his registration, finances, passports, birth records, school papers, writings, grades — nothing.


15) Despite many Columbia U. enrollees interviewed from that period, same major (political science), including George Stephanopolous, no one remembers Obama on campus or in class.


16) The former president of Manhattan Borough, Percy Sutton, a prominent attorney, (now deceased) revealed in 2008 that in the 1980′s, Obama was being supported and promoted by notorious radical Muslim cleric Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour who acted as an in-between for a wealthy Saudi named Al Waleed Bin Talal. The Saudi was interested in helping Obama get into Harvard. Sutton wrote a letter at the Al-Mansour’s request to help the Saudi, Bin Talal, get Obama into Harvard.


17) Raised by atheists and Muslims, never a Christian, Obama strangely becomes a Christian and joins the Trinity Christian Church headed by anti-American, Marxist, racist, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in 1988. Obama not only attended this church for 20 years, he was deeply involved in its activities. Note: Being labeled as a “Christian” strongly helps achieving political power, certainly more than atheist or Muslim.


Boston Bombing I Will Stand With the Muslims1 300x220 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism18) 1992, Wright presided over the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama. However, there is no record that can be found of a prior relationship Obama had with any other women, until Michelle. No past girl friends.


19) Obama becomes deeply involved in Chicago politics, primarily mustering blacks to register to vote.


20) In 1991, Obama graduated law school and began writing his biography, “Dreams Of My Father”, an autobiography which is published in 1995. But why? Curiously, he’s a young man who has yet to accomplish much of anything significant, but he writes and publishes an autobiography?


21) Obama was instrumental in assisting the Jew-hating leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrahkan, in formulating the Million-Man March on Washington in 1995.


22) With very little, or no experience as a practicing attorney, Obama decides to run for state senate. He is hand-picked by then state senator, Alice Palmer, D – Ill., to succeed her as she runs for the U.S. congress. Palmer wrote for the Communist Party newspaper, “People’s Daily World” and had appeared in the Soviet Union to attend the 27th congress of the Communist Party in 1986.


Be Prepared Thugs For Obama 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism23) 1995, Obama’s political career for the Illinois State Senate was launched by communist advocate Alice Palmer at the home of William Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, known anti-American Marxists/Activists, and past terrorists. Obama also shares a table and worked closely with terrorist Ayres on the board of directors of the Woods Foundation


24) During his seven-year tenure as a state senator, Obama voted “Present” 129 times, thereby avoiding a left/right stand on selected issues.


25) Obama developed a close relationship with radical Islamic professor, Palestinian, Rashid Khalidi, who he associated with at the U. Of Chicago. In 2000, Khalidi held a fund raiser for Obama during his failed bid for the U.S. Congress.


26) Obama runs for and wins U.S. Senate seat in 2004. Almost immediately, he hits the ground running for president.


27) During the campaign, Obama is endorsed by many radical organizations, including the American Communist Party, while Palestinians in the Middle-East form phone banks to raise money for his election. Gaddafi refers to Obama as a Muslim.


Wars Obama Bows Before His King1 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism28) Obama’s half brother Obongo “Roy” Obama is a Luo activist, militant Muslim and Marxist.


29) Obama’s Kenyan cousin, Odinga, whom Obama later supported in his quest for political power, is an avowed Marxist and militant Islamist dedicated toward establishing Sharia (Islamist) courts in Kenya.


30) After his election, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit says that Obama privately told him in confidence, “I am a Muslim.” (As reported in Israel Today, May 2010)


31) During his first trip as president to the Middle East, Obama speaks passionately to the Egyptian assembly, lauding his early life in a Muslim land….claiming that Islam has always been a great part of the American experience. (?)


32) During an interview on TV, Obama misspeaks: “John McCain has not made an issue of my Muslim faith.” To which George Stephanopolous corrects him, “You mean, your Christian faith.” (How many of us have made such a slip?)


33) Obama has hired one at least one devoted communist to be a part of his Czar team, Van Jones, who has since resigned. Many others are questionable. His 38 czars are not vetted by congress and supercede many of the functions normally within the purview of cabinet posts.


34) Obama has employed devout Muslims with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood in his White House staff and within the Department of Homeland Security. These people have access to the inner workings of our government and the highest of classified information. The top aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is a devout Islamic woman with family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood.


Boston Bombing They Are Not Muslim Terrorists 281x300 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, Communism35) Obama ( and Eric Holder) do not permit the mentioning of Islam in any references to terrorism. Mentioning Islam in terrorist training for federal officers, is banned. The military’s Fort Hood massacre report — where 41 people were shot — does not mention Islam, or terror, or the Muslim shooter, Nidal Hassan, anywhere in the report, despite the obvious motivations. Eric Holder, when questioned in congress, will not acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorism. Janet Napolitano is under orders to avoid the use of terms like “war on terror” or “Islamic terrorism” and instead, call it “Man-Caused Disasters”


36) Every act/decision of Barack Obama before and during the so-called Arab Spring has been to the advantage and support of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, including the removal of Mubarak of Egypt, Gadaffi of Libya, the leader of Tunisia and now the effort toward removing Assad of Syria. In all these places, the Muslim Brotherhood is now rising to power. Interestingly enough, Obama did not call for regime change in Iran when their citizens took to the streets to demonstrate in 2009 and 2011.


The Muslim Brotherhood’s formative documents, and their many secret manifestos recovered by law enforcement agencies since, show — unambiguously — that their goals are to spread Islamic caliphates, and Sharia law, across the western world, to conquer from within, using deception and infiltration. This is a known fact to those who endeavor to pay attention.


Get the picture?


These are but the highlights, to keep it short. A more detailed list of horrors regarding Barack Obama could be found in any number of books, including:


1. The Manchurian President, by Aaron Klein


2. Radical-in-Chief, by Stanley Kurtz


3. Muslim Mafia, by P. David Gaubatz


4. Culture Of Corruption, by Michelle Malkin


These books are crammed with researched and documented facts, not off-hand right-wing opinions as some might claim. See for yourself.


In this article, I chose to omit any references to Obama’s legitimacy for holding the office of president in order to avoid distractions from the focus of this mosaic. There remains cause for many doubts in that areas as well, not limited to just the birth certificate.


Marshall Frank Photo 150x150 A Mosaic:  Obama, Islam, CommunismThe focus of this mosaic is simple: Obama’s highest of priorities are tied to a surreptitious socialist/communist revolution and his strong leanings toward Islamist causes, and perhaps, he is a non-acknowledging Muslim himself.


To those who are inclined to vote for this person in November, I ask:


Is he worth the risk to America?


I could list dozens of links to support all the items listed above, but that would consume another two pages or more.  People reading this who want to know, are welcome to use Google just like I do.


But, to highlight…here’s a few:

Archived-Articles:  Obama’s Man-Caused Disaster

Eric Holder Deep in Denial about Islamic Terrorists – YouTube

Fort Hood Report: No Mention of Islam, Hasan Not Named – TIME

Gaddafi Insists Barack Obama Is A Muslim | Sweetness & Light

“I am a Muslim,” Obama Tells Egyptian Foreign Minister

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The TV Ad “Chinese Professor” by CAGW

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We originally posted this video and the short write-up below before the 2010 Congressional Election. Although we were unable to turn the economy around, we managed to stop the bleeding by electing a Republican House of Representatives.  It is imperative that we change the course of our country now before we find ourselves in a total economic collapse. 

Janet Arrigo/Founding Editor in Chief  


This video was run as a political ad during the last weeks leading up to the November 2, 2010 midterm election. Though no political party was mentioned, it clearly conveys a message that we are on the path to an economic breakdown due to the direction our politicians are taking us in.  For decades people have complained about our political leaders but did nothing stating that, “there’s nothing I can do about it because it’s too big for one person to make a change”.  On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 the people spoke and they proved that people can make a difference if they stand up and be counted. This is only the beginning, though.  We must be vigilante and take our country back to the prosperous and free country we all grew up in.

The Tea Party is making plans to Continue to work to make Congress responsible to the people. Here is a quote by the Tea Party Patriots:

The warm up is complete.  Now the real fight begins!  As Samuel Adams said, “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” Tea Party Patriots is launching a Perpetual Legislative Watch/Congressional Accountability Project. We have already been watching the legislators for the past 20 months. We have no intention of letting up now.

On the weekend of November 12 – 14, local coordinators from around the country will meet with the incoming Congressional freshmen for an orientation. We will have legislative experts who will guide the freshmen on how to first defund and ultimately repeal government controlled health care. We will have economic experts to help them understand the things they will need to do to reduce the federal deficit and restore fiscal sanity to the country. We will have experts who can provide guidance on how to restore Constitutional governance to the country. We will help them to bond together to restore the Constitution in the upcoming legislative session. Finally, we want them to know that if they do the right thing, they will have the support of the people.

Again, congratulations on your hard work! We are making a difference in this country.

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