Colonel Allen B. West, American Hero on Voices of Global Freedom Radio

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PLEASE SHARE: Episode #317: Backpack and Yoda hosts of Voices of Global Freedom were privileged and proud to interview Lt. Colonel Allen B. West U.S. Army (Ret.) on Saturday June 20, 2015 at 4pm PDST.

Colonel West will provide our audience up to date analysis of news you can use”,  said Janorama of our sister magazine, the millions circulated  “Colonel West provides factual evaluations not found in the main stream tabloid media.”

Colonel West will share his insider experience about national security, foreign policy and the global war against radical Islam and other threats to America. He is the President and CEO of Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis

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Patriot Veteran Takes The Heat For Defending Our Liberties

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By Yoda and Backpack, June 4, 2015

Patriot Veteran Takes The Heat For Defending Our Liberties

Former U.S. Marine, combat veteran, Staff Sargeant, Jon Ritzheimer was ambushed by  Anderson Cooper of CNN  ( Communist News Network) days before his rally  at the Muslim Mosque on May 29, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ.

The Liberal Press piled  on to destroy Ritzheimer’s purpose of defending our First Amendment Right of Free Speech.   The rally was held on a public street in front of the Muslim mosque where Jihadist terrorists had worshiped. The 2 terrorists assassins  killed at Garland, TX, prayed at this mosque.  The event attracted elements of crack pots  from both sides of the protest.  Some skinhead white supremacists  appear on Jon’s side and peacenik religious fanatics were among the counter-protests.

As a consequence of his patriotism, Ritzheimer’s identity was stolen, fraudulent  charges were made on his credit card, false Facebook entries and bogus $10 million appeal on Go Fund Me.

Ritzheimer, his lovely wife and delightful daughters  have been forced into hiding from Muslim, Jihadists, death threats to their life from the USA, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Listen, watch  and learn the real story of how Muslim Jihadists liberal press and gullible do-gooders swarmed against Ritzheimer.  Courageous patriotic effort to protect us from the Muslim Jihadist take over of the United States.


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Baltimore Rising

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It is our pleasure and privilege  to form an alliance with Rod Ecckles,  know as the  ‘Coolest, most politically incorrect, conservative black man on the planet”  and his agent Laura Stietz.  We are showcasing his articles and featuring his  exclusive guests appearances on our sister radio program,  In addition, Yoda and Backpack our included in the lineup of Rod’s Eccles Radio Show.
‘Rod tells it like it is’  Said Backpack, Editor-at-large of this magazine
Janorama Founding Editor-in-Chief

By Rod Eccles

Over the past weeks, I have watched with amazement, wonderment, awe and shock as the funeral of one rather dubious Mr. Gray resulted in the riots, burning, and pillaging of BGun Tim King Baltimore Risingaltimore, MD.

I was in greater amazement, by the statements of that great American city’s Mayor. I won’t go into detail about what she said but I will paraphrase her in accuracy.  She gave the rioters room to destroy and pillage.  She is on record, on tape and  on video as saying such.  Even as she later denied having said such a thing, it is without question that even the greatest of ultra left wing nuts could not deny.

What is it with some citizens that they feel justified in releasing their supposed anger by destroying private and public property?  How is it they feel they are fully justified in their rampage, their overt aggressive anger?  Simply put –  Liberalism.

You see, they haveSeminars Security Baltimore Rising been told by the left for over 50 years that “the man” has kept them down.  Kept them poor.  Kept them destitute of all sense of worth and ability.  That “man”, as it were, is none other than those with whom they feel an affinity.  That “man”, as it were, who deftly parlayed a simple statement “war on poverty”, to full fledged slavery.  Yes, I said slavery.

It’s a simple word that means a lot. And African Americans have bought into it, hook, line, and sinker. They bought the lie so much, so well, and internalized it so deeply that when they are faced with their oppressor, they act out by destroying their own neighborhoods. Neighborhoods in which their own family, friends and co-workers own businesses, property, homes, lives.

It means nothing to them once the evil that is called rage takes hold in their hearts and minds. Indeed, it consumes them down to their very core. I say that rage is due to the fact that they realize that they have been duped. Yet they cannot admit they have been duped by “the man” who is the left in this counBombing Freedom Collage 300x225 Baltimore Risingtry. The left tells African Americans that it is the right that oppresses them. Keeps them down. Robs them of the very dignity that was once the hallmark of the African American community. For those who would argue against my statement, I say, tell me what was the African American community like before the liberals decided to “help”?

It was a proud, clean and, bright community. Even though before Civil Rights, we were treated like second class citizens. We were treated like dogs. Less than dogs. Our lives were worth less than dogs. And all of that was the direct result of the left. History cannot lie and it is still fresh.

Yet those same leftist liberals were able to dupe an entire ethnic group of people into believing they were their deliverer. Their savior. And with Predictions 2 Immigration We March Baltimore Risingthat, over the last 50 years, we saw a progressive destruction of the Black family, the Black pride, the Black community, the Black pride.

The left passes law after law. They instituted policy after policy that has left the Black community in shambles. The Black family is now virtually nonexistent. We see many of our men under the age of 30 dead or in jail. It was all by design. But the architect of this grand design was not a member of the right or conservative line. No. This was all ushered in by those on the left, of the liberal bent.

Blacks look for someone to blame other than themselves for the mess and sorrow and grief and poverty that infects our community. But they cannot yet bring themselves to blame those who are truly responsible. So instead they create a demon. That demon often are the very agents the left gave rise and power to. Our nation’s police.

De Policing 2 300x168 Baltimore RisingNow to be fair, in most cases, it is not the fault of the police. Their job, their duty, is to enforce and uphold the law. The very law that the left have passed and instituted. In other words, the police are sworn to uphold the laws that cause the death of the black male at an early age, keep people in poverty, and show them on a daily basis that there is no hope at all. The laws put into action by the left. Yes, the left who said it was the right who is responsible for their plight.

So when they find that it is the left that is responsible, they find it hard to accept and swallow. So they do what humans have done since the dawn of civilization. They act out. They act out violently.

They see that great cities like Detroit, which have been ruled with an iron fist by the liberal left for decades are in total ruin. But they have been conditioned to think that it is the fault of “the man”. That “man” is always on the right. Never the left. Blacks may say, through BlacGun update Part 5 Newsweek Cover 229x300 Baltimore Risingk leaders who have not earned the respect of their community but have taken it, that it is still the fault of the right even though they have lived their entire life under the rule, under the thumb of the left.

So when you cannot fight a phantom, when you cannot accept that you have been duped, hoodwinked, lied to, you act out. Violently. This is human nature.

So when we look at the events in Baltimore, we should not say these people are thugs. We should say that these people do not know where to turn because they have been lead down a path of self-destruction by those in whom they totally trusted. We should not pity them either. We should stand firm and shout, it was not the right who did this to you. It was the left and we have history to back it up. Education is our greatest weapon against oppression and lies. It always has been and always will be. Which is why the left has taken control of the educational system all over the nation. By spreading their lies and by covering up their guilt, they keep those who they wish to be enslaved on the plantation. So, if you do not want another Baltimore, another Los Angeles, and if you don’t want another innocent police officer demeaned, degraded, defamed, and belittled then you need to demand as well as act to take back our educational system and continue to teach the truth. Teach history. Teach fact.De Policing 1 Baltimore Rising

But please do not denigrate those who are ignorant of the truth. It only serves to cement their false belief that the right is the monster in which they fight. Give them, instead, their true oppressor. Their true slave master. And when you have taught them well and true, watch as they do what slaves have done throughout history. Watch as they rise up and turn their anger to those who truly deserve it. Remember. Please remember. If nothing else, remember. Liberalism in this form is not a mental disorder. It is sinister, it is evil in its core. It is formed in the pits of hell itself and dispersed by the great Satan of lies and deceit. After all, we on the right know that liberals are the masters of deceit.

Remember that.

To read more by Rod Eccles Click Here!


The Dangers Of De-Policing-Will Cops Just Stand Down?

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San Diego, 5/9/15   By Yoda and Dauntless Don

“When seconds count, cops will be minutes away”, said Janarama, Editor-In-Chief.

“Our heroic men and women in blue under siege by President Obama and his new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch(ing), Janarama said, “The Magnified View is all in with Lt. Sutton, Las Vegas PD, ((Ret.), spokesman for the “Defending The Shield.”

Take a read!

Yoda, Content Editor

New York Post- The death of yet another NYPD officer, killed in the line of duty after an incident this weekend, offers more proof that police officers across America are undPredictions 2 Terrorism Bullseye On Flag The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?er siege.

They are under fire in the streets, in the media, in their own departments and from political leaders.

Understandably, their frustration has never been higher. In precinct locker rooms, police association meeting halls and whispered conversations between partners, the topic is the same: de-policing — that is, the conscious decision by cops to provide only minimum service.

The persecution of Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson for justifiably killing a man who attempted to take his weapon and shoot him was the first in a devastating chain of events touching the lives of police in ways that could have far-reaching consequences.Be Prepared Are you prepared The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?

That situation was followed by Eric Garner’s death while resisting arrest in Staten Island.

Now in Baltimore, six officers’ careers — and lives — are imploding as they face trial for the death of career criminal Freddie Gray.

These events have convinced law enforcement officers the threats to them have changed dramatically.

Not only are their lives in jeopardy every time they make a stop, but when they are forced to take a combative suspect into custody, they face the possibility of prosecution.

The dangers of VPD%2Bhorse The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?policing are increasing due to the false narrative that cops are racists, indiscriminately killing minority youths.

This is advanced by political leaders, negative media coverage and “activists” hungering for their 15 minutes of fame. It’s exacerbated by the abuse of social media.

That was illustrated by the recent events in Baltimore, when high school students were directed via social media to attack police, causing injuries to multiple officers.

The kids were em150427233401 16 baltimore clashes 0427 large 169 The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?boldened by the apparent stand-down orders of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

Concerned about overzealous prosecution or runaway civil liability, cops are understandably considering a logical option: de-policing. They’ll handle calls, write a ticket or two — but do nothing proactive.

It’s self-preservation from a physical, legal and administrative standpoint in an environment where police careers and lives appear to be expendable.

De-policing has occurred before within a few agencies but never on a national scale.

We saw a brief glimp The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?se of it in New York after the killings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, when the city saw a huge drop in “officer-initiated activity” and a resulting increase in violent crime.

Proactive policing is the standard by which good police supervisors, administrators and even the officers themselves judge the effectiveness and competency of police service.

Anybody can be “an empty suit” — a term police use for a cop who’s merely killing time until retirement. The pride that goes along with “policing with honor” is what generally motivates the vast majority of America’s police to do more.

It’s the desire to active The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?ly pursue criminal elements and to serve and protect neighborhoods that motivates much of law enforcement.

Undermine that pride and make them the enemy because of personal or political agendas and you will create a perfect storm that leads to de-policing.

Let’s face:  Any time an officer is required to use force,  there is a possibility of injury or death, whether to the suspect or the officer.

Last year 126 officers were killed, and an astonishing 50,000 were physically assaulted by combative suspects. Many were severely injured and permanently disabled and wiBe Prepared Panic on the Streets The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?ll suffer for the rest of their lives.

For that reason, police are trained to use “the force necessary to effect the arrest” — and sometimes that means injuries occur.

To then prosecute officers for using force when an inadvertent serious injury or death occurs is to display a gross disregard for the basic rights of our police — and to cripple law enforcement.

Our nation stands at a crossroads. De-policing would deal a win to thugs, vigilantes and criminal opportunism. The public must stand against the conditions that force cops to consider such a radical move.

Our belief in “justice for all” is what prevents tyranny and anarchy. Acknowledging that cops deserve justice and respect, no less than criminals do, will preserve a system that, while imp The Dangers Of De Policing Will Cops Just Stand Down?erfect, keeps Americans safe. It’s time we defended the shield.

Police Lt. Randy Sutton (Ret.) is the national spokesman for the American Council on Public Safety, a 33-year law enforcement veteran and author.

ISIS Crisis Imminent Threat to America

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 General Vallely 300x168 ISIS Crisis Imminent Threat to America



PLEASE SHARE Episode #316: Major General Paul E. Vallely U.S. Army (Ret.) exposes multiple Islamic Jihadist terrorist threats to America’s homeland. He graduated US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961 serving a distinguished career of 32 years in the Army.

He is a military analyst on television and radio. General Vallely  is also a guest lecturer on national security, foreign policy and the global war against radical Islam and other threats to America.  He is the Chairman of Stand Up America and senior military analyst.

He and Lt. Gen.,Thomas McInerney, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) authored the book, “Endgame: Blueprint for Victory for Winning the War on Terror”, “Warfooting” and “Baghdad Ablaze”. He has served as a consultant to the Commanding General of Special Operations Command.

Don’t miss this lively, high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty, analysis of news you can use, actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.

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When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Voices of Global Freedom archives:

He graduated US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961 serving a distinguished career of 32 years in the Army.

He is a military analyst on television and radio. He is also a guest lecturer on national security, foreign policy and the global war against radical Islam and other threats to America.  He is the Chairman of Stand Up America and senior military analyst.

He and Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) authored the book, “Endgame: Blueprint for Victory for Winning the War on Terror”, “Warfooting” and “Baghdad Ablaze”.  He has served as a consultant to the Commanding General of Special Operations Command.

Don’t miss this lively, high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty, analysis of news you can use, actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.

Call in to ask questions(646) 652-4667

When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, May 9, 2015.

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Common Core Communist Islamic Curriculum Exposed By Dr. Peg Luksik

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Announcer on Radio3 Common Core Communist Islamic Curriculum Exposed By Dr. Peg Luksik


 “The Communist Common Core educational travesty will dumb down our youth for generations to come.” said Dr. Peg Luksik whose exclusive guest appearance will be on Voices of Global Freedom.

Dr. Luksik’s extensive research reveals Common Core to be right out of Joseph Engle’s Communist Manifesto and Mohammed’s Quaran.  She was scheduled to publicly debate senior pro common core education officials but they cowardly backed out at the last minute.

The Center for American Heritage was founded by Dr. Peg Luksik in 2010, dedicated to teaching political activists and interested citizens, about America’s history, the political process, and how to be an effective advocate for a return to limited government.  Learn more at: Core Apple Common Core Communist Islamic Curriculum Exposed By Dr. Peg Luksik

Don’t miss this lively, high energy, entertaining, informative show, covering current events, analysis of news you can use, actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.

Call in:  Speak your mind, make comments and ask questions: (646) 652-4667

When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, May 2, 2015.

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Muslim Jihadist Terrorists – America In The Crosshairs

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By  Janorama, Editor In Chief

April 26, 2015

Muslim Jihadist Terrorists

America In The Crosshairs

Imminent Threat:  Major letter Intelligence Agencies and senior Pentagon officials insiders discretely informing the Magnified View that an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is in final planning stages of multiple simultaneous attacks on the U.S. homeland.

Jihadist Doctrines:    The following video reveals clarity of intent of Al Quaeda and ISIS

Posted  by

Janorama, Editor In Chief


Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America

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 Breaking !   Developing

 Emp AD Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America
Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America
San Diego 2/01/2015
By: Backpack, Editor-At-Large Magnified View
Muslim Jihadist Terrorist Training Camps In America
Wars The Caliphate is Coming1 Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout AmericaPrivileged private and public sources reveal that hundreds of Muslim Jihadist Terrorists are training in remote compounds situated from sea to shining sea.
The security hardened armed guarded sequestered restricted access compounds feature bomb-making training, sniping, machine gun ranges, as part of their extreme Jihadist curriculum.  They operate under strict Sharia law.  Calls to prayer are blaring from their  Mosques five times a day.  Girls and women are covered head to foot.  Corporal punishments for minor infBoston Bombing Sleeper Cell Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout Americaractions of the Quran are severe. 
These compounds are a clever way to discretely infiltrate our society, training home grown  fanatical Muslims in planning, target selection, surveillance, trial probes, and executions of kidnappings, bombings, and assasinations throughout our homeland.
France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and England have allowed substantial “no go” zones (neighborhoods operating under severe Sharia Law) where infidels, including police, firefighters, and EMTs are forbidden to enter.
  Our home grown Islamist terrorists are clever and cunning, discreetly situating themselves from the eyes of the pThreat Camp Fema Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout Americaublic.
The FBI, DHS, and Joint Terrorism Task Force are under strict executive orders from President Barack Hussein Obama to mis-identify these terrorist compounds as “communal living” places.
This is part one of the Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America series.
 Threat Embassies Closing 4 Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America
We identified USA Islamic terror camps in the Magnified View crosshairs at this link.  We will continue to search out more camps. Watch for part two of the series.


For more details about Terror Camps in America, Click Here!
training camps terrorist camps Islamist Terrorists Train Among Us Throughout America

A True Story – Terrorist Attack On America

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World Trade on Fire A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America    A TRUE STORY!



New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC,  bombed Simultaneously By Al Quaeda and  Muslim Brotherhood Sleeper Cells.

San Diego, CA – By Yoda and Dauntless Don

Islamic Terrorists Fanatics 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America

At 09:12 AM EST  (15:12 Zulu ) Monday morning, multiple terrorist teams of Islamic  terrorist fanatics, detonated powerful truck-bourne improvised explosive devices (IEDs) near city centers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles  and near the capital in Washington, D.C.



CaCasualties Numbering in the Tens of Thousands 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On Americasualties  numbering in the tens of thousands were mounting in  New York and Washington, DC, as bombings were timed to coincide with rush hours.  As the bombs detonated in Chicago and Los Angeles at 8:00 AM and 6:00 AM there were initially fewer casualties in those cities.  




Short Staffed Police and Firemen 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaAlready short-staffed police, fire and EMTs were individually effected by the blasts and were unable to respond.  The cities had laid-off first responders in equal numbers to librarians and park workers in a socialist equality like gambit to appease the powerful public service unions.  First responders presence on the street were at nominally 40% of pre-attack strengths.



Hospitals Overcrowded After 9 111 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaHospitals were overwhelmed from coast-to-coast.  Vehicle collisions, heart attack victims and hypochondriacs reacted. The mobs reacted hysterically to the worst attack on America in history, flooding hospitals and ER teams were forced to triage patients in hospital parking lots. 



Aircraft Crash After 9 111 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaAs after 9/11, within fifteen minutes following the first bombing in New York, thousands of commercial and private aircraft were ordered to land at nearest airports, stranding crews and passengers all over the world. Some inbound flights from Europe and Asia were escorted by US Air Force fighter jets.  A Lear jet struck a # 747 landing on a runway  at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Both aircraft burst into flames, killing an estimated 340 souls and closing the active runway for five hours.  



Obama Hushing 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaThe Commander in Chief,  (POTUS)  survived the attack as he had spent the weekend at Camp David.  He was transported in Air Force #1 to a secret underground continuation of government (COG) facility in West Virginia along with a skeleton staff and military, who happened to be meeting with POTUS.



President Declares Marshall Law 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaThe President instituted national emergency disaster plans and declared martial law, while aboard Air Force #1. US military and state national guard units were deployed to the cities attacked and throughout the country fearing further Muslim terrorist suicide bombers attacking cities, suburbs and even rural areas.      



Terrorists Burning Flags 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaThree hundred and eleven million people ground to a standstill, as life as they had known it, suddenly changed forever.  Roads in many areas throughout the country  were grid-locked and telephones were jammed.

FEMA AND DHS commandeered radio and television stations and broadcast spotty news and “be calm – don’t panic” messages interspersed with elevator music.  

Most store shelves emptied in two hours after the bombings as many people were totally unprepared for the disaster.      

Marshall Law and National Guard 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaA dusk to dawn curfew was put in force and streets were eerily empty.  Overcrowded refugee centers were hastily setup in the bombed cities. The Army and National Guard distributed MREs ( Meals Ready To Eat ) rations and water to needy unprepared households.      



Nightfall and Martial Law1 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaMilitary Tribunals were established to deal harshly with looters and gang violence. Travel beyond a few mile radius where people lived was extremely dangerous and passing roadblocks was impossible without a hard to get permit.      




Detention Camps All Over US A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America

Detention camps on military bases and camps previously discreetly constructed through the country were activated and filled with suspect dissidents. The Mexican and Canadian borders were closed.        




DEFCOM Status Raised1 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America

Unprecedented chaos prevailed throughout the land  and elsewhere in the world. Apprehensive that Russia, China or another potential enemy would exploit a vulnerable America, the US went to the second highest defense level ( DEFCON I I ), one level short of total war for the second time in history.


Islam Will Dominate the World 2 214x300 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaWithin hours of the attack, mobs of Muslims were photographed dancing in the streets from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan as they did after the 9/11 attack that destroyed the World Trade Centers in New York City.  The US and worldwide economy crashed. America will be decades  recovering from this disaster.      



This is a true story!





 Take Away A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America



 BE AWARE AND PREPARE:  Don’t be one of the “It can’t happen here”,  gullible people that will be waiting for government assistance in a major manmade or natural disaster.

  Question Mark Magnified A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaHOW COULD THIS HAPPEN HERE ?

You might ask how in hell the most powerful nation on earth could allow this country-crippling devastation to happen. The U.S. didn’t just allow it to happen.  In large part, we caused it to happen.



Take Away Sign 3 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On America

President Barack Hussein Obama betrayed  his oath of office, deliberately installing the world’s oldest Islamic terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, in  power in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

Obama Record: The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t just threaten the Mideast. It threatens America.  Instead of protecting the nation from these Islamo fascists, the President has financed and embraced them.

Cause and Effect 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaAfter his election in Egypt, President Mosi has repeatedly stated his desire to “Wipe Israel off the face of the earth”.  The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, is closely allied to Iran and a direct dark line to Al Queda, Hezbollah, Hamas and the PLO.

Note: President Mosi was only in place for one year. He was replaced by Abdel el-Sisi.

It is an insult to logic to believe that Muslims would want a democracy that is strictly forbidden and harshly punished by the Quaran. In a recent large poll in Egypt, 85% of the people want Sharia law!

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Queda, Hezbollah and Hamas are conspiring with Iran and actively preparing to attack Israel and the United States of America and beyond.

 OBAMAMERICA 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaPresident Obama is egotistically and stubbornly insisting that he can charm and talk Iran’s fanatic leadership out of constructing nuclear bombs.

Since coming into office in January of 2009, Obama has taken a sit back and watch Iran’s ubiquitous progress in developing nuclear weapons. The threat seldom talked about is Iran’s furnishing Hezbollah and Hamas with a “suitcase” bomb to bomb Israel, Saudi Arabia or the United States of America.

At last count, he granted the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt a billion and a half U.S. dollars (U.S. $1,500,000,000.00) – that we know of.

The Muslim Brotherhood has instituted Sharia law in Egypt and has begun to crucify it’s opponents in Cairo, hanging  them naked  from trees.


The Israeli Air Force bombs the major Iranian nuclear sites, suffering heavy losses from Iran’s sophisticated anti-aircraft defense system furnished by their Russian and Chinese allies.

Iran retaliates by showering hundreds of misiles on Israel military and civilian population centers. Hezbollah and Hamas attack Israel with thousands of misiles causing heavy losses of life and destruction throughout the country.

Iran mines the Strait of Thorium, sinks an ultra large crude carrier, closing the strait for weeks.

Lacking experience or desire to make a military decision, President Obama procrastinates and leaves thousands of U.S. soldiers, marines and sailors in a defensive position throughout the Arabian peninsula and gulf states.

The world economy shuts down, with markets fearful of a regional or even world war.

Al Quaeda and Muslim Brotherhood sleeper cells who have been in place in mosques throughout the United States for decades, are activated and attack major cities.  Many Muslims in the U.S. support the Jihad providing safe havens for the shooters and bombers.

Thousands are killed and maimed in the major U.S. cities bombed and Muslim terrorists, The Black Panthers, MS-13, Crips, Bloods and Mexican street gangs run rampant from coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

The United States will be decades digging out of the catastrophe.


Please Note Sign 150x150 A True Story   Terrorist Attack On AmericaAuthor’s note: Our precious country is confronted with catastrophic consequences if our government continues to fail to act to protect it’s citizens.

The Magnified View does not sugar coat or water-down the analysis we provide you. Our intention is to fulfill our mission of providing you with “Analysis of News You Can Use” and “Helpful Tactics To Survive and Thrive in Troubled Times”. 

Thank you.   Yoda / Founding Content Editor

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Partners In Government Corruption. . .Fighting

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 Conservative Party USA Logo 150x150 Partners In Government Corruption. . .FightingRadio Mike Partners In Government Corruption. . .Fighting




The Magnified View and sister radio program Voices of Global Freedom are proud and privleged to join forces with the Conservative Party USA.

“The Conservative Party USA’s principles, standards and values to stop  America’s graveyard spiral, precisely parallels our mission,” Janorama, Editor-In Chief of the Magnified View, told Fox News’ Susan Wilson, yesterday. “Our partnership will exceed the sum of our separate efforts to inform our citizens of what they can do to protect their freedoms.”


Magnified View  Radio will interview CP-USA Chairman, H.M. Hervey on Saturday, 11/29/14 at 4 PM PST. This exclusive interview will explore how the Conservative Party was founded, why it’s needed to rectify the failures of the major two parties and its’ plans for 2015.


“We have interrupted our scheduled VIP guest lineup to bring you this important information in a timely fashion,” said Roy (“Backpack”) Baron, Founding host of this popular patriotic program. “This intelligence will not be found anywhere on the lame stream media.”


Please tune in: Global Freedom Radio on Saturday, 11/29 at 4 PM PST.

P.S.  President William Palumbo of coalition of American patriots will update his weekly news bulletin segment.

ISIS Crisis And The Courageous Kurds

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Internet Radio On Air e1350411898465 ISIS Crisis And The Courageous Kurds


President Barack Hussein Obama denys and diverts crucially needed weapons and essential military  gear renegaging on his promises to supply the Kurds in their fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
While Obama, the illegals pal, is executing amnesty for 5 million border jumpers the gutless Republicans are adding to their list of what they can’t do about it.
Meanwhile, back in Iraq and Syria, the heroic Kurds are willing to fight ISIS to the last man and woman to protect themselves and America from the barbaric Islamic State of Iraq and Syrian (ISIS) terrorists.
Listen and learn from the blockbuster Voices of Global Freedom Radio Show:   
Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, President of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria and his partner Brigadier General Ernest C. Audino, US Army (Ret), who was decorated while in-bedded with the Kurds  in Iraq  expose the facts not found on liberal or conservative lame-stream media.
Editor’s  note: Our insider high echelon major letter Intel agencies sources are preparing for ISIS terrorist attacks on America’s homeland.
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Janorama / Founding Editor-In Chief


Ebola-R-Us – Deadly Disease Without Borders

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“The definitive explanation of Ebola to date”,  said a senior CDC insider after reading a draft copy of this article.

All you needEbola Sign Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borders to know and how to best protect yourself and your family. Here are the deadly, unspun, unvarnished Ebola and infectious disease crisis conditions we are currently confronted with:

BREAKING!  The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted a page in their website stating that the Ebola virus was transmissible in air in a still room (airborne!) within 10 feet of a cough or sneeze from an infected patient.  In addition, the web page stated that the virus remains on hard surfaces,  (door knobs) for 50 hours.  In addition, the virus remains on damp linen and clothing for weeks.  The CDC mysteriously  took this page down after 30 hours.

The United Nations/World Health Organization (WHO) is officially estimating 15,000 deaths in the 3 primary countries (Liberia, Sierra Leon, Guinea) as opposed to the 5000 deaths routinely reported by the lame stream media. 

EBOLA HISTORY:  There have been 26 Ebola outbreaks since it`s discovery in 1976 in the Congo.  This is the first time that Ebola (Lassa, Marborg or other hemorrhagic’s ) has made it’s way out of small, remote,  jungle villages to major metropolitan areas now in 8 African countries – projected to 15 or more in the next 8 weeks.


Little is known about Ebola and hemorrhagic fevers as there has been minimal research.  Governments, uEbola Virus 5 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersniversities and pharmaceutical companies have spent little time and money on Ebola and the other hemorrhagics research as before now outbreaks were rare and limited to remote jungle villages.


The zoonotic (animal to human) transmission source is unknown. Monkeys and birds were previously flavors of the month.  The animal source is now thought to be bats which are a delicacy among W. African tribal’s.  Knowing where it comes from could help eradicate it. Personally, I miss my Hostess Twinkies.

Administration proEbola Virus in Costume Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borderspaganda spin dry guy, Dr. Frieden, head of CDC, is simply a mouthpiece for Obolabama. Frieden is deliberately deluding the public and the Obolabama is clueless. A confidential CDC source told the Magnified View that they wouldn’t let Frieden care for their pet hamster.


There are exactly 19 level IV bio containment beds in 4 hospitals in all the United States. Less than Level IV bio containment isolation and care, approaches a death wish for caregivers who are protected at Levels  II -and III.

The inmates are in charge of the institution: Forked-tongue Frieden states that Ebola is only infectious through exchange of body fluids. He says that while chasing secondary and tertiary contact individuals who have been on airplanes, subways, taxis and a bowling alley with an infected individual then placing them in an `honor system` quarantine. Note to Frieden:  `You can`t have it both ways!` If it’s only contagious thru African transvestites that shoot-up, then why worry about somebody who rode on a subway with Ebola patients?

Know The Facts1 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersGorgeous blonde TV anchors continue to talk about “treatment”.  There is no “treatment” for Ebola! – NONE!  Care consists of IV fluids, aspirin, prophylactic antibiotics, pain meds and mechanical ventilation when needed.  Some patients are taansfused with blood from patients who have survived. This is a Hail Mary unproven pseudo science desperate act with Ebola.  “Take two aspirin and don’t call me!”, says Frieden.

The monkeys are in charge of the bananas:  It’s about the economy – stupid! The fickle feds are more concerned with the economic impact of a pandemic than body counts. They publish nonsense under the guise of ‘not creating a panic’. “An ole rule of mine is when any government tells me not to panic, I elect to freak-out and go somewhere else”, warns Yoda.
It’s all about politics – stupid!  The administration stays with  Don`t worry – be happy, move along, nothing to see here while blaming Bush.  The gutless Republicans roll with maybe there is a problem while blaming it on the liberals political correctness.

FBe Prepared Panic on the Streets1 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersever pitch!   The Obolabama has appointed a figurehead Ebola Szar.  Ron Klain, a longtime political hack, served as chief of staff to Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden but has no medical or health care background. “This is like hiring a boot salesman for a muffler shop”,  said Janorama, Magnified View’s founding Editor in Chief.


Cabin fever!:   The quarantine conundrum. Obolabama is tearing-down our defenses. He has coerced the goveners of New York and New Jersey to “modify” their quarantine orders for health care workers (HCW) returning from West Africa. Both Cuomo and Christy folded Ebola Bring patients to America Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersunder the President and his press pressure in 24 hours.  Quarantines are the singular method to contain an outbreak.  The government of Liberia has quarantined a million people.  We have no idea who Obolabama is appeasing with this travesty.


Obolabama’s Dept of State (DoS) has written a position paper inviting infected nationals from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to come to America for treatment.  Where will they be treated?  This is an insane -make Africa feel good death wish for America!  While continuing the flap about one patient in Dallas, State is inviting scores more with the potential of spreading the infection throughout the land.


Ebola Sending Troops to Africa Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Borders


Death from Above: Obolabama is grandstanding sending elements of the US Army`s 101st Airborne Division to Senegal and Liberia. These elite troopers will have deadly direct contact with Ebola patients where 17 trained Infirmarie sans frontiers ( Doctors without Borders) MD`s have died of the disease.  The troopers have precisely 4 hours of training and pathetically inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE) . There is 1 airplane capable of transporting infected troopers back to the US. What will Obolabama do with them when they rotate back ? Golf ? – attend fundraisers ?- Quarantine them for 6+ weeks ?  Where ?


Gun Update 6 What is a Whistleblower 300x115 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersDeveloping.  The Pentagon is equipping aircraft with quasi-isolation rooms for 8 patients in stretchers.
Confirming rumor: The Magnified View is confirming a whistleblowers information that Obolabama intends to import Ebola-infected indigenous VIP`s from the effected W. African countries.


Ebola Contagion Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersBombs away! While dropping a couple of bombs on ISIS in Iraq he is sending elements of the world`s finest fighting force on a suicide mission to West Africa. This is yet another example of his African-friendly affection for his birth continent.
The news anchors are ignorant, reading from prompters located behind the cameras written by leggy 20 year old interns. They bring on family physician guests who think asphalt is rectum trouble and talk trash about Ebola. One who frequently appears on Fox News changes his story with every appearance.  Were the star struck fools to spend 15 minutes on an internet search engine, it would vastly improve their 15 minutes of fame.

Gambling fever!  CDC has finally admitted that Ebola is `airborne` by any common-sense definition.  Droplets in still air, like in a room, are infectious when inhaled.  “Clinton would be in his element here (`I didn’t inhale` )”,  Observed senior columnist Dauntless Don.

UN/World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the virus remains active on surfaces (door knobs,  shopping basket handles ) for a stunning 50 days.  WHO is warning that the virus remains on damp fabrics ( clothes, bedding ) for weeks.

CDC is inundated with inquiries from hospitals with suspect patient cases. CDC is screening inquiries telephonically.  Their lab is overwhelmed and they are farming-out tissue and blood samples to NGO ( Non government organization ) labs. This adds to the time for lab testinEbola CDC Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without Bordersg tissue and blood samples and increases the risk of accidental infections in transit and in the labs.  UN/ WHO has doubled the incubation period from 21 -to-42 days.
UN/Who  has also discreetly published that Ebola is infectious at some (unknown) point during the incubation period -when a victim is infected but nor presenting with symptoms.  Fever spike!

CDC has finally acknowledged that the current Ebola ( Guinea) will mutate to a more deadly virulent disease as it did from Ebola (Ghana). This means that research will have to do a restart.  How scientific of them. Mutation is what viruses do, idiots.

Multiple simultaneous infectious disease threats! Ebola outbreak in the US is exacccerbated by 3 other lethal health threats:


Ebola Bring patients to America Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersSeasonal influenza is in the USA now. The symptoms exactly parallel Ebola. The severity of this years influenza can`t be predicted until mid-December. It will peak in Januray / February and will burn-out in April / May 2015. Triage of patients appearing at hospitals, clinics and physician offices infected with flu from Ebola is virtually impossible.
The Obolabama president continues to import thousands of W. Africans from the infected countries stubbornly refusing to close the border. He continues to say his responsibility to Africa equals protecting the United States of America. How loyal!
Enterovirus D-68. mostly infecting children is active in 48 states spread in a couple of months. This mysterious summer cold like virus is causing polio like paralysis.

Souvenirs from Mexico and Central America:


What You Need To Know Analysis Picture Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersTuburculosis, bacterial pneumonia, Chicken Pox, parasites and a host of other diseases are pouring over the non Southern border every day. The illegal’s are being sprinkled throughout the country from sea to shining sea in large and small cities.

Gambling fever! Predictions from the two scientist`s who have researched Ebola for almost 4 decades is that it will outbreak in US metropolitan areas in the near months to come. A coalition of 26 respected infectious disease scientists unanimously agree with this grim prediction.

Keep in mind that we are always 6 -to – 8 weeks behind the curve waiting to see the extent of the outbreak. This is due to (uncertain) incubation time, lags and inaccurcies in surveillance and reporting systems, bureaucratic bottlenecks and government deception.

Feed a cold-starve a fever!” Medical Martial Law: Magnified View government insiders report that Obolabama has inserted executive orders giving him unilateral authority to institute regional or national martial law from his golf cart or blackberry at fund raisers.
Conclusion: This unprecedented health nightmare is right out of the Sci Fi techno-thriller movies ‘Outbreak’ – ‘Hot Zone’ -and- Omega Man. There has been no similar threat since the ‘Spanish flu’ which killed an estimated 50+ million people worldwide almost 100 years ago.  The Spanish Flu killed 25% of it’s victims, whereas Ebola is approaching 90%.
Ebola Transporting patients in Africa Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersSpring fever? You will be on your own, however Ebola breaks in America.  However, the epidemic breaks you will be dependent on your own resources. First responders ( Coppers-Firefighters- EMT’s), hospitals and clinics will be overwhelmed. Physicians, nurses and aids will call-in sick fearful for their lives as they are doing now at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Emery in Atlanta, Presbyterian in Dallas and elsewhere. Already under staffed first responders won`t be able to respond.

Actionable preparation tactics and methods to protect yourself and your family:

Get your flu vaccine!

Black Friday, a little over 4 weeks out may take-on a new meaning.  Your most effective strategy is to avoid people and places that may be infected.

Ebola Scary Virus Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersAvoid crowds until you see where this is going.  Jostling-around frenetic Christmas shoppers in crowded malls is not a good idea.
Avoid air travel until you see where this is going. We aren`t worried about catching a disease on the airplane. We are worried about being stranded in a quarantine area a thousand miles from home and family.

Stock up on:

Food – You can’t eat gold or silver.  Water –  Lots of water.   Cash$ –  In small denomination bills.  In a pandemic, credit cards won’t  work.  Antibiotics -&- Antiviral’s.

Self protection hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, Crucial you learn how to put these on and as important, taking them off and dispose of them.

Face Masks –  N95 Particulate Respirator – 3M quality.  Compact and very effective.

Predictions 2 Terrorism Biological Weapons 2 300x191 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersAntimicrobial Wipes – Disinfectant wipes prevent spread of germs and maintain sanitary conditions.

Tissue Pack – Multi-task sheets.

Pair of Nitrile Gloves (standard surgical gloves)

Flashlights – You can never have enough flashlights.

Short wave radio: Inexpensive. You can often acquire news on your local conditions from far away stations.

Weapons to defend yourself and your family.

Your Magnified View will keep you informed as this nightmare develops.

Share with a friend or three.

May the force be with you

Yoda Avadar 1 150x150 Ebola R Us   Deadly Disease Without BordersYoda and Dauntless Don

Ebola – The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparedness

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 Editor in Chief’s note:  It is our proud privilege to feature award winning Kimberly Dvorak’s feature article, `Ebola – the deadly transnational terrorist  tests US border preparedness. `Dvorak is a distinguished Examiner web site national homeland security correspondent.

 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparedness

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson speaks during a news conference on human smuggling along the southwest border July 22, 2014 in Washington, DC. Secretary Johnson spoke on Operation Coyote, a 90-day surge operation which is currently conducted in th
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Be Prepared Are you prepared 150x150 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessThe twenty-one day incubation period for the Ebola virus allows it to cross international boundaries with complete impunity. Anxiety about the transnational spread of the Ebola virus shifts the spotlight to border security. This weekend in San Diego a West-African detainee being held in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Calexico complained of abdominal pain and was quickly transferred to a medical center. Like other Ebola patients in Dallas, Texas, the El Centro Regional Medical Center who received the patient was forced to admit communication failures between ICE and the public medical center when officials left patients and staff in the emergency room exposed to the ICE detainee. According to the public relations officer, Cathy Kennerson, once the correct information was obtained, the facility transferred the unnamed West African to an isolation room where he remains asymptomatic. Watch Kimberly’s San Diego 6 News TV segment here Watch Kimberly’s One America News TV segment here ISIS Crossing the Southern Border 150x150 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessReports that illegal aliens could cross the border with the Ebola virus are adding pressure to a growing list of border security concerns. Last week it was reported (article link) that several identified terrorists crossed the Mexican border into the Untied States. But how realistic is the concern that terrorists or illegal border crossers could bring the Ebola virus into America? (Watch Kimberly’s border crossing video report here and here) In fact American’s may be questioning how beltway politicians and the White House are handling the burgeoning Ebola virus, especially when countries like Belize and Mexico refused Carnival Cruise Line’s “Magic” cruise ship because a health care worker handled samples from the first Ebola patient that died in Texas. A British news outlet, UK Mail Online reported that the two countries’ cited “protecting its citizens” as a reason refusing the ship dockage. The UN commissioned an Ebola Advisory song, which explains the precautions and concerns about the disease further highlighting fears. The Center for DiseaFlu CDC Logo1 300x220 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparednessse Control and Prevention (CDC) has listed specific travel notices to keep travelers informed about current health issues related to specific destinations. Anyone traveling to Western Africa is encouraged to avoid the region and the website offers specific threats for certain regions. Currently CDC defines the Ebola virus this way: When an infection does occur in humans, the virus can be spread in several ways to others. Ebola is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes in, for example, the eyes, nose, or mouth) with blood or body fluids of a person who is sick with Ebola; Objects like needles and syringes that have been contaminated with the virus; Infected animals. Ebola is not spread through the air or by water, or in general, by food. However, in Africa, Ebola may be spread as a result of handling bush meat and contact with infected bats. There is no evidence that mosquitos or other insects can transmit Ebola virus. Only mammals (for example, humans, bats, monkeys, and apes) have shown the ability to become infected and spread Ebola virus. Illegal Aliens Beat the Bugs 300x120 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessHealthcare providers caring for Ebola patients and the family and friends in close contact with Ebola patients are at the highest risk of getting sick because they may come in contact with infected blood or body fluids of sick patients. Other immigration issues center on the reintroduction of TB, Whooping Cough, and polio into the U.S. by illegal immigrants since most do not undergo health screenings further fueling concerns of possible disease outbreaks. Last year, California schools mandated students to be “re-immunized” for Whooping Cough. Border security along the Arizona corridor Predictions 2 Immigration Border Patrol 300x283 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessLike other factually questionable reports from the Obama Administration, Border Patrol agents say the chances of contracting transnational Ebola are slim. However, a trip to the Arizona border suggests otherwise. With Arivaca, Arizona rancher Jim Chilton guiding the way this reporter got a dose of reality about the insecurity of America’s international border with Mexico. The Chilton Ranch is approximately 60,000 acres, and includes roughly 25 miles of U.S/Mexico border fence. The one thing that Mr. Chilton repeatedly emphasizes is the border isn’t secure. But unlike many border security complainers, Chilton has offered a chunk of his land to the government, for a dollar a year, to build a unit to house agents, horses and gear close to the border in an effort to tackle the Border Patrol agent proximity issue. Unlike many border sectors in California, New Mexico and Texas, agents in this part of Arizona operate a number of miles north of the border, leaving field agents to detect and apprehend drug cartels, scouts and human trafficker’s in a square mile “defense in depth” scenario rather than a “linear mile” scenario. “If you cover the actual border fence with 10 agents per mile of border fence, Border Patrol would be much more successful in ending the northbound traffic,” Chilton explained. Also with a propeThreat Alert Graphic e1355448198802 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparednessr border fence and frontage road, ranchers in Arizona have said America could really secure its international border, but admitted that politicians and environmentalists have blocked plans using every excuse to continue using a four-string barbed wire fence as a substitute for border security. The latest tactic to dodge building a proper border fence is a jaguar. “Yes it’s true, apparently someone spotted a ‘lone’ jaguar somewhere in southern Arizona and they say a fence would interfere with its habitat,” Chilton says with a grin. While the talking heads employ their latest two-step, the federal government will leave ranchers to battle illegal border crossers on a daily basis. Most Americans don’t realize the substantial property and environmental damage cartels or illegal aliens cause ranchers as they skirt U.S. immigration law. “Our fences are cut, they sever our waterlines and leave behind trash, like plastic water bottles,” Chilton explained. “Our cowboys must ride the fence lines every other day to monitor fence damage that could result in missing cattle.” Adding insult to injury the ranchers are responsible for the cost of the repairs. “No, the government doesn’t reimburse us.” The property damage has become such a problem many ranchers have built small gates on known trafficking routes equipped with signs in Spanish asking the illegal border crossers to please use the gate and to close it after they move through. The Chilton’s havNot for Ostriches Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparednesse also added water fountains to waterlines for humanitarian reasons, they too post signs in Spanish asking the illegals not to cut the waterlines. Another humanitarian group looking to help illegal aliens in need of water is Tucson Samaritan’s. Mr. Chilton said the group donated a couple hundred dollars to purchase water fountains to be strategically located on his Ranch. The group also places water in the desert to reduce the deaths of those seeking refuge in the United States. Last year they reported that 194 people died in Arizona crossing illegally into the state. Like many people the Chilton’s are concerned about the illegal traffic. “We really don’t interfere with the illegal aliens, we just want them to respect our property,” Chilton explains. However, there is a reason many ranchers do not confront illegal aliens or drug traffickers, Larry Krentz (article here) and Larry Link (article here) were both murdered by alleged drug cartel traffickers after the life-long ranchers reported drug loads to Border Patrol. Other ranchers have made headlines when they interfered with government agents’ lax enforcement policies. Roger Barnett was sued for $32 million for holding illegal aliens on his property at gunpoint until Border Patrol arrived to take custody. Barnett complained that illegal border crossers killed his calves, cut his water lines and fences as well as robbing him of his property. ISIS The fence across our Southern Border 300x166 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessNow cartel scouts are allegedly paid $2,000 per month to guide lucrative drug loads and “special people” from countries of interest, north of the border in an effort to avoid detection by locals on the ground. However, hidden cameras often capture the illegal traffic and recently caught a large group crossing near Arivaca, Arizona (link to video here). “Smuggling traffic is still moving through this 25 mile long unfenced section of border. Fully camouflaged groups move undetected, except for our cameras, dozens of miles north of the border,” a spokesperson for the group said. “Cartel scouts control the surrounding high points and drug packers can cross this line anywhere, anytime without detection. There is no border road, no security fence, no sensors, no cameras, and no Border Patrol Agents to be found.” Indeed a two-day trip to the region only netted four Border Patrol sightings on paved roads. Border Patrol’s Tucson sector did not respond to an interview request about the U.S/Mexico border strategies in the Arivaca, Arizona region. Amnesty on the horizon? ABombing Map of bomb areas 300x204 Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparednessnother national security concern is the Obama administration’s elusive details as to what the president intends to do via executive action on legalizing a number of illegal aliens. However, the U.S Citzenship and Immigration Services released an “opportunities list” for vendors who can manufacture work authorization/green cards. The staggering number, 34 million, should capture headlines and turn heads. The entire request reads; “USCIS Contracting will be posting a solicitation for the requirement of Card Stock used by the USCIS Document Management Division. The objective of this procurement is to provide card consumables for the Document Management Division (DMD) that will be used to produce Permanent Resident Cards (PRC) and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) cards. The requirement is for an estimated 4 million cards annually with the potential to buy as many as 34 million cards total. The ordering periods for this requirement shall be for a total of five (5) years. This is a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) supply purchase for commercial items, utilizing North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 325211 and Product / Service Code (PSC) 9330. This requirement is for the acquisition of 100% polycarbonate solid body card stock with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and holographic images embedded within the card construction substrate layers, card design service, and storage.” With world health outbreaks of diseases it’s easy for political entities to point fingers,  but when America doesn’t know who is crossing into the country illegally, national security concerns must trump political correctness and political agendas. Last story: Congressman says Mexico facilitating terrorists’ entry into U.S. link here ISIS in Mexico means ISIS in US Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US PreparednessThis week, California Congressman Duncan Hunter stunned the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by announcing on television that 10 Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists were apprehended trying to illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico. “I know that at least 10 ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border in Texas,” Hunter told Fox News. “If you really want to protect Americans from ISIS, you secure the southern border — it’s that simple.” The alleged revelation prompted DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to respond to a flurry of media requests about the nation’s border security. Previously article: Cluster bomblets smuggled along the Texas border A troubling storyline is developing along the U.S. southern border—more high-powered weaponry. Law enforcement agencies on America’s southern border have also confiscated a variety of military explosive devices– including sub-munitions. Link here And Absence of a bold plan for destroying ISIS costs another hostage his life ISIS In Mexico Near the US Border Ebola   The Deadly Transnational Terrorist Tests US Preparedness“ISIL is not invincible,” according to the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Director Matthew Olsen. The radical Islamic group that easily crossed borders, disarmed U.S.-trained Iraqi army and successfully terrorized ethnic minorities can be decimated with swift action. But the Director said ISIS “poses a direct and significant threat to us, and to Iraqi and Syrian civilians in the region, and potentially to us here at home.” Link here Dvorak is a freelance national security investigative journalist based in San Diego. For more than 18 years,  she has focused on homeland security issues including foreign policy, Mexico drug cartels and border security. You can contact her at

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Obama Speech: Islam Is Peace?

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Editor in Chief’s note:  Our friend Marshall Frank, retired Dade County homicide captain, is an authorative author and astute conservative political analyst  who  crafted this  analysys of  President Barack Hussein Obama. He is a frequent guest author on the Magnified View.

 Marshall Frank appeared on the the Voice Of Freedom Radio on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 3:00 PM – PDST.   You can listen to it on Blog Talk Radio archives and Voice of Global Freedom Radio in the archives.
Take a read and/or listen in!     Janorama / Founding Editor in Chief
 Announcer on Radio Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?
 To hear the show Click Here!



Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?


Wars Obama Bows Before His King1 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?Millions of Americans are sick and tired of fork-tongued politicians telling us  that Islam is a religion of peace. With over 22,000 deadly acts of terror to their credit around the world in the thirteen years since 9/11 – nearly all in the name of Allah – that’s getting a little hard to swallow.   
President G.W. Bush regurgitated that propaganda within days after the 9/11 attack, flanked by Imams inside the National Cathedral while corpses and ruins smoldered, telling us that Islam is a religion of peace. I don’t think the wives, husbands, fathers and mothers of terror victims were impressed.
 In 2014, Islamic terrorism is still the scourge of planet earth. Radical Islamists are ravaging  the middle-east, Africa and Asia, and even Europe Predictions 2 Terrorism Terrorism 300x223 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?and the United States. They may be called al Qaeda, Boco Haram, Hamas, Anwar al-Sharia, Hezbollah, ISIS, ISIL, whatever, but they are all the same species with the same ideology. They are ubiquitous. We kill a few roaches now and then, but the nest is thriving. Politicians lied when they tried to convince us that al Qaeda had been decimated.
 In President Obama’s UN speech this week, we heard some tough talk about killing off the new terror group ISIL.(or ISIS) Then, he couched the entire speech with a couple of PC counter statements, i.e., “The United States will never be at war with Islam. Islam preaches peace.”       
Oh reallyBombing Map of bomb areas1 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?? Is that why multi-millions of Muslims around the globe not only engage in terrorism against the “infidels,” millions more provide aid, comfort and financial support to keep these barbarians in business? Clerics, ex-college professors and intellectuals occupy our prisons today, convicted of funneling money to Hamas and other terror groups. Terrorists are not just wearing bombs and face masks, they also wear suits and ties in western countries.  
Is that why every airport and airline in the entire globe collectively spends trillions of dollars , providing security for fear of radical Islamic terror attacks?     
Is that why so many Muslim nations are engaging in torture, beheadings, hangings, public executions of children and women, genital mutilation, kidnappings for ransom, and more, where young boys are indoctrinated in madrassas and inside mosques to hate and kill Jews and ChristiaBoston Bombing Behead Those Who Insult Islam 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?ns, or non-Muslims in general? Is that why millions of people, including Muslims, live in utter fear of violence and intimidation to their family members?
Peaceful?  Puhlease.
Then, the president imparted another gem, similar to his Cairo speech five years ago. “Millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.” In 2009, his words were, “…Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”
Oh really? Does that include the many decades of terror attacks by Muslims against American vessels in the Mediterranean until President Jefferson finally said enough and went to war, driving the Jihadists back to the “shores of Tripoli.”
Part of the fabric of this country?  Is that why there are two dozen Islamic enclaves in America where non-Muslims are unwelcome? Is that why Islamists in Predictions 2 Terrorism Muslims For Obama 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?Minnesota, Michigan and other parts of the country do not assimilate and are fertile recruiting grounds for future terrorists? Is that why identified terrorists have been associated with specific mosques and Imams in the U.S.? Is that why Islamic demonstrators took to the streets of Miami, New York and other cities with hate slogans in support of Hamas, and the denigration of Jews?  
Yes, there are peaceful Muslims throughout the world. But with rare exception, they live under a tacit gag order, afraid to speak out against other Muslims lest some family member goes missing.
 Peaceful?  With praise, the president cited a quotation from Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah, “We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.” The president tells us the sheikh is a moderate Muslim who can help combat the Islamic State (ISIS). Predictions 2 Terrorism Around the Globe 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace? 
Oh really?  Bayyah is the Vice President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, founded by Muslim Brotherhood leader, Yusuf Qaradawi. Now banned from the United States, Qaradawi called for the death of all Jews and Americans. Bayyah, himself, called for the killing of all American troops in Iraq and issued a fatwa in 2009 barring all forms of normalization with Israel. He remains a strong supporter of Hamas.   
Americans in general, are not aware that Islamics with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have been frequent invitees at the White House, some employed within our State, Justice and Homeland Security Departments.  
We need an unwavering president whose both feet are planted in the USA. We need a president who does not apologize for America. We need a Predictions 2 Terrorism Islam Will Dominate 150x150 Obama Speech:  Islam Is Peace?president who will go all-the-way, at all costs, to destroy a vicious enemy hell bent on destroying us, even if it means all out war with combat troops. That’s why they exist. And we need a president who does not forecast our intent to the enemy.  
There is no halfway. If we don’t kill this dangerous cancer at the root, it will metastasize – throughout the world. Then, it will be too late.
Where is Harry Truman when you need him?  
It’s time for the world of Islam to stop talking and start proving they are a religion of peace. I’d be very happy to know that. Talk is cheap.
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Muslim Brotherhood Official Calling-In From Egypt

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radio On Air Muslim Brotherhood Official Calling In From Egypt


Don’t  miss Wael El` Manzalawy,  Muslim Brotherhood official who  will be calling-in live to our sister radio program, Voices of Global Freedom, on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 4 PM Pacific from Egypt.


Wael reveals explosive facts about  Islamic Jihadist attrocities and  ambition to conquer America and the world with a Caliphate.
In Wael’s previous appearances Wael  predictions have materialized.  
We encourage callers (646) 652-4667