Obama Pledges Billion Dollars to Islamic Terrorist Organization

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Yoda Avadar 11 267x300 Obama Pledges Billion Dollars to Islamic Terrorist OrganizationObama Pledges Billion Dollars to Islamic Terrorist Organization 


“Jihad Is Our Path & Death in the Name of Allah Is Our Goal,”  newly elected president of Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi said in his election speech.

The U.S. supported Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most sinister organizations operating in the Middle East, the United States and around-the-world.

The concept of an Islamic Democracy is an oxymoron. Islamic law is absolutely incompatible with Democracy.  It is a Theocratic system with Allah alone at its head.  Allah’s law is interpreted by a ruling body of clerics.  There is no room for a secular political system in which all people are treated as equals.

There are no adherents to the fanatic faith practicing with a small “m” (for Muslims) as Catholics and Protestants practice their faith with small c’s and small p’s or on a sliding scale.

Unlike other faiths, Islam is not just a religion but a political system as well.  The state is intended to be inseparable from religious rule.  Islamic law, or Sharia, is complete and not designed to coexist with or be subordinate to other legal systems.

Qur’an (4:141)  “…And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers.”

Despite that Morsi is threatening to “eliminate Israel” and attack the “Great Satan” (That would be the land of the free), President Obama is granting Egypt a billion and a half dollars for “military assistance”.The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood 150x142 Obama Pledges Billion Dollars to Islamic Terrorist Organization

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction,”  wrote President Obama in his Audacity of Hope.  His active support of the Muslim Brotherhood is a promise that he is keeping.

Watch for the continuation of ” Cultures Clash and civilizations Crash” series, coming August 10th 2012.

Government Grabbing Your Guns

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Latest News Government Grabbing Your Guns

Government Grabbing Your Guns

 Advance copies of “Government Grabbing Your Guns” was disseminated to select media and press for review.

 Here are four critiques:

“Should be required reading for loyal Americans”  Crusade for Liberty

“Chilling, creepy and credible”  Freedom From Big Government

“An absorbing slow scroll-down the screen expose”   Christian Women Against Gun Control  Law  

“Finally! The real story behind Fast Furious”  Savvy Streets

Flash Alert Sign Government Grabbing Your Guns



San Diego, CA 06/  /12   By Dauntless Don – Contributing columnistst 

Grip on guns Breaking News Government Grabbing Your GunsTHE WHITE HOUSE GUN GATE          Grip on guns Breaking News Government Grabbing Your Guns

Obama’s stealth attack on the second amendment!  “We’re working on gun control under the radar.  I don’t believe that people should be allowed to own guns,” Barry ObaFast and Furious Government Grabbing Your Gunsma stated in an interview with John Lott Jr.


“My first priority will be to reinstate the assault weapons ban as soon as I take office. Within 90 days, we will go after “kitchen table” dealers and work to end the gunCriminals Love Gun Control Government Grabbing Your Guns show and internet sales loopholes. In the first year, I intend to work with Congress on a national no carry law, 1 gun a month purchase limits and bans on all semi-automatic guns.”  by Barack Obama at VPC Fund Raiser, 2007.


Whether you are a “guns kill people” liberal or a guardian of the second amendment you need to know that our Noble Peace Prize winning, President Barrack Hussein Obama, is attempting to eliminate your right to gun ownership. 

Reader Takeaway:  Throughout history, the  singular reason that kings and rulers disarm their citizens is to have draconian despotic power and control over their subjects. 

“Make mass searches and hold executions for found arms.”  by V.I. LeninHolder and Fast and Furious1 Government Grabbing Your Guns

Holder’s Gun Gate:  The disastrous ATF operation that tragically caused the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, and an estimated 3,000 Mexicans,  was a nefarious conspiracy designed and implemented to be a landmark in the President’s ever escalating gun grab. 

The only thing that was fast and furious were the lies and cover-up by President Obama’s and his mouthpiece, Attorney General Holder’s  attempt to disarm the good citizens. President Obama’s increasingly arbitrary authority reached a new level of tyrannical absurdity last week when he issued the Executive Privilege Order truncating the investigation. 

Congressman Darrell Issa, head of the panel that cited Holder for contempt, told Fox News recently that the Obama Administration used the operation to limit second amendment rights. 

National Rifle Association Emblem Government Grabbing Your GunsThe National Rifle Association revealed that the operation was originally conceived not as an attempt to build a case to bring down a Mexican drug cartel, but rather as part of a sinister plot to push a gun control agenda.

“When only the cops have guns, we call that a police state!”  Yoda, Content Editor of the Magnified View told a recent audience.

Know The Facts1 Government Grabbing Your GunsThe Myth of Mexico’s gun providers!  Here are the facts about how the Mexican narco terrorist cartels acquire their military-grade weapons, guns and ammunition which have killed in excess of 50,000 people in the last 6 years: 

“More than 90% of the guns recovered in  Mexico come from the United States,” said President Obama. That 90% of the weapons used by Mexican drug cartels come from the United States is sheer nonsense and political rhetoric. 

What he didn’t’ say was that it’s not about “Fast and furious” or filling-up your shopping basket with machine guns at your local gun shop or buying guns at gun shows. 

Fact Government Grabbing Your GunsThe military-grade weapons  used by the cartels including RPG-7s and South Korean fragmentation grenades. These weapons are not part of our military arsenal and they are not even found in the United States.  They are common in cartel use and are not from the United States. The military weapons used by the cartels come from  the international arms market, from South Korea and from the People’s Republic of China via the same channels that supply chemicals for narcotics manufacturing.


TGun Runners Government Grabbing Your Gunshe U.S. government  officially sends the Mexican government tens of millions of dollars of military-grade weapons every year.  The totally top to bottom corrupt Mexican government sells and/or gives the weapons to the cartels via the black markets.  The corrupt Mexican government officials and the military are keeping the cartels armed because of the large profits they receive from the exchanges.


How naive and gullible must people be to believe that you can buy  M 16’s,  AK 47’s, .50 caliber machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades at the lGun Free Home 300x180 Government Grabbing Your Gunsocal gun shop or gun shows. GEEZE! 

It is extremely difficult and very expensive to obtain military-grade weapons  in the United States, especially in the large numbers employed by the cartels. It is also dangerous for cartels to obtain these types of weapons in the United States, due to heavy law enforcement scrutiny and mandatory federal penalties …. even for possession.

An Ancilliary purpose of the government gun giveaway is simply show boating to delude the American people about the success of the disastrous war on drugs.

Mexican Gun Slinger e1342046297707 Government Grabbing Your GunsMexican Madness: Ludicrously, Mexico has one of the strictest gun laws in the world. 30 years in imprisonment for carrying a gun or a bullet.  Wearing a ballistic (bullet resistant) vest is also prohibited.

New York City, Chicago and Washington DC have extremely strict gun laws and homicides are off-the-screen. Neighbor Not Armed Government Grabbing Your Guns

Chicago murders have literally exceeded Baghdad, Iraq  and   Kabul Afghanistan – combined!  Honest, law-abiding citizens are afraid to be armed in Chicago, New York and Washington for fear of being arrested. The criminals, gang bangers and sociopath’s have no such fear.   

When states and cities have rights to carry,  crimes to person are minimal when compared to states and cities with strict gun laws, i.e. there are 4  states with no restrictions, 37 states with “shall issue (means must issue), 8 states with “may issue” (means at their discretion) and 1 state with “no issue”.

“You know you live in a Country run by idiots  if….being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you  “feel safe”.  said Yoda recently while addressing a law enforcement officers class on officer safety.


Gun Control Works Pictures e1342051099803 Government Grabbing Your GunsGuess how many law abiding citizens use guns to  defend themselves against criminals in the land of the free?  The answer is as many as 2.5 million times every year —or about 6,850 times a day.  This means that each year, firearms are used more than 80 times more often to  protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives. 

Even anti-gun Clinton researchers, concede that guns are used 1.5 million times annually for self defense.  According to the Clinton Justice Department, there are as many as 1.5 million cases of self-defense with a firearm every year.


The National Institute of Justice published this figure in 1997 as part of “Guns in America”—a study which was authored by noted anti-gun criminologists, Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig.

Number 1 Firearms Salesman Government Grabbing Your Guns

As the Number 1 Firearms Salesman in America, President Obama’s zealot gun control efforts have been enormously successful in depriving you of your right to defend yourself. Since his agenda has become public he has been facetiously elected, “Gun Salesman Of The Year”. 

Guns and ammunition are scarce and prices are soaring.  The scarcity is widespread. “I personally know of two medium-sized suburban Southern California Police Department SWAT teams that were sent to buy ammunition at a gun show,”  said  Yoda. 

Gun-grabbers around  the globe believe they have it made.  Appears on U.S. Senator Ron Paul’s website.  

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, recently announced the Obama Administration will be working hand-in-glove with the U.N. to pass a new “Small Arms Treaty”.  Disguised as an “International Arms Control Treaty” to fight against terrorism, insurgency and international crime syndicates, the U.N.’s Small Arms Treaty is in fact, a massive, GLOBAL gun control scheme.


If passed by the U.N. and ratified by the U.S. Senate, the U.N. “Small Arms Treaty” would almost certainly FORCE the United States to:


        1Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding Americans cut through even more

bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm. 

        2.  Confiscate and destroy all  “unauthorized” civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the

government are excluded, of course).

        3.  Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons. 

        4.  Create an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale GUN CONFISCATION.


US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27!  By Dick Morris

Read the story on Rand Paul’s Web Site and participate in his Official Firearms Sovereignty Survey.

Have you ever seen stories in the main stream media about law abiding citizen defends themselves with a gun?     Extremely rarely – hardly ever, yet they occur about 285 times every hour.

How about when some dumb bastard allows his kid access to a gun who then shoots himself or somebody else. HEADLINES!

“A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity”   – Sigmund Freud

Every tyrannGuns confiscating guns 275x300 Government Grabbing Your Gunsical regime in history has disarmed their citizens.

Venezuela prohibits sales of guns, ammunition

By FABIOLA SANCHEZ, Associated Press

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela’s government banned sales of guns and ammunition with a measure that officials said is aimed at fighting rampant violent crime.

Private gun shops are now prohibited from selling guns under the measure, which had been announced previously.

Only the police and the military will be exempt from the ban on gun sales, Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami said.

Every tyrannical regime in history has disarmed their citizens.

Content editor’s nYoda Avadar 1 267x300 Government Grabbing Your Gunsote:

President Barrack Hussein Obama already has the far left liberal vote. He has fast and furiously captured the Marxist, socialist, communist, homosexual, black, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim, Occupier, government, teacher, trade union  and naive anti gun activist vote.  The societal fringe  entitlements R us  zealots are  in his corner for more free stuff. 

Our great leader continues to reaffirm his 2008 campaign promise to “create a domestic security force larger than the US military”. 

There is no plausible reason for his aggressive assault on your rights to defend yourself other than to assume draconian control of the good citizens. 

When only cops have guns,  we call that a police state. 

Yoda / Content editor 

reporter with mag glass1 Government Grabbing Your GunsEditor in Chief’s Note: 

The ultimate irony is that intellectuals, unions and  the societal fringe groups that put the tyrants in power are the first ones that the despots lock-up in pig farms for “rehabilitation”. 

Take the time to vet and verify every word of this feature article then decide who you want to vote for in November. 

Great expose Dauntless Don.  Right on my friend – WRITE ON!  Janorama Founding Editor in  Chief.


WELCOMComments Encouraged1 e1342464581545 Government Grabbing Your GunsE COMMENTERSComments are the lifeblood of your blog, the Magnified View. Comments stream in throughout the day and night from more than half of the world’s 200+ countries.  Your opinion and ideas are important.

Be a part of something bigger than all of us.  COMMENT!

Thank you.  Jan Arrigo/Founding Editor in Chief



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Got Work! The Real Unemployment Story

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Got Work!  The Real Unemployment Story

Up to the minute recession overview critical to you and your family’s security, safety  and welfare.

This “Got Work” series will advise you on how to  protect yourself from the pink slip and how to transfer your skill set to new, viable career opportunities.

This issue will accurately define the problem and forecast the unemployment dilemma throughout the balance of 2012.

Question Mark Graphic Got Work!  The Real Unemployment StoryAre you more or less  secure in your current job, trade or profession?  The vast majority of us are less secure than we have been in decades.  Here’s why – take a read.

The MV has been deluged with requests from viewers that we provide clarity  to the dismal and deceptive  job picture.  You will benefit from this article through gaining a Hope Aint Hiring Got Work!  The Real Unemployment Storythorough understanding of the real unemployment conditions and analysis of  where it is headed. You will discover what you can do to secure your job (if you still have a job) and how to develop a practical action plan to make your skill set transferable to a new viable career path.

Not for Ostriches 150x150 Got Work!  The Real Unemployment Story Not for ostriches: Our motives are strictly to inform you of the current situation and warn you of what is coming around the corner. Our guildlines and reports are not for those who choose to stand with their heads in the quick sand, hoping for change, denying reality and repressing and postponing taking appropriate action to protect themselves and their family.


President Obama’s obfuscation:  Obama is freaking-out, as no American president has been reelected when unemployment has been higher than 7.2 percent in more than Obamas Obfuscation Got Work!  The Real Unemployment Story50 years. First, we need to take a look at the real unemployment levels – not the misleading, understated, unrepresentative nonsense that the government deludes us with.  Add to your collection of ironies, that the Obamanomics administration publishes  the very  statistics that they are trying to obfuscate.


Puter Nerd Graphic 138x150 Got Work!  The Real Unemployment StoryHere is a snapshot of the dismal current conditions. The real unemployment and under-employment average across the nation is over 18% – as opposed to the 8.2% that the government and lackey liberal media baselines.

That’s nominally 30,000,000 souls unemployed or under-employed. Nearly double the 14.1 million that our Spectator in Chief, Obama, purportedly agonizes about, scared stiff his first will be his last term come next year. Take into account, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates six alternate measures of unemployment, U1 through U6, that measure different aspects of unemployment. These include those unemployed 15 weeks or longer, those who lost jobs or completed temporary work, those unemployed, discouraged workers who have stopped looking for work, those who haven’t looked for work recently and part time workers who would like to work full time. www.bls.gov/lau/stalt.htm.

Geography Map of Depression Recession 150x150 Got Work!  The Real Unemployment StoryDemographics - Combining unemployed and under-employment:  Adult men (18%) Adult Women ( 16%) Teenagers ( 50%) Whites (16%) Blacks (32%) Hispanics (22%) Asians (13%).

Geography of depression:   Across the nation, states and cities have seen raising unemployment rates and people are struggling to find work.

The hardest hit states are:  Nevada (24+%)  California (23+%) Rhode Island (21%) Florida (21+%) Mississippi (21+%) Michigan (21%).  Some areas of the country are hit harder than others – like the Midwest rust bucket. 

Note: the midrange state of Indiana is (16+%)

Free Trial Offer e1344810313749 Got Work!  The Real Unemployment StoryTHE  UNIQUE MAGNIFIED INTELLIGENCE FORUM     Your place for peace of mind. Talk through your current financial, job, career and medical tight spots with noted professionals and exchange ideas with like-minded friends.  COMING SOON!

Iran vs. Israel – No Fear

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By:  thelandofisrael.com

Iran is probably the greatest threat to the freedom of the United States today.  Pass this video on to all of your friends and family members so that everyone understands the problem with Iran and why Israel  may not be able to wait any longer.  Remember that the United States is Iran’s next target after they destroy Israel.

Got Gas Pains

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Gas Prices up Arrow Got Gas Pains


Are you seeing red when you look at your gas gauge? Are you aware of just how much the skyrocketing fuel costs are hurting you and your familyGas Prices pump squeeze 300x300 Got Gas Pains?

How are we doing with the soaring gas prices that President Obama calls  “Progress “?  Are you hoping for change?

A brief outline of the problem that threatens all of us:

Petroleum products are  essential to almost everything.  Were all the things around us that contain petroleum products suddenly to Obamas Gas Price Graph 150x123 Got Gas Painsdisappear, we would nearly be standing naked in an empty field.

Down to “where the rubber hits the road”, gasoline prices effect everything because 90% of all of our stuff is trucked. When truckers pay more for their fuel, they charge more for deliveries and prices in all of the stores increase. (As loyal fans of the Magnified View know, I love hackneyed cliche’s like, “where the rubber hits the ro

As all you cool ride, smooth operators know, the already 100% increase in gas at the pumps have you hurting.  As gas prices approach $5.00 per gallon, families around the country are in high anxiety.  The bucks paid for gas won’t be there for groceries, a vacation, kid’s college fund or their *$’s addiction. (Yoda has a cup of cigarettes and pack of coffee every morning.)

Corn Burning to make Gas Got Gas PainsSIDEBAR FOR YOUR COLLECTION OF IRONIES:  

We are the only society in history stupid enough to burn up our food supply as fuel for vehicles and stoves.

Massive Food Shortage Creates Worldwide Chaos!

Skyrocketing food prices are hitting pocketbooks worldwide. The world’s poorest countries, which have the highest populations, are at the most risk, as core food supplies become scarce. Worldwide grain supplies are dropping precipitously. Exporting nations are running out of grain themselves. See: whitelocust.wordpress.com/massive-food-shortage-creates-worldwide-chaos/

Family budgets, already stretched by inflationary prices, are now hit with huge increases in fuel costs. The current increase is costing the typical family over $1,200.00 per year! 

Responding to a USA poll, more than half who responded said they have made major changes to compensate for the higher prices, from shorter trips to cutting back on vacation travel.  For 21%, the impact is so dramatic, they say their standard of living is jeopardized. Nationally, the price of a gallon of regular gasoline is up 38% from a year ago. It’s up over 100% since our green President Obama came into power.

Gas Pumps with Heads 150x150 Got Gas Pains

For small business owners, who are the backbone of the economy, the gas travesty can hurt or eliminate profits. Adding crippling gas prices to the recessional economy prices can make the difference between staying open for business or closing your doors permanently.

EBT Cards

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Communist recruiting film for the parasitical  99% Occupiers  who believe in free lunches. Chapter discusses EBT cards and how they are used.  The intention of the cards was to make sure that people with low incomes can acquire their basic needs. In actuallity it made it easy for people to abuse the system.


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Coming Soon Sign e1320542069419 Forum Magnifying Glass
Interact with Yoda, seasoned intelligence, counter-terrorism and law enforcement experts. Communicate with  like-minded members, where your journey to increased security, safety and peace of mind begins. Share your story and opinions on current subjects and situations affecting our lives. Sign up for updates for advance notice on the forum launch.

Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood

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 Shouting Mindless Monotonous Communist Slogans

Hammer and sickle Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodSan Diego, CA  10/18/2011   “Occupy Wall Street” 

Uprisings and the Arab Spring revolutions have sprung to America.  The protests feature counter-culture, fuzzy causes, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Warning Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodThe Magnified View is steadfastly dedicated to informing grownups of regional, national and world events and conditions that effect them personally.  It is not a clarion for far left liberals, intent on denying and repressing threats, blaming the “establishment” for their plights.



disclaimer1 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodAll characters appearing in this feature are real. Any resemblance to fictitious persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  The opinions expressed on this site are Yoda’s personal views and clearly reflect the position ot the Magnified View.  Content may be too mature for some viewers.

Magic Ball Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood   The Uprisings Yoda Predicted are happening.  On July 25th, 2010, The Magnified View’s, Yoda, accurately predicted that seriously subversive, revolutionary pressure groups, would be actively spreading throughout America. They are!


Obama Communist1 e1318450607857 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodThese are the damndest times.  The President of the United States of America, senior-level Democratic Party officials,  Major union officers and the ubiquitous show-biz celebrities, all in direct support of a communist revolution, (known as OWS) in our land of the free.

  Occupy Wall Street Protest 150x150 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodSex, drugs and criminals: Occupy Wall Street getting ugly. A story today, revealed the Occupy Wall Street protests have devolved into a shameless display of moral depravity – with shocking (or perhaps not) interviews of protesters claiming to be getting high every day and having sex in a tarp, out in plain view.


Washed-out lefty radical throwbacks to the 60’s have a new cause and have rediscovered their meaning of life – marijuana and free sex. These professional victims are gathering to protest, with names like Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Chicago and in cities big and small  staging in front of Federal Reserve buildings and city halls this week, around the world. 

These pitiable, well-intentioned, naive, disingenuous  hippie retreads  are not cohesive in their purpose  and unable to articulate a common cause. While chanting communist slogans out of Marx’s book, “Capitalism doesn’t work!”,  it’s working good for them with free food, medical care and sex. 

The hold-over lefties of the 60’s are not cohesive and are unable to clearly articulate a cause.  Numbed by mesmerizing drums, their senses are dulled in the haze of marijuana and the quest for free sex.  Global warming, marijuana, anti-war, gas prices –  comprise their laundry-list of demands.

Zealot devious organizers, Democratic party leadership, labor union members and impractical  idealists, have heard the communist call in major cities from New York City, to  Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver and elsewhere in the USA.

Far away metropolises like Adelaide (Australia), Cork (Ireland), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Cologne (Germany) are acting in consort with their American comrades. The revolutionary pressure group movement has spread to 2000+ cities in the US and accountless overseas municipalities in a four short weeks.

State of the Union e1318375270442 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodThese  rebellious dissidents are starting down the same path that killed countless of millions of people since the Russian revolution  95 year ago last month.  The People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, and recently Venezuela have suffered the scourge.  Can it happen here- of course it can. It’s starting now.


It is happening here: In my ( 100 + Countries ) globe-trotting, I  have personally survived the cruel callousness  of communism and suffered the drab dullness of socialism. The hapless citizens of the communist and socialist countries believed it couldn’t  happen to them, too.


Trade Unions e1318376731366 Communist Revolution Coming To Your NeighborhoodThe rout-step union march:  The bullying union leadership, are arrogantly supporting the Occupiers as they have throughout all the previous Marxist revolutions in history. Were the ignorant tradesmen, uneducated teachers and naive nurses to spend a few minutes researching the world wide web, they would learn that they will be  prosecuted, persecuted and purged when their usefulness has expired. As Mao and Stalin did and as Castro does, fearful of a counter revolution, Venezuela’s Chavez and Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff have betrayed the unions that helped elect them.

Obama Winking e1318377699359 Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood  A WINK TO THE PROTESTERS.  Obama has declared himself to be in support of the protests. Occupy Wall Street “Stands In Solidarity” with Obama Front Groups.  Subversive gangs and criminal and revolutionary trade union groups are instigating the protests, providing sophisticated Internet networking, training cadre and leadership for the hapless demonstrators.

  pixel Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood

MoveOn.org Pelosi e1318443065844 Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood MoveOn.org is a Wall Street backed lobby for Commissar Obama’s  administration.  They state that they will “stand in solidarity” with the “OWS” movement.  Read Democratic Party is aggressively attempting to take over the out and out anti-capitalist communist movement to garner votes.

VIVA LA REVOLUTION SIGN AT OCCUPY LOS ANGELES  Where does it go from here? Now, protests have spread to hundreds of cities across the country   and beyond. The comparisons to the Arab Spring uprisings and other counter-culture movements are stark.  The potential for this being a catalyst for a violent culture.


Assemblies are crowds that  become mobs which evolve to riots after a single individual throws a punch or a brick through a window.  People get hurt and are killed as currently throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Violence is occuring now in hundreds of cities.


Sanitation Becoming Concern

Sacramento Protesters Unsure Of Why There, Lash Out At Basic Reporter Questions

Rand Paul: Obama’s Rhetoric Could Turn ‘Occupy’ Protests Violent

NYC TOP COP: Protesters To Be ‘Met With Force’ If They Target Police

LA Mayor Villaraigosa Hands Out Ponchos

Occupy Tampa protesters crowd park, then go home to sleep

Dallas Federal Reserve Targeted

Battle on Wall Street Party in Times Square DENVER  POLICE MOVE ARRESTED IN SEATTLE

Considering the worldwide OWS (Occupy Wall Street) everywhere, demonstrations of last week, the road to massive disruptions and violence has begun. 

 pixel Communist Revolution Coming To Your Neighborhood

We Will Never Forget

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By Darryl Worley


The magnified View team will be joining the free world  on Tuesday, taking time to reflect on the 11 year anniversary of the 9/11  attacks.  Our prayers and deepest  condolences for the victims, their  families and friends.
May we protect ourselves in the future from our fanatic Muslim terrorists enemies at home and abroad.
Janorama,  Editor in Chief – Yoda, Content Editor – Dauntless Don -&- Super Sandra, Columnists




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Up to the Minute Recession Overview Critical
 to you and your Family’s Security, Safety and Welfare
We are pleased you chose to  join us and excited about providing you with a tool kit to ensure your security, independence  and self-sufficiency in the perilous days ahead. Back in business and isn’t it grand?   Let the good times roll!  Yesterday thing were out of hand,   Now they are under control! Welcome Missed THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMES We were mightily missed!  Throughout our eight month publishing hiatus we were besieged by our readers in the blogosphere, exhorting us to resume providing  "Analysis of News You Can Use and Helpful hints to Survive and Thrive in These Troubled Times". Back in business and overnight, in demand! Well, allright! Business is just dynamite!  Let the good times roll and make the best of the bad times. What happened ?   Our illustrious Editor in Chief, Janet  Arrigo, has been  incapacitated, recovering from a life-threatening exotic medical adrenal crisis that began  in late autumn last year.  Jan’s medical argosy included emergency admission to a hospital,  a rehab facility that tried to kill her, breakout back to the hospital, then another rehab facility that didn’t do rehab.  Jan’s courage and determination with the assistance of a battery of good physicians and crack in-home professional therapists, pulled her through.
WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT FROM THE MAGNIFIED VIEW?  What will FREE registration on the Magnified View do for me ? How will I benefit ? How can I access the information?   YOU CAN ANTICIPATE ACTIONABLE INFORMATION ON EVENTS THAT WILL PROVIDE YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES WITH SAFETY AND SECURIWelcome Dancing Questions THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESTY. The Magnified View provides timely accurate forecasts to prepare you for future threats. The Magnified View is the only blog of  it’s kind that provides practical solutions, methods and techniques to counter identifiable threats.   In addition, the Magnified View provides a virtual interactive telephonic and Internet  platform to discuss and provide successful resolution for specific problems that you are confronted with.
    OKAY!  BACK TO OUR BUSINESS OF HELPING YOU PLOT A COURSE TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THE ROUGH SEAS AHEAD.   The irony of Obama’s “transforming America" shouldn’t’ be lost on us. America is factually being altered right in front of our eyes. STOP AND THINK The NASA, Intelligence and law enforcement communities are discreetly mandating their personnel to undertake unusual personal disaster preparedness.  As NASA is virtually mandating Welcome Red Flag THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESpersonal emergency preparation by it’s employees and other federal agencies and are, however more discreetly, urging preparedness by their employees, what should you be doing.  View Mr. Bolden’s video and read the entire article for more information on preparation.  The bureaucrat insiders are individually scared stiff because they are privy to intelligence predicting an economic disaster.  UNPRECEDENTED PERSONAL EMERGENCY PREPARATIONS IN THE FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL BUREAUCRICIES HAVE OMINOUS UNDERTONES.   Excerpt: "NASA recently participated in a FEMA exercise called Eagle Horizon that was a part of a continuity of operations of government exercise that we do annually.  I became aware of some things that concerned me about family preparedness," said Charles Bolden, head of the conservative agency.
 Welcome Graph Man THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESThroughout Jan’s convalescence we watched the American dream becoming a migraine nightmare as the recession deepened and intensified.  We tracked our standard of living’s decay as the preposterous "hope for change" bubbles burst.  GOT ATTITUDEUnrelenting High Employment (9.1%) combined with skyrocketing prices at the gas pump, supermarket and everywhere else plus the stimulus shams, have caused a widespread skepticism.  Luminary economists are opining that a worldwide economic collapse is a mathematical certainty. The hope for change that won the election for President Barack Hussein Obama and his "shovel-ready stimulus programs" have hit bottom and they keep on digging.
 Welcome Magnifying the View THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESMAGNIFYING THE VIEW: The graveyard spiral of the recession will continue with economic collapse a certainty.  We are carefully monitoring worldwide tipping points. The moments of critical mass of mysterious cultural changes that have and will individually effect our everyday life.

POTENTIAL TIPPING POINTS: Current potential flash points are at a critical crossroads that will bring about crisis, further eroding our lifestyle. Here are the catalysts that are likely to cause major change in our entire way of life.    

Tipping Point #1: Syria – The New Lybya
Welcome Syria Flag(1) THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESThe law of Syria is hanging in the balance as are the other countries of the Arab Spring protests.  President Bashar al-Assad is hanging-on to autocratic power by his fingernails and eyelashes. The Muslim Brotherhood, raised to power in Syria, sets-up an attack in force on Israel. A war with Israel may involve massive U.S. military deployments and mega deaths unseen since Vietnam. Nobel Peace Prize Obama will make the decision on committing US forces to the defense of Israel – or not.

Tipping Point #2: Iran

Welcome Iran Flag THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESMahmoud Ahmadinejad’s passion to acquire nuclear weapons comes to the fore when the news channels aren’t obsessed with feeding their audiences  purient  appetite for Florida infant homicide cases.   A new report by RAND Corporation researcher Gregory S. Jones claims that Iran could have a nuclear weapon within 2 months. His report is based on recent findings by the International Atomic Energy Agency. According to Jones, air strikes alone would be incapable of stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons program at this point. Instead, Jones says that a "military occupation" would be required.  Would  Spectator in Chief Obama find the will, and if so, where would  the US and NATO get the troops to successfully invade and occupy Iran?
Tipping Point #3: Libya

Welcome Libya Flag THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMES Under US pressure, NATO has committed to Moammar Gadhafi’s  demise.  In fact, continuous bombings have killed untold thousands of citizens and there are current plans for a ground invasion by the US. Britain and France in the next few months. The US and NATO are literally the tip of the spear causing the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quaida terrorists to come to power in Libya.

Tipping Point #4: Muslim Revolutions:


More Massive Muslim Revolutions in the Middle Ea , spreading Worldwide.



Colossal disturbances and revolutions continue to sweep North Africa and the Middle East, in countries from Morocco to Somalia. Halfway around the world Muslim Maylasia exploded recently with thousands protesting, police firing tear gas and arrested 1.400.

 Tipping Point # 5:
Welcome%20Fukshima%20Nuclear THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMES Nuclear Crisis in Fukshima, Japan. The mainstream news has relegated the Fukashima disaster to twenty second coverage along with Saturday night house fires. The unprecedented Fukushima disaster is worsening by the hour. Japan’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters admitted on Monday that three reactors experienced "full meltdowns" in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in March.  As with Chernobyl, oncologist’s business will be booming for decades to come.
Tipping Point #6:  Oil Prices
 Welcome Oil Prices THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESGas prices at the pump are up over 100%! The escalating crippling price of oil will continue to impact everything through the summer and autumn, 2012 and beyond. The administration will obstruct drilling and energy independence while trying to sell us on 15th Century windmills.  The last time U.S. energy expenditures were over 9 percent of GDP was in 2008 and we quickly plunged into the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

 Tipping Point #7: Government Gone Wild 

Welcome Govt Gone Wild THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESRunaway entitlements for everything are a narcotic for the American people and recommendations for reductions in social security, Medicare and assistance for unwed mother cats  are tantamount to political suicide for Democrats and Republicans alike. The majority of states, counties and cities are simply broke and huge previously unseen lay-offs will occur throughout the balance of the year.

Tipping Point #8: The European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Welcome European Debt Crises THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESThe Greek theater in the round tragedy is merely the first of the European dominos to fall. Moody’s downgraded Greek debt again last Wednesday.  This time Moody’s downgraded Greek debt by three levels all the way down to Caa1.  At this point, the yield on 10-year Greek bonds is over 15 percent. The EU has been in a frenzy trying to ameliorate the Greek debt crisis.  The truth is that a default by the Greek government would be absolutely catastrophic. If you do not understand the kind of chaos a Greek default would set off on world financial markets, just read this editorial.

Tipping Point #9: The shrinking US Dollar
Welcome Shrinking Dollar THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESOn April 18th, Standard & Poor’s altered its outlook on U.S. government debt from "stable" to "negative" and warned that the U.S. could soon lose its prized AAA rating.   The sad truth is that faith in the U.S. dollar and in U.S. Treasuries is rapidly declining.  The mainstream news is not reporting on it much, but right now the Chinese are rapidly dumping U.S. government debt. (Since the writing of this article Standard and Poor’s has downgraded the U.S. debt to AA+.)

Tipping Point #10: Drought

  Welcome Drought THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESA worldwide drought and additional anomalous weather conditions are causing a global food crisis.  Numerous third-world countries are having food riots at the time of this writing due to a worldwide  drought not seen since the 1930’s.
THE MAGNIFIED VIEW IS MONITORING OTHER CONDITIONS AND TRENDS:  There are additional worldwide events and trends that are of global significance,
specifically impacting our safety and security.
Wars without end:   The wars that Commander in Chief Obama calls "Overseas contingency operations" have the potential of causing a third world war.   In addition to the longest wars in our country’s history in Iraq and Afghanistan,  we are once again on the wrong side of the equation, officially backing Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Egypt and  Libya. We are bombing hell out of Lybia, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and creating hate and discontent in Palestine …….that we know of. 
The War Next Door:    Mexico’s 90 million are approaching a civil war with the possibility of Narco Terrorist Cartel’s taking-over the government. Ironically, the US doesn’t have a contingency operation in Mexico.
The Non-border:    While the USA is protecting other people’s borders in Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, the current and past five Presidents have only showboated and done window dressing defending our southern border.  Narco Cartel Terrorists continue to pour over our southern border creating mayhem, while less sinister "illegal’s" suck-up our medical, educational and entitlement resources.
The Magnified View Maintains a sophisticated surveillance system of potential disasters including:     Economic meltdown, Nuclear incidents,  Epidemics, Hurricanes, Floods, Wildfires,  Megaquakes, Tsunamis, Solar flares ( communications disruptions ) Water shortages, Famine, and Cultural wars.
  Welcome Whats Next THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESWe tailor timely information to the specific needs, conditions and needs that our client’s are faced with. The Magnified View has a full agenda for the coming months including keeping you concisely informed about how to survive and thrive in these troubled times.  Squirt us over a note indicating which subject series that you have a specific interest in.  We wlll  send you pertinent information, customed to your conditions.
Register on this page and send emails to Yoda@magnifiedview.com
WHAT INFLATION:  Gasoline is up over 100%  and food is up on average 26%.  The Magnified View will keep you current with rising housing, utility, food and fuel costs while proviWelcome What Inflation(1) THE MAGNIFIED VIEW   YOUR OPEN PORTAL TO SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH TROUBLED TIMESding you with effective money management methods  to budget and cut your best deals.  Write for  details: yoda@magnifiedview.com 
THIRD WORLD HEALTHCARE IS COMING TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU”:   President Barack Hussein Obama’s healthcare scheme was dead on arrival. The shameful systematic decimation of the world’s finest health care is a near certainty.  The MV will keep you current advising you on how to cope with the draconian bureaucratic changes and secure best case medical care for your family. Write for specific help on managing your healthcare. 
CRIMES TO PERSON AND PROPERTY ARE HEADED OVER THE TOP:  As the economy tanks, government budgets are reduced and cops are laid off.  The wiley politicians fudge the statistics deluding the good citizens with a false sense of security.  The Magnified View series "VICTIMS AREN’T US" will provide you with the skills to protect your family, home and business.
GOT WORK?  Week after week shocking ( unexpected ) high  unemployment stats are crushing hopes of a turnaround in the jobs market.  ( What in the hell are the government  economists thinking when they continue to say the high numbers are “unexpected? ) Watch for the Magnified View  "WILL WORK FOR PAYCHECK"  series.  Learn how to safeguard your job in the downsizing economy and how to make your skills transferable to new viable career opportunities.
FAILING TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL:    What are the  solutions to surviving disasters ?  There is little, as individuals, we can do to prevent natural and manmade disasters but we can, of course, prepare for them.  We will continue to provide you with practical, actionable advice on how to dare to prepare.   Register now and tell us what you are confronted with and we will help.


The TV Ad “Chinese Professor” by CAGW

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We originally posted this video and the short write-up below before the 2010 Congressional Election. Although we were unable to turn the economy around, we managed to stop the bleeding by electing a Republican House of Representatives.  It is imperative that we change the course of our country now before we find ourselves in a total economic collapse. 

Janet Arrigo/Founding Editor in Chief  


This video was run as a political ad during the last weeks leading up to the November 2, 2010 midterm election. Though no political party was mentioned, it clearly conveys a message that we are on the path to an economic breakdown due to the direction our politicians are taking us in.  For decades people have complained about our political leaders but did nothing stating that, “there’s nothing I can do about it because it’s too big for one person to make a change”.  On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 the people spoke and they proved that people can make a difference if they stand up and be counted. This is only the beginning, though.  We must be vigilante and take our country back to the prosperous and free country we all grew up in.

The Tea Party is making plans to Continue to work to make Congress responsible to the people. Here is a quote by the Tea Party Patriots:

The warm up is complete.  Now the real fight begins!  As Samuel Adams said, “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” Tea Party Patriots is launching a Perpetual Legislative Watch/Congressional Accountability Project. We have already been watching the legislators for the past 20 months. We have no intention of letting up now.

On the weekend of November 12 – 14, local coordinators from around the country will meet with the incoming Congressional freshmen for an orientation. We will have legislative experts who will guide the freshmen on how to first defund and ultimately repeal government controlled health care. We will have economic experts to help them understand the things they will need to do to reduce the federal deficit and restore fiscal sanity to the country. We will have experts who can provide guidance on how to restore Constitutional governance to the country. We will help them to bond together to restore the Constitution in the upcoming legislative session. Finally, we want them to know that if they do the right thing, they will have the support of the people.

Again, congratulations on your hard work! We are making a difference in this country.

PLEASE VOTE – YOUR VOTE COUNTS!   Click for more news.

Defeat the Debt Pledge

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By Defeat the Debt

Yoda’s Little Known Tactics and Training to Avoid Being a Target

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pickets at flint city hall protest police fire cuts Yodas Little Known Tactics and Training to Avoid Being a TargetYODA – CRIME FIGHTER BEHIND THE MAGNIFIED VIEW CURTAIN 


Yoda Is the pen name of a founding member of the Magnified View. He has worked closely with counter-terrorist operations around the world for decades and will write, on the record, for the MV. He comes with decades of experience in combating crime and fighting terrorism.  For his safety and security, his identity will remain undisclosed on  the Magnified View forum with the general public. He will remain our man behind the curtain in future issues of the MV.

Defeat the Debt – by defeat the debt.com

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The prospects of dooms day financial collapse include

Higher Taxes – fewer jobs – cuts in senior benefits –

adding $2 million in more debt every 2 minutes


Welcome to Magnified View – Analysis of News you can Use

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reporter with mag glass Welcome to Magnified View   Analysis of News you can UseWelcome to the introductory issue of The Magnified View, the future of forecasting which begins where the news ends and  provides helpful strategies  on how to survive and thrive in these uncertain, intimidating times.  A smart move is to stay informed about events that might effect you. Then be prepared to take action when warranted.

FROM BOOM TO BUST – SHOCKS AND AFTER SHOCKS - As we go to press, our country is deep in the summer of it’s cultural and financial discontent.  A confluence of conflicting factors are coming to a head:

GOT WORK!   First, the economic disaster effecting virtually all segments of society. For the first time since the Great Depression, a majority of famiies are concerned about keeping their jobs and their homes.  Unemployment is stubbornly high, approaching double-digits and exceeding 20% in some blighted urban areas. Cops, firefighters and teachers are getting  their pink slips.  The jobless face fierce competition for work and they are taking part time work if they can find it.

THIS OLE  HOUSE ?  Next –  those with paychecks are watching their paychecks shrink. Foreclosures are at an all time high and a growing number of people are at risk of losing their homes.

THE GOLDEN YEARS!  Grandpa is flipping hamburgers at McDonalds because “retired” people are worried about surviving on lower incomes, due to the shrinking financial markets. Baby Boomers are slipping into retirement and less than 20% of them believe they will have the financial assets to actually retire.