Roy Backpack Baron

Roy (‘Backpack’) Baron, Magnified View’s esteemed Editor-At-Large.

Roy is an award-winning journalist, distinguished author of his diary called “Looking Glass Shattered“, host and producer of the popular “Voices of Global Freedom Radio” show and a rough and tumble adventurer.

“Backpack packs a lot into life and writes exclusive, riveting, feature articles for our magazine.” Said Janorama, Founding Editor In Chief of the million plus visitors Magnified View Magazine.

Roy earned his nickname, ‘Backpack‘, when he hit the pause on his Computer Science IT executive career, making for adventure, crisscrossing North America.  Preparing for his life-enriching sabbatical.  Roy donated all his worldly possessions trading his corporate cocoon cubicle for a backpack.  He filled up a backpack with bare necessities, (earning his nickname), He traveled thousands of miles back and forth from sea to shining sea.

Backpack traveled by train, plane, bus, bike, hitchhiking, and on foot.  He interviewed well to do, the blue collar and befriended the downtrodden homeless.  He lived in ghettos, hotels, campsites, hostels, homeless shelters, and with families.

Adventure means risk and uncertain outcomes.  Backpack’s journal “Looking Glass Shattered” on both on Kindle & Paperback reveals some close calls he encountered on his journey, including dodging reckless traffic in Manhattan and avoiding toxic water in the wilderness.  Backpack’s street savvy skills helped him dodge very dangerous and conniving bad guys.  

He learned the hard way that an over abundance of altruistic compassion will often lead to victimization

Much of his journal isn’t written because it surrounds many of those around him who are now dead, in prison, and close to death.  Highlights of Backpack’s journey was hiking over one-hundred miles through the Appalachian Trail including the states of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia as he made it up the 2,100 miles of the Appalachian Trail his unique way.  He was drawn to the world’s longest marked-path trail to escape the hectic city life, meet other kindred woodsmen, and reconnect with nature.  He went from Knoxville TN to Austin TX, Austin TX to Manhattan New York City, Manhattan to Atlanta GA, Atlanta to Harpers Ferry West Virginia, West Virginia to Colorado, Colorado to Arizona, Las Vegas to California, Oregon to Tennessee, and Atlanta to Southern California.

Among many accomplishments; he started a new political party in Texas, gave hundreds of dollars of clothes to victims of hurricane Ilene in Stowe Vermont, and gathered undercover intelligence on the Occupy Movement Whoville based in downtown Eugene Oregon. 

He also has produced and hosted radio in unique ways from pop-up tents to campsites across his beloved country. Getting lost in the grand canyon, brandishing a spider bite, and running out of water.  Some of his many favorite places were to have climbed two 14ers in Colorado (Mountains rising up over 14,000 feet), Mount Katahdin the end of the Appalachian Trail, and camping at the Grand Canyon Hava Supai Native American reservation.  He hiked into the Colorado River and around the Grand Canyon.  His trip to Boquillos Mexico across the Rio Grande river and over the border of the Big Bend National park.  He spent three-months at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Phoenix Arizona a shelter setup to get people back from living on the streets.

As a people magnet, Roy always does, he met some fond new friends on his trek.

“Roy makes a major contribution to the Magnified View’s Magazine ‘analysis of News you can use’ and provides ‘actionable tactics, methods, and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.” observed Janorama, Magnified View’s Editor In Chief. “Roy recounts his life-enriching adventure crafting feature articles for the million plus visitor Magnified View Internet magazine.


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